Earthquake 1853 Cumana Venezula

Today we remember the Cumana quake of July 15, 1853, one of the worst quakes in Venezuelan history.   Totally all Venezuelan quakes from 1610 to 2018, but excluding this one, they get an average score of 5.85, roughly right in the middle, of a 12 point scale.  This one though, was astounding, 50% stronger than that, at an incredible 9, and it is not surprising that 1,000 people died in its wake.

There are few pictures of the Cumana quake, most searches turn up only the later Caracas quakes of the 20th century.  A notable highlight of the chart is that Pluto and Uranus are in the twelfth house suggesting that something below is causing the quake. That was true as the quake occurred 14KM or 8.7 miles below the earth’s surface and is a “deep geologic event.”

The two generational planets oppose the Moon in Scorpio and the point focus of this cosmic cross is Leo 9, Venus in Leo in the third house, giving the image of unstable ground both from the attacking flanks of the opposition and the inherent nature of the third house under fire that has the negative connotations of shakiness as rivers, neighborhoods toll up the losses and wiping away the settlers gains.

Mercury is in a wide orb to Venus is in its essential ruler while Venus is being attacked by Pluto and Uranus in its.  Venus really gets no relief, except for Mars in the first house itself is in opposition with Jupiter in his essential ruler. That point focus is Venezuela’s ruler is Pisces where Venus is exalted but inconjunct to its natal position and mayhem rules.

We do not know when the actual first violent tremors were felt, but we chose a time  after the dawn when the Sun begins to pick up speed based on other earthquake times. In this chart, the Sun is in Cancer, not a strong place for it and in the second house where stuck in water it is slow and plodding — almost immovable as it lingers on hot summer’s day (Venezuela is north of the equator, but only just) with little impetus to move along.  It’s symbol 23 Cancer “a literary society meeting” gets the keyword of “criticism” as everyone probably pointed fingers as to who caused what, while  ignoring the Grand Trine in Water, and an indolent Sun in Cancer, weakened but still strong enough, to help churn air and water albeit languidly for he is all dressed up, Venus in Leo, but has nowhere to go (Mercury sextile the Ascendant opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius in the eighth).