One of the lectures I went to at SoTa was on classical rulers.  The presenter gave Patton as having Mars in Libra, seventh house.  That struck me as odd, so I went to and looked it up.  They have November 11, 1885 18:38 at San Marino California.  This gives him a 01 Gemini Ascendant with Mercury Sagittarius opposing.


I do not remember her name but I am going to have to check what time she has.  Obviously where ever she got it was a different source.  Some interesting things with this chart is that pluto in the first would give him great vitality, good habits and a distinct headstrong personality.  Pluto is in Gemini and opposing his Mercury in its fall in Sagittarius and square his midheaven and his Mars in Virgo.  Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius is in the fourth sextile Mercury making a booster of Americanism.  All of that fits.

patton.png‘One thing is wrong on the Astro chart and that is the place though I doubt it will make any difference, but officially it is San Gabriel on el Camino Real.  I do not what place she was using but the correct birthplace chart is below.  I do not even see an Ascendant change, much less Moon, so the location shift was moot.  Nonethless, the Archangel Gabriel was the messenger of the Lord who brought news to Mary, celebrated March 25th, of her impending pregnancy and subsequent delivery of Jesus Christ.  In Islam, Gabriel brought the word  of prophecy to Muhammad.

patton two.png

Patton was a locomotive temperament type with an open area in the south, someone who resents being at the whims of others and distrustful of their motives.  His Grand Trine is in Earth composed of Venus, Neptune and Mars that is striking as Neptune is the higher octave of Venus herself and represents God’s love.  Mars in Virgo on the fourth house cusp would be indicative of turning swords into ploughshares and the historical believe of the US of peace through strength.