I happened to be going thru some old charts I have and noticed this one of my friend’s mother. I realized that Roz was now 93 years old and had never been sick a day in her life — literally. her pregnancies were a walk in the park, her deliveries effortless. She met her husband thru the posters on the new York Subway, she was June 195? Miss Subway and her future husband took one look at the luxuriant brown wavy hair and was entranced.

Roz is a Bucket with an Uranian handle at Pisces 23 in the Seventh House, perhaps that suggests what an odd way she met Mr. Right. The Symbol is an “inhabited island,” which in a way is what Brooklyn and the boroughs are — inhabited and heavily populated islands; only the Bronx is part of the mainland. For Roz this symbol suggest adequate resources to obtain all that she needs which was true.

Venus in the third conjunct Saturn struck me, as her husband is just a year older than she but i think instead of being about age, it is about that he was a Conservative Jew and that their life was bound by rigourous adherence to their faith and fidelity to one another. Her moon is in Capricorn. Many say that where the Moon lies is one’s mother, if so, Roz’s Mom, Ethel, lived to 96 and died at home with her family.  In her daughter’s chart, Roz shows up as Leo the lion, perhaps because Hattie saw her mother as a fierce protective lioness.