# 25 Alfonso xii, King of Spain

We did his mother Queen Isabella ii last month, the women who harnessed Neptunian energy by her breaking all tradition, this month, November is her heir, Alfonso xii. Interestingly, there are no Alfonso’s i-xi, he started the Alfonso line. He was married twice, his first wife died at 6 months of marriage.

His mother had a 20 Leo rising while he gets 08 Sagittarius, rocks and things forming, a symbol that suggests his need to create his own tradition and take control of the circumstances surrounding him. A highlight of this symbol is the ability to mould and remould his course of life events. The ascendant is partile his Moon, obviously the strong connection to his mother with whom he went into exile with to London.

He died young at 27 from tuberculosis, three days before his 28th birthday. His wife Maria Christina was regent until the child was born. On May 17, 1886, a son was born who immediately became King Alfonso XIII.

After he died, his widow, pregnant with their son, commissioned a memorial in his honour.


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