His mother Queen Isabella ii  the woman who harnessed Neptunian energy by breaking all tradition was last month;  this one is  her heir, Alfonso xii. Interestingly, there are no Alfonso’s i-xi, for Alfonso XII  started the Alfonso line. He was married twice, his first wife died after six months of marriage.

Isabella ii is a 20 Leo rising while her son  gets 08 Sagittarius, both fiery but Isabella’s is fixed and Alfonso’s quite mutable.  Rocks and things forming,  are his  symbol, suggesting his suggests his need to create his own tradition and take control of his surrounding circumstances. A highlight of this symbol is the ability to mould and remould his course of life events.   

His moon is in Taurus suggests that Alfonso, without a strong father figure, had to create one for himself which he did by creating a comfortable environment and image for himself.  Unfortunately he died too young at 27 from tuberculosis, giving his own son no more of a father than he himself received.  Perhaps this is why Alfonso XIII was so enamored of the military that eventually deposed him.

After XII died, his widow, pregnant with their son, commissioned a memorial in his honor.  She remained  regent until the child was born. on May 17, 1886,  who immediately became King Alfonso XIII 

We are leaving his chart open for those interested.  The fifth house preponderance in Aries is striking particularly as it is opposite one lone Venus in the eleventh.  That must be his Queen Maria Christina, who ruled in his stead and was such a large influence on their son.

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