While there are William Allen’s out there, none match his dates. Marc Jones says he was an MP — member of Parliament — born in Dundee, Scotland. His birthday is November 29, 1837.  He has a 30 Scorpio Ascendant, the first chart is our typical Morinus format that corrects the problem that Placidus has with northern lattitudes.  The second chart is in Koch format that is supposed to be an update to Placidus but has the same problem, but is available for those following along in the book.

The Morinus method  puts his ascendant in the 11th house because of the earth shift. but it also suggests that he was very ambitious, self-correcting for being born away  so far away the general populace, (Dundee is 578 km or 395 miles away from London) so he tried harder.


His ascendant, Pharmacy scales with chemicals, is conjunct Saturn (in the Vedic world it rules iron; in the Medieval systerm it rules lead) that does give an alchemical twist to the planets and shows how much Sir Allen used his own talents to transmute his humble beginnings and transform his surroundings.  Both are in Scorpio, increasing the chemistry.

Since Saturn is sextile Jupiter creating the Line of Social Significance. It indicates that his life’s motivation is to express his devotion to his faith and higher calling via his management of his professional responsibilities as MP. That works well as his focal determinator is Jupiter — see the Morinus chart where Jupiter in Virgo is in its own hemisphere that is that handle to his bundle-bucket.

Sir William has no planets at his birth in retrogradation but Pluto and it was not discovered for another 100 years highlighting his very forward thinking and his active social life.