#31 William Allen, MP Dundee

Outside of Dr. Jones’s reference, we know little of Sir William.

Astrological Notes

  • Sir William’s ascendant is 25 Scorpio, an X-Ray machine symbolizing man’s organic integrity and the unvarying structures that create intelligence. This symbol suggests that he is able to keep fit for his performance on a greater stage.
  • Saturn is conjunct is Sun, an aspect he has in common with Sir Gurandas Banerjee, highlighting he was a “self made man.”
  • His Mental Chemistry, that aspect depicting the relationship between the Moon, Sun & Sun is balanced.
  • His Moon is conjunct his Mars suggests a personal with a practical outlook and a robust health.
  • His North Node in the fifth house suggests Dr. Mohan Koparkar he has a close relationship with children, great success in love but his personal friendships were disappointing. This imbalance creates an l inferiority complex and these personal frustrations affect the relationships. Their creative ideas can also be out-of—this-world and at times ahead of time as they find their sphere of life limited, and so their goals and ambitions are lofty. For Sir William this worked out well, as his “reach exceeded his grasp” and his ambition fueled his drive towards excellence.
  • With Mars right on the 1st House cusp, at 28 Sagittarius, Sir William aimed to get out of the small town Dundee and see and more importantly be part of London.
  • Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven in the ninth house suggest that his religious views did not interfere with his career as he was rather skeptical of them anyways. This aspect also shows up with those who work with the law as Jupiter rules Sagittarius and it is found in its essential ruler.
  • His Line of Vitality (Moon to Sun) is vigintile.
  • His Line of Motivation (Mars to Venus) is absent.
  • His Line of Social Significance (Uranus to Neptune) is semi-sextile, an innocuous relationship and probably why there is no trace of him..
  • His Line of Culture (Saturn to Jupiter) is sextile.

He is a Bucket with a Jupiter in the Ninth Handle.