While there are William Allen’s out there, none match Marc Jones  dates of   November 29, 1837 in Dundee Scotland.  Jones gives a 7 AM rising  making a 25 Scorpio Ascendant.  Here Morinus corrects the problem that Placidus has with northern latitudes. .  The first chart is Morinus in red and green; the second in purple and grey is Placidus. 

Marc Jones only used Placidus so those following along in the Sabian Symbols in Astrology  book will note that the personal information for William Allen is on page 344 and the  astrological data in the middle of page 364.

Astrological Notes

  • Mr. Allen’s ascendant is 25 Scorpio, an X-Ray machine symbolizing man’s organic integrity and the unvarying structures that create intelligence. This symbol suggests that he is able to keep fit for his performance on a greater stage.
  • Saturn is conjunct is Sun, an aspect he has in common with Sir Gurandas Banerjee, highlighting he was a “self made man.”
  • His Mental Chemistry, that aspect that shows the relationship between Mercury and the Sun is rather close, suggesting he was an average student in his studies.
  • His Moon is conjunct his Mars suggests a personal with a practical outlook and a robust health.
  • His North Node in the fifth house suggests according to Vedic Astrologer Dr. Mohan Koparkar he has a close relationship with children. success in love but friendships are disappointing.
  • disappointments. Their love given to others is much more elaborate than what they
  • receive back. This imbalance in love exchange creates internal inferiority complex in
  • them; and sometimes frustrations affect the relationship. Their creative ideas can be
  • out-of—this-world and at times ahead of time as well. They often find their vista-sphere
  • of life is limited, and many of their goals and ambitions remain as a fantasy. Their
  • love affairs often havea previous life connection; and they can feel that awareness
  • when they are with oth
  • Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven in the ninth house suggest that his religious views did not interfere with his career as he was rather skeptical of them anyways. This aspect also shows up with those who work with the law as Jupiter rules Sagittarius and it is found in its essential ruler.
  • His Line of Vitality (Moon to Sun) is vigintile and tells us he took good care of it.
  • His Line of Motivation (Mars to Venus) is absent.
  • His Line of Social Significance (Uranus to Neptune) is semi-sextile, an innocuous relationship and probably why there is no trace of him..
  • His Line of Culture (Saturn to Jupiter) is sextile.

He is a Bucket with a Jupiter in the Ninth Handle.

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