This week in OK City, 11/5-11/10 2018

Keyword for the week — Rebooting……….

We should have stuck to theme and not gone for a Trump victory because the Democrats retook the house while Republicans solidified the Senate..  Read the details at the New York Times.  11-7-2018/update

The Ascendant for the weekly is 20 Capricorn, the Hidden valley of a secret clan and suggests that while some are withdrawing from the fight or are carrying on. Perhaps that is the overall tone for both the Caravan and the mid-term Elections.

Things are beginning to coalesce into a resourceful but rimless bowl. If it wasn’t a bowl it would be a splash:  there are few conjunctions and no “solidarity” here, making it uneasy with its contents which is why splash comes to mind, but it fits within half of the wheel, and though  Venus in Libra opposite Taurus is out of quadrature it does create rim, however sloppy.  So this sloppy rimmed bowl says, albeit quietly, that the “popularity” of the travellers is slipping away and with it the great upstaging of the Midterm elections.

Pluto is partially to blame. Partile the Ascendant, our newest planet suggests that the media hoopla left some cold as Mexico’s warm welcome offering of refuge and shelter was refused (South Node in the house of brotherhood Aquarius in the first house). Mercury is far away, in another sign and a different house from the Sun, telling us that the telegraph lines between the two are interrupted by Jupiter in Scorpio as the President campaigns hard and fast transmitting his own discordant signal that is going to carry the day.

On a personal note, all the fuss and muss of last week is subsiding. Here too we see secret agendas have come to light and friendships threatened by sobering revelations.  Again,  the sloppy rim suggests that things, friends and events are slipping through one’s fingers because of the lack of will to go the distance relying on brotherhood to hold it together and not personal will.

Best things to do this week, is clean up what remains and get ready to carry on. We can’t be winners all the time and sometimes like the Midheaven at 10 Scorpio suggests the desire for pomp and pageantry is a fool’s gold.

Next week…….we stay in the Midwest and go north to Nebraska.

History of Oklahoma City as the Capitol of OK

Ok City is also county-seat of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, U.S.A..  It resides  on the North Fork of the Canadian river, near the geographical centre of the state. Population in 1890 4, 151; (1900) 10, 0 37; (1907) 3 2 ,45 2; (1910) 64,205.  When Britannica went to press in 1910, Guthrie was the state capitol; it changed that year to OK City when a bunch of OK booster broke into the Guthrie vault and stole the state papers and moved it in the middle of night to OK City.  Governor Charles N. Haskell removed his office to Oklahoma City and state officials followed him.

The controversy about the “stolen” seal led to legal proceedings  involving the Oklahoma Supreme Court until the legislature passed a bill permanently locating  the seat of government in Oklahoma City. The U.S. Supreme Court said the bill was valid, and so it stood.  I could not find when this mischief happened so we are using the April 22 1889 date for the town.

ok city chartered
The arrow points to Black Moon Lilith or Sepharial’s Moon.

Oklahoma City‘s prosperity is due chiefly to its jobbing trade, with an extensive farming and stock-raising region, but it has also cotton compresses and cotton gins, and various manufactures.

The total value of the factory products in 1905 was $3,670,730. Natural gas is largely used as a fuel. A large settlement was established here on the 22nd of April 1889, the day on which the country was by proclamation declared open for settlement. The city was chartered in 1890.

Black Moon Lilith as the Ghost on the prairie

BLM is highlighted on this chart because it is a “gaseous ring” that hangs in the sky.  It has the connotation of being a ghost planet, a foreboding that we cannot shake.

neon tetras.jpg
Two little neon tetras swimming in their tank.

On OK City’s founding we see that it gets a BLM of 19.25 (20) Gemini, “fishbowl with many neon tetras” from the Hyperion symbols that seems to tie into the Sabian symbols of “a cafeteria.”  Perceptions of what is being offered are different that what is on the menu; at least from the viewpoint of 1880.  What strikes me is that Ghost is sextile the Ascendant of this weeks chart.  Gotta think about that.