Black Friday in Omaha 2018

Today November 23rd is Black Friday named for that is traditionally when retail gets itself into the black from a year of sales, three notable asteroids get focus. 

The first Amor at the Midheaven, perhaps for all the broken hearts that did not get together for the holidays for one reason or the other.  The second line in yellow is Arachne in the ninth house of travel and education and square the Moon in the twelfth house and then opposite Mercury for all the money we misspent because we traded on false promises of some bonus, loan or gift coming in.  Let’s be honest here, it’s a Grand Mutable Cross and one has to realize that being the big man on campus has its costs.  Or perhaps this is reminding us of the headline that 30% of Americans are still in debt from last Black Friday and its time to realize that there has to be a payoff somewhere down the line.

And finally at the bottom with the blue line, Kassandra partile to Venus,  and opposite Uranus and then square the South Node gets mixed signals for Signore Pelosi staying the course in the house.  While  its better the devil you know than one you don’t, but OTOH no one likes her despite her paying her own way.  Is this what the House calls tough love or is it that they too will borrow from Peter to pay Paul?

As 20 Cancer is ruling the week, and gondoliers are in a serenade, we think the Signore will eke out another tour of duty, but that they will make her work for it.  Seems to be the theme for the week., and holiday bingeing has just begun.