The many dances of Alexandria Ocasia y Cortez

Alexis Smith of the Real Political Astrology group on Facebook found thru her detective work the birth time of Alexandria Ocasia y Cortez, the wunderkind of the Democratic party from psychic Arthur Lipp-Bonewits of 11:50 AM.

We do not agree with the rather suspicious time, but we use it in the chart above because it is better than the 12 noon standard that modern astrologers adore, but apply it to the whole house system. Her birthplace of the Bronx, New York, is of course unchanged.

The Greening of Sandy

So who is she? Well if you don’t know you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past four months. She is hard to miss, everyday she is in the newswires, but in short, she is a 28-year-old former bartender cum Bernie Sanders organizer who is the youngest person to be elected to congress after unseating #3 Democrat Joe Crowley, (#1 is Chuck Schumer, #2 is Nancy and then there was Joe) with a progressive platform that called for a $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, tuition-free public college, and the abolishment of ICE.

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Senator John McCain, went apoplectic on The View, warning against Ocasio-Cortez’s “dangerous” policies. Ex-Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, and good friend of Senator McCain, agrees and has a spitting match going on with her, for what he feels is the “future of the Party.”

Since getting sworn in, Ocasia-Cortez has incorporated her election winning platform in to the Green New Deal, a four part program for moving America quickly out of our climate crisis into a secure, sustainable future.

It is inspired by FDR’s New Deal programs that helped us out of the Great Depression of the 1930s, and is supported by the leader of the Green Party, Jill Green. Its aim to provide economic and climate relief by creating sustainable healthy and foremost just environment for everyone to work within.

Wholly AOC

With all that understood, we now turn to reviewing her chart using the whole house system because the time at hand is suspicious and at least gives us something to use.

In the Whole House System, everything in a house is conjunct, so in AOC’s chart, her ascendant and Venus are conjunct. It does not matter how far apart, what matters that it resides in the same sign, but the two together do show that AOC is rather vain with her  Stila’s Stay All Day in Beso (a.k.a. “true red”) that does not budge, thanks to some interesting chemistry. It retails about $22.00. That is probably why Beso’s recommendation by fellow New Yorker and fellow Latina SCOTUS Judge Sonia Sotomayor was welcomed; she immediately loved the bright colours and flamboyant style.

Beso, which means “kiss” in Spanish, was one of the original 10 colors the company launched in 2012. and it’s the company’s No. 2 best-selling shade. But since it is so bright, it does give her also a rather vain image, hearkening to Eva Peron and her red lipstick both of them photographed typically with their black hair slicked emphasizing their features.

Going around the wheel, AOC’s next cardinal house, the fourth, is empty, telling us that this means little to her as she is more of an out and about person. Also right on the cusp in the fifth is the Moon in Aries bestowing a wild temper particularly when challenged because of her drive and strong need for self-assertion.

This Moon placement is an important aspect in her chart, because it makes Ocasia-Cortez planetary temperament type a bucket with a moon handle — that handle leads her where she wants to go. As the moon rules intuition & feelings when not in high focus but as the handle, it’s meaning and effect on her chart changes. Instead of just emotional intuition, the Moon in AOC’s chart becomes an “intensifier” that takes all the various circumstances and activities that occur in her and intensifies their meaning and through this action Ocasia-Cortez gets to her next destination. She does not deliberate about her career path, but instead sees an opening and jumps on it — following her gut, secure in the knowledge it will not steer her wrong but OTOH there is nothing within her own psychological system to stop her.

Going counterclockwise on the wheel, the next cardinal spot is Gemini at the seventh house, also empty. This allows us to fill in our portrait of Ocasia Cortez as someone who is not much of a negotiator tending to go it alone, and rely more on her own resources. That is discordant though with her Part of Fortune right on its cusp at 28.45 Taurus (remembering that Jones rounds up) or 29 Taurus — the symbol of Two Cobblers working a table.

The Part of Fortune is one’s guiding light, and the symbol of Two Cobblers recommends instead synergy & not individuality — that her career success is dependent upon others. It also reinforces the age old adage from William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest that
“Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows”,   easily adapted to the political arena.

This symbol with the keyword “Capability” warns Rep. Ocasia Cortez that she needs to avoid frittering away her talents on every fish in the sea and instead focus. The final cardinal spot, the tenth house, under the whole house is not necessarily the Midheaven but neither does she have any planets there, so while she has a plethora of Cardinal Signs they are not in cardinal houses.

Returning to the beginning, we move onto the succedent houses that are traditionally assigned to fixed houses. In Ocasia Cortez’s chart, the second house has three Cardinal planets gathered within its borders. In the center of the group is Saturn found in his essential Lord Capricorn opposite Jupiter that Marc Jones marks as an especial aspect, the Aspect of Social Significance.

from the Andrew Lloyd Webber play “Evita”. Patti LuPone was named for her
great-great aunt was 19th-century opera singer Adelina Patti.


Jones in his “Essentials of Astrological Significance” when in opposition is an ordering of the person’s motives through which the native tends to dramatize himself, something we already noted with her red lipstick and slicked hair, and results in a grand “expenditure of personal resources” that can create a caricature of themselves that lessens their achievements or efforts.

In the last quadrant, a great preponderance of planets appears with Mercury leading the pack. Her Midheaven shows up near Mercury at 06.22 Libra. We find once again, lots of cardinal planets, in Fixed Houses, suggesting her willpower is strong and her determination to go the distance, but we have to reiterate Jones’s warning, as it gets crystallized in the eleventh house, assigned to the public, as long as her base encourages to do so.

Cadent wise, Pluto in Scorpio is the only activity that occurs in a mutable house. It supports the rest of the her chart making her more reliant on popular appeal than she or most realize. Pluto is also semisextile her ascendant in the first house, but this tells us more about her concern for personal privacy, and why nothing about her family, beliefs, upbringing or social ties are known; it has nothing to do about her career motivations other than a desire to work with established enterprises.

Again our thanks to Alexis for reaching out to Arthur. As for Alexandria, I am sure we’ll be hearing from her further as her career goes on because it is obvious her ambition has just begun to pick up speed.

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