The Big Apple – Feb 10-16 2019

We finish our roundup in my hometown, NYC. It was not supposed to end in New York but the random generator from which we get our listing never seemed to pick it: New York has always been hated for one thing or another it seems even in maths. Like Long Island native, Rodney Dangerfield, New York gets no respect.

This week’s chart

Our Ascendant for the week is 05 Libra that from the La Volasfera, written in 1747 and popularized by Sepharial over a hundred years later. It gives us the symbol of « A red triangle » and tells us that this is a Degree of Impulse and indicates a person of high intelligence and lofty aspirations but prone to the use of force instead of persuasion. This woman is always getting in front of herself losing her temper against his desire, and
letting her energies run away with her reason.

Marc Jones hated it and felt it discouraged people and changed it to the symbol “of a man teaching the true inner knowledge” suggesting that the inner life can be a springboard to outer possibilities. Nonetheless, it’s counterpart, 5 Aries is the Freemason symbol of a “triangle with wings.” Here he says “zeal” and how everything is an expression of an enduring idea and it’s transformation. Sounds very similar to La Volasfera’s “red triangle” even if it is changes to its opposite sign.

The Moon just went into Taurus when we did this chart, see the striped blue bar pointing to the 7th House, filling out a stellium (Jones’s preponderance) emphasizing others and opportunities that come from them. With Uranus nearby this may totally unexpected in some type of passive gift — something that you have to put energy into as opposed to something that gives you some.

Christmas peace message from John and Yoko on a billboard in Times Square in 1971.

We have a Cardinal Grand Trine this week telling us that a lot will happen but as there is no elemental dominance, we never know when that it be. Perhaps looking in a certain direction should be ignored, and instead riding the waves of inspiration is better

Official flag of the City of New York


New York City by Name.

New York City, officially the City of New York, historically New Amsterdam, the Mayor, Alderman, and Commonality of the City of New York, and New Orange, byname the Big Apple, city and port located at the mouth of the Hudson River, southeastern New York state, northeastern U.S. It is the largest and most influential American metropolis, encompassing Manhattan and Staten islands, the western sections of Long Island, and a small portion of the New York state mainland to the north of Manhattan.

New York City is in reality a collection of many neighbourhoods scattered among the city’s five boroughs—Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island—each exhibiting its own lifestyle. Moving from one city neighbourhood to the next may be like passing from one country to another, the culture and lifestyle is so disparate.

New York is the most populous and the most international city in the country. Its urban area extends into adjoining parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Located where the Hudson and East rivers empty into one of the world’s premier harbours, New York is both the gateway to the North American continent and its preferred exit to the oceans of the globe.

  • It’s Pop. (2000) 8,008,278;
  • New York–White Plains–Wayne Metro Division, 11,296,377;
  • New York–Northern New Jersey–Long Island Metro Area, 18,323,002; (2010) 8,175,133; Now that’s growth!
  • New York–White Plains–Wayne Metro Division, 11,576,251;
  • New York–Northern New Jersey–Long Island Metro Area, 18,897,109.

Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley is an American musician and songwriter best known as the former lead guitarist and co-founding member of the rock band Kiss was born in the Bronx, NYC near Mosholu Parkway and the Bronx Zoo and Botanic Gardens.