The Bodhan Krusinski of Poland system starts us off on this cycle, as we being our tour around the 50 states.  His method uses the hypothetical Zenith as the dividing  point into his great circle.  He then divides the Arc into equal 30 degree sectors that are projected onto the ecliptic to get the cups of the 11th and 12th houses.

Krusinski does this again for the northern half of the chart using the Nadir. This makes an equal house system but if you compare the cusps between the two, in Krusinki’s the opposite houses are exact while the others are a different starting degree.  In the Equal they all have the same cusp start.

See below for the two charts.

Krusinski rationale is because his homeland is  Poland and  far from the equator thus he is using this method to handle northern latitudes, something the typical American method Placidus cannot.  We discuss this further in our house essay over here.

Amazingly, it was a year ago that we visited Hurdle Mills, North Carolina where our great friend  lives.  You can read that post here to see how the sky has changed in the interrim.  This time we are going to the capitol, Raleigh for our visit.

placidus raleigh.png

We have a a lipped bowl this week for our chart, with the Moon at 05 Scorpio, — A Brahmin performs the ritual of sacrifice —  being the scoop through which we will be filtering our experience.

The HS tells us that the hierarchy of human duties clarifies the social division of our work as each one of us is part of the greater whole that makes us part of the communication nexus of activity.  This is a subjective view, and so we must be careful with the Ascendant of 06 Virgo a sextile away that we do not let our compassion for others blind us to our won life’s work.

Planetary Motions:

  1. Mercury entered Pisces on 2/10 and is direct all month
  2. Venus entered Capricorn on 2/3 and is direct all month
  3. Mars entered Taurus, on 2/14 and is direct all month
  4. Jupiter is direct all month in in its essential ruler Sagittarius
  5. Saturn is direct all month in in its essential ruler Capricorn
  6. Uranus is direct all month in Aries
    1. The Asteroid Chiron moved into Aries 5 days ago
  7. Neptune is direct all month in its essential ruler, Pisces
  8. Pluto is in Capricorn and is direct all month
  9. Transpluto is conjunct the Ascendant but opposite the Sun, a tendency for braggadacio to hold sway and promises that we cannot keep be made.

On Saturday, February 23rd

  • Jean Baptiste Morin  in 1583 whose house method we predominantly use.

On Sunday, February 24th

  1. Venus sextile Neptune
  2. Moon square Uranus
  3. Moon square Mars     ** Steve Jobs & Admiral Nimitz

On Monday, February 25th

  1. Moon sextile Pluto
  2. Moon trine Mercury
  3. Moon sextile Venus       ** Zeppo Marx of the Marx Bros. & painter Winslow Homer

On Tuesday, February 26th

  1. Moon square Jupiter
  2. Moon square Mercury      **Good King Wenceslas, French astronomer Camille                                                               Flammarion & US Senator running mate Tom Kaine

Wednesday February 27th

  1. Venus square Uranus
  2. Venus goes into Aquarius
  3. Sun sextile Mars               **American poet, Henry Longfellow & autosuggestionist,                                                                                         Emile Coue & Buffalo Bill

Thursday, February 28

  • same as Sunday               **French essaying Michel de Montaigne , Russian ballet                                                                                               dancer, Rudolf Nuryev

Friday, March 1

  1. peace.                                 ** Renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli, British actor                                                          David Niven, American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson

                                                A little bit on Raleigh

RALEIGH is the capital of North Carolina, U.S.A., and the county-seat of Wake county, about 145 M. N. by W. of Wilmington North Carolina.  In 1890 the population was 12,678; (1900)  of whom 5721 were Negroes.  It is about 4 sq. miles and is served by the Southern, the Seaboard Air Line, the Raleigh & Southport, and the Norfolk Southern railways.

The city lies about 360 ft. above sea-level on ground sloping gently in all directions from its centre, where there is a beautiful parkincluding the campus of the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts; it was named in honour of the donor, R. Stanhope Pullen, who was also a benefactor of the college.  His birthplace is a popular tourist area today.

The State Capitol (1840) is surmounted by a dome and modelled to some extent after the Parthenon and other buildings of ancient Greece; the first Capitol (begun in 1794) was burned in 1831.

In the vicinity are the Governor’s Mansion, the Supreme Court Building, the State Library, the building of the State Department of Agriculture, housing the State Museum (of geology, mineralogy,. agriculture and horticulture, botany, zoology, ethnology, &c.), and the Post Office.

Elsewhere are the County Court House, the State Hospital for the Insane (1856), founded through the efforts of Dorothea Lynde Dix, situated on Dix Hill who was an activist on behalf of the mentally ill and through her vigorous lobbying was able to procure governmental grants for the first state asylums.


Miss Dorothea Dix

The city is the see of a Protestant Episcopal bishop.

The principal industrial interests are trade in leaf tobacco and cotton raised in the vicinity, and the manufacture of cotton goods, phosphate fertilizers, foundry and machine-shop products, wooden-ware, &c.

Electric power is conveyed to the city from Buckhorn Falls, on the Cape Fear river, about 26 m. south of Raleigh, and from Milburnie on the Neuse river, 6 m. distant.

In 1788 the site of the city, then known as Wake Court House, was chosen for the capital of the state; and in 1792 the city was laid out and named in honour of Sir Walter Raleigh the great English explorer.

In 1794 the state legislature met here for the first time. Raleigh was incorporated in 1795 and was reincorporated in 1803; its present charter dates from 1899.

General William T. Sherman’s army, on its march through the Carolinas, passed through the city on the 13th of April 1865.

sherman marching through raleigh.png

A chart showing General William Sherman marching through Raleigh on April 13, 1865 days before the truce.  A yod goes from Saturn to Jupiter, the line of Motivation, with its apex around Transpluto in Gemini in the eleventh showing his aim was to “bully” them into submission.  The yod’s head is at 27 Sagitarrius in the fifth house where Arcturus ( a belligerent and bellicose  star) was passing through.

Raleigh was the birthplace of President Andrew Johnson; the house in which he was born has been removed to Pullen Park. By an extension of its boundaries the city nearly doubled its area and increased its population in 1907.

Next time for the Full Moon on March 19 in Montana.


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