Force of personality – Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence

We’ve rectified J Law for a birth time of 8:17 EDT in Indian Hills Kentucky. This gives her an ascendant of 18 Aquarius, a “sea fog drifting”  highlighting her particular tendency to being cast as a force of nature and thus  control her character’s outcomes.

She has a Grand Earth Trine, see the chart above, from Mars in third, Mercury in the seventh and Saturn in eleventh, showing her great popularity, the trine is essentially based in mutable houses, and shrewd business sense.

Her Jupiter is in the fifth that doubles for her various roles and many romantic liasions that the tabloids have exploited.  Since Jupiter is sextile Mercury in the seventh, we tend to think that a few of them were just photo ops or feed for the gossip mills and not real relationships.

Recently she has been in the news because of her engagement to Cooke Maroney, a New York City gallerist, or gallery dealer at Gladstone 64 in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  His father was also a gallerist, but now he and his wife, run Oliver Hill Farm in Leicester, Vermont.

Her trine from the seventh to Saturn shows that Ms. Lawrence  would be attracted to him on several levels, his savvy business sense, someone she can talk to and finally with the Moon in the fourth a romantic.

Her part of fortune is in the tenth house at 19 Sagitarrius, “the face of love accepted” highlighting her true passion for her work  as an actress, that is picked up by her fans (it is semisextile the Saturn next door), and makes her in demand with the Hollywood bosses.

Unfortunately this Arabian part is also square her Mercury, tells us that she is not paid on par with men of her stature and somewhat pigeonholed into action-figures that does not allow her to develop the full scope of her talents, but that happens to us all whether we realize it or not.  On the other hand though, her North Node conjunct her ascendant means that memorizing her lines is relatively easy for her with photographic memory.

She is a locomotive temperament type with the south-eastern portion of her map open, again highlighting her roles and life are dictate by the whims of what movies are available and whether they are favorable to her image, how great is the demand from her public and finally how well they tie into her overall schedule.

All of which makes Ms. Lawrence feel rutterless in her own life, even while her roles emphasizing her control and tenacity, thus increasing the tension in her life because of the great disparity.  We have no data on Mr. Maroney, but we do hope that her engagement and subsequent marriage bring her peace and stability she craves.