Cammille Adams, aka THE GRANDE DAME of Maryland astrology and was the Founding Member of the Annapolis Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. (NGCR). The first meeting was held on March 8, 1992 at 1:04PM at her home in Bowie, Maryland with 10 members.

There is no record of what town she was born in England, just the county, so we picked Oxford. We rectified her, probably erroneously, based on what little information we could find in her obit by astrologer and current president of the Annapolis chapter, Lynn Koiner on the Astrology Memorial site founded by the late Donna Cunningham and what else we could find. This gave us 23 Libra, “a woman in pastel colours carrying a heavy load,” whose keyword is Reticence.

Her Midheaven of 30 Cancer gets the SS of a “meeting of the literary society,” that is dead to rites to her eleventh house cusp for inaugural Annapolis meeting held in her home.

Mrs. Adams met her first husband during World War II when she was a firefighter, 24 Libra partile her Ascendant, has the SS of a “third wing on the left side of a butterfly” highlighting her potential. They relocated to the States after the War. There is no mention of her second or succeeding husbands. She reposed on May 11, 2011 in Bowie, Maryland.

Astro Highlights:

  • Moon and Neptune handle to her Wheelbarrow Temperament Type making her highly psychic/intuitive
  • 2nd House Preponderance of Spiritual Consummation
  • Grand Trine in Water
  • Line of Vitality Inconjunct
  • Line of Motivation Sextile
  • Line of Culture Inconjunct
  • Line of Efficiency semisextile
  • Ascendant partile Mars
    • Ascendant 23 Libra
    • Midheaven 30 Capricorn

That's a shot of my late Mum (d. 7-10-2009), Theoni. Zoe sas.

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