She was born on August 20th, 1900 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Twelve years later right a fortnight before Thanksgiving — it was late that year — on  November 15, 1912,  she was admitted to Minneapolis hospital with diptheria.  The cart are coloured coded:  the middle is brown and represents the progressed chart to that cruel day while the outside parti-coloured chart is the transit of approximate day of demise.  The green innermost chart is her nativity.


The arrows show a lethal virus hit her, Venus to Neptune opposite the Moon to her natal Venus conjunct Moon.  One suspects that looking at the first-seventh house that someone older in her family contracted it first, perhaps her grandmother or an aunt and transmitted it to her.

She was not born under the most propitious circumstances; her natal chart is bifurcated right in the middle, Jones calls that a deviated bowl, with nothing in the tenth and eleventh houses somewhat hinting that she would not make it to adulthood.

1905 minneapolis

1905 Minneapolis 

Another interesting aspect is her Uranus bumping up from her first to the twelfth house highlighting an unusual relationship with a hospital — perhaps this was her first and only visit that is semisextile to her ascendant’s ruler Jupiter that is also the lord of the twelfth house (Jupiter rules Pisces).  In the progressed chart not much changes as it is just one turn around the wheel so that just replicates the natal chart for the most part except for Uranus that is now just entering air-borne Aquarius in the second house opposite Mars in Cancer in the eighth where it is in its essential ruler.  But it is the Venus-Neptune setup that introduces the lethal virus unfortunately without pencillin the poor girl did not have a chance.  Our belated condolences.

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