The full moon hit Helena Montana at 7:42 pm on March 20, 2019 and is called the Worm Moon aligning with the vernal equinox in the night sky and marking the official end of winter.  It is also the third supermoon of the year, following a super Blood Wolf Moon on January 21st and a Super Snow Moon on February 19.  Super moons are when the full moon reach its closest point to the earth in its elliptical orbit making it seems unusually bright and close.

worm moon 2019.png

Technically, NASA, says that the moon hit that super moon point on Tuesday, March 19th at about 11:45 PM Helena (Mountain) time.  This map, a Moon bucket, is shown below in the NeoPorphry house method so that the Ascendant is aligned with the first house.

true worm moon 2109

The original Porphyry house method is often seen as an ideal compromise for it maintains the connection between the angles of the chart and the Ascendant and Midheaven, but  trisects the ecliptic arc between the angles calculating the cusps all equally.

The NeoPorphyry as shown above, obviously  no longer trisects each quadrant equally but now uses a graduated “sinusoidal” method  (i.e. based on the sine wave) so that everything is still apparently smooth but houses with lots of planets (see the second house above) get move space while the fifth house (with the sun right on the cusp) less. Obviously it is easy to view and for those into financial forecasting because of its similarity to Welles Wilder’s Stochastic Trend System, easy to follow.


Astrolog (free),    Janus 5 ($224.00),  Kepler ($300)  and its high end brother Sirius ($550) are four software packages that offer this charting system.

                                             Facts about Helena


Helena, city and capital of Montana, U.S., seat (1867) of Lewis and Clark county. The city is situated near the Missouri River, at the eastern foot of the Continental Divide (elevation 3,955 feet [1,205 metres]), in Prickly Pear Valley, a fertile region surrounded by rolling hills and lofty mountains.

Mount Helena (5,462 feet [1,665 metres]) and Mount Ascension (5,360 feet or 1,634 metres) form picturesque backdrops. The Federal Writers’ Project guide to Montana (written in 1939 under the WPA program), the region where Helena lies was never a  “regular abode” of any Native Americans, but artifacts reveal that they were present periodically, perhaps in hunting parties travelling through the area.

whole house helena montana chart.png

Founding of Helena Montana 10 30 1864 Whole House System

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark came upon Helena in 1805. Gold was discovered in July 1864 in Last Chance Gulch, now  the city’s main street. The town (named for St. Helena, Minnesota¹) was founded on October 30, 1864. It became capital of the territory in 1875 and of the state in 1889.

By 1893 the mining boom (gold, silver, and lead) was over and future prosperity like many mining towns in the West came in cycles—the Canyon Ferry, Hauser, and Holter dams on the Missouri River (1900–10).  Mining activities resurged with the demand for  metals in World War I and the automotive industry; natural gas finding from surrounding fields lead to upswing in activities for heating.

Helena is a see-saw temperament type showing the division between government and ranching.

We were in Helena back in July 2018.  You can read that piece here.

We go east to the southeast  and the Sunshine State for the New Moon in April.  Happy Trails.



  1. St. Helena was the mother of Constantine the Great, the Emperor of Roman Empire who came from Drepanum, a port on the western coast of Sicily and was originally a Carthnigian naval base.  It fell to the Roman Empire during the Punic Wars.  She was instrumental in converting the Emperor to Christianity. In the Roman Catholic Church her feast day is August 18th while in the  Eastern Orthodox Church she and along with her son Constantine are celebrated on May 21st.  Helena is the patron saint of discoveries.
  2. There is another Drepanum on the coast of Cyprus, Greece.

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