#156 Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, bacteriologist

Hideyo Noguchi was born Nov. 24, 1876 in Inawashiro, Fukushima, Japan. Marc Jones only has the date and Japan in his notes; Britannica supplied the rest. Dr. Noguchi was a brilliant Japanese bacteriologist who first discovered Treponema pallidum, the highly invasive pathogen that is the causative agent of all forms of syphilis. He was able to do this by examining the brain cell cultures of those afflicted with syphilis. The only cure for this acquired disease is penicillin but it was not only another 50 years that Dr. Alexander Fleming discovered that virus, so this was a disease in search of a cure.

Dr. Noguchi graduated in 1897 from a proprietary medical school in Tokyo and then went in 1900 to the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, where he worked on snake venoms under Dr. Simon Flexner who found the cure for spinal meningitis. In 1904 he followed Flexner to the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York City, that sponsored his work for almost a quarter of a century.

One of his most brilliant discoveries was his devising means of cultivating microorganisms that had never before been grown in the test tube (like syphilis). He and Flexner also were able to  produce in monkeys a nonfatal form of poliomyelitis and pass it from monkey to monkey, thus trapping a polio virus for laboratory study. His final work was a vaccine for yellow fever, but while in the field in Accra Ghana Africa, he contracted the disease and died. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx New York. His wife Mary survived him by 20 years and reposes by his side.

funeral stone for the Dr and Mrs. Noguchi

The Chart of Dr. Noguchi

. Dr. Noguchi is a locomotive temperament type. This is a rather uncommon type that focuses on the Grand Trine for momentum. In his case, the bottomo southern eastern portion of the chart shows how he was forced in his career to be second to Dr. Simon Flexner, the lead scientist. This could explain his decision to go to Ghana for independent research; Flexner OTOH never left NYC and the Rockefeller Institute.

Jones has several Arabian Parts listed in his Mundane Perspectives book though, incongrously, he applies it to his own his chart. The yellow section shows what aspects, Jones allows a five-degree orb, his natal planets make to them. In Noguchi’s cases, his Part of Conviction is aligned to his Part of Fortune at 4 Gemini that Dr. Gordon says ” this highlights someone who is a systematical methodical and foresighted person. He will met great opposition from superiors and either conquers them or perishes trying. And alas he did. The Sabian Symbol of 4 Gemini is “holly and mistletoe” a gift for fellow participation by suppressing his individuality for the greater good.

Our final chart, up above in the middle, is a TransNeptunian one, in wheel format.