A Horary for Donald Bradley

Birthdate merriment

In his obituary in American Astrology, Donald Bradley’s birth data were given as May 16, 1925, 2:04 AM, Bruning, NE.  When he died in April 1974, Gary Duncan called me in my home in Greencastle, IN to tell me. At that point he was no longer bound to keep Bradley’s birth data confidential, and he gave it as 2:40 AM.

This was questioned later when 2:04 was published. I discussed it with Gary. It puzzled him and asserted he was sure Uranus was closer to the Ascendant than the 2:04 showed. I went ahead with the officially published time. Jim Eshelman

Dane Rudhyar recommended that no astrologer give the right time for his birth. Was Donald Bradley following that advice? We cast a horary to find out.

Rules for Horary

While Horary Astrology, can answer any question, the easiest are those requiring a simple Yes or No answer. An article in the latest AFA newsletter by Richard Bland, originally written February 1898, says we should cast a horary only after the seer has a firm understanding of the question — what is the seeker searching for? We fit both requirements. First, we are looking for a yes or no answer, Did Donald Bradley purposefully change his time? And two, we believe this question represents our concerns.

Next, Bland tells us we can only cast the chart once. If we cast multiple times, only the first time counts anyway — similar to rules of Tarot.In our horary’s case, the co-ruler is Venus that that rules Libra whom is in the seventh house, so we place the Question in the seventh house — opportunities and other people.

                                           Lilly says

But we have a few problems. First Lilly always used Regiomontanus for horary but we are sticking with Morinus.  Does it matter?  Some astrologers will not look at a chart not in Lilly’s format, so if we are looking for a wild viewership it could (we recast the chart in Regiomontanus below for them). 

Next, Lilly himself warns against judging a chart with “0 – 3 degrees rising, unless the seeker is young.” Early degrees may also signify that the matter in question is too premature to judge. So, at this point we have a conundrum and could drop out as our ascendant is Libra 03 (HS) “pepper shaker is silver; salt shaker is gold.”. Some would say, round up and we have Libra 04 (HS) “airplanes landing safely in the fog,” and carry on.

Finally, Lilly says the ruler of the hour at the time the question is proposed must be the same as the ruler of the Ascendant, or of the same triplicity or nature.                            

 “Let the Lord of the hour be Mars, let the Sign of Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces ascend, this Question is then radical, because Mars is Lord of the hour, and of the Watery Triplicity, or of those Signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.” 

Our ruler of the Hour is the Sun in the eighth house in the sign of Taurus.  Our Ascendant is in Libra ruled by Venus, that also rules Taurus.  I believe that’s a match.

Lillys Horary with Regiomontanus

Now we can use some basic astrology to find out the answer.  Mercury is ahead of the Sun, about 14 degrees, but according to Lilly is it weakened because it is within the 16 degree “sunbeams” orb.  According to Jones’s mental chemistry, Mercury 14 ahead shows quick wittedness, now weakened according to Lilly, that aspect is moot.  Outside of Neptune that shows all squares, the chart is favourable to our question and so we decide Yes.  YMMV.