Sabian Dice for Mother’s Day

We haven’t used the Sabian Dice in a while, so today for Mother’s Day we are resurrecting it. We threw 4.21 which ends up in the fourth house at degree 21 in our chart set for the nation’s capital in Washington D.C. The SUN is also at this degree at 21.11; so are the two asteroids Arachne and Minerva. One degree away is Aesculapia at 22.10; one behind is Terpsichore.

Taurus 21 is (HS) the “high wind at sea” symbolizing the constant shifts in our relationships and environments — the weather has been changing so often now it’s hard to know what to expect. Relationshipwise things are always changing there too and they ebb and flow and yet stay somewhat steady — either in one direction or another.

With Aesculapia nearby, it suggests that those of us who have an unhealthy relationship with others and/or our mothers need to break from the web of bad habits (Arachne), purge those automatic reactions and instead focus (Asteroid Minerva, the Roman equivalent for Athena). This is encouraged by our Die falling in between Mercury and Sun, with Mercury leading — stop “overthinking” and dwelling upon what’s wrong and confront the issue (Arachne square the obstructive Moon) no matter how painful.

Sometimes discussion is impossible, and here one alternative is to write (Mercury conjunct Minerva) your complaints down in a letter and then bury in the backyard — that way ou let them go (Arachne square the chart’s ascendant) and can move on.

The Nodal Connection

Georges Muchery in his Astrological Tarot originally published in 1927, now available as a reprint, writes that the Dragon’s Head in Virgo gives fine aspirations. It is an ideal position for poets and writers (Terpsichore conjunct Mercury opposite the Midheaven).

The Dragon’s Tail in Pisces is a sign of deceit in love, or infidelity. The native may unconsciously indulge in gossip detrimental to him. This position also brings physical and moral sufferings, brought about through the native himself. It shows a general indolence, but modified by a good aspect of Mars — which we have in the creative fifth house — can be a vehicle for actively getting rid of these problems.

Good luck.


  • Our header image is from Kate Greenaway.
  • Muchery, Georges, The Astrological Tarot, Rider & Co., London, 1927. Reprinted London, Bracken Books, 1989.