Astrologer Edward Dearborn

Mr Dearborn was a see-saw temperament type. The original chart from Astrologers Memorial.

The writeup on Mr. Dearborn is on Donna Cunningham’s Astrologer’s Memorial; we are just supplying the chart based on their records since when I clicked on it the chart disappeared. I happened upon him because I was searching for #19, Elizabeth Aldrich of whom it was said

The Silk Hat

” Fellow Taurus Elizabeth Aldrich (1875-1948), once publisher of the New York Astrologer and a prominent mundane astrologer, was there at the banquet, as were Marc Edmund Jones (working on his Ph.D. in theology at Columbia University), and Mabel Leslie Fleisher, President of the Astrologer’s Guild of America, who also held a law degree, unusual for a woman at that time. Ed Dearborn had, at the age of 24, found his way to some of the most accomplished astrologers in the country…”

Astrologer Memorial on Mr. Ed Dearborn

As for Ed, he was born on May 3, 1922 at 5:27 AM in Meadville, Pennsylvania a town out in western PA near Youngstown. Mr. Dearborn reposed on August 18, 2012 at 90 years old. His ascendant was 15 Taurus, “a man muffled up with a rakish silk hat.” It’s keyword is Sophistication that could be true based on the last line that he was among the elite at a young age. The missing chart is below.

Ed Dearborn’s chart based on the details from the Astrologer’s Memorial page.

His North Node in the 6th House in Libra suggests according to Bruno and Louise Huber that “unlike the situation in the 5th, where we make a stand” to assert ourselves, here the key is doing and getting a clear idea of what one can do and how far one can go by applying ourselves to the work at hand particularly with Libra-ruled talents i.e. editing, publicizing, perfecting a method etc. The South Node in Aries suggests that for the native to fulfill his personal quest he must let go of that perfectionism and “try something new” and stretch.

With Lilith in the second house in Gemini squared Uranus, while he may have been seating with Astrology Greats, he was already planning how to become one of them and rival their feats.

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