Today’s Draconic Chart by the Reverend Pamela Crane

In 1987, the Reverend Pamela Crane devised the Draconic System. Kepler, and I imagine Sirius, have it. So does Solar Fire. Crane’s purpose in creating the Draconic zodiac was to reveal your “illuminating sense of purpose.” The draconic zodiac starts at the Moon North Node’s (NN) that becomes the Aries Point of the chart. Then the absolute longitude of the NN is then measured against the absolute longitude of each planet. When the absolute longitude of the NN is greater than the planet typical zodiac arithmetic applies: add 360 to the planet’s absolute longitude and subtract from that sum.

Today’s Homework

Here is an example: today’s Sun is 20.27 and the NN is 19.00 Cancer Rx. Since Cancer is higher than Gemini, normal arithmetic follows (3 times 30 = 90 for the NN and 4 times 30 for the Sun = 120.27.

120.27-90.00 = 30.27 puts the Sun at 1.33 and since Cancer is higher than Gemini, this is Pisces i.e. minus 1 house from the Ascendant which is always Aries 00.

We do the same everything in the chart and get the Draco chart. The minutes maybe off, as we are not calculating seconds like the software does, but it’s close enough. The green chart below is normal geocentric chart for today, while the Purple chart on the right is the Draconic equivalent. (there are minor difference in time because of copying and re-erecting the next chart).

In the green chart dutiful Neptune is in its own ruler Pisces in the 7th suggesting we have to face our responsibilities to other people today. In the Draconic chart, this aspect is much closer and thus more important (closer aspects always have a higher degree of importance in a chart, hence why we highlight 1 degree aspects on our charts). The planets at the Midheaven do not change, but their sign does — now the Midheaven is in fixed Aquarius (universal brotherhood) while in the normal geocentric chart it is in mutable Gemini (either or).

Overall the Draconic chart for today, highlights thinking of others, or our spiritual work. Our Draconic ascendant is 10 Virgo ( the round stone hidden within another or not always consciously understanding how what we do has repercussions for later). The green chart gives a fixed ascendant and 10 Taurus (parrots on an orchid plant or flocking in beautiful places) suggesting that today is a great day for hitting the beach– or the lake –for a frolic.

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