Radiant Coco Chanel

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the great couturier , was born on August 19, 1883 in Saumur France at 4 PM. Her ascendant is 30 Sagittarius, a secret business meeting, apropos for someone who held court with the Nazi SS during the Second World War. It is also conjunct the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius), that imaginary point in our Milky Way that the Sun and the Moon and all the stars revolve around. It seems rather apropos. While Madame never married and had no children, her 5th house is populated with the various tools for her creation: Mars (cutting fabric, the precision of a tailor), Saturn (her classic style) and Pluto (transforming sewing into high couture) in the Radiant House System that we are highlighting but not in the modern Koch (see both below).

Janus gives several, not many, charts with the software all highly rated for accuracy and almost just as many house systems. I picked hers because I thought it good choice with the unknown “Radiant” system, not knowing what I would get. She is not part of the Jones 1000, and I think that is serious miss. About the Radiant, Janus writes

The Radiant House system (B) 1st=Anti-Vertex, 10th=Mc. It is the same as HORIZONTAL and Zenith house systems. The horizontal circle is cut at 30 deg intervals starting at the East Point of the horizon, and they are projected onto the ecliptic using vertical circles. Its origin is unknown. Note: Only suitable for latitudes between 24 and 90 degrees.†

Janus software help section
Because the East Point, also called the Eastern Ascendant, is so important in this chart system we depict it on the chart. On Chanel’s map it is at 26 Capricorn, a content in luxury.. It is not the Vernal Point (Vp) but where the Eastern Horizon intersects the Prime Vertical (a Great Circle passing through the Zenith and the Nadir of the birthplace) and the Celestial Equator (a Great Circle corresponding to the Earth’s Equator projected onto the Celestial sphere.) The East Point is how a person projects themselves to others.
The differences between Radiant and Koch are striking but both show how her ascendant is conjunct the Galactic Center.