DoL? Eugene Scalia

We have rectified Mr. Scalia to 09 Aries, opposite his father Justice Antonin Scalia

We did the chart for Mr. Acosta, a rather lackluster one at that, but it is here. Scalia if he passed Senate confirmation, would be third head of the Department Labor under President Trump as the Democrats successfully assassinate the previous choices (we also did Andy Pudzer the first nominee).

Who is Eugene Scalia?

Mr. Scalia is of course most notably the son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. He was born on August 14, 1963 in Columbus Ohio. We have rectified his time to about 9:30 pm making him a 09 Aries Ascendant. Charubel says that this degree represents a person who is going “in a straight line to the fork in the road that branches 4 ways.” Accordingly, that while Mr. Scalia may have stumbled as he found his true calling and tried many types of legal work, eventually he will hear his true call and follow it.

He is not married, so the plethora of planets in the 5th are his many judicial writings supported by his preponderance in Leo that he is someone who really enjoys writing as a way to express himself. he has another preponderance, this time in Virgo, highlighting his tendency to overly technical and write to the choir i.e. other lawyers. Jupiter in Aries conjunct the ascendant and inconjunct that latter group, recommends that he branch out and have a playful or at least light hearted touch in his writings and not be so pedantic.

Scalia’s Temperament Type

Scalia is a bucket with a Saturn handle; his father was a Splash, so the Sun while in many ways following the father’s footsteps is a lot more serious, intent and patient. As Saturn is also his focal determinator, Marc Jones believe it and not the Ascendant was the ruler of the chart. In this case in the 11th house, his hard work and diligence will reap him great dividends.

We do not know when his hearing will be, so we are arbitrarily picking the day President Trump announced Scalia as his choice, July 19th with Solar Arc directional points this time around.


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