Morinus on his own birth chart

Jean Baptiste Morin writes that he was born during the daytime i.e. 8:33 in the morning, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in the 12th house. He used the Equal House method as they are "all" square to Mars in the third.

The Moon is the significator of my parents because it is the ruler of the 4th House, he is Aries rising, and in particular the Moon represents my mother because both are feminine. The Moon happens to also be in the feminine sign of Pisces — it is at 02 Pisces while the Sun is by his reckoning at 04 and partile Jupiter, a money sign. But as the Sun is between my mother and money, it is not from her I will get anything, he writes somewhat embittered.

Now Saturn is not my father who never wished me harm, but Cardinal Richelieu who was my secret enemy at 12 Pisces. As the Sun is next to Saturn, these "sunbeams" of ill will will emanate from Saturn and the powerful enemies I have unwittingly made. So I do not think that the Sun is my father alone, but also myself as the Sun is too universal in itself to refer to anything else. The same is true of Mercury that everyone attributes to one’s intelligence and moral qualities. Instead, Mercury’s mental capacity is known by the house and sign it sits and then of course the Ruler of that house and whether it is afflicted by the ruler or not.

Ptolemy and Jerome Cardano are correct that the Moon is my moral nature, at 02 Pisces in the 12th, just as the Mercury is my mental capacity, at 26 Aquarius in the 11th, as long as I follow those rules. Thus my Mercury is in the 11th house in Aquarius. It is ruled by the beneficial aspects of Saturn and not its harsher qualities making my mind more open to ideas and calculations. As Venus is next to, and it is ruled either by Libra or Taurus, I am fine in both accounts. This would say that I am not only curious but open to new ideas and ventures. I have found that to be true.

My ascendant’s ruler is Mar and in the 4th house and in good aspect to my Sun, so I will bring about honours to my name. As Mars is also in good aspect to Jupiter I will also bring by my own efforts money.

The Moon’s ruler is Cancer and here found in the 4th house and since the Moon and Cancer have the same basic nature my moral capability is sound. If we apply as some do where Mercury is in respect to my Moon, it is behind, this would mean that everyone born that day would have the same capabilities.

Instead, look the relationship between Mercury and the ascendant and then the relationships between Mercury and the ascendant’s ruler to see what type of intelligence I will have. For me, we see that Mercury is next to Venus and it’s lord as I have written are good, so this means I am eager student. Mercury to my ascendant is also good. Mercury though to my ascendant’s ruler is a harsher aspect meaning that my mind will be sharp, logical, cold and discriminating.

I will in conclusion, state that all of this is very general and not specific enough to make a real determination. Ptolemy of course would disagree with me, and so would many current, past and probably future astrologers. Thus we must study further and delineate this chart in greater detail.

–end chapter 3, Book xxi


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