Pointing out Isiah Thomas III

Isiah Thomas never appears in Hoop Dreams but he fills the picture like a spirit hovering overhead as two boys, Arthur Agree and William Gates use basketball to create their American Dream.

The official time of Isiah is 10 PM Chicago time but that symbol (HS 7 Sagittarius) — stacks of books in a library — is so crazy, we could not even consider it. Once again like President Trump we thought of DST and sure enough Isiah was born the very day DST occurred. It seem natural enough just to jump an hour to 11 PM and get 19 Sagittarius and “the face of love accepted.”

Sag 19 is apropos because of Isiah’s own comments about the love of his family, mother Mary Thomas (his father abandoned the family early on) and his beloved wife, Lynn, in his life. We agree it is an important part of his life, and Venus in 12 Aries 45 Rx, shows his mother’s devotion & his wife’s loyalty have meant a lot to him. A look above at his Midheaven 11 Libra 57 directly opposite supports how that support has kept him en pointe.

Isiah in action

The Thomas Connextion

  • Asteroids that make Isiah’s chart come alive are:
    • Edolsen (Marshall Field’s curator) at 28 Capricorn 04 conjunct Saturn — a black man from Chicago West Side.
      1. This is opposition Mars at 27 Cancer 30 conjunct Asteroid Lord at 28 Cancer 41. Lord is his middle name.
      2. Asteroid Sugiyashi is at 25 Cancer 33 conjunct Mars 27 Cancer also. Sugiyashi is a Japanese ball player.
    • Asteroid St. Joseph for Isiah’s high school is at 12 Gemini 5.– i.e. Isiah “bought” intellectually into the St. Joseph’s curricula of how to be successful.
      • It is opposite his Ascendant at 19 Sagittarius showing he believed that the coaches and teachers at St. Joe knew how to make him his best. This was integral to his success –he could surrender his own ego and accept theirs.
    • Asteroid Bal at 13 Aries 14 for Ball. His love of basketball took on an almost totemic significance in his life.
    • Asteroid Ball 16 Scorpio 49 for the Mayan invention of ball-playing. It is conjunct the Moon and via a translation of light Neptune all in Scorpio. For Isiah, basketball playing was the only way “out — it filled his dreams and fantasies.
      • This is probably because his Moon at 13.37 was average and his Mercury is equal to the Sun. Isiah was not a stellar student and knew that his grades alone would not get him into any college basketball program; he had to excel as a ball player — there was no fallback position.
    • Isiah is a see-saw temperament type with his chart split at the mid heaven between growing up poor in Chicago’s ghetto’s and his dreams getting away from it vs. the Western side his chart and his phenomenal skill: he is a 12-time NBA All-Star and named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. He has been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts a recommended trip for any Basketball aficionado.
    • Isiah is President of Isiah Thomas International.

As for the boys, we hate to be spoilers, instead we recommend watching the film & finding out for yourself how their Hoop Dreams turned out.