Table of Contents, v.4

We are halfway there and creating this has been a lot of work, so all our efforts are now being put into getting the ToC and the site in tune. This week we are sorting by birthplace, but we finally have a searchable ToC so that can help you find what you are looking for also. In cases like “Tiger Woods” we have him listed as Eldrick Tiger Woods; Prince Harry is listed formally as Prince Henry Chas. Makes sense as I run with Mo Saladin but am still called “Joel” by those in the know. Everyone has a nick.

Those though are the least of our problems — the real headache lurks below the scene: so many natal charts are buried inside of mundane events. Right now, we are just doing the easiest first, and leaving the buried alone — it will give us something to do during the long winter.

Above, is the Autumnal Equinox chart. It is a Splash chart telling us that for the nation and most people, the next 3 months is all about doing things with people — particularly planning it seems for winter (Moon opposite Saturn 13 Cap 56). This could either be the holidays and travel (Jupiter in the 5th) or if you one of the many running for President, the New Hampshire primaries (Uranus conjunct the Midheaven 14 Taurus 48).

And no, no one was cutting off the Buffalo’s head, it was just a cropped shot of him a new ear tag. At 3000 pounds one has to be careful.

Everyone wants something

Speaking of which, with Pluto right next to Saturn in the 6th House, we are calling that Vice President Biden is going to have a lot of work to overcome the Hunter news — the next full moon on October 13th, 2019 at 5:08 PM ET, is the Hunter’s Moon , and it looks like the front runner, the Veep himself, will need good will, hunting for that top Democratic spot.

We feel that Venus in the 8th house means that the Supreme Justice will not be returning to the bench, this year or next. If so, we’ll all be singing the Witches Song from MacBeth.

Best of Luck – Mo Saladin