Welcome Scorpio 10-24-19

The Sun moved into Scorpio on this past Thursday at around noon. There is a feeling of “regrets,” — in the worst cases being exploited or misled on your choices from others, so you’re wasting a lot of energy nitpicking and undermining others’ ability. Alas, Neptune and Nodes do that.

Cleaning up the house maybe an issue. Someone else could use those old things that you have neglected and they should be the first to go ala Swedish death cleaning.  Holding onto things now makes little sense as Sun is shedding some light on the prison you’ve created, and your deep desire to want out because a “man is born free but everywhere he is in chains” (J.J. Rousseau). Ignore Magnusson’s 65 and older warning and start now. Scorpio is aligned with the harvest and it’s time to shed those unneeded things from your life and slim down.

But do not clean too far. The chart is also recommending reconnecting with forgotten family members, particularly if you have a chip on your shoulder of how they have treated you in the past. It maybe time to shoot a card, letter or phone message and right past wrongs. Halloween is a good way to “treat” someone and say “Hello”.

Cash flow problems creep up now, and it’s best to tighten your belt and get a hold on them. The same idea goes for managing your time as it is slipping away with too many obligations, most that you either forget or misremember.

The job scene is bearing down hard and this could cause a desire to change jobs — if you are working this hard you want to be recompensed for it. Unfortunately, this change will put you back into square 1, paragraph 1, as the samsara of needs and wants keep turning your head this way because in reality you’re just itching to ride. As First Lady Nancy Reagan admonished, Just say No, because staying the course is the better part of valour for now; break loose and day-trip with your free time instead.

This is probably my last, or next-to-last post from the Nickel City. Nothing lasts forever, and I think I’ve overstayed my welcome anyway, so instead of regrets, I will take the planet’s advice and throw out and reconnect.

Happy Halloween — Mo.

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