Who are We?

Sabian Earth is a band of happy astrologers. Honest.  We enjoy writing, learning and discussing astrology and it was from that seed that this project sprung.

Originally the idea started with me, Suki, who wanted to create a newsletter, based on our discussion charts.  Of course naming it was problematic, but one of our members, picked Sabian Earth out because it sounded good.  Name in hand, I began working on the newsletter and  sent it out to a small group of Marc Edmund Jones aficionados.  You can get that inaugural issue here.

Martha Rose Rhine though, was a visionary and saw its wider appeal & encouraged me to  stomp out the hobgoblins and go online.  Tentatively, I did, but it was only with a lot of encourage from Joel Anthony Ksiazkiewicz, our Sabian Dice Daily writer.  We were a duo for several months when meeting up with Eugene Johnson, I saw a spark we lacked.

mo saladin
Joel, New York

Gene is a talented astrologer who has written & has taught all types of astrology, (his knowledge is prodigious) and after some thought, he joined our troika.

gene copy1
Gene, Texas


So while our philosophies may not always agree, our vehicle is always by the stars. We hope that you enjoy the ride.

Suki  General Editor and Founder

suki, november 2017
Suki, Pennsylvania



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