Who are We?

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Thanks for visiting Sabian Earth, a site dedicated to spreading the word of Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, a great astrological teacher and occultist.  With the PayPal button above you can donate money to Dromenon, a liability liability company,  based in Illinois, for continuing support of this website.  Dromenon is not a 401(c)3 so your gift is not tax deductible. We thank you for your generosity.

From left to right is Suki, Gene and Mo, all members of Marc Jones august Sabian Assembly.  Mo Saladin, in real life an acupuncturist in Buffalo, is on the Sabian Publishing Society's board of directors and our editorial adviser.

Eugene Johnson is shown here celebrating his Golden Anniversary with his beloved wife, Angela. Gene left project in summer of 2018. We all wish him the best.


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