Who are We?

Sabian Earth is an eclectic lot.  While we have the love of astrology in common are methods vary.  The idea started with me, Suki, who wanted to create a newsletter, based on our group, we were on Yahoogroups, discussions of various mundane charts.  Of course naming it was problematic, but our Brazilian member picked Sabian Earth because it sounded good in that language.  Name in hand, I began working on the newsletter and  sent it out to a small group of Marc Edmund Jones aficionados.  You can get that inaugural issue here.

Martha Rose Rhine though, was the visionary and saw its wider appeal.  Tentatively, I did, but it was only with a lot of encouragement from Joel Ksiazkiewicz.  We were a duo for several months when meeting up with Eugene Johnson, a talented astrologer who has written and taught astrology for nearly 50 years.

mo saladin
Joel, Empire State
gene copy1
Gene, Lone Star State








At this point we are self-funded.  That may change and when it does we will let you know.

suki, november 2017
Suki, Keystone Commonwealth



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