Update on Vivian Maier

from the New Yorker Magazine, this week Diane Arbus said, “A photograph is a secret about a secret.” In the case of Vivian Maier, the photographer was a secret, too. From the nineteen-fifties until a few years before she died, destitute, in 2009, at the age of eighty-three, Maier took at least a hundred and … Continue reading Update on Vivian Maier


Kevin McCarthy as GOP House leader

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, left, and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy in September.PHOTO: J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE/ASSOCIATED ET House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) as we suspected when Ryan announced his retirement will probably be elected Republicans’ minority leader Wednesday. Mr. Ryan’s unusual decision to flag his departure in January triggered months of speculation over … Continue reading Kevin McCarthy as GOP House leader

#139 Earl Browder, Founder of the Communist Party of America

Marc Jones does not have a time for Mr. Browder so we rectified it to 11:03 PM in Wichita KS. This gives him the Ascendant of 17 Capricorn or a boy surreptitiously bathing naked. this suggests his irresistible desire to strip back to essentials and gain self-renewal by close intimacy with true archetype of the … Continue reading #139 Earl Browder, Founder of the Communist Party of America

#576 John L. Lewis House is on Fire

From the Sunday Wilkes Barre Gazette on June 4, 1949 this article on a firebug trying to set John L. Lewis's home on fire. Since the Lewis family was out to dinner, I picked 8 PM as that was a fashionable time to go out. This gives the event four planets in Aries, all trying … Continue reading #576 John L. Lewis House is on Fire

#31 Sir William Allen, MP Dundee

While there are William Allen's out there, none match his dates. Marc Jones says he was an MP -- member of Parliament -- born in Dundee, Scotland. His birthday is November 29, 1837.  He has a 30 Scorpio Ascendant, the first chart is our typical Morinus format that corrects the problem that Placidus has with … Continue reading #31 Sir William Allen, MP Dundee

# 25 Alfonso xii, King of Spain

We did his mother Queen Isabella ii last month, the women who harnessed Neptunian energy by her breaking all tradition, this month, November is her heir, Alfonso xii. Interestingly, there are no Alfonso's i-xi, he started the Alfonso line. He was married twice, his first wife died at 6 months of marriage. His mother had … Continue reading # 25 Alfonso xii, King of Spain

#8 Mary Adams Lloyd, numerologist

Marc Jones lists this lady as a numerologist; nothing else is known. Her ascendant is 03.14 Cancer that is rounded up to 04 Cancer.  It gives the Hyperion symbol of a "young boy learning the teaching of moksha," the Hindu and Jain concept of aim of life is to follow one's path in life via … Continue reading #8 Mary Adams Lloyd, numerologist