This week in OK City, 11/5-11/10 2018

Keyword for the week -- Rebooting.......... We should have stuck to theme and not gone for a Trump victory because the Democrats retook the house while Republicans solidified the Senate..  Read the details at the New York Times.  11-7-2018/update The Ascendant for the weekly is 20 Capricorn, the Hidden valley of a secret clan and … Continue reading This week in OK City, 11/5-11/10 2018


Robert Hand on partiles & atoms

Q: Christeen Skinner, who I interviewed a little while ago, mentioned that we don’t have three-dimensional software; saying architects have it, so that if they’re designing a building they can see the building that they’re working on. Maybe – taking up what you’re talking about – we need software that shows us an expanse in … Continue reading Robert Hand on partiles & atoms

Discovery of Jamaica May 1494

Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica on May 5, 1494. The ascendant of 06 Cancer for this 9 am find is a "dark archway with ten logs" highlighting what would become a history of great potential undermined by bondage and fear. Venus opposes Neptune, out of quadrature no less, highlighting the beauty of the Caribbean island , … Continue reading Discovery of Jamaica May 1494

Earthquake 1853 Cumana Venezula

Today we remember the Cumana quake of July 15, 1853, one of the worst quakes in Venezuelan history.   Totally all Venezuelan quakes from 1610 to 2018, but excluding this one, they get an average score of 5.85, roughly right in the middle, of a 12 point scale.  This one though, was astounding, 50% stronger than … Continue reading Earthquake 1853 Cumana Venezula

Bernie Schaeffer Research 10-27-2018

There wer many headlines this past Wednesday, Oct. 24, covered the Nasdaq Composite's (IXIC) close in formal "correction" territory, down more than 10% from the all-time high it had reached as recently as Aug. 30. But considerably less attention was paid to the fact that the Nasdaq's less-flashy cousin, the NYSE Composite Index (NYA), also … Continue reading Bernie Schaeffer Research 10-27-2018

Astrologer Donna van Toen of SOTA Fame

For those not following Donna van Toen, the wonderful organizer of SOTA, announced on Facebook, that she has lung cancer.  Her site is  We wish her well in her journey forward. I had a personal friend, Marnie, eight years to the day, younger than I, who got lung cancer at 38.  It started in … Continue reading Astrologer Donna van Toen of SOTA Fame