Poll update: Biden and AOC

Rasmussen Reports did a poll on whom registered Democrats identify with more: Veep Joe Biden or Representative Alexandria Ocasiz-Cortez. The results strongly favoured of the Veep over the Rep while GOPists still like Donald J. Trump. Neither group is too fond of Congress.  Rasmussen (no longer affiliated with its namesake btw) finds 43% of all Likely U.S. voters say their personal views are most closely … Continue reading Poll update: Biden and AOC

The Virginia Beach attack

The Virginia Beach gunman appeared to target supervisors in his department in the early moments of a shooting spree that left 12 people dead on Friday, according to a survivor of the attack and a city councilman. Authorities in Virginia Beach say they are still working to determine what motivated DeWayne Craddock to bring two handguns into his municipal office last week and begin shooting. … Continue reading The Virginia Beach attack

The Wessex Astrologer in America

The AFA does wessex Wessex Astrologers based in Swanage, Dorset England, the header picture is of the area is now selling their books and paraphernalia through the AFA — American Federation of Astrologers. To celebrate, the AFA is offering non-members a generous 20% discount off the Wessex catalogue, while members get 30% off. This does not apply to new age imprimatur, Flying Horse books. Discounts … Continue reading The Wessex Astrologer in America