#123 Claude Bragdon, Architect

Claude Fayette Bragdon (1866-1946) was an architect, artist, writer, philosopher, and stage designer. He was a dedicated Theosophist and occultist.  He is a Splash temperament type; notice that all but three houses have a planet contained -- the eighth, the third and the sixth.  The eighth is odd because of the deaths of his two … Continue reading #123 Claude Bragdon, Architect


Gertrude Jekyll: A gardener’s delight

You can read her works over on Archive.org Here’s one of my favorites. https://archive.org/details/woodandgardenno03jekygoog We have rectified her birthtime to 10:06 in the morning, giving her a Capricorn 06 Ascendant and making her a very resourceful lady. She has lots of planets in her eleventh house, because Miss Jekyll had many notable friends that influenced … Continue reading Gertrude Jekyll: A gardener’s delight