Waheeda Rehman, Bollywood’s beauty

Marc Jones did not use TransNeptunians; he knew of them, reviewed them and felt they had nothing to offer, so he never included them in his oeuvre. He added in some Arabian Parts, but none of them were valid for making aspects: they stood alone. Some of that is problematic with Miss Rehman’s chart but workable to create her Grand Trine for her Locomotive Temperament Type open onto the western side..


Using our rectified chart (above), we give our Tamil beauty an ascendant of 19 Gemini, but are then forced into an Earth Grand Trine from Mercury at 21.10 Capricorn to 09.49 Uranus in Taurus in the eleventh house to Neptune in Virgo at 20.43 at the nadir. Uranus is in Taurus again, eighty years later, perhaps that is why she is having a film (an Uranian creation) resurgence. Here it is in the eleventh house showing her identification with her fans. Trine the Neptune in the fourth, it gives an elusive quality to that physical beauty we can see and enjoy but not truly touch. From Neptune we trine over to Mercury in Capricorn in the eighth, giving us a glimpse into her humanitarian work that got cut off by her father’s death and forced her (Vulkanus is conjunct the Ascendant) into another line of work.weaheea rehman

Success though allowed her to leave acting and Bollywood and take up her earlier calling though not as she had hoped as a doctor. Here we see Uranus conjunct Kronos giving her a delayed start to her dreams (Neptune) to take root (Mercury).

Download the chart for Waheeda Rehman 

But as the great bard said, all’s well that end’s well and so it has been. Like all Hindi movies this one is long, but the music by Ravi Shankar is delightful and Johnny Walker brings smiles along the way. Miss Rehman is the long cool lady in a black dress.


Julian Assange or the man with the Warhol hair.

Assange is back in the news because Bob Swan Mueller is hell bent on proving something after two years of proving nothing but that Manafort didn’t pay some back taxes. (He has a track record better than the weatherman.)

When did Russian intelligence give WikiLeaks the e-mails that it hacked from the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, and how did it transmit them? Shortly after the election, James Clapper, then the director of National Intelligence, testified before Congress that American intelligence officials could not pinpoint these facts.

“We don’t have good insight into the sequencing of the releases, or when the data may have been provided,” he said.

Today, almost two years later, and after months of investigation, we know a lot more than we once did but Indictments are not the same as intelligence reports. Sometimes intentionally written ambiguously, to give prosecutors flexibility in the way they prove their case by emphasizing the strongest links in an argument to imply a bigger picture but are technically the weakest evidence. It is likely that the charged G.R.U. officers will never face trial….the New Yorker Magazine, Daily edition.

But then this erupted from the UK Guardian,

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort denied a British newspaper’s report that he met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange several times, including when he worked for the president’s campaign.

“This story is false and deliberately libelous. I have never met Julian Assange or anyone connected to him. I have never been contacted by anyone connected to Wikileaks, either directly or indirectly. I have never reached out to Assange or Wikileaks on any matter,” Manafort said in a statement released by his legal team.

“We are considering all legal options against the Guardian who proceeded with this story even after being notified by my representatives that it was false. “

And so Manafort is back in the news and Assange with him.

                                        The latest players in the Mueller probe

Manafort we covered in August during his trial. We got part of it right but the charges were so large we got the bulk of it wrong. That said, the UK has a different libel standard than we do and over there, the Guardian must prove their case; in America as seen in the Woodward & Bernstein case against President Nixon (way back in 1973), journalists have carte blanche in what they write, up to a wide mark, and if they have enough money to bankroll the ensuing legal fees, never proving  their story and for the Washington Post  duo they never did. Hence with the Guardian vs. Manafort case, things should prove interesting, if it comes to trial; settlements are often the thing.


As for Assange, the man who has single-handedly brought “white” hair into vogue has been hiding out in the Ecuador embassy in London for almost 7 years now because of extradition charges from Sweden and the U.S; at least it wasn’t Honduras where he’d tossed to the caravan and things are getting ugly down there.

Mueller also believes that the writer Jerome Corsi tipped off Roger Stone, a Donald Trump ally, months before WikiLeaks released thousands of emails purportedly stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair. But those are other charts and right now we are doing Assange’s and we should do Mueller’s because he is so entertaining. In the meantime…

A psychedelic Yod for Mr. Assange.

We worked hard on rectifying Julian’s ascendant to 02 Sagittarius, “Tents along a forest trail with sleepers in them” highlighting his ability to have his home in hat and dream of better times. Right next to it, is Neptune that shows us two things, that he considers himself a maverick in ferreting out the truth no matter how he may come upon and that he gets depressed from his frenetic lifestyle (and who wouldn’t?). Neptune mythologically is just a conduit, and so is Assange.

It’s not really something tangible the Ocean, it’s just there, something we use, entertain and wash from, and that analogy works well with Assange: other people give him things, he finds out if there are legitimate through his bevy of rivers and messengers and personnel, and then he releases them into the Ocean and the world at large. Since that is how he sees himself, we used that aspect of his personality within his chart and see if it holds up.

Assange has ADMETOS at 03.48 Taurus in the sixth house, an inconjunct away. Admetos is a TransNeptunian (hypothetical) planet of Mr. Alfred Witte’s who attributes it to being the graveyard of either personal or collective information that wants out.

Here in Taurus, it suggests seeds being planted for Assange to begin his work. Sextile Admetos is Vulkanus at 04.53 Cancer conjunct the Sun at 10.18 Cancer in the eighth house. The Sun in the eighth is a tricky place wanting to do the dirty work that other’s dislike, and here next to Vulkanus, we see that for Assange it is almost a compulsion because of his enforced captivity like a Lion behind Bars roaming and searching for something to fill up his time.

These planets then point back to the Ascendant/Neptune conjunction in the first house, so his apex becomes (follow the green squiggly line) to Saturn and Kronos showing that this had put him into a leadership role with others and because of that he has taken on the role of Grand Inquisitor towards the Great Powers of China, Russia and the US. Because the foot is at the Ascendant, it tells us that his timing is always superb and then even manacled by a billion rules by the Embassy; he is on target with his delivery and goods.

That makes Assange everyone’s enemy, and unfortunately he will be in the Embassy, Moon in the twelfth, for what could be a long time. In the meantime his eleventh house of fans and well-wishers is chock full of planets including Poseidon right next to Apollon suggesting that his intellectual vision is cosmopolitan and global. In the tenth house he has ZEUS, showing how he controls others via its semi-sextile to URANUS electronically through his ability to accumulate large sets of data.

Attached is Julian’s charts without our markings.

In other news, Donna van Toen is now in the hospice in St. Michael’s. God Bless her and her daughter Bonnie in this long trial.

Julian Assange.pdf

Correcting the Abdul Bahá Chart

                               The Controversy

When we put up the original Abdul Bahá chart, one reader noted that since he was born in Persia, their dating system was not Western but Zoroastrian-based.  That means that instead of a midnight to midnight calendar day, theirs went from midday to midday.

Upon reflection that makes sense as Zoroastrians, or Zarathustrans (from Friedrich Nietzsche’s book, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”)  are a light and fire worshiping religion and see the world in Gnostic terms (though they  vastly predate that sect) of light and dark, or as the Orient adopted it into their vernacular yin/yang.  

Zoroastrianism is considered the oldest monotheistic religion in the world.  The late Freddie Mercury of Queen was a Zoroastrian.

Here are the two charts for viewing.  We give the highlights of the two, which you can read and decide for yourself. Let us which one that is btw.

  1.  Abdul Baha May 22nd
  2. Abdul May 23rd

                       May 22nd Yod…………May 23rd Yod

The major difference between the two charts are the yod configurations.  May 22nd’s is made of up the Moon at 02.27 Leo sextiled the Sun at 01.46 Gemini both planets inconjunct Hades at 11.31 Capricorn.  The midpoint, marked by the yellow slash, is the transneptunian Apollon at 12.46 in Cancer.  The TnP Vulcanus (the red glyph at the bottom center of the yod) gets a translation of light to the Sun at 05.32 Gemini giving Bah’a excellent good health as well as vitality: physical strength as well as revolutionary spirit.  

Abdul Bah'a May 22nd natal chart
Abdul Bah’a’s May 22nd yod and a natural disposition fixed.

Vulcanus advances 0°32′ per year making this conjunction lasting all of the Baha’s life. An orbit of Vulcanus around the Sun takes 663 years.

                  Vulcanus and Cupido

On the other side of the TransNeptunian planet, Vulcanus is Cupido at 29.37 Taurus that bestows upon the Bahia graciousness and ability to get along very well with women.  That worked to his advantage particularly in America where 90% of his adherents were female.  While Vulcanus has a leisurely orbit, Cupido is the fastest TransNeptunian ‘planets’ and advances 1°23′ per year; its solar orbit takes a mere 262 years — one-third Vulcanus’s.

Right next to Cupido is the asteroid Juno at 26.35 Taurus, a degree that suggests material success to those who wait. That whole group is inconjunct Ceres in the Eleventh House telling us that he uses those gifts in the Fourth and Fifth House to nurture & attract friends who nurture himself. As this is in the Eleventh House, naturally ruled by Aquarius, it suggests a desire to make friendship a philosophical model.

The midpoint of this yod is conjunct the TransNeptunian planet Apollon at 12 Cancer giving Bah’a a magnetic personality, almost Rasputin-like (born 1-12-1869 in Siberia Russia)  or Svengalian (the fictional character was created in 1896) charisma.  

Apollon is the great multiplier of all it touches particularly trade, industry and all peaceful efforts.   The glyph is a combination of Jupiter and Gemini,  & advances 0°37′ per year, taking 576 years for its solar orbit.

Baha May 23.png
Abdul Bah’a’s May 23, 1844, Chart Here his natural disposition is fixed.

And now the May 23rd Chart

This chart, though just a day away, changes everything.  Instead of the Moon Sun sextile, we know have a Moon-Mercury one, and the Translation of Light disappears as well as all the attending asteroids.  The yod apex is still Ceres and the midpoint still at Apollon, but the power of the other TransNeptunians is gone and so this chart is not as charismatic or far-seeing.  Here we find someone who is a little more practical.

If this is how you view him then May 23rd, 1844 is the day for you.  Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar thought so, but we, on the other hand, are going with the 22nd.  Arguments?  All fine and dandy, we look forward to your post.

#545 The tale of Henri Landru, a modern day Bluebeard


The Fairy Tale:

“Bluebeard” (French: Barbe Bleue) is a French folktale, it’s origin is unknown. The most famous version of Bluebeard was written by Charles Perrault and first published by Barbin Press of n 1697 in “Histoires ou contes du temps passé.” You can read the 1895 version  here on Gutenberg. The French fairy tales preced the German Grimm Brothers stories by several centuries.

The story tells of a wealthy and ugly man who sets up bizarre conditions for his wives around one particular room in his chateau (castle). He tells her that she can open any door in the house with them, which each contain his riches, except for an underground chamber that he strictly forbids her to enter lest she suffers his wrath.

               He then goes away and leaves the house and the keys in her hands. She invites her sister, Anne, and her friends and cousins over for a party. However, she is eventually overcome with the desire to see what the forbidden room holds; and she sneaks away from the party and ventures into the room.

            She immediately discovers the room is filled with blood and the murdered corpses of Bluebeard’s former wives hung on hooks from the walls. Horrified, she drops the key into a pool of blood, picks it up squeamishly and flees. Back in her rooms, she tries to wash the blood from the key, but the key is magical and the blood cannot be removed. Her husband will know that she knows his secret and end up like the rest but forewarned is forearmed and she plans her defense…

                                     Bluebeard and the Black Widow

Whenever there is a man who has a long list of wives that all died suddenly and he inherits it all, he is called a Bluebeard. If it is a woman, she is called The Black Widow, because female spiders kill and then eats her mate during sex the majority of the time.

Landru’s two chateaux are about 5 1/2 hours away by horse and carriage.  Paris is at the lower right in Royal Purple.

                            ENTRE LANDRU


Henri Landru got this epithet of Bluebeard because he had ten fiancees that all mysteriously disappeared. Three were later found After sifting all of the cinders and the rubbish at his villas at Gamboise and Vernouillet, that are near each other (see the map above).  Examining the bones  doctors were able to piece together fragments and teeth which show that at least three human bodies burned wherein,  were these women.

Unlike the original Bluebeard, Landru chose his victims by several criteria. First, they would not be easily missed. And two, and this was the key point, they had very large insurance policies, that in his charm and savoir-faire he got to sign over to him or one of his accomplices; they then split the money. Once that feat was accomplished, Monsieur Landru invited them one day to luncheon at one of his villas and gave them a dish of morels from his garden, followed by a lovely cocktail carefully mixed with a culture of typhoid germs. In four cases, he succeeded in drawing for himself or his accomplice’s exceedingly large sums of francs. The insurance company got suspicious.

In 1912, Monsieur Landru’ s friend, Duroux insured himself for 20,000 francs in Landru’ s favor.  This was far too tantalizing for Landru and shortly thereafter Landru invited his best friend Duroux to a mushroom dinner and knockout cocktail. Amazingly Duroux was impervious to the drink and lived!  Unrebuffed, Landru invited him back for another repast – this one did the trick, but the attending physician was now suspicious. He could not figure out the culprit, though he knew he was poisoned and was forced to let the issue go. Years later, the doctor testified against Landru.


Vincent de Moro Giafferi
Obit of Landru’s attorney from Nov 1956,  mentioning the famous case.


Nine years later they apprehended Landru they found his journal full of Invited X for morels, and a whole library filled with the studies of mushrooms, the published manuscripts of Louis Pasteur & medical books. Oh, and yes, tubes of typhoid bacilli.

Bluebeard Landru’s Maplandru map

Monsieur Landru is a bucket with a Saturn handle that just coincidentally falls in the eighth house of death and legacies, at 16+ in Sagittarius with the symbol of “seagulls watching a ship,” implying his ability to exploit another’s largesse. See the chart above that shows this layout.

Saturn’s own house happens to be the tenth where his midheaven falls at 15.50 Capricorn suggesting “boys and girls in gym suits” depicting Landru’s ability to unite many disparate people into his cause. That midheaven is sextile to a massive fire stellium in the twelfth house which is intercepted.

landrus midpoints
Both yod’s have midpoints at Asteroid points.  The red is at Zeus suggesting Landru’s ability to research thoroughly for his work; and the one in blue at Apollon, this time telling us that his need to perfect and test his craft was insatiable:  hence his murder of his friend Doroux.

Intercepted signs are found between the cups of two house but most importantly, not on either of them. On Landru’s chart, Pisces is the sign of the twelfth house and Taurus is the sign of the first, but Aries is not shown on the cusps at all. On the chart shown, instead Aries is shown on the lines going from Pisces to Taurus, implying that it is intercepted.

Planets in intercepted signs have more importance than usual upon the affairs of the house in which they are found, so this stellium trine his Saturn handle, conjunct his ascendant, square his Uranus in Cancer and inconjunct his Mars in Leo, literally influences every aspect of Landru’s map. But interceptions make the sign hidden, so their influence while pervasive, is subtle, and it’s that elusive quality that causes so much trouble because it wants to get out of the shadows and shine.

1Bluebeard-.pngFor Landru, this is particularly rough, as within the insidious Arian group lies a Sun and Moon conjunction that is imprisoned, so his Line of Vitality is strangled. The group though searches for a way to manifest itself and show its creativity (trine Mars 16.02 Leo fifth house) and it is only through the Line of Personality in a trine aspect between the enthusiastic idealism of Jupiter & the cruel tenaciousness of Saturn in the eighth that it strikes out.

His Line of Efficiency is another venue to the outer chart. This time with hidden Venus to the manifestation of a creative and forced force inconjunct the Midheaven. Mars thus, has really nothing in the chart to inhibit or mollify it, and so its square to the Saturn handle has incredible power, and here in Leo, unleashes it animalistic impulses freely.

                                              In the end

Monsieur Landru was tried and found guilty of his crimes. He did have one lady friend who stood in his defense and said he was the nicest and kindest of men, but alas she was poor, and so ignored. He was guillotined on 25 February 1922.C’est la Vie

You can read the full obituary for Monsieur Landru here.98990039