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#344 Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch

Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch is credited with the man who ended the War to end all Wars — World War i in the Allies favour.  He was born on October 2, 1851 in Tarbes, France.  Tarbes is a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in the Occitanie region of southwestern France and the capital of Bigorre. It has been a commune since 1790.  Tarbes was known as Turba or Tarba in Roman times and is part of the historical region of Gascony.


Marc Jones cites his time as 10 PM at night, but we found at 1 PM in the afternoon works far better.  This gives the Field Marshall an ascendant 0f 1.27 Capricorn, that  is represented by “three stained glass windows, with one damaged by bombardment.”  It memorializes his mark on history and the vision Foch had for the responsibility of exalting the abstract of peace over human greed.  It’s key word is commemoration, which is what the header image, and below in full aspect, honors.

                                                Delving in Foch

He is a Splay Temperament Type, always able like a cat to land on his feet as shown by Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven in the tenth house of Scorpio.  His Line of Efficiency is square showing that he was always looking for a way to get an advantage, that worked well as a military commander.  The lord of his ascendant Saturn is somewhat debilitated in the fourth house but it is buttressed by Uranus, independent thinking, and Pluto, transforming his environment.  Nonetheless Saturn is opposite Jupiter forming his line of motivation and its point focus is a weak Moon in Capricorn.  Mars too is not in a welcoming sign in Cancer and forms and opposition to the Moon.

So how did he pull this off?  Neptune is exalted in its lord of Pisces in the second house showing that his devout loyalty to his homeland.  It in turn is trine Jupiter in the midheaven giving him great adaptability and of course the trine works like a large magic net as it envelopes and protects him.  Finally the Mars opposition to his Ascendant mobilizes his will power and tenacity with a steely grit that feeds into a second grand Trine, this time in Earth.  So the two trines, one in water and the other in earth, should make water, but they in Foch’s case seem instead to be a fast moving flywheel that spins off all dirt, clutter and debris allowing his Mercury, the only unaspected planet in his chart, to work freely and without inencumbrance.

foch chart.png

                                                        Early years

The son of a civil servant, his family had originally lived in Valentine, in the Comminges area to which he returned annually. As a young child, he was inspired by the stories of the campaigns of his maternal grandfather, who had been an officer during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras, and by the age of six he was reading the descriptions of military battles he found in historical works.

In 1869 he entered the Jesuit school of Saint-Clément in Metz in order to prepare for the entrance examination for the Polytechnic School. In Metz the experience of France’s defeat in the Franco-German War left an indelible impression on him. In 1871, after the armistice, he was forced to live alongside the victorious German soldiers who were there as French Metz had become a German city. His pain and anger made him resolve to become a soldier and return Metz and the whole of the Lorraine region to France.

After the war Foch was showered with honours, including being made marshal of Great Britain and Poland. Metz and Lorraine were French again.  Foch is buried near Napoleon under the dome of the Church of Saint-Louis, in the Invalides in Paris.  The statue of the Field Marshall Foch in Grosvenor Square, London, England.

the great Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch

Sabian Dice Today: September 5 2017

A comedian telling jokes


aries 2.png

Every high school class before graduation has an assembly for the seniors and choose their class comedian. It is a honored title just as it was historically. The comedian is an inveterate gambler for whenever you launch into your routine your jokes are contingent getting a responsive audience, whether that is just one or thousands.

Our Dice today gave us Aries 2 degrees in the Seventh House unaspected suggesting our need to go it alone despite commitments.

Opposite Aries is Libra, and I remember the chart for the Atomic Energy Release December 2, 1942 in Chicago.  Intercepted, Neptune is our gambler, as we Cry Havoc and unleash the furies of Hell wondering all the while whether this is our only recourse to stop the Furies already circling the globe.

Overlaid,  the two charts  are just a semi-sextile away,  as our current international impasse on the Korean peninsula becomes just another rehash of the same ideas and players three score and fifteen years ago,  only hopefully, against a  smaller backdrop. Gamesmanship and jostling for power have the stage, as we, the audience, watch wondering “what became of the changes we waited for love to bring — were they only the fitful dreams Of some greater awakening?”

A Happy Idiot – Joel Anthony   atomic energy release.jpg

Axed! FBI’s Comey gets the news via tv

According to a  news report, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D – CA), the top Democrat on the Senate judiciary Committe,  said:

” President Trump called me at 5:30 PM (EDT) and indicated he would be removing Director Comey, saying the FBI needed a change”.

The White House announced Comey’s firing less than 20 minutes later.  You can view here, how he took the news while travelling for business in Los Angeles.  The event chart is set for 17:50 on May 9 2017 or when  White House announcement was made:

Comey Fired
the chart of James Comey getting fired.

The 23  Libra was rising at Washington D.C. at the moment of the unexpected announcement.  This degree is symbolized byChanticleer, a name evocative of a cock from the fairytale.ff66f762a5720fd3ab9a863ad9ac9b9d.jpg It is a wild tale where the cock Chanticleer, who lives with his three wives  on a rich man’s farm. He is forewarned in a dream of his capture by a predator  disregards it. In a moment of braggadocio, Chanticleer is convinced to sing with his eyes closed, and at that moment  the fox seizes him and makes a run for the woods.  But the rooster has a trick and advises the fox to turn round and when he does, he opens his mouth & Chanticleer flies up to safety in a tree.

Our story is no less colorful.  Here we have our cock of the walk rooster  his proud coiffure announcing to the world that the Director is out, but if the story holds true, another part of the tale is yet to unfold.

                                                Venus Rules

Venus as the ruler of the Libran ascendant is, a major planet in this chart, it thought is opposite the Ascendant in the sixth house of duty in Aries — directly opposite the Ascendant.  Right off we have some tension between the players going on, showing some stress for Comey with his work.

Venus is also unaspected, so this is  Venus here then as “going rogue” (a favorite expression of former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, the Rogue Queen).   Unaspected planets do not have  primary connections with the other planets, and so are rather unpredictable.   Venus as the Morning Star in Mesoamerican astrology was called the “wasp” or “spearing star”  suggesting that it could be malefic and dangerous but Jesus Christ is also called the “morning star” because of Isaiah 14:12: “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!”

                                              The Wasp Star Connection

I have been thinking how the Venus position in the Comey Firing Chart relates to  Venus as Innana at the First gate as well as to the POTUS.  Inanna at the First Gate on her journey into the Underworld to rescue  her sister Erishkegal must relinquish her Crown.  The Crown of course symbolizes authority, and here in our mundane world we see that Director Comey must sacrifice his  authority as Director of the FBI.

There may be intimations of other sacrifices of authority from other cabinet members to come.    DJT,  has given contradictory reasons for the firing of Comey, the most recent was during an interview on ABC when he stated that:  “I had to fire Comey because he was ‘showboater  and grandstander. ”

The winds of DJT’s fate however may have shifted significantly and in the wrong direction because of this for legal scholars see a real potential for a charge of “obstruction of justice,” which is an impeachable offense.  DJT is vulnerable to this charge because of his thwarting   the investigation of his possible ties to Russia.

Here is the bi-wheel of DJT’s chart and the Comey Firing Chart:

DJY Fires Comey

Again Venus has a pivotal position as it activates the Mercury, Neptune square in DJT’s chart.  This square is one of the most problematic for him.  Anyone listening to him speak for just a few minutes will see what I mean.  In a crazy way, this has worked for him, indeed, so it may be part of the secret of his success, but this  disjointed  manner of speech is open to wide interpretation,  in other words, people can read into his words whatever they wish to find.

The other strong configuration in the chart is the transiting square of Mercury & Uranus to natal Saturn & Venus.  DJT lost his patience with Mr. Comey and could not resist “pulling the plug”.

Updated:  May 10, 2018



Unaspected Planets

Unaspected planets are rather simple to define:  they have no connection to any planet in the chart.  All the mathematical points like ascendant &  mid-heaven are excepted as are the asteroids and the Arabians parts.

Karen Hamaker-Zondag way back in 1990, wrote about them in several of her books highlighting them in the title of the Yod Book and Unaspected Planets.  She has very small orbs for her planets that applies even to luminaries (the sun and the moon), so in Steve Bannon’s chart below, he gets two unaspected planets:  Mars and Saturn. bannon.png

We at Sabian Earth disagree with that.

                                                              Not two…Just one

Instead we feel, as we wrote here, that Bannon’s Mars is sextiled his Sun & also squared his Uranus.  The latter is a constructive aspect because of his use of a Martian affinity for metal  harnessed  to Uranus’s electronics as a career.  That does indeed work for Mr. Bannon who is a media mogul worth ten billion and counting,  by hitching his wagon to electronic media —  both on the Internet (the liberal HuffPo & the conservative Brietbart) and on television (the agnostic Seinfeld series).

The Astrology club in Arizona agrees with our orbs:  twelve and half for the luminaries and eight for all else.  Their page on unaspected planets,  from 2000,  is very helpful as it discusses the one unaspected planet that Mr. Bannon does have:  Saturn.

Hamaker-Zondag in another book²,  further reveals that aspects with the Ascendant and Midheaven are not strong enough to change the dynamics of what is an “unaspected planet.”  Here is a short note from that book.unaspected planets.png




                     Mars Unaspected


Another person whom we did previously that has an unaspected planet is little Marie “Killer” Schneider.  unaspected.pngFor Marie, her unaspected Mars works well in her chart — her desire for the the gold earrings, the quick push, the “I don’t know why” reason.  The red line shown on her chart above is an opposition to the midheaven, that both we and Dr. Hamaker-Zondag ignore but at 03.19 Sagittarius suggest that her life will be marked by impulsiveness.  The green line partly hidden by our notes,  is a sextile to her ascendant that we also ignore on the same grounds — they are not planets just mathematical points and but are the only two aspects that we can find.  The rest of the planets are blacked out following Marc Jones piano key method  where only the planets under consideration are shown.

In short, unaspected planets though hard to find in a chart, are important because the individual overemphasizes them in their life.  The British astrologer Sasha Fenton¹ has an unaspected Neptune and openly admits that she has “worked in every kind of Neptunian field, including prisons and mental health hospitals,” and so an unaspected planet works like a focal determinator in the chart.

Questions?  Comments?  Send them in.  We are always willing to talk.


  1. Fenton, Sasha, The Planets:  Discover the power of the planets. London, UK:  the Aquarian Press, an imprint of HarperCollins, c. 1994.
  2. Hamaker-Zondag, Karen, Aspects and Personality, York Beach, Maine:  Samuel Weiser, Inc. c. 1990

We constantly vet our posts for accuracy.  This essay was updated on 10 May 2018.

Media Man: Stephen K. Bannon


You can download chart here: Stephen K Bannon

Bannon is almost mythic.  He was a Navy SEAL, an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, a Hollywood filmmaker, producer of many Seinfeld episodes, which he owns, Breitbart publisher and now a senior advisor for President Donald J. Trump.

The Biosphere 2 layout

After a few years at Goldman Sachs, Bannon, in 1990, launched his boutique investment bank, Bannon, and Company and helped Huffington Post go IPO.   In between Goldman and being bought out by Societe Generale,  he ran Biosphere II after its initial failure because scientists had created a glut of organic material like peat and compost in the soil inside the domes that set off an explosive growth of oxygen-eating bacteria.  Bannon was integral to rekeying focus on how to balance that bacteria, so the Biosphere project could be sustainable and successful.

From there, he became an executive producer of several big hit movies ranging from the Oscar-nominated “Titus,” starring Anthony Hopkins, to the Cold War documentary “In the Face of Evil,” and underwrote many of the early episodes of Seinfeld.

andrew breitbart.jpg
Andrew Breitbart

He met Andrew Breitbart when the latter, also a resident of Southern California, was launching his eponymous news website in the early 2000s. The two joined forces, and the networked Bannon provided office space and investors.

Following Breitbart’s sudden death on March 01 2012 in LA,  from heart failure at age 43, Bannon took over as executive chairman of the website and oversaw its relaunch. Today, Breitbart News draws about 21 million unique visitors per month and has podcasts on itunes.  It was a central web force in generating animosity toward House Speaker John Boehner, driving the Speaker from office.

The Chartbannon chart.png


cross cut sequoia tree
Vintage cross cut sequoia tree

here is no known birth time for Mr. Bannon’s birth date of November 27, 1953, in Norfolk Virginia, so we have rectified it to 10:59 AM that is 02.07 Aquarius  the essential lord of which is Jupiter &  Pluto.¹  It has a poignant symbol of a “Deserter from the Navy”   that Marc Jones writes “symbolises his independence carried to the point of rebellion for the sake of the immediate liberation of the spirit.”  But on a deeper level, the Ascendant falling in the Twelfth House suggests that Bannon undermines his own success — perhaps pushing it too far.

He is a deviated bowl temperament type, a rather rare group that occurs when one planet is greater than 30 degrees away from the next grouping but still falls within the same hemisphere (see the gap between Mars and the Moon).  All of his planets are in the Western portion of the map, making him an experience junkie who captures activities that have started by others and then brings them to consummation.

Another rarity he has, is his Unaspected Saturn in the Ninth House suggesting that he decides on imporant issues in an all or nothing manner, when he senses that his aim isin peril.  Click here to read more about Bannon & Unaspected Planets.

His 03 Aquarius Ascendant suggests he is an extreme individualist, with a disregard of the consequences and constraints of the societal polemic on his actions.  This makes him a demanding personality that “does not flourish into responsible action”¹ until the native gets his “wake up call.”  That call would literally be his separated Moon, ruled by the Archangel Gabriel, and exact to fixed star Regulus at 28 Leo, that called him out of  his selfish stupor.

             Leo 28 is a tree felled and sawed and a symbol of employment of the lesser for the greater good and the individuals ability to rise in a crisis to the center of attention by pressing forward the functions and necessities valuable to overall life.  The Keyword is Immediacy and suggests positivitely man’s enthusiastic emphasis to mobilize those around him, but negatively tells of popular disregard by of other’s  lack of vision.

On the other side of the “gap” is Bannon’s Mars at 16 Libra “a boat landing washed away” that heralds the sudden awakening which from the many accounts online — there is no written biography of him — suggest happened about thirteen years ago when he became a born-again Roman Catholic thanks to the efforts of actor-evangelist James Patrick Caviezel.

                                             A stellium of planets dominates

libra 16
Image of Falling Swirling Autumnal Leaves


Cancer 23

The Uranian literary society is the semi-sextile to his Pluto / Moon conjunction in his seventh house.  This agreement between the three planets is not to Bannon’s advantage; chances are his partners have a hard time living up to his expectations, and he is far too critical and exacting for their peace of mind.  Perhaps this aspect is the reasons for his two acrimonious divorces.Sagittarius 06

That sextile in the partnership house brings us back to the Part of Fortune of the Autumnal Leaf and the square his Sun at  06 Sagittarius for a continuing game of cricket.  Like Sir Donald the great batsman himself, Mr. Bannon learns from his mistakes as squares are strict teachers that force the native to do their work otherwise boxing them into a Sisyphean world of endless sorrow.  Alas not everyone shows sportsmanship in losing or the willingness to learn from them,  but Bannon can.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Let us know.


The Morinus House System, proposed by Morin De Villefranche, a seventeenth-century astrologer, the astrological houses are divided equally onto the equator thus separating the Rising Sign from the Rising Degree.  Australian astrologer David Cope fixed that problem with his Meridian system.  Both systems can be used in any latitude unlike the Porphyry, Placidus, Koch and Regiomontus.  See our article on House systems for more including an example chart of Wendell Willkie here.

Thus the ascendant is not always either on the cusp of the first house or in the first house and two, there are not any intercepted houses.  Author Tracy Porter from a post in 1996, likes intercepted houses and writes about their value here; we disagree and have dropped them mostly.