F. Scott Fitzgerald on the Automobile

We try to bring updates on the nativities as we run across them so our readers can understand their cultural context.  Here's something on F. Scott Fitzgerald from the New Yorker Magazine,  March 2015, on how the automobile changed American society.  Is he right though?  Wasn't "bundling" a Pilgrim tradition?¹  Or how bout going out … Continue reading F. Scott Fitzgerald on the Automobile


Robert Hand on partiles & atoms

Q: Christeen Skinner, who I interviewed a little while ago, mentioned that we don’t have three-dimensional software; saying architects have it, so that if they’re designing a building they can see the building that they’re working on. Maybe – taking up what you’re talking about – we need software that shows us an expanse in … Continue reading Robert Hand on partiles & atoms

Bernie Schaeffer Research 10-27-2018

There wer many headlines this past Wednesday, Oct. 24, covered the Nasdaq Composite's (IXIC) close in formal "correction" territory, down more than 10% from the all-time high it had reached as recently as Aug. 30. But considerably less attention was paid to the fact that the Nasdaq's less-flashy cousin, the NYSE Composite Index (NYA), also … Continue reading Bernie Schaeffer Research 10-27-2018

Astrologer Donna van Toen of SOTA Fame

For those not following Donna van Toen, the wonderful organizer of SOTA, announced on Facebook, that she has lung cancer.  Her site is DonnaVanToen.com  We wish her well in her journey forward. I had a personal friend, Marnie, eight years to the day, younger than I, who got lung cancer at 38.  It started in … Continue reading Astrologer Donna van Toen of SOTA Fame

Martha Lang Wescott’s Orders of Light

It has been long out of print, THE ORDERS OF LIGHT, is now back! 315 pages with an emphasis on the delineation of the TNPs at return chart angles, it features methods to direct return charts, has thousands of examples of "orders" and adds substantially to the asteroid delineations in "Mechanics of the Future: Asteroids." … Continue reading Martha Lang Wescott’s Orders of Light

#502 Charles A. Jayne Astrologer

  The Astrologer Charles Jayne was born on October 9, 1911 in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, a town north of Philadelphia and south of Abington.  He studied philosophy at Princeton University, electrical engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and psychology at Columbia University. From 1961 – 1969, he was a technical analyst on Wall Street. Esoterically he studied … Continue reading #502 Charles A. Jayne Astrologer

#180 Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case was born on October 3, 1884 in Fairport, New York a small town outside of Rochester.  His mother was a teacher, and his father ead librarian of the town library. He learned to read earlier than most because of his mother, and exhibited exceptional musical talent. He began training in piano and … Continue reading #180 Paul Foster Case