Billions didn’t save Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein on Suicide watch commits suicide

Former financier Jeffrey Epstein died Saturday morning, August 10th 2019, in an suicide in his Manhattan jail cell as he was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges, law-enforcement officials say. He was 66 years old.

He was found unresponsive in his cell at approximately 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, according to prison officials & then transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department’s inspector general have opened separate investigations into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death, officials said, as they find it suspicious.

Suicide as a vehicle

Problem is, had they looked at this chart, they would have seen that Epstein’s suicide is not as suspicious as one may think. He was used to doing and going where he wanted, and this padded cell with no people, no visitors because he was now a societal pariah was more than he could tolerate. His transiting Mars is opposite his natal Mars — out of sign but still within orb. The transiting Mars wanted to do something, he did not care what it was, as long it was something. He was used to negotiating, managing, wheeling dealing — being in charge and now all he could be in charge of was his freedom (Moon in Sagittarius), and so that was what he did.

The joke is on you

“Every single person in the Justice Department—from your Main Justice headquarters staff all the way to the night-shift jailer—knew that this man was a suicide risk, and that his dark secrets couldn’t be allowed to die with him.” He added, “Obviously, heads must roll.”

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska to AG Barr
Manhattan Correctional where Epstein died.

Attorney General William Barr said in a statement he was appalled to learn of the apparent suicide.

“Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered,” Mr. Barr said. Mr. Barr was livid to learn about Mr. Epstein’s death, telling staffers he is determined to get to the bottom of what happened, a person familiar with the matter said.


About two weeks ago, officials moved Mr. Epstein to a suicide-watch unit after he was found unconscious in his cell with marks on his neck. Mr. Epstein at the end of July was taken off suicide watch, where he had received daily psychiatric evaluations, a person familiar with the matter said.

Lisa Boesky, a San Diego-based psychologist and expert on suicide in correctional facilities, said jails are required to have a qualified mental-health professional conduct suicide-risk assessments when a prisoner is suspected of being at risk.

The arrest at Teterboro

Mr. Epstein was arrested July 6 2019 at Teterboro Airport in Bergen County, New Jersey when he was returning from Paris on his private jet with Ghislane Maxwell. Obviously, someone close to Epstein knew when he was arriving but did not tell him what was in store. Who this person is, has never been revealed.

Prosecutors accused Mr. Epstein of orchestrating a years long sex-trafficking operation in which he and his associates lured dozens of girls—some as young as 14 years old—to his homes in New York and Florida. He recruited them to perform massages in the nude that steadily progressed to masturbation and sex acts, prosecutors said. Epstein pleaded not guilty. At a recent hearing, U.S. District Senior Judge, Richard Berman discussed June 2020 as a tentative trial date.

Judge Berman received his B.S. from Cornell in 1964, and his law degree from New York University in 1967. He once served as an executive aide to U.S. Senator Jacob Javits (Republican). Berman Was Named to District Court for the Southern District of New York on May 21, 1998 by President William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton. He received his most recent degree, a Master in Social Work, from Fordham University, Bronx, New York in 1996.

The investigation will continue even after Mr. Epstein’s death.

The Giuffre files

On Friday, a cache of legal documents was made public by a federal appeals court. It provided details about his life and how he, and his associates allegedly recruited young women and girls for sex work. The documents were filed as part of a defamation lawsuit brought against a longtime companion of Mr. Epstein, and included sworn testimony by Mr. Epstein’s employees, and the plaintiff, Virginia Giuffre.

Mr. Epstein had sought to be released from jail and put under house arrest in his Manhattan apartment pending trial. Judge Berman denied his request for bail, saying Mr. Epstein posed too great a danger to the community. Mr. Epstein’s lawyers appealed the decision.

approximate time of possible suicide The opposition of Venus 13.49 Pisces to Mars 4.45 Virgo suggests his incarceration i.e. in a hostile home while Uranus 22.32 Gemini opposing Jupiter 20.52 Sagittarius

In the early 2000s, Mr. Epstein was known for his ties to public figures like former President Clinton (Berman’s appointee) and Prince Andrew, both of whom flew on Mr. Epstein’s private jets. At this same time, the financier was dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct involving underage girls (Mars conjunct Venus in the 8th house of Pisces inconjunct Pluto at 22 Leo 33 (conjunct the South Node) that has a sextile to old man Saturn in the 4th house in Libra. This creates a natal yod that ends up where his Moon and ascendant at time of death.)

This article was heavily rewritten and Epstein’s natal chart rectified from the original 11:54 AM of the same day, after not being able to track the original source. We feel that this chart,is more germane to both Mr. Epstein and the situations preceding his death.

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Thos. Malthus, disgruntled Utopian & Chas. Darwin

Thomas Robert Malthus was the second son of eight children, the other six being girls, born according to several sites anywhere from February 13/14 or February 17 in the Year of Our Lord 1766 at the Rookery, near Dorking, Surrey, England to Utopian Socialist parents. His death too is disputed and is anywhere from Wikipedia’s December 23 or Britannica’s December 29, 1834 at St. Catherine, near Bath, Somerset. This article will concentrate on the nativity.

The Dorking Countryside is considered one of the prettiest in England.

Thomas’s father Daniel was active in politics and corresponded with such luminaries as Voltaire, David Hume and Jean Jacques Rousseau who actually stayed with the family during his visit to the island-nation and played some part in son Thomas’s education. At 18, Thomas went to Cambridge where it was remarked that he had a strong stutter, but nonetheless did well in his studies.

In 1798, Malthus published anonymously a lengthy pamphlet criticizing the Utopians that life could and would definitely improve for humans on earth. The hastily written text, An Essay on the Principle of Population as it Affects the Future Improvement of Society, with Remarks on the Speculations of Mr. Godwin, M. Condorcet, and Other Writers, was later acknowledged by himself. This 50,000 essay, linked to from above, is freely available from had as its basic premise that “population increases exponentially while food production increases at a constant rate.”

Within the essay, Malthus also described all the checks, such as infanticide, abortion, wars, plagues, and death from disease or starvation, part of “misery and vice,” that flowed from an unchecked population (Neptune in the Fifth) that according to his calculations would always outstrip resources (Saturn in the second)

The Malthus Chart

After a lot of study we have determined that Dr. Malthus was born on February 17, 1766 at 8:52 in Dorking, part of the Mole Valley district, an administrative and historic county of Surrey, in southeastern England, and southwest of London.This gives him the ascendant of 24 Aries with Uranus partile to it. This duo is vigintile Venus, an aspect of higher spiritual opportunity, in the twelfth house. That make sense as Malthus entered Jesus College, Cambridge, originally, where he was elected to a fellowship at the age of 27. He took religious orders at the age of 31 and held a curacy for a short period. Where the interest in economics turned up, we could not find, but that and not his religious work, is what he best known.

Elementally he has no water signs, making him rather unemotional, dry and philosophically cold. This man was no bleeding heart, but instead relied firmly on mathematics and statistics for his philosophy and economic theory. It has always made him a lightning rod in history.

This layout makes him a locomotive temperament type with a Grand Trine in earth: from Saturn in the second, to Neptune in the fifth ending at Pluto in the ninth. This is depicted in the chart above in green. The yellow circle the left of the green triangle shows Venus and Uranus’s conjunction to his ascendant.

Malthus’s Jupiter in Leo in the fifth, called by Marc Jones the circumstance of output, gets a rather ironic comment here. While it supports that he and his wife Harriet had a large family of five, and also his diverse interests, it the matter of Neptune there, but unaspected, that shows his awareness of what familial responsibilities entailed and probably why he discouraged large families for the poor — too great a monetary and material substance (Virgo) outlay of scarce resources — and Virgo is always cheap with whatever activity it ecompasses.

Neptune is also part of the trine, outlined above, but as part of the momentum of personal circumstances forced him to stay on the go and keep creating business opportunities. Obviously, Malthus felt that what he could ably do, not all men would or could do, hence his admonition against “unchecked” births. 1

                                                                      Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations

Philosophically, Malthus in the Adam Smith camp of economic history with his lifelong friend with David Ricardo being just an academic footnote. Economist Peter Schumpeter remarks that his work was on statistical uneven ground because he married two independent variables and implying that Malthus used the wrong statistical test.

Alas the anova, probably the best suited for the problem, was not invented until 1921 by Ronald Fisher when Fisher also defined the concept of degrees of freedom that Malthus lists but not truly define in his “checks” against population growth theory.

But then Malthus’s locomotive is open on the Eastern or experiential side, suggesting that there was a wide gap in his knowledge. Whether or not he was wrong, and there are certainly flaws in the theory, largely because he did not live long enough, or anticipate, to see the Industrial Revolution.

Still, his theory of population versus resource resonates with many, at least on the personal level, even if it has failed on the macroeconomic. Indeed many studies have shown that throughout history family size falls in bad economic times and rises in good 2 and why economic booms lead to a general increase while dictatorial regimes (socialism and communism) both have smaller families and more instability within them. Those facts have helped the U. S. economy for the past 100 years. It is only with the onslaught of greater authoritarian control and taxes, both countered by intra-migration, that these numbers have fallen3.

From Jon Marean’s SlideShare presentation

Unintended Consequences

The greatest success that Thomas Malthus has gotten is with Charles Darwin and his “Origin of Species” who remarked that in animal populations there are indeed two insatiable appetites, one for sex and the other for food. Whether there is a corollary to the growing expanse of Americans waist sizes has never been tested.

Darwin in his magnum opus, born February 12, 1809, rejected the earlier ideas of transmutation but instead agreed with Malthus that evolutionary population is controlled by “vice and misery” and that once the surplus food is exhausted, the weakest will die off; hence the power grab for limited natural resources in the human arena of non-edible resources such as peace, energy and water, Malthus’s theories may still ring true.


  • Arguments against Malthus come from the Mises Institute in Auburn Alabama via Murray Rothbard’s book, Classical Economics volume II, An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought. Published by Edward Elgar Publishing c. 1995 by Murray Rothbard.
  • Malthus and the Assault on Population by Murray N. Rothbard, The Mises Institute. Available online here.
  • The Freeman, Ideas on Liberty essay The Birth Dearth by John Chamberlain, issue January 1988, volume 38 #1.
  1. Average family size at the time Malthus was born was two parents with seven children, thus making Malthus’s own 2+5 not as egregious as many would suggest.
  2. Fischer, David Hackett, The Great Wave: Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History, Oxford University Press, c. 1996. Dr. Fischer extensively maps the correlation between economic prosperity and family size from the 1400s forward.
  3. According to the US Census bureau, Colonial America was roughly on par with England, where almost all immigrants hailed, on the average family size of 7 children with 2 parents.
    1. By the turn of the twentieth century America, that number continued to hold steady 7+2 but before the onset of WWII the size had shrunk in half with  the US median family size was two parents and 4 children
    2. By 1960 that median had fallen in half again where the median size was 2+2 where it stayed until 1992 when it got fractional. It has continued to fall, albeit insignificant but stilli in a downward trend, to where it is now, with a little under 2 children. (From the US Census Dept at

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War! DJT and the August Eclipse

Will there be War? The question is rather redundant because America has been on a more or less continuous ‘war footing’, either in active military engagement or preparing for action, since July 1776 .  See this article on Wikipedia

The Rise of the Military Industrial Complex

President Eisenhower in his Presidential farewell speech in January 1961 famously warned against the growing influence of the ‘military-industrial complex’.

Edward Teller, the man who invented the H-bomb, met Eisenhower socially after his Presidency was finished, and felt that Ike President had specially in mind : Colonel Thomas Lanphier , the flying ace World War II fighter pilot who shot down the Japanese airplane carrying the architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Colonel Lanphier after the Great War, was the Vice President of General Dynamics in the 1950s, when it acquired the Convair.  He was a top adviser to President Truman for the Korean Crisis, and when General Eisenhower got elected, Lanphier continued his concern about military threats echoing CIA Director Allen Dulles, who felt that the Soviet missile capabilities were greater than the US’s. It was this constant lobbying based on the ‘missile gap’ that annoyed Eisenhower as he felt Lanphier was just trying to gin up more work for GD and Convair. Thus in Ike’s Farewell Address his caution about ‘the equal and opposite danger that public policy could become the captive of a scientific technological elite’.

The Current Situation

Currently, the Department of DefenseD base budget for fiscal year beginning October 2017 will be 574 Billion US dollars. The actual total though is 824 Billion US dollars, when all spending devoted to national defense and security are included ie.:  Homeland Security, Overseas Contingency Operations ( primarily for fighting ISIS), Veterans Affairs, State Department functions, — FBI, CIA, NATO, UN etc.).

With more than 800 military installations scattered around the world, America’s  military/defense spending is more than the combined total of the next in line nine countries in the world and this includes  China, Russian, and so on. There are few corners of the globe that don’t  in some way experience the presence of Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam


                         The Surrogate Method & DJT

In this essay,  I will be looking at several astrological factors that  I think  assists in delineating a picture of what lies ahead for the nation,  emphasizing US military activity.  The primary charts involve are our new President, Donald J. Trump (DJT) because in traditional astrology the horoscope of the head of a country, whether he is a king, prime minister, military head, or president.  All are ‘surrogates’ for the country that they rule.  (Please see Mundane Perspectives in Astrology  for full elucidation of this technique).

For the date and time of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, I use the “‘Ebeneezer Sibly’ chart, based not in Philadelphia but at the Capitol.  For the total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 , I am also using the Capitol Building,  Washington, D.C. where Congress  and not the President resides.

Solar Eclipse August 21 2017 Wash D C

The solar eclipse as viewed from Washington D.C is a locomotive temperament type.   Sagittarius rises and its ruler Jupiter is ensconced in the House of Friends, the 11th House.  Thus Virgo rules the Midheaven, and its ruler Mercury is there in the 10th, and not strongly aspected as it misses the square to Saturn in the 1st. 

 The eclipse itself falls in the ninth House along with Mar that is related to foreign relations between countries; international travel, communication, transportation; matters relating to religion/philosophy; societies common values and mores of conduct; the dissemination of knowledge via publishing and education.

Human beings throughout time have watched eclipses with a sense of awe and some dread, intuitively sensing that its appearance presages some kind of profound change coming, perhaps the death of a chieftain; the birth of  a noble figure; famine; an imminent invasion by another tribe or nation, etc.  In interpreting the potentials of an eclipse, typically the sign, house of degree of the eclipse are  noted along with the aspects patterns it forms, and so on.

Charles Jayne’s study of Eclipses

Astrologer Charles A Jayne did extensive research of eclipses and developed an original perspective on their interpretation: 

a solar eclipse could have an effect beginning at least 3 months before the actual  phenomena occurs and lasts for six months after the eclipse OR until the next solar eclipse, whichever comes first. 

Jayne  found that the placement of the eclipse path on the globe was the primary  consideration.  Another consideration was the patterns of placement and inter-connections between eclipse paths at different points in time as they depict when and where significant world events could occur occur.

Jayne published much of his early work in various astrological magazines during World war II.  His article titled “Britain’s Invasion Eclipses” appeared in ‘Your Future, Extra World Crisis Edition’, July-December 1941, he accurately predicted the future course of Britain in the war and  its eventual victory,  but he warned that the war would mark the beginning of the decline of the British Commonwealth Empire and its global influence.

There have been in all seventy-five attempts to invade England worthy of the name in the last 2000 years.  If they came by chance merely, they would come on an average of once every 26.6 years.  However, they have not come that way.  Instead they appear to follow with amazing regularity the occurrences of eclipses over Britain.  

And more than this attempts to invade Britain are linked by special eclipses recurring near special dates.  Thus one-third of the attempts to invade Britain have occurred within two years after an eclipse near January 1st or late June. The major threats and intense invasion attempts are always preceded by Solar Eclipses near the above dates, whose shadow passed over or near the island.

I mention Jayne’s work here to suggest why this particular solar eclipse appears to be so  important, after all eclipses  are rather frequent and regular; usually two solar and two lunar eclipse a year.

What marks this one is that the path of its shadow stretches directly across the middle of America, and from sea to sea.  Looking back at the historical patterns of total solar eclipses that have bisected America I find that they have occurred about once every one-hundred years; the most recent occurred on June 16, 1806 and was noted by Merriwether and Lewis in their diary as they explored President Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase of March of the same year.

The only previous one noted was July 1618 when Prince Maurits of Nassau, Netherlands Maurice organised the Dutch rebellion against Spain;  so this one is a rare bird.  Both previous event btw, involve territorial expansion.

This eclipse by itself does not by itself suggest that the US is in immediate peril for war, but it alerts us to be prepared for some kind of significant, perhaps shattering event, here that effects the US.  To predict  the specific outlines of this  requires the consideration of a complex of factors and plenty of intuitive foresight,  but, the proximity of Mars to the eclipse is indicative of rather volatile mood that will be stimulated by the astronomical event, regardless of where one is located on the globe.

                                            DJT and the August Eclipse

The picture begins to come more into focus when we lay  the eclipse chart alongside the natal chart of DJT in a bi-wheel.

Trump-August Solar Eclipse

You don’t have to be a master astrologer to notice some strong configuration connections between these two charts.  The eclipse is within two degrees of Trump’s Mars and the Ascendant degree of 29 Leo; the ellipse Mars is not far away.  Transiting Saturn, conjunct Trump’s Moon is trine to the eclipse, and his Sun is sextile to it.  Trump’s Mars/ASC is obviously under duress, how will he react?  There will be a reaction, because Trump  has always been quick to react to events he has only one planet in the fire element and that surprisingly enough is the Moon at 21 Sagittarius in the fourth house, making the President to respond quickly from the gut and think about the reactions later.

Coincident with affect of the eclipse, Saturn transits his natal Moon (within an orb of 10 seconds) and because he was born during a lunar eclipse the transit also opposes the sun, making him want to upturn his predecessors legacy.

His mentor was the Washington lawyer Roy Cohn whose name is synonymous with  McCarthyism   Cohn taught DJT  when attacked always hit back immediately, and harder than he was hit.  Consequently,  DJT is one of the most litigious businessmen in the US  (the top honors goes to Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple, both technology companies).   Thus, it is a near certainty that this eclipse will precipitate some strong reaction by him.

                    Grant Lewi and Saturnian Transits

The astrologer Grant Lewi who wrote in the 1950’s Astrology For the Millions demonstrated how when the transits of Saturn cross the angles on the wheel of the chart become an an excellent chronometer of timing the ‘ups and downs’ of a human life. An example of Saturn transiting the 10th house ( MC) coincides  with a high point in the career and public life of an individual, while a transit of the 4th (IC) usually marks a low point, period of change to a new path in life.

During the summer and fall of 2014  Saturn transited DJT’s  IC, perhaps that was the time when he definitely decided to run for President, a notion that he had been tossing around for several years.  In an odd sort of way, DJT again defied conventional thinking, that is, the astrology seemed to indicate that while he was at the ‘bottom rung’ of the ladder of success, this was for him the top.  Similarly, his brief political career that has bucked all the rules,  the most improbable of candidates, yet he was the victor; a fellow who had never held public office succeeds in winning the highest one – go figure. Perhaps the conjunction of the Sun and Node  with Uranus in his natal 10th house is the indicator of unpredictability in his career.

A final comment on DJT’s Saturn transit; the planet is at the time of the eclipse at 21 Sagittarius, in a partile conjunction ( within 10 Seconds of exact)with his natal Moon, and in opposition to his Sun ( he was born during a Lunar Eclipse).  The Moon is closely related to a person’s organic well-being, inner resources, mental/physical stamina , instincts and social functioning.

With Saturn crossing the Moon  DJT may experience  health and stamina issues ( he has apparently always enjoyed good health); he may feel strong inner frustrations because he doesn’t feel that he can act as freely as he has throughout  his life.  He has always been the total captain of his ship, answering to no one, now as President of the most powerful nation in history, he finds that he is more restricted than at any other time in his life.  Then, there is the opposition to his Sun – only more obstacles and frustration of his efforts.  This is, consequently,  an extremely critical juncture in his life, perhaps the most challenging he has ever faced.


Bernadette Brady and Eclipses

The astrologer Bernadette Brady writes extensively about eclipses in her book “Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Dove”.  She says that astrologers typically view eclipses as ‘wild cards’ thrown into the mix to shake things up.  This is missing the most important things about eclipses, she says, which is that eclipses occur in ‘families’, that have beginnings, middles and ends.   If you want to learn everything you need to know about eclipses I suggest reading her book.

The current August 21 eclipse (Saros 145  began in January 4, 1639 at the North Pole ( S.S. 1 North and ends February 2, 2883)  Its chart features a strong configuration of Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune ( all big actors of generational force).  Thus each eclipse in this series will carry a signature of these planets and mark  important developments  on the world stage because of the high preponderance of outer planets involved:  for further confirmation pay attention to this eclipse as according to Charles Jaynes affects are felt two years out.

DJT at the time of this eclipse is at a major choke-point in his life.  How will he react?This next chart is a bi-wheel of DJT natal with the USA ‘Sibly’ chart.


I will not spend much time studying this chart because it is well-known.  I am including it because it contains so many planet connections.   It seems, from an astrological perspective, that DJT is the ‘man of the hour’ for America; that the karma of the nation has sprung him upon the US at a moment of great need for a leader, but, in what seems to be a cruel trick, the savior has clay feet, maybe clay all the way to the top of his head, and a motor mouth that he cannot seem to control.

This next chart is an AstroMap of DJT’s natal chart.  The AstroMap of chart reveals the where and how his natal planets are the most active on Earth.

The Prism of the Astro Map

Trump AstroMap

This a section of DJT’s complete Astromap, the most interesting part.  In particular we see that the Pluto, Mars, Descendant Lines sweep across Eastern China, the the Mars Line crossing a fringe of North Korea, while the Uranus IC lines pass just East of Korea.  Note the Saturn Descendant passes right through the heart of China.

What is this telling us?  Clearly, China and its step-child North Korea will be on the Front Burner during Trump’s administration, possibly Japan as well as it is a major US ally and trade partner.  China has been a consistent target of DJT’s ire, accusing them of currency manipulation, stealing jobs while enjoying unfair trade deals with the US.   Last week I saw US Secretary of State, Mr. Tillerson, standing at the 38th Parallel, staring across at the stony faced North Koreans stating that the era of negotiations is over and “everything is on the table” – his manner, words and tone resounding authority and threatening.

Is it  war?  Or should I say, is it a new war on the horizon?  If so where?  All the ingredients seem to be in the pot, ready for August heat to set the armies in motion, and probably within the year (DJT does not ‘let any grass grow under his feet’).  The “where”  is probably around North Korea, and if  we throw ‘trade wars’ into the fray, in which case there is no  outright shooting involved,  increasing the odds to the unavoidable.

Applause?  Comments?  Questions?  Rebuttals?  Looking forward to them all.

Spring Equinox, March 20, 2017

Aries Ingress 2017.1

                                                                Spring 2017 has Sprung

Each spring on March 20 or 21 the Sun moves (ingresses) into the sign Aries, this is the Vernal Equinox.  The above wheel is the chart for this event set at Washington, D.C.   Vernal Equinox charts set for the capitals of countries are a valuable tools that have been  used by astrologers for many ages  to evaluate the coming year’s prospects for nations.  Let’s look at some of the notable features of this chart to see what may be in store for America during the next 12 months.

Astrologers always give particular attention to the sign and degree of the Ascendant, in this chart, 10 Pisces 18 ( the 11th degree of Pisces) is rising.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “

Men seeking illumination” – a symbol of men as dramatized in some form of apostolic succession, or a living tradition of spiritual achievement. The divine spirit is fundamentally a matrix of itself, since its continuance depends on its unswerving maintenance of the purity in motive and expression which it has contributed to the humanity it has created in its own image.

 A keyword is: DEDICATION, in a positive indication this is indicative of high accomplishment in an effective alignment with ultimate reality, but in a negative indication reveals a base, feckless hypocrisy masquerading as someone or something of value and integrity.

 The presence of Neptune at 12 Pisces 24, only a couple of degrees away for the Ascendant, is also clearly significant, especially in view of the the spiritual connotations of the degree symbol.  The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, ( and also Neptune, according to modern astrological lore). Pisces is found at the 10th house in this chart, the place of authority and public manifestation and 19 Sagittarius 13 is the sign/degree of the MC ( midheaven).   Jupiter is then the ruler of both of the important angles of this chart — the Ascendant and Midheaven, indicating a potentially momentous year.

The Sabian Degree Symbol for the 20th degree of Sagittarius is:

“Men cutting through ice”- a symbol that suggests the  capacity with which people can organize the resources and processes of nature for the benefit of the community at large.  When expressed in a positive manner there is an exceptional capacity for overcoming obstacles and capitalizing on every opportunity, but, negatively, there is a lack of perspective and unnecessary acceptance of hardship.

                                                                                  A Grand Cosmic Cross

The most significant planetary pattern is a grand cross made up of Jupiter opposing Mercury & Uranus  and Pluto at the focal point of the pattern.  The newly discovered Eris (keyword word is disruption) is near Uranus, and the asteroid Vesta completes the fourth leg of the cross.   (see the horoscope at the beginning of this article)

Finally,  I want call your attention to in the horoscope, the presence of Saturn and the Moon in an almost exact conjunction in the Sagittarius in the 10th.  The 10th house from a mundane astrological perspective represents the Executive Branch of the government, hence, the President.  The grand cross pattern is augmented by a wide sextile from Jupiter to Saturn & Moon and a trine from Uranus, creating a Kite Configuration.

So, you may ask, “what does this all mean?”

The houses of the chart tell us about the “circumstances” of an issue or situation but the grand cross pattern forms the fundamental structure of the chart, activating the 2nd, 11th, 8th and 5th houses of the chart.  The accentuation of the 5th is  supplementary  to this main action because it is an asteroid not a planet. The 2nd & 8th house axis relates  to material issues – the 2nd house highlights survival:  the productions that are basic in life, food, water, shelter and mundanely the financial institutions of a nation and its economy.   At a deeper level this house relates to the fundamental social values of a society; what the people “hold dear” like money — one of the cornerstones of what people never discuss (the other two are religion and sex).

Across from the 2nd House lies the 8th broadly considered to be not a very nice place to be because it is associated with “death”, though that has been retermed “transformation”& “rebirth”, and most positively as where we find “other peoples (ones partners, relations) money”.  Jupiter is located here suggesting  that during the year the nation may face a monetary crisis or a monetary transformation  — taxes are on the Congressional and more imporantly the Presidential agenda.

Looking at the 11th house – the government requires many institutional organizations in order to govern, among the most important is the Congress ( legislatures, generally), and civil service workers, local officials.  etc.  This is the house of friends, hopes and wishes, thus it may reflect the general mood of the people -are they optimistic or depressed? This is place to find other nations that are friendly to ones country.  Pluto here is indicative a rather over-stressed population, that is looking for a “power” to save them, a Superman that comes to their aid.  It is rather ominous that the President’s “right-hand man”, Mr. Bannon is on record as saying that the “government institutions, agencies should be blown up!”  Pluto sitting here in the 11th may just give him the opportunity to do just that or this more personal?  It’s hard to know which at this point.

              As the World turns

In summary: Material issues, finances, taxes, budgets will be on the “front burner” this year, as will the Congress, which, since Pluto is its planetary indicator, will appear to hold most of the power, but internal conflict between its members will be intense, perhaps violent, no holds barred conflict, as the representatives of the multitude of interest groups and constituencies  demand their “piece of the pie”.

With Saturn and the Moon in the Sagittarian 10th, also the house of the President , in positive aspect to the grand cross, the President may  if he so chooses serve as a needed arbiter of the legislative struggles and pull things together; or, take the negative path, and play the dictator/despot (Saturn) card  and try to gain advantage for himself from the situation.

I find that the Sabian symbols highlighted in this chart are very suggestive of the potentialities that are offered this astrological year for the country:  Neptune is “men seeking illumination” at our threshold while Saturn a sextile away gets the symbols of “seagulls flying around a ship in the expectation of food”.  The two make a yod that terminates at Vesta (keyword Philosophy) in the Fifth House of Cancer and begs the question: How will we address these issues?  What is the administration, and Congress’s philosophy towards the untamable energies that have developed a domesticated dependence upon the by-products of government?¹   Will we acknowledge them or will we ignore it — tied up as we are in a our personal emotional turmoil, ignorance and greed?  We have the next nine months to find out.

Aristotle and babe
Dittrick Museum: Aristotle’s Masterpiece : the most popular book on reproduction and birth before 1830.  it was not written by Aristotle and it is doubtful that he dressed like that in warm Athens.


  1.  Dane Rudhyard’s An Astrological Mandala, c. 1973, Vintage Books. pg. 127-128

On the download chart, the Equatorial Ascendant is also the Aries Point ( 17.28 Pisces) for the chart.   It has the symbol of “in a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance,” with a keyword of “public self-dramatization.”



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