#367 Mohandas Gandhi Lives

The chart data is from Alan Leo and his 1001 Notables. Marc Jones adoped it for his own. Jones loves Gandhi so much that he wrote a book on the man, Gandhi Lives available for about $5.00 here. our header picture is of Mohandas Gandhi at age 19.

Gandhi and women

Gandhi has a 02 Scorpio rising with a preponderance in Scorpio in the 1st house, showing his need to recreate the world he lived in. It is also part of the opposition to the 7th house showing the push-pull problems (mars and Venus opposite Jupiter) his strong ego had working with other people particularly with women (Moon 20 Leo 11 in the 10th house) that did not develop until he was in his 30’s (the Moon cycle is 29 days in secondary progressions this would be a day for year i.e. 30 years).

He married Kasturba in 1883 when he was 13 years old; she was 14, but within his culture that was normal (notice the partile relationship of Mars and Venus in his first house). Their sex life was also typical, and she was pregnant within the first year; all total they had 4 children with the last one born 15 years later.

But, his problem with sex arose was when his father lay dying, and Gandhi left his bedside to have relations with his wife (the Moon is opposite its essential house where the South Node (05 Aquarius 52 in Aquarius) is found). It was this act that caused lots of sexual tension in Gandhi’s life with his eventually decreeing , “It is the duty of every thoughtful Indian not to marry. In case he is helpless in regard to marriage, he should abstain from sexual intercourse with his wife.”

Gandhi’s Bania Caste.

He was of the The Bania caste, a generic term derived from the Sanskrit word vanij meaning merchant or trader. However some Banias are not merchants. In the fourfold division of Indian society, there are innumerable Bania subcastes, such as the Agarwala, part of the Vaishya, or commoner, class. In religious affiliation they are generally Vaishnavas (worshipers of the Hindu god Vishnu) strict vegetarians, teetotalers, and orthodox in observing ceremonial purity.

On February 22nd, 1942 after a few years of deteriorating health, Katsurba Gandhi died. She was cremated on the grounds of the Aga Kahn Palace. Married 62 years steadfastly remained by the pyre, nothing was left. “After sixty years of constant companionship,” he said, “I cannot imagine life without her.” For the rest of his life, on the 22nd of each month, Gandhi honored her memory with extra prayers.

from the New York Times archives. They did not cover the actual assassination, but days later after the horrible event, mentioned that Truman sent his condolences as did other world leaders. The Times did not state how he died but to say that Bombay was rioting.

Gandhi himself was assassinated by  Nathuram Vinayak Godse on January 30, 1948, New Delhi, India.

He had begun a peace fast earlier in the month and by the 18th of January, his doctors were warning that at 79 he was too old to undergo the rigours of the ritual. The Moslem League, a Karachi newspaper, urged him on, nonetheless he stopped. On the 28th, he visited a Moslem shrine and was shot by a fellow Hindu who objected to Gandhi trying to bridge the two religions.

The Dynamic Aptitude of Emma Borden

Looking at Emma Borden’s (Lizzie Borden’s elder system) Dynamic Aptitude (closest square or opposition)/ I find in her chart at Jupiter square Venus — part of her T square with multiple opposition’s to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in her 8th house. This gives her a bucket with a Jupiter handle.

With Jupiter in the 2nd house, her short leg is Venus is in the 5th house, a planet that has a tendency to get lost in the superficiality of life. Thus this Jupiter-Venus makes Emma outweigh her core interest of moving forward with instead obsessing over the trivialities of what she does not have (2nd house of emotional and real property). If instead of dwelling on that, and she unlocked the growth capacity inherent in that square, she could be her best & recognize her true desires — of family, and community,(5th and 6th house stellium) instead of becoming a societal pariah.

Uranus as disruptor

The faster planet Venus is past the 90-degree angle in this case with the applying planet to her oppositions. Jupiter is closest to Uranus, not to Saturn. This makes Emma lose herself in embracing her dynamic aptitude instead of unlocking it. This is born out by her & Lizzie’s virulent dislike of their stepmother (6th house Mars on the cusp) sextile their father (Saturn in the 8th in Aries that Mars rules) resulting in the “forty whacks by Lizzie”. This setup is almost Freudian in her resentment of the stepmother usurping what she felt was her place in the family as eldest daughter and in her relationship with a harsh father. Emma needed to have power in the family and she transmitted this to the weaker Lizzie in many quiet nighttime conversations.

Between the two girls, the chart becomes a very lopsided see-saw with a unifying Mars in the 5th in both charts. We can only surmise there was some amount of discussion and “daydreaming” about if only Step-Mother was gone (Moon in 6th).

Fiendish Inspiration

Attic vase with Orestes, Electra and Hermes at the tomb of Agamemnon,

To say Emma was absent from the murder would underestimate her importance in the crime. More likely, she was Elektra of the Oresteia, goading Lizzie on, thinking she would walk about free and unencumbered with lots of money. Alas when Emma died, shortly after her sister, and her estate was worth “$450,000 in 1927 monies” or $6,635,456.90 (6 million) in 2019, but she lived a life in the shadows far from home.

Pedro Escobar & Rodrigo Lara of Narcos

I got interested in Lara watching Netflix’s Narcos, he was a welcome bolt of fresh air. The show is a real blast of the 1980’s past as the production team did a fine job and many of the actors were good as well. So here is a late obit to Mr. Rodrigo Lara for a job well done and life cut far too short. The header picture is of the team called The New Liberalism. Mr. Lara and his wife are third and fourth from the left.

The New Yorker

Senor Cano’s assassination reported

from the New Yorker magazine, March 8, 2019 …. Pedro Escobar wanted to be president of Colombia but he was soon denounced as a gangster by Colombia’s justice minister, Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. Escobar fought back, falsely accusing Lara of being in the pocket of narcos. Then an influential newspaper editor named Guillermo Cano (August 12 1985-December 16, 1986) of El Espectador, dug up an old news story showing that Escobar had been arrested, 7 years prior, for the possession of thirty-nine pounds of cocaine. This resulted in Escobar being ejected from Congress, and an F.B.I. investigation; Pedro went underground.

Tranquilandia now called Puerto Rondon, Arauca, Colombia at , 6° 25′ 0″ North, 70° 54′ 0″ West

In March, 1984, Colombian and American agents raided the cartel’s headquarters, Tranquilandia, a huge complex that contained at least seven laboratories, various airstrips, and more than a billion dollars’ worth of cocaine. A month later, two of Escobar’s men, riding a motorbike, ambushed Lara Bonilla’s car in Bogotá, and killed him instantly.

The NY Times Obit

Senor Lara Bonilla had begun an energetic campaign against Colombia’s drug dealers, and recent press reports said he had received death threats from the drug gangs.

The Lara automobile

Lara was killed as two gunmen on a motorcycle ambushed the limousine of Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla on May 1 1984 and killed him on a street in northern Bogota. Security officials said the minister’s bodyguards, who were following his car in a jeep, pursued the gunmen, killing one of the men on the motorcycle and capturing the other. (This was shown in the series for his own safety, was appointed as the Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, but was gunned down by Pablo’s men as he was heading towards the airport to leave the country. )

The Caracol radio station identified the captured suspect as Bayron Velasquez, 20 years old, and quoted police sources as saying he told detectives he had been paid $20,000 to kill Mr. Lara Bonilla. They said the limousine had slowed because of traffic when the gunmen approached and opened fire, hitting the minister three times in the head and four times in the chest and throat. The chauffeur drove the fatally wounded minister to the Shaio Clinic, where he died 10 minutes later, according to the officials.

The Lara Chart

Rodrigo Lara sr natal chart

Mr. Lara’s ascendant is 08 Aquarius with his Moon right nearby at 07 Aquarius. They are opposite Saturn at 01 Leo and a Mercury at 05 Leo giving him a fast Mental Chemistry according to Marc Jones. This and the Moon just opposite would give him quick responses to his insightful intuition that allowed him to sense what would happen and jump nimbly to logical conclusions.

Jupiter in his native house in the 9th at Libra 22 gave him a calculating and legal mindset but square his Sun at Leo 19, he was blinded to the powerful enemies he would make believing that his position was enough to protect him. He was right in his belief at the time, as the Cartel had never struck public figures, his was notable in being the first. But the inconjunct aspect, a bit wide it’s true, between the Moon in the 12th (natively Pisces) and Uranus at 21 Gemini in the 5th (and in its detriment), would have given some hint that things obscure in nature could lead to trouble or sorrow.

We assume a 9 am flight for the approximate time of death — but Kepler would not allow us to change Neiva for Bogota for a Tertiary Progression so those calculations are dodgy. Still Uranus is opposite the progressed Sun & Mercury conjunction showing that Lara was aware of the danger: particularly as the T-Square points to Neptune at the 9th conjunct the natal Neptune on the 8th cusp — fleeing the oncoming onslaught. But the problem was that with so much in the 11th house, his getaway was far too public and opposite it’s Lord in the 5th, fragile.

Flash forward to 2019

Mr. Rodrigo Lara’s son, Rodrigo Lara Jr. wants to exhume the body because he believes that there is something fishy about the murder according to Colombia Reports because who hired the hitman is still unknown.

The official version claimed that the shots that killed Lara were fired from a Medellin Cartel hitman driving a motorcycle on the right side of the car. Recent forensics result show that at least one of the shots that hit Lara was shot from the left and at short range (not as shown in Narcos from the right and the motorcycle). Furthermore, it’s unclear why the driver and Lara’s bodyguard left the vehicle unharmed when there were bullet marks on their seats.”

Colombia Reports, May 2016

In the meantime, the late Pedro Escobar’s son and Lara jr. have found some personal peace and moved on according to the UK Daily Mail.

Update on Charlottesville Driver

When the Charlottesville riot occured, our mundane astrologer, Eugene Johnson, wrote about it here. Finally there is a verdict in the case of Virginia vs James Alex Fields Jr.

Charlottesville Attack Driver James Fields Sentenced to Life in Prison

Prosecutors called 2017 attack an act of domestic terrorism

James Alex Fields Jr. accelerated his car into a crowd of counter protesters in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. PHOTO: RYAN M. KELLY/ASSOCIATED PRESS

By Jennifer Calfas of the Wall Street Journal.

the late Heather Heyer, date of picture unknown

James Field who killed Heather Heyer and injured others when he accelerated his car into a crowd of counterprotesters at a 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., was sentenced to life in prison Friday.

Federal judge Michael Urbanski sentenced 22 year old James Alex Fields Jr. of Maumee Ohio, an avowed neo-Nazi with a history of racism and anti-Semitism, on federal hate-crime charges. The sentencing came nearly two years after Mr. Fields’ attack killed Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old paralegal who was demonstrating against the hundreds of white nationalists who took to the streets that day.

The Judge but no jury

Michael Francis Urbanski the presiding judge is the chief judge for the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia was born in Livorno, Italy in 1956 and graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1978; he received his law degree from the University of Virginia in 1982. He was nominated by President Barack Obama in December 2010 after having been appointed a  federal magistrate judge for the court, since January 23, 2004.

Federal prosecutors have called Field’s act one of domestic terrorism, amid the violent clashes that erupted at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017.

Earlier this year, Mr. Fields, pleaded guilty to 29 federal hate crimes—each one carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison and representing those he killed or injured when he accelerated his Dodge Challenger into the crowd. The plea deal took the death penalty off the table, so to save his life he had to agree to it.

Last week, his lawyers requested federal prosecutors consider a sentence of less than life in prison, asking for mercy because of Mr. Fields’ history of mental illness, difficult childhood and young age. He was dismissed from the US. Army because of his inability to follow rules and meet their standards; they said No despite Dwayne Dixon claims he chased James Fields with a semi-automatic rifle before the crash and probably into the path of Heyer.

Samantha Lea Bloom, Field’s mother. Our header picture is of Jim Fields and his mother.

“I’d like to apologize,” Mr. Fields told the judge before his sentencing Friday, according to one of his lawyers. “I apologize to my mother, Samantha Lea Bloom, for putting her through all of this. Every day I think about my actions and how this could have gone differently. I’m sorry.”

Mr. Fields had previously admitted he intentionally targeted the counterprotesters, and the D.A. said the problems cited by his lawyers didn’t justify a shorter sentence in this case.

The incident was immortalized in a photo that shows Mr. Fields’ car ramming into the crowd where more than 30 people were injured ranging fom fractured skulls to damaged organs and broken arms.

According to Kavanaugh’s in a phone call from jail months after the attack, Mr. Fields called Susan Bro, Heather Heyer’s mother and now a social justice speaker on the even “the enemy.”

Susan Bro

In a separate state case in December, Mr. Fields was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Ms. Heyer. The jury in that case recommended a life sentence plus 419 years in prison.

The baby Middono death

The chart is for when the baby died. I happened to catch this article on the bing news feed from the Chicago Trib. Our featured image is of the daddy; there is no mention of mummy.

Will County man has been charged in connection to what authorities say was the beating death of his 10-week-old daughter. The infant, Kora Middono, was airlifted to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago on Monday and pronounced dead there about 12:50 p.m. the same day, according to authorities.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office determined her death was a homicide by blunt force trauma and child abuse, the agency reported.

According to police in the village of Channahon, southwest of Joliet, Kora was brought to a hospital in nearby Grundy County just after 11 p.m. Sunday, when officials were told the injuries occurred when the baby’s father collapsed as a result of a heart condition and landed on the child.

On Tuesday, police announced that the girl’s father, Jonathon R. Middono, 29, has been charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm to a child under the age of 13.

Where is Channahon?

Channahon is a village in Grundy and Will counties. The population is about was 12,560. It was developed in 1961. It’s name means “Meeting of the Waters” in Pottawatomie as it is located at the confluence of the Des Plaines and Kankakee rivers, where they form the Illinois River.

 The Pottawatomie Indians solely inhabited this area until white settlers began to settle here in 1832. In 1836, construction began on the I & M Canal and Channahon became the site for one of the locks that were needed along the waterway. The village itself was laid out by Myrvin Benjamin, and for a while it was called DuPage, after the river that cut through the area. In the 1840s, it was renamed Swifton, after the I & M Canal board president.

This area continued to thrive until the railroad replaced inland boat travel, which caused business to decline.

The current demographics are

  • 32.8% of the population is under the age of 18,
  • 7.2% from 18 to 24
  • 33.8% from 25 to 44,
  • 20.9% from 45 to 64, and
  • 5.3% who were 65 years of age or older.
  • The median age is 34 years based on the 2010 Census.
    • For every 100 females, there were 105.7 males.
    • For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 102.7 males.

The median income for a household in the village is a whopping $94,519

Oops I just fell on the baby and can’t get up!

Hospital staff members determined Kora’s condition “indicated significant injuries to her head consistent with blunt force trauma,” police said in a news release. Police said that additional charges are possible in the case as their investigation continues. Middono is being held in Will County Jail on a $2 million bond. According to police, the family first reported that the injuries occurred in a hotel room in Channahon where the family had been living.

Channahon police were called to the hospital and learned the family had moved to a motel in Crest Hill on about May 30, Channahon Police Department Deputy Chief Adam Bogart said. Detectives were able to get into their room and determine the girl suffered her injuries in the Crest Hill motel sometime on Sunday, Bogart said. Channahon and Crest Hill police are continuing their investigation, Bogart said.

“The investigation is ongoing,” he said. “We’re looking at video, everything we can to build a stronger case.”An official with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services said the agency had no prior contact with the family and is now investigating this incident, and that another child in the household has been placed with a relative.

The Virginia Beach attack

The Virginia Beach gunman appeared to target supervisors in his department in the early moments of a shooting spree that left 12 people dead on Friday, according to a survivor of the attack and a city councilman.

The Virginia Beach on a sunny afternoon

Authorities in Virginia Beach say they are still working to determine what motivated DeWayne Craddock to bring two handguns into his municipal office last week and begin shooting.

In the meantime, the survivor and the councilman described how Craddock walked down a hallway past a number of employees on the second floor of Building 2 before firing his first shots inside of the building, in an area where senior engineers and supervisors sat.

“He was looking for specific people apparently, at least at first,” said Louis Jones, a Virginia Beach councilman and former mayor whose grandson, Jack Jones, was interning in the public works department and working on the second floor when the shooting occurred.

Craddock, a longtime engineer in the city’s Department of Public Utilities, submitted a short letter of resignation the morning of the shooting. He wrote that he was giving his two weeks’ notice “due to personal reasons,” and that “it has been a pleasure to serve the City,” according to a copy of the email released by the city on Monday.

Claus von Bulow has reposed

Claus von Bulow, left, with attorney Thomas Puccio at a press conference in the New York law offices of Strook & Strook & Lavan in a June 11, 1985, photo. PHOTO: MARTY LEDERHANDLER/ASSOCIATED PRESS

The von Bulow obit

May 25, 2019 dateline LONDON—Danish-born socialite Claus von Bulow, who was convicted but later acquitted of trying to kill his wealthy wife in two trials that drew intense international attention in the 1980s, has died. He was 92.

We highlighted his wife, Sunny von Bulow over here.

Mr. von Bulow, who moved to London after he was cleared, died at his home there on Saturday, his son-in-law, Count Riccardo Pavoncelli, (he has been married to daughter Cosima since 1996) told the New York Times.

The tall, aristocratic Mr. von Bulow was charged with putting his wife, Martha “Sunny” von Bulow, into an irreversible coma to gain her fortune so he could live with his mistress, Andrea Reynolds. He was convicted of attempted murder in 1982 at a trial in Newport, R.I., that was widely followed with its high society overtones about possible attempted murder by insulin injection.

The conviction was overturned on appeal, and he was acquitted at his second trial in 1985. The jury in the first case endorsed the prosecution claim that Sunny von Bulow’s coma was caused by insulin injections administered surreptitiously by her husband, Claus, but the second jury didn’t reach the same conclusion.

Sunny von Bulow died in 2008, nearly 28 years after she became comatose.

The von Bulow’s synastric chart

He rarely spoke about the case, in part because an eventual financial settlement reached with his stepchildren required him to keep mum. “If I give an interview, it will be a $5 million interview,” he told the Associated Press in 2012, referring to a fine he said he might face if he discussed the matter with the press.

“He lived a good happy life following his acquittal, because he decided to remain in private. I advised him once we won the case to disappear from public view. He, unlike O.J. Simpson, accepted my advice,” Mr. Dershowitz said on Thursday.

Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law who represented von Bulow at one of his trials

The von Bulow’s lifestyle

The von Bulows had a grand Fifth Avenue apartment in New York City to go along with Clarendon Court, their oceanside mansion in Newport, R.I., which had been the setting for the 1956 musical “High Society” starring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

Sunny von Bulow—who in her youth resembled Ms. Kelly, according to many friends—was the source of the wealth. She was the heiress to a substantial fortune, with her mother’s net worth estimated at $100 million. In the trials she was portrayed as an unhappy woman, although some friends, including the writer Dominick Dunne, challenged this perception as inaccurate and unfair in his article for Vanity Fair.

Mr. von Bulow was born Claus Cecil Borberg on August 11th, 1926 in Copenhagen. During World War II, after the Nazi occupation of neutral Denmark, teenage Claus moved to England and lived with his mother for its duration . He later attended Trinity College at Cambridge University where he studied law. His maternal grandfather, Frits Bulow (April 16, 1872 Aalborg – July 30, 1955 Copenhagen) was a former justice minister in Denmark.

Claus adopted the Bulow name; he added the “von” when he was a young adult because it suggested aristocracy.

von Bulow’s Natal Chart

We rectified Mr. von Bulow chart for an ascendant of 10 Virgo, (HS) of “a round stone hidden with another, ” giving him great awareness that not everything is what it seems and that are often concealed within something else that is unknown. McClung gives the keyword of “nucleus.”

Asteroid Lilith at 07 Cancer is in the 11th house & sextile his Mars in Taurus in the 9th of higher education and learning. With his see-saw temperament type, von Bulow was competitive concerning his social image and school; he did not like to lose. The ruler of his horoscope is Mercury at 12 Leo, suggesting not only a “gestalt” mental chemistry but also that he was , unable to freely express himself, as he mentions above in his 5 million dollar comment. This is also square his Mars that undoubtedly encouraged his succinctness.

Martin Schulman writes that his North Node at 15 Capricorn suggests a “social climber” that needs to validate his “subconscious Capricornian memory,” — rather evocative of his “von” prefix. Schulman suggests that the North Node is too rigid and too controlling in Capricorn and so needs to acknowledge his southern Node and nourish others instead.

Herschel Grynspan and the Nazis

I read book review “A pawn in a deadly game” by Colin Greenwood in the UK Spectator issue 2 Feb 2019, a while ago and remembered it for today, the first day of Passover in the Jewish calendar. Greenwood was reviewing “Hilter’s Scapegoat: The boy Assassin and the Holocaust” written by Stephen Koch published by Ambereley Press.

It’s an interesting tale.


On 7 November 1938, an impoverished seventeen-year-old Polish Jew living in Paris, obsessed with the whereabouts of his family —  A few days earlier, German authorities had expelled thousands of Jews of Polish citizenship living in Germany from the Reich; Grynszpan had received news that his parents, residents in Germany since 1911, were among them.

The previous month, close to 18,000 Polish German Jews had been dumped by train on the Polish border. Among those rounded up in Hanover for the Aktion were Grynszpan’s family: his parents Sendel and Rivka, his brother Mordecai and his sister Berta. Herschel himself had been sent to Paris two years earlier by his parents for his own safety, and lived there with his aunt and uncle, in Casablanca-esque limbo, along with some other 50,000 refugees from Nazi persecution.

The inner ring is Herschel; the outer the guesstimate time of the killing. No known times of either are known, but we think that the Grynszpan ascendant is fairly solid: 19 Aquarius (round down here, it won’t change much.)

But his parents found themselves stranded in a refugee camp near the town of Zbaszyn in the border region between Poland and Germany. Living illegally in Paris Grynszpan sought to exonerate his guilt by making a “guilt offering” of the Nazi, embassy secretary, Ernst vom Rath.

the processional

When the secretary died two days later, Adolph Hitler, previously highlighted ove here, and Goebbels used the event as an excuse that Jews were conspiring against the Reich and started commemorations of the the Kaiser’s abdication in 1918; the Munich Putsch of 1923 (the ersatz Nazi birth day), the ‘Movement Day Banquet’. Hitler slipped away from the celebrations while Goebbels whipped up the mob, all in preparation of their pre-planned anti-Semitic terror program known as Kristallnacht where a 100 Jews were killed and 30,000 sent to the camps.

Ernst Eduard vom Rath, embassy Secretary in Paris, France

Overnight Herschel Grynszpan, found himself world-famous, his face on front pages everywhere, and a pawn in the Nazi machine. Instead of being executed, he was privileged prisoner of the Gestapo while Hitler and Goebbels prepared a show-trial — an excellent propaganda opportunity.

Incarcerated in Paris, Herschel was now facing a murder trial and the eventual guillotine. Worse, he too was taken in by the propaganda and believed to be responsible the tragedy:

God, oh my God!’,he wrote from prison, ‘I did not want that. Is this the price [Kristallnacht] for the act of one desperate, foolish man like me?’

herschel grynszpan wrote in his diary in jail

The French government prevaricated over the trial. If Herschel were to be found guilty, anti-Nazi opinion would be inflamed. If innocent, then Hitler would be enraged. In any event, the trial was derailed by the invasion of France in June 1940. Herschel was shuttled from town to town as the legislature fled south, before being seized by the Gestapo and transported to their Nazi headquarters on Prinz Albrecht Strasse 8 in Berlin.

the recessional

Grynszpan soon realised that he was being kept alive writing he was ‘the safest Jew in Germany.’ As he calmed down and began to be removed frmo the Kristallnacht propaganda, Herschel saw that his appearance as star defendant at a grotesque Nazi show trial was another pretext for even greater terrors against his people and family. He began to rethink his strategy.

Herschel at 19 Aquarius (HS) Astrologers at work — the ability to distinguish between elements of justice that underlies the apparent situation via strength of mind and breadth of universal understanding. Keyword: Acuity — responsive to circumstance.

First thing, he decided against was the previous defense strategy his French lawyer suggested — anger against Vom Rath and the Nazis seeing that would have no footing even with a supposed unbiased French court. Instead he decided that the killing had been a sordid gay love affair gone wrong when Vom Rath jilted him for another because of his Jewishness. The idea worked and cast a pall over proceedings. Vom Rath had been single and had no girlfriends to come forward — he had been a hardworking Nazi and that was now working in Herschel’s favour. When they could not come up with any evidence to the contrary, Hitler ordered the trial to be permanently suspended in May 1942; Herschel then fades from history.

the postlude

  1. The Guardian uncovered evidence that Herschel got out of prison but died in the bombing.

Mollie Tibbets, a life cut short

We like most Americans were horrified by the murder of college student Mollie Tibbets, and so to honour her decided to do her chart.  We have rectified it against her death and feel comfortable with presenting it.


Certain things in her map do alarm us:  Neptune in the ninth of higher education and university study square Square in the eleventh of the public that as we saw in Lizzie Borden shows up in murderers and their victims.  Here it shows Mollie was an unwitting victim at school of some type of violence; the sextile of Pluto in the seventh to Neptune increases that it would occur during some generational opportunity involving her dreams and future hopes (Midheaven) or university.

The Moon in the third, and also the handle to her bundle-bucket above, depicts that she was outgoing, talked to people easily and was close to her family and friends; in short she was well liked.  it thought is opposite Uranus also in the ninth house with a wide conjunction to Neptune , indicating that she was unprepared for the large social dynamic of university life.  Her Venus exact her Midheaven supports that she was good looking, graceful and had a blind eye towards trouble — she did not see evil because there was none in her heart — making her a gullible victim.

She has a T-Square between Mars and her Part of Fortune that gets a point focus to Pluto, and she misses many other larger aspects by just a few degrees or a semisextile, suggesting as a whole that this was a life cut short from its potential and promise.

We send our heart felt condolences to her friends and family, whom we believe were many.

Smokey reminds you about Forest Fires

 With all the fire raging out in California, it is odd that his birthday, August 9th, was so overlooked, but is it since the WaPo and SF Gate are now blaming him for them in what is the oddest turn of events yet.  Smokey was a U.S. Forest Service creation from Munich-born Albert Staehle a popular illustrator in the  1930s into the mid-1960s. Another of his posters is the  1939 New York World’s Fair.   He , died of a stroke in april 1974 in North Miami, Florida; he was 74 years old.

It is the longest-running public service advertising campaign in United States history, and uses Smokey Bear, the Forest Warden,  to educate the public about the dangers of human carelessness in causing wildfires.

A campaign featuring Smokey and the slogan “Smokey Says – Care Will Prevent 9 out of 10 Forest Fires” began in 1944. The original debut ad is our header shot. His later slogan, “Remember… Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires” was created in 1947 and was associated with Smokey Bear for more than five decades.

Smokey’s Chart


Smokey is a bucket with a Moon handle on the seventh house cusp.  He has no oppositions including the rim to his bowl.  He has the other luminary, the Sun, unaspected, making the two of them quite strong in his chart, thus making his image and name equal to his message.  That works well for him.

Inner chart is the commission; outer — now a contained bowl (Uranus and Venus oppo is the rim) —  the actual publication

His map is filled to the brim in the eleventh house of publicity, and a little less so in the tenth house with his Venus on the cusp of both — Smokey is well liked and the Pluto conjunct his Midheaven, his message is potent.  His part of fortune, his message, is at 07 Cancer on the ninth house cusp “two fairies on a moonlight night” with the keyword of Ascendancy and invoking the magic of selfhood rising above those that would tarnish his message.  Rather apropos in lieu of this WaPo article, for no   what it claims, Smokey’s message is about  careless fires, not planned, perhaps they and others who picked up the story ought to revisit that message.