Union Man, Terence V. Powderly of Scranton

Terence Vincent Powderly was one of twelve children born to Terence and Madge Powderly in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, where his father owned a coal mine (the relics of this are visible on Route 6, Congressman Joseph McDade highway). Young Terry was near sighted and deaf in one ear because of yellow fever. He married Hannah Dever from Scranton on September 19, 1872. Shortly thereafter he was a 3 term Republican mayor of the town. Mrs. Powderly died in 1907. In 1919, Terry married Emma Fickenscher in D.C. We could find no listing of children from either marriage.

Powderly is a Bucket with a Jupiter 19 Leo 25 RX handle in the first house. Astrologer Marilyn Waram writes that this position is “identified with the Puer AEternis or cult of youthful perfection for the native will hold onto one idea until something better comes along. Provisionality is a wholesome attitude in philosophy and belief systems, but not in
relationships, careers and general life goals”. * His life exemplified that as Powderly seemed to always be able to pick himself up and start all over again doing better each time, Jupiter being conjunct the Ascendant encouraged his adventurous personality and zeal to break the rules because of his personal and individual interpretation of Truth, and when questioned cry Foul!
Mars in fifth house house at 16 Capricorn 16 shows his ability to be good administrator of the KoL, but because it is in the 5th house, made his vision rather grandiose. Creating a yod from Neptune in the 7th to Mars in the 5th with its foot at Jupiter, makes the apex at 2 Aquarius or his Sun at 02 Aquarius 55 in the 6th ( an unexpected thunderstorm showing how when his dream at KoL were not easily acquired, he jumped shipped to greener pastures, keyword is Accident.) The Hyperion Symbols highlight this problem in even starker images , of Riders breasting a hill at full gallop, with the keyword “Control.”
South Node in Pisces conjunct Venus hints at the depth and purpose his friends, particularly female (fellow Irishwoman Mother Jones comes to mind), bring to him.

                             Railroads, coal and Carbondale

Railway unions were among the earliest trade unions organized on any scale in the United States. The Knights of Labor founded by Uriah Stevens was a first, it was a secret organization like the Masons, but Powderly, the next leader, brought it public 1879. Membership grew quickly, reaching approximately 700,000 by 1886 when Powderly united all “producers”  — anyone that constructed a physical product in the course of their workday. They  rejected “non-producers” — bankers, lawyers, and academics.

There is a local fund to restore Powderly’s home in Scranton. In the meantime, it is closed to the public and part of the National Registrar.

The  Haymarket Square Riot in Chicago, Illinois May 4 1886, led to the Knights of Labor demise. Another ongoing problem was that Powderly was unable to bring the organization’s membership together and his own Catholic diocese issued warnings against associating with him. An economic depression (called the Great Upheaval) worsened overall conditions; Powderly resigned and took up the law.

Powderly is in the rear standing. Seated is Mother Jones and Max Hayes, who unsuccessfully challenged Samuel Gompers for the presidency of the American Federation of Labor. Hayes also was the editor of the Cleveland Citizen. Picture from the Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co., Chicago Illinois, a socialist publishing house dedicated to documenting the great fight.

Next we hear from him from Washington, D.C. He became great friends with Mother Jones and fought for religious tolerance of the labor movement. Terry died June 24, 1924 in D.C.


  • Waram, Marilyn, the Book of Jupiter, ACS Publications, c. 1992.
    • Ms. Waram has another fine book The Book of Neptune, also at biblio.com

Sikhing Harmeet Dhillon

Dhillion has gotten a lot of recent press because of defense of whistleblowers vs Big Tech which she terms as the most prevalent threat to our liberties. Recently this came to the fore with Google denying Claremont College, Claremont, California, the use of their platform. Google later reversed itself and said it was a mistake. Tucker Carlson interviewed her on the issue asking “How many times have we heard this from some big tech company or another when caught silencing conservatives?”

Dhillon replied: “Well we hear it every other day and Tucker, I am not delusional. People are actually discriminating against conservatives every other day in this way and they’re gas-lighting us by saying ‘oh it was just a mistake, you imagined that.’” This highlights the problem that many see that Google, Facebook, Tumblr are not private platforms but public utilities like the electric, water and gas companies (the telephone company, AT&T and its subsidiaries, once fell into this hole but was broken up in 1984); this debate is far from over.

Something about Harmeet

Harmeet is a first generation American. She was born in Chandigarh, Punjab, India to two Sikh parents on October 2nd, 1968 about 4 am, giving her a Virgo rising and the [HS] symbol of “2 crones and a maiden in telepathic conversation,” highlighting her ability to see and recognize new methods of intellectual conversation. Her parents emigrated here to further her father’s medical training — he is an orthopedic surgeon.

Dhillon’s wheelbarrow with Saturn and the Moon pushing everything into her first house, makes life difficult for Ms. Dhillion, as its creates a large stellium in the first and third houses highlighting her need to be a public spokeswoman against the modern problems of the Digital Age versus individual rights. Her North Node in the 8th house highlights her decision to protect and other’s subconscious from exploitation, but with the Mars inconjunct, it also suggests it will be a constant battle particularly as sextile Mercury in its own essential house of communication creates a yod to it. Most troubling though is her many preponderances in the first quadrant of her scope showing that by defending her clients she puts herself out there too much and sacrifices personal happiness i.e. Neptune on the 2nd house cusp square the Moon in Aquarius.

Ms Dhillion has been married 3 times and has no children. She is the former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party, and the National Committeewoman of the Republican National Committee for California. Despite that she has supported fellow Indian, but non-Sikh, Kamala Harris and her senatorial run and is on the board of the Northern California chapter of the ACLU.

Senator Harris has not returned the favour in supporting Harmeet and Sikhs during her tenure as California’s Attorney General. In 2011 she upheld the Prohibition against state correctional officers from wearing beards for religious reasons, even though exceptions were given for medical purposes. The Sikh community has asked the Senator to apologize.

Husband, Harmeet and parents. Washington D.C>

Harmeet is the senior partner in Dhillon Law Group Inc.

Being a Sikh

Sikhism is a modern monotheistic religion, created in the 16 century in Punjab India by  Guru Nanak who preached a message of love and understanding , criticizing the rituals of the Hindus and Muslims. Guru Nanak passed on his enlightened leadership of this new religion to nine successive Gurus. The final living Guru, Guru Gobind Singh died in 1708.

“I observe neither Hindu fasting nor the ritual of the Muslim Ramadan month; Him I serve who at the last shall save.

The Lord of universe of the Hindus, Gosain and Allah to me are one; From Hindus and Muslims have I broken free. I perform neither Kaaba pilgrimage nor at bathing spots worship.

One sole Lord I serve, and no other. I perform neither the Hindu worship nor the Muslim prayer; To the Sole Formless Lord in my heart I bow.

We neither are Hindus nor Muslims; Our body and life belong to the One Supreme Being who alone is both Ram and Allah for us.” 

Guru Arjan Dev, Guru Granth Sahib, Raga Bhairon pg. 1136

Eugene Scalia, DoL Secretary

The Senate Thursday confirmed Eugene Scalia as DOL secretary on a 53-44 party-line vote. As a partner at law firm Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, Scalia played a key role in defeating the department’s Obama-era rule requiring brokers and advisors working on retirement accounts to act as fiduciaries. He was lead counsel in a financial industry lawsuit that resulted in a March 2018 federal appeals court decision vacating the rule.

Former opponent to DoL overreach

Mr. Scalia, formerly a partner at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, was the lead counsel in a lawsuit against the DOL rule. Representing financial industry opponents of the regulation, Mr. Scalia argued that the regulation was too costly and that the DOL had overstepped its authority in promulgating it. A federal appeals court vacated the measure last year.

In his confirmation hearing last week before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Mr. Scalia said he may have to recuse himself from the agency’s rewrite of the regulation, due in December. Federal ethics rules could limit his involvement in work connected to his former clients.

Scalia, a son of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, has a long record of representing corporations and trade groups in employment-related cases, CNBC.com notes. Republicans and business groups have said that makes him highly qualified to lead the agency but Democrats criticized his nomination, saying his past record against Obama’s ruling, makes him too friendly to business.

DoL? Eugene Scalia

We did the chart for Mr. Acosta, a rather lackluster one at that, but it is here. Then there was Andy Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants, the first nominee, who had a strong chart of a self-made man, but that was a flash in the pan and he never got confirmed. Now President Trump is on his third nominee, Eugene Scalia; we figured we should we should continue the tradition.

Our original take on Scalia did not have his birth time adjusted for DST oddly enough. it was upon his Senatorial confirmation that we saw the mistake.

Meeting Eugene Scalia

Mr. Scalia is of course the son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia and his wife Maureen. He was born on August 14, 1963 in Columbus Ohio. We have rectified his time to about 9:45 pm with a 25 Pisces ascendant {HS} of a “Shambhala revealed,” with the keyword of “attunement.” This degree makes Mr. Scalia want to bring about a harmonious agreement between differing ideas. Shambhala or Shambala, is the Buddhist principle that heaven is laid laid out like an eight-petaled lotus blossom surrounded by a chain of snow mountains. In its center is the palace of the King of Shambala who governs from the city called Kalapua (the head). Shambhala is also called Shangri-la.

Mr. Scalia is married with 4 children, but with that plethora of Virgoan planets in their native 6th house, he is a workaholic always trying to balance home and family. His Mercury is also there, far from his Sun in the previous 5th house at 21 Leo 32, and with an average Moon speed, giving him a Mental Chemistry that is very deliberate — so much so that he misses opportunities as he weighs the two back and forth.

Sun and shadow

With his Dynamic Aptitude Saturn 19 Aquarius 37 opposite his Sun 21 Leo 32, Mr. Scalia has spent a large part of his life literally in his father’s shadow, something that his chart shows he accepts graciously — the trine of his ascendant to its Lord Neptune at 13 Scorpio and then again his ascendant semisextile to the historical ruler of Jupiter 19 Aries 26 Rx. This latter aspect shows the challenges he has received particularly as he has chosen the same career as his famous father opposite Mars in 7th house at 11 Libra 39. This T-Square ending at his Midheaven 27 Sagittarius 19, conjunct the Galactic Center, has sturdied his determination and made him a strong opponent.

Scalia’s Temperament Type

While his father was a Splash, Mr. Scalia is a locomotive. In his case, Scalia fils has a focal determinator of Neptune, which Marc Jones believes was the true ruler of the chart, showing his commitment or as Dr Jones termed it “obligation” to his inner sight of how individual concerns can best be protected from the giants that walk the corridors of power.

We do not know when his hearing will be, so we are arbitrarily picking the day President Trump announced Scalia as his choice, July 19th with Tertiary Progressions. The chart below, shows his nomination was a bucket with a Saturn at Pisces 14 — conjunct his natal ascendant. It would seem that Mr. Scalia’s ship has come in.

Cory Anthony Booker, US Senator from New Jersey

Booker was born on April 27th 1969 at 1:10 AM in Washington D.C. because his parents worked for the Federal division of IBM. He attended Stanford University, where he studied political science (B.A., 1991) and sociology (M.A., 1992). He was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to the University of Oxford like former president William Jefferson Clinton, where he received a bachelor’s degree in history (1994). Upon his return, he attended Yale Law School, earning a doctorate in jurisprudence in 1997.

After working for the Urban Justice Center in New York City, Booker ran for a seat on the Newark City Council in 1998, and he surprised many by defeating a longtime incumbent. After assuming office, Booker sought to combat an epidemic of drug abuse, and he took up residence in one of Newark’s most crime-afflicted areas.

In 2002 he ran for mayor of Newark, but was defeated; the race was the focus of the acclaimed documentary Street Fight (2005). A second bid, in 2006, however, was successful. As mayor, he garnered national attention for initiatives on gun control, a major issue of his (see Mars in the 10th house in Sagittarius). After Frank Lautenberg died in 2013, a special election to fill his U.S. Senate seat was held, and Booker won.

His ascendant is Aquarius ♒ 04, a man dressed up and a deer by his side with his antlers folded. This symbol suggests Booker’s assertive stance on the political scene and how he wants to make an impact of real consequence. Alas, as it is inconjunct his moon, it is suggests that he plays to the gallery and “mug it up.” Here’s a good example of where he dared the Senate to throw him out for breaking senatorial rules. It did not happen and Senator Booker knew that though he was breaking the rules, he would not be thrown out — but it made for good talking points.

Booker: ‘I’m knowingly violating the rules’ and am releasing documents

The Booker Chart

Senator Booker is a see-saw temperament type. His Neptune is right near his Midheaven giving him a good voice and pleasing appearance his North Node is in Pisces in the 2nd house highlighting his need to become more compassionate and less flippant with others. While he is methodical and detail oriented in his work, his emotional distance from those around him, particularly women, as Venus is conjunct, make him seem uncaring and distant.

His Line of Vitality is trine showing how easy things are for him, and that he takes that for granted, and not work as hard as he should. His Line of Efficiency is absent suggesting he procrastinates on daily things.

His Line of Motivation is sesquiquadrate showed in the clip above — he is highly aggressive and bait others. That does not always work out to his advantage as they cover the 3rd and 8th houses , so that he taunts and dares are always ignored and so grandstanding ensues and he finds himself enwrapt in his own snares.

The last line of Social Significance — or how Booker interacts with society is sextile in the 8th to 10th houses shows how relies on human relationships and social constructs for his advantage. Marc Jones wrote that people born from 1962 to 1971 work best with others because they are so receptive to ideas.

The transits of Cory

His current transits are below

His progressed chart to around Election Day 2020

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June 1900 Hawaii becomes a territory

On June 14, 1900 the Republic of Hawaii was annexed to the U.S. after Congress passed the Newlands Resolution in 1898, that made it a military base to defend the continental US from British attack.

Queen Liliʻuokalani (born September 2, 1838, Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii —died November 11, 1917, Honolulu [USA] ), & our header picture was overthrown as the last reigning monarch in 1893 by Americans under the leadership of Sanford Dole, descendant of the American missionary community to Hawaii and the first president in the new republic. When President Cleveland refused to support Dole’s actions, the latter refused to give political control back to the deposed queen leaving a stalemate in relations.

The chart above at its annexation, shows Hawaii as a a see-saw temperament, split between the old and new forms of political government. We have chosen 12 noon for the signing of the paper giving it a 23 Virgo Ascendant “an animal trainer” with the keyword of “Resourcefulness.”

President Grover Cleveland opposed annexation as he was anti-expanisonist & a friend of the Queen, but his successor, President William McKinley, was in favor of it after the Spanish-American War in 1898 increased U.S. interest in the Pacific. The territory was granted statehood on August 21 1959 to become the 50th U.S. state.

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Does Kamala Harris have what it takes to win the Dem nomination?

Something about Kamala

Suprisingly, Senator Harris trails Veep Biden, perennial candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and is often tied with South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the polls. This is the largest Democratic presidential field in modern history, and as a rule it is the strongest fundraiser that wins — right now no one is getting the cash as everyone is on the sidelines waiting for the big fight aka debate before taking sides.

Kamala Harris parents, Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris, immigrants from India and Jamaica, in an undated portrait. (Courtesy of Kamala Harris)

In the meantime….Senator Harris was born on October 20 1964 in Oakland, California to two immigrant parents: her mother is from Tamil India (and a doctor of medicine) while her father is Kingston, Jamaica. She is a graduate of Howard University, Washington D.C. (formerly the all-Negro school the Howard Normal and Theological School for the Education of Teachers and Preachers, but now is a secular institution). Her law degree is from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

In the 1990s, she worked in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the City Attorney of San Francisco’s office. In 2004, she was elected District Attorney of San Francisco and finally made the big jump in 2016 to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer as California’s junior senator.

Her politics are inline with President Barack Obama as she supports single-payer health-care, federal descheduling of marijuana , municipal protection for undocumented immigrants (sanctuary cities), the DREAM Act, opposition to gun laws and support of transgender rights and net neutrality. She also supports lowering the tax burden for the working and middle classes while raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest one percent of Americans. Previously, the former president endorsed her, but we haven’t heard much of that lately. Perhaps he too is waiting for fight day.

She married fellow  California attorney Douglas Emhoff, also age 55 born a week before her on the opposite side of the country in Brooklyn, New York, after meeting him on a blind date. They were married by her sister Maya West, who is also her campaign chair. Last year the couple made 1.8 million dollars.

And here’s the Chart

We have rectified Senator Harris to 24 Gemini — (HS) an avatar taking human form. She is a see-saw temperament type. While her Moon is 14.18 faster than the average daily motion, her Mercury is slightly behind the Sun, giving her a balanced mental chemistry.

Senator Harris is a see-saw temperament chart lacking any grand trine to unify it, but marked by a fixed grand cross — see Saturn at 28.26 Aquarius opposite Mars in the 3rd house at Leo 21.16. This aspect, a problem with male authority, was highlighted when her father, Donald, came out lambasting her for fabricating their past in Jamaica as slaves when they were actually plantation managers over slaves.

The next wing of the grand cross is from Jupiter 24.00 Taurus in the 12th to Neptune 16.50 Scorpio in the 6th that makes her extremely sympathetic to the plight of racial and immigration prejudice (both her parents are immigrants). Overall the grand cross makes Sen. Harris worry about the circumstances that these planets are in: the rights of the oppressed not being able to speak up (3rd), get meaningful jobs (6th), incarceration either in their body or jail (12th and semisextile her ascendant) and how the law and society treat them (9th). These are also the major themes of her presidential bid.

Her North Node is partile her Gemini ascendant, exact in degree but not minute, suggesting

her previous incarnation was spent in various philosophical and mystical pursuits. She had a lot of freedom and independence then and is now her cause for social justice in this.

Dr. Mohan Koparkar

We constantly vet our posts for accuracy. This one was reviewed on July 28, 2019.

#5 Col. Chas. Francis Adams, Jr. & Georgism

Adams was born on May 27, 1835. He was the eldest son of Chas. Francis Adams sr. a lawyer who studied with Daniel Webster, politician, diplomat, and writer who penned the major biography on his great-grandfather President John Adams. Adams, jr. graduated from Harvard University in 1856 and served as a colonel for the Union Army in the American Civil War.

After the war he was president for the Union Pacific Railroad and the Massachusetts Single Tax League, an organisation supporting Henry George’s economic theory that people should own the value they produce themselves (wages), but the economic value derived from land (including natural resources) should belong to all members of society. Under Georgism only a single tax on land would be accrued by the state instead of taxing labor thus encouraging wealth creation as the many who owned no land would not be taxed at all. Obviously, this idea has not caught on.

The chart is from Janus 5.

Charting the General.

We have rectified Brigadier General Adams (the title was bestowed on him by President Andrew Johnson honorarily) to Taurus 03, a “rainbow’s pot of gold.” Lilith is opposite his galactic center showing how much the weight of his ancestral heritage bore on him and made him bolster things he felt would further the manifest destiny of the nation. His galactic center is also partile Ceres, the asteroid of land and nurturing that is encouraged by his Venus in the 1st house exalted in Taurus, his chart’s ruler.

Adams has a massive preponderance in the Gemini and the 2nd house, the house of property, and a Mars in Leo making him champion grand ideas: defending the Union his forefathers created in the civil war, the nation long railroad and finally Georgism. His north node is in Gemini that Dr. Mohan Koparkar writes shows his need for physical freedom and philosophical independence from the tried and true. This is supported by Amor partile his Moon — he was a true patriot.

Asteroid Sappho partile (exact in degree) Mars has the symbol of “an old army captain rocking in his chair” or Adams great love for reliving his military experiences in memory and his gift for achieving mastery from and through them. In the 4th house this suggests also the many friends he made through his Civil War work, for the 4th house is on the mundane level the home of fatherland and on the natal tied to home and progenitors, that helped him throughout his life: in short he was a good networker.

Asteroid Requiem at 18 Cancer on the 4th house cusp tells of his belief that the railroad would be unifying force in the spirit of his Commander-in-chief, Abraham Lincoln, that would benefit all, and turn the rebellious swords into ploughshares. Opposite as it is his Midheaven, this to Adams was his great work and life’s purpose. Asteroid Toro at 19 tells us that General Adams had a great constitution and worked hard, despite being according to his Mental Chemistry, an average student.

True to his varied life, Civil War and thereafter, he is a see-saw temperament type switching gears as he needs to adapt to the changing times.

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Poll update: Biden and AOC

Rasmussen Reports did a poll on whom registered Democrats identify with more: Veep Joe Biden or Representative Alexandria Ocasiz-Cortez. The results strongly favoured of the Veep over the Rep while GOPists still like Donald J. Trump. Neither group is too fond of Congress.

 Rasmussen (no longer affiliated with its namesake btw) finds 43% of all Likely U.S. voters say their personal views are most closely aligned with the average Democratic member of Congress. When it comes to the major issues facing the country, 35% say the president’s views are closest to their own, while 12% identify with the average congressional Republican .

Who is the Congressional average rep, was not stated.