#654 2-fer Karl Marx

Marc Jones has Karl Marx with a 1:30 am birth time. This gives the German political philosopher 10 Aquarius as his ascendant — [HS] “artisan in mosaic glass” the call for careful and sophisticated consideration of subtle distinctions before the execution of one’s great work.” It gets the keyword of “Planning” according to McClung as the key is keeping the end in mind. Liz Greene … Continue reading #654 2-fer Karl Marx

#10 Envisioning Europe, Swiss leader Gustave Ador

Gustave Ador data is incorrect in the Jones 1000 — his birthday is reckoned to be November 23, 1895 in Geneva, canton of Geneva, Switzerland, but it is really a month later, December 23, 1845. Jones states that was born at 1 am we are going with an ascendant of Taurus 02 and 1 pm. His grandfather emigrated to Geneva from Vaud, an agricultural canton, … Continue reading #10 Envisioning Europe, Swiss leader Gustave Ador

Venezuelan Oppo leader, Juan Guaido

Caracas, Venezuela — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has called for a military uprising in what he dubbed the “final phase” of his bid to oust President Nicolas Maduro – or as he named it, “Operation Freedom.” Currently there are 22,000 Cuban soldiers in Venezuela to support Maduro and Guaido is calling for an insurrection against them. (update 5.3 Guaido’s call for help failed.)   … Continue reading Venezuelan Oppo leader, Juan Guaido

Update: Julian Assange arrested: Transit Charts for Arrest and Court dates

  After seven years holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Julian Assange was arrested by U.K. authorities on Thursday, on charges of failing to surrender to the courts and also on a U.S. extradition warrant. Footage of the arrest was dramatic:  a struggling white haired man dragged bodily into a police van shouting about the unlawfulness of  his arrest against a rather grey … Continue reading Update: Julian Assange arrested: Transit Charts for Arrest and Court dates

Julian Assange or the man with the Warhol hair.

Assange is back in the news because Bob Swan Mueller is hell bent on proving something after two years of proving nothing but that Manafort didn’t pay some back taxes. (He has a track record better than the weatherman.) When did Russian intelligence give WikiLeaks the e-mails that it hacked from the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, and how did it transmit them? Shortly after … Continue reading Julian Assange or the man with the Warhol hair.

The Honduras Caravan

On October 13, a group of hundreds of people gathered  to flee their native  Honduras in a caravan headed toward the United States. That caravan quickly swelled to approximately 7,000 Central American immigrants as it passed north through Guatemala. President Donald Trump has called the approaching group a “national emergency,” vowed to cut tens of millions of dollars in aid to three Central American countries, … Continue reading The Honduras Caravan

Digging thru Jamal Khashoggi

‘If you ask Google “when is Jamal Khashoggi’s birthday”, it will return October 13 1958.  Based on that, we created this chart using a sunrise birthtime and whole houses since we are working the dark.  Nothing odd about that but the chart is rather perplexing for him.  Obviously whatever we know about the journalist is either wrong or the date is; perhaps both. The Facts … Continue reading Digging thru Jamal Khashoggi

Ambassadress Nikki Haley wants to Splash

Our header picture is Nikki Haley with her family on the left and her husband’s on the left taken when she was governor of South Carolina.  Based on the pointsettias in the background, I imagine it was taken as a Christmas Holiday photo —  Mrs. Haley is a convert to Christianity but her parents remain Sikh. Her temperament type is rather striking.  She obviously wants … Continue reading Ambassadress Nikki Haley wants to Splash