The liberal voice, John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill was the most influential English language philosopher of the nineteenth century. He was logician, naturalist and an exponent of Utilitarianism. He was the foremost liberal who advocated for the delegate model of electoral rights and thus the consequences of John Locke’s empiricist (knowledge comes from experience) outlook.

Mill combined eighteenth-century Enlightenment thinking with newly emerging currents of nineteenth-century Romantic and historical philosophy. He wrote System of Logic (1843), On Liberty (1859), Utilitarianism (1861) and An Examination of Sir William Hamilton’s (best known as the discoverer of Uranus) Philosophy (1865).

 “Nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure…  Actions then should be judged according to how much happiness they produce. 

Jeremy Bentham, Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation,.

Early days in Pentonville

Born 20 May 1806 at in Pentonville then a northern suburb of London, at about 8 o’clock in the morning. His father James Mill a Scotsman, was educated at Edinburgh University and taught by Scottish polytmath Dugald Stewart. James moved to London in 1802, where he was introduced to Jeremy Bentham, the English legal reformer via his Scottish connections, and married Harriet Barrow. John was their eldest son and Bentham’s godson.

James Mill gave his son (Uranus partile Saturn in the 4th) a vigorous education. His mother 25 Gemini 45 is said to have little effect on him, but we question that because Mill’s true love was also named Harriet whom he met at a dinner party in 1830, and was married to a pharmacis, John Taylor. The three agreed Mill would visit Harriet at the Taylors’ country retreat when her husband John was not present, and at their London residence while he was at his Club. This arrangement persisted for years, an was entirely platonic much like a son to a mothers.

Marriage to Harriet Taylor

When John Taylor died in 1849, with Harriet and Mill married in 1851 and Mill became outraged at the judgmental norms of propriety of his philosophical friends and wrote On Liberty (Uranus in the 4th sextile the 1st house and square his Neptune or what he felt their “enlightened” reaction should be) is the cornerstone of Liberal Political thought. It is here that Mill states very clearly that

“The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant…. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” 

On Liberty

Mill idolized his wife (Venus at the 10th house sextile his Moon in the 12th) and credited her with everything he wrote. Harriet died, we could find no reason why,  in 1858 while the couple was in Avignon, France. Mill purchased a house close by the cemetery, and lived there for the rest of his life. He did not remarry Uranus at 22 Libra 14 Rx sextile the 8th house Aquarian house with Saturn opposite Venus and a T Square to Jupiter 07 Capricorn 20 on the 7th house cusp).

Delegation par-dessus tout 

In 1865, Mill was elected as the Member of Parliament for Britain’s Liberal Party. Since he believed that the trustee ideal of representation was false (this is where the representative is elected on behalf of similar minded people) and instead advocated the liberal model of delegation (where one is elected because of their own principles and ideals whether or not they coincided with the electorates) he neither canvassed for the seat nor attended Westminster afterwards, but stayed at home, in Avignon. This argument of representation has historically been the difference between Western parliamentary parties (Tory v. Labor; Democrat v. Republican).

Librivox has many of his works available for listening including Utilitarianism, On Liberty and the Principles of Political Economy, Speech on Capital Punishment and Consideration on Representative Govt.

Key astrological points:

  • His ascendant is 01 Leo 51 (Leo 02) , an epidemic of Mumps, is a momentary appeal of ideas are kept alive by his immediate needs making his life a continual excursion into current affairs.
  • His Midheaven at 07 Aries 51 is conjunct Venus 12 Aries 44 showing the importance not only of his wife Harriet, but also how he acquired ideas that changed structurally how society worked.
  • Jupiter (07 Capricorn 20 — birds chirping happily) square the Midheaven (07 Aries 51 — a large hat with streamers flying east) highlights his drive of working towards a Utopian economy that was utilitarian and feasible.
  • His North Node is in Sagittarius in the 6th highlights his inner circle’s impact on his life’s work while the South Node in the 12th shows equally how his friends let him down in his marriage by their lack of support. Also shown here is his need to be a service to others often at his own loss making him uncompassionate and cold.
  • His Moon is conjunct his South Node in the 12th. This aspect can give someone a martyr complex, dedicating himself to another — the Moon as a proxy for his wife and seeking seclusion from outsiders and thus dedicating himself more to his (their) work. This Nodal setup as it works into his Midheaven/Nadir shows that Mill saw himself an economic doctor/surgeon to Britain’s ills.
  • He is a see-saw temperament type.
  • His mental chemistry is very aggressive but upon deliberate in application.
  • His dynamic aptitude is the Sun opposite Neptune, a born social reformer because the individual’s need for group validation for his social research. This aspect keys Mill energy and will towards the idealism of a better future and the social reform needed.
  • Mill died in Avignon on 7 May 1873, time unknown so the progression below is something to ponder, if only in comparison in broad terms to his life’s work — the Moons are trine showing happiness in his dedication to his wife and his own life’s work; two two Mars are sextile one in philosophy and the other for the public thus Mill was satisfied that he had brought a peaceful revolution i.e. reform to the political and intellectual arena, etc.

The Father of Liberalism, John Locke

John Locke was an English philosopher born to Puritan parents in Wrington, Somerset, England on August 29, 1632 about 11:30 in the morning. His ascendant 12 Scorpio, [SS] “is the “embassy hall,” or the social dramatization that brings self fulfillment. Implicitly, this is an emphasis on the practical values of life and the political organization of society as the consummation of these potentials. The keyword is Display, and the symbol works well for someone who is the father of the “Rights of Man.”

Educated at Oxford University, Oxford, England, principally in medicine and became the physician to the future 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury. After the latter’s fall from grace, fled to the Netherlands where he supported the Glorious Revolution, the overthrow the historic English monarchy (James II) and the installation of William of Orange (the colour of the Dutch) and his wife Mary. 

During this time he wrote his magnum opus, the “Essay Concerning Human Understanding” (1688) where he postulated “sensationalism”  the philosophical theory where the mind perceives physical qualities (size and shape and weight) but also other indefinite attributes that vary depending upon the observer (taste, smell and colour).  These properties could be combine things into further compound properties and ideas.  

(c) Government Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Locke disagreed with the Divine Right of Kings, instead writing that the King was responsible to Parliament and a ruler’s obligation was foremost to his subjects, to ensure the right to freedom, to thought, to speech and worship. This was all underpinned by the most important right of all — that of property.  This was a hypothetical “social contract,” and became the nucleus of the politics of Liberalism** and the foundation of the both the French and American Revolutions. While similar sounding to Natural Law, first posited by Aristotle, Locke’s Natural Rights are ex-deo — not God given.**

Dr. Locke died on October 28, 1704 at Essex England.

The Locke Chart

Dr. Locke has a preponderance in his 10th house of Virgo, so it unsurprisingly that he began his career as a medical man. This grouping would also encourage him to align himself with stronger or politically more adept men, are a sceptic and very introspective. He has few planets retrograde, so was not a staunch traditionist and with a Mars in the 11th house in Libra, near the 12th cusp, felt that revolution was a purgative for the public soul.

His line of motivation (Jupiter opposite Square) supports his Locomotive Temperament Type with his life broken into two separate periods —  the latter being an attempt to expunge his earlier moral weakness and state plainly his beliefs (Saturn in the 12th at 23 Scorpio 07).  This is probably his 2nd tome, where he displays an almost fanatical adherence to principle. Saturn here also suggests that he may have been too practical in the quest for an ideal partner and thus unmarried (we could find nothing to support that he married) or that his own lack of funds inhibited his search.

Locke’s Dynamic Aptitude, using Saturn but this time to the socially significant planet of Uranus, suggests that despite his rigid belief in liberalness, he was autocratic & arrogant. While these aspects may have been offputting in his lifetime, over time, they have not mattered, as his thoughts and philosophy, much as he hoped, the man himself.

Immanuel Kant and Emmanuel Swedenborg also had the dynamic square of these Saturn to Uranus, suggesting the importance of pointing a philosophical way for people or society to follow; Locke surely posited that in his writings. Though raised a Puritan (Saturn on the 1st house cusp), he later embraced Socinian Christology (a Polish form of Unitarianism that also denies the trinity but importantly argues for the separation of church and state, while stressing the importance of the moral life; George Sylvester Morris & John Dewey also agreed ***) shown via his Uranus- Saturn sextile.


1* The epithet “Liberalism” has changed in the past hundred years as each political party has claimed it as its own, but Liberalism as a political philosophy (not as a party) has always meant what Locke in The Second Treatise of Government wrote:  the defense of the individual’s rights and a representative government.
Locke believed that people have these rights were prior to the existence of government—often called  “natural rights” because they do not government to create them, and that people form a government to protect, not grant them. According to Locke,  when a government exceeds that role by creating superfluous rights to extend its power or abridge the natural rights, it justifies people in revolting. 
A representative government is the best way to ensure that it sticks to its proper purpose for “Government is not free to do as it pleases… The law of nature stands as an eternal rule to all men, legislators and others.”

2* For further discussion of Natural Law vs. Natural Rights, see this but simply stated: natural law is bestowed, while natural rights are demanded. They may or may not be the same.

3* Marc Jones thesis for his Ph.D. was on George Sylvester Morris, that he later published via the Sabian Publishing Society. He was also an attendee of Morris’s most renown student, John Dewey’, and his ill-fated Chicago Laboratory School.

Celebrating the 79th Big Oxi

The ascendant Virgo 18 “an ouija board” as Metaxas could use his reason and articulate for all .  It fills the chart with a preponderance of Virgo in the first house. This aspect, as defined by Marc Jones, suggests that physical disability may occur and a long siege requiring patience and self control will ensue.
  The 1st is always opposite the 7th house in the great circular wheel, and so throwing its weight into that empty sector, portending the need for strategic partnerships finally to succeed.
The Sun, Greece’s will, has several oppositions — one to Uranus showing the slow deaths that Greeks would face from starvation and racial extermination from the Nazis; and then from the Sun to the Line of Motivation (Jupiter to Saturn) as the German’s tried to undermine their determination.

At 3 a.m. on the morning of October 28th, 1940, Emanuele Grazzi, the Italian ambassador to Greece, delivered an ultimatum from Benito Mussolini to Prime Minister Ioannis (John) Metaxas demanding Metaxas to allow the Italian army free passage to occupy strategic sites throughout Greece.

Metaxas stand was surprising as he was pro-Hitler. Like the Nazi chief, he was dictatorial
thug who abolished freedom in Greece, limited
immigration, & banned the Ancient Greek texts
from schools because they espoused republicanism.

Metaxas delivered an unequivocal response in French, the diplomatic language of the day, “Alors, c’est la guerre” — “Then, it is war,” quickly became the iconic “Oxi,” or Greek for no, by the citizens of Athens.  

At 5:30 a.m., before the ultimatum had even expired, the Italian army poured over the Greek-Albanian border into the mountainous Pindos region of Northern Greece.  There they met fierce and unexpected resistance (see our header picture when the Hellenes successfully routed the Italians).

Within six months, Ioannis Metaxas would be dead; his successor, Alexandros Koryzis, would commit suicide;  and the Germans would raise the swastika over the Acropolis. 

King George II of the Hellenes is the first cousin of Prince Phillip of Edinburgh and rose to great popularity for his vehemence against Hitler and Germany. After the Nazi invasion in April 1941 they forced him into exile in Egypt. The Allies restored him after the war, though he died shortly afterward. His brother Pablo (King Paul I married who married a Colberg-Saxe princess in 1938) assumed the monarchy until the 1967 coup when he and his family were dethroned.

Two 19-year-old students secretly climbed the northwest face of the Acropolis and tore down the swastika banner later day.

Despite Greece’s ultimate fall to Axis powers, Metaxas’ response resulted in a fatal diversion and delay for the Axis powers and the German army. British military historian Sir John Keegan in his masterpiece The Face of The Battle describes the Battle of Greece as “decisive in determining the future course of the Second World War.”

για την αδελφή του παππού μου, τη θεία Κωνσταντίνα που πέθανε αγωνιζόμενη με τους ναζί, zoe sas

#367 Mohandas Gandhi Lives

The chart data is from Alan Leo and his 1001 Notables. Marc Jones adoped it for his own. Jones loves Gandhi so much that he wrote a book on the man, Gandhi Lives available for about $5.00 here. our header picture is of Mohandas Gandhi at age 19.

Gandhi and women

Gandhi has a 02 Scorpio rising with a preponderance in Scorpio in the 1st house, showing his need to recreate the world he lived in. It is also part of the opposition to the 7th house showing the push-pull problems (mars and Venus opposite Jupiter) his strong ego had working with other people particularly with women (Moon 20 Leo 11 in the 10th house) that did not develop until he was in his 30’s (the Moon cycle is 29 days in secondary progressions this would be a day for year i.e. 30 years).

He married Kasturba in 1883 when he was 13 years old; she was 14, but within his culture that was normal (notice the partile relationship of Mars and Venus in his first house). Their sex life was also typical, and she was pregnant within the first year; all total they had 4 children with the last one born 15 years later.

But, his problem with sex arose was when his father lay dying, and Gandhi left his bedside to have relations with his wife (the Moon is opposite its essential house where the South Node (05 Aquarius 52 in Aquarius) is found). It was this act that caused lots of sexual tension in Gandhi’s life with his eventually decreeing , “It is the duty of every thoughtful Indian not to marry. In case he is helpless in regard to marriage, he should abstain from sexual intercourse with his wife.”

Gandhi’s Bania Caste.

He was of the The Bania caste, a generic term derived from the Sanskrit word vanij meaning merchant or trader. However some Banias are not merchants. In the fourfold division of Indian society, there are innumerable Bania subcastes, such as the Agarwala, part of the Vaishya, or commoner, class. In religious affiliation they are generally Vaishnavas (worshipers of the Hindu god Vishnu) strict vegetarians, teetotalers, and orthodox in observing ceremonial purity.

On February 22nd, 1942 after a few years of deteriorating health, Katsurba Gandhi died. She was cremated on the grounds of the Aga Kahn Palace. Married 62 years steadfastly remained by the pyre, nothing was left. “After sixty years of constant companionship,” he said, “I cannot imagine life without her.” For the rest of his life, on the 22nd of each month, Gandhi honored her memory with extra prayers.

from the New York Times archives. They did not cover the actual assassination, but days later after the horrible event, mentioned that Truman sent his condolences as did other world leaders. The Times did not state how he died but to say that Bombay was rioting.

Gandhi himself was assassinated by  Nathuram Vinayak Godse on January 30, 1948, New Delhi, India.

He had begun a peace fast earlier in the month and by the 18th of January, his doctors were warning that at 79 he was too old to undergo the rigours of the ritual. The Moslem League, a Karachi newspaper, urged him on, nonetheless he stopped. On the 28th, he visited a Moslem shrine and was shot by a fellow Hindu who objected to Gandhi trying to bridge the two religions.

October 16 Queen Marie Antionette is guillotoined

On October 16 1793, Queen Marie-Antoinette-Josèphe-Jeanne d’Autriche-Lorraine (Austria-Lorraine) was guillotined in Paris France. Looking at the chart, which we picked for 9 am, her chart has a fixed grand cross culminating at her death ascendant of 20 Scorpio 55.

The Grand Square is composed of Pluto 22 Aquarius 45 in the 3rd house to Saturn in the 6th — suggesting that this is the end of a way of life. From 13 Taurus 47 the next square is Uranus at 27 Leo 26 (at Regulus the star of Kings) right on the 8th-9th house cusps highlighting the dissolution of Church and State in France and the rise of the Communards (later re-termed by Marx as Communists).

Queen Marie with her two of her 4 children –
Marie Thérèse the Royal Princess & Louis Joseph, Dauphin of France

Asteroid Lilith is conjunct her ascendant 20 Scorpio 55 and opposite Saturn. This aspect shows the tension between the Ancient Regime (Saturn) and the new Republic. The Midheaven at 08 Virgo 42 purifies her assassination receiving the light of the Piscean Moon below but Jupiter on the first house cusp shows that she would not be the last of the murders and despite the rhetoric, the desire for the loot was more of an incentive than ever admitted.

marie antionette guillotined.pdf

Prosperina’s warning for Greta Thunberg

This is a general sunrise chart for Greta the spokes girl from Sweden on climate change. Her rising is 08 Aquarius 34 wth an appropriate midheaven of Sagittarius for her travels. Neptune that rules the 12th is found there, showing how the Viking spirit of travelling via boat to bring about the conquest of her message appeals to her.

She has a strong stellium in the 11th house of public speaking that will be a problem for her as she matures because it will swallow up her own personality as it gets subsumed by the group. She has nothing in the 5th to offset this, so while she maybe the “voice” it is never her agenda — she is a talking head for another.

Jupiter and Saturn make a nice yod at the bottom as they rule her major planets making a yodic head at Cancer 20 right at the 5th house cusp of the Asteroid Prosperina (Persephone and Prosperity). That is not odd, Jupiter the money sign is in her 6th house with a square to Mars the ruler of her personal 2nd house in the 9th. Greta is very good at seeing opportunity and making it work for her but that this can invert against her, and so is a great warning.

#804 Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady, Diplomat, Humanitarian Visionary

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 to Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt and Anna  Rebecca Livingston Ludlow Hall Roosevelt.  Her parents were New York City’s elite families because of both their political connections and wealth. Her mother’s ancestors, the Livingstons,  signed the Declaration of Independence and another administered the oath of office to George Washington.  Her father was the younger brother of President Theodore Roosevelt.

This photograph of Eleanor with her father and two brothers, shortly after their mother had reposed.  The frowns are on the two males in the picture show those that reposed shortly afterwards.

When Eleanor was eight years old, her mother died.  Her father sent her and her two brothers to live with their grandmother, Mary Ludlow Hall. Less than a year later,  her brother Elliott died followed a year after by her father, Elliott Roosevelt, from alcoholism.  Only Eleanor and her brother Gracie Hall Roosevelt (she named after the father’s aunt, Anna Bulloch and he after her husband James Gracie — he was called Hall)  made it to their majority.  Hall later died of alcoholism like their father in 1941.

#654 2-fer Karl Marx

Marc Jones has Karl Marx with a 1:30 am birth time. This gives the German political philosopher 10 Aquarius as his ascendant — [HS] “artisan in mosaic glass” the call for careful and sophisticated consideration of subtle distinctions before the execution of one’s great work.” It gets the keyword of “Planning” according to McClung as the key is keeping the end in mind.

Liz Greene in her “The Outer Planets & their Cycles” states Scotsman Maurice Wemyss and his “Famous Nativitieswritten in 1930 does not agree and gives a 2 am time. Both astrologers have the same town.

Wemyss time and 23 Aquarius Ascendant.

With a 2 am birth time, Marx’s ascendant changes to 23 Aquarius, [HS] “the Koran upraised” a symbol of faith in the supremacy of faith itself and in all things of this world.” Keyword is Justification with the idea of an unqualified vindication of a nature thoroughly rectified.

In both cases the North Node is Taurus: Jones its in the 3rd house and for Weymss in the 2nd.

James Braha says that the second suggests “a past life, where the person was preoccupied with the profundity of life, mysticism, spiritual development, and helping others find their values and self-worth.In this carnation he should focus on steady and stable income & acknowledge his own value system.”

Bernice Grebner says the “North Node in the 3rd makes it difficult for the person to express his emotions, as he is too caught up in his work and his own world. He needs to be realistic and separate fact from his fancies.” For the record, Liz Greene uses the Wemyss chart in her writing; YMMV.

A tale of two leaders: Alan Garcia of Peru and Marcelo Oberbrecht of Brazil

Alan Gabriel Ludwig Garcia Perez was born May 23, 1949, Lima, Peru at 3 am. This gives him the symbol of 16 Libra (HS) “terrific winds in the stratosphere.” Coupled with Neptune at 13 Libra explains a lot of his personality that seems more undulations of bravado than plans. At 6′ 4″ (193 cm) tall he had a commanding appearance.

Born in APRA

Both his parents were members of the rebel group ‘American and popular revolutionary alliance’, ‘APRA’ founded in 1924 in Mexico City, Mexico. This seems not to be unusual according to one Aprist, as APRA is akin to a brotherhood in South America and membership seems almost ancestral. Our header picture is of the young Alan with his. Date and age is unknown.

For generations, being an Aprista has been an inherited identity; militants join the Party because their fathers and mothers were members, and their grandparents before them. When I asked Erasmo Reyna, Garcia’s personal lawyer, to define the Apra, he made no mention at first of ideology or policies. “Aprismo is a feeling,” he told me. “A brotherhood. It’s like you’re part of a big family.” I pointed out that it sounded as if he were talking about a soccer team. He shook his head. “We’re not a club. We’re not a fan base. We’re bigger than that.”

New Yorker Magazine, July 1st issue

García studied at Pontifical Catholic University in Lima and earned a law degree (1971) from the Main National University of San Marcos of Lima. After several years of additional study in Madrid and Paris, he returned to Peru, where in 1976 he joined the familial center-left American Popular Revolutionary Alliance (APRA). A gifted & charismatic public speaker, García career rocketed: elected to Congress in 1980, APRA party leader in 1985 and then president at 36 years of age.

His meteoric rise made him “Peru’s JFK” and he entered office as the country’s youngest-ever president. How much he owned to the power of APRA can only be guessed, but his midheaven is 12 Cancer ” a rainbow trout” where one’s mind’s eye opens the door to a world beyond.” Its keyword may sum Apra best of all: “Secrecy,” like the Freemasons.

President Garcia and Pope Benedict

First Term disastrous

García’s presidency turned ruinous. His first decision was not like Kennedy’s to cut taxes but instead raise them, nationalize the banking industry, and to suspend the country’s foreign-debt payments. This should have not been a surprise as Scorpio is in the second house of his chart and it wants to play creatively with the status quo. Venus that rules that house is in Venus on the 8th-9th house cusps and suggests that philosophy over pragmatism would win out.

Incredibly, Peru plunged into economic ruin as inflation skyrocketed to 7,500 percent. Shortages of food and five million Peruvians in the streets results. The Maoist rebel group Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) a radical offshoot of APRA led by Comrade Gonzalo who believed like Chairman Mao an industrialized state is not needed for overthrow as Marx had specified stepped up its attacks and called for a violent toppling of Garcia’s regime.

García left office in disgrace. Alberto Fujimori reigned as dictator for the next 10 years while Garcia under the threat of arrest on corruption charges, fled to France in 1992 and then took up permanent domicile in Spain. The statute of limitations ran out in 2001 and incorrigible (Neptune’s waves hit again) he returned to Peru to lead the party, again. He ran for president but lost to Alejandro Toledo ( a full foot shorter than Garcia) fondly called “El Cholo” (“The Indian”) because of his indigenous ancestry.

2nd Presidency

A river runs through it ; Peruvian desert the wonder of Oberbrecht

Garcia bounced back again and in 2004 won the presidency a second time. He was different, his agenda was free-trade, low inflation and solid economic growth a marked reversal of the fiscal and political disasters of his first term. The bi-wheel above could be the key” Saturn typically takes full effect after 58 — he was now 55, so a maturer and more fiscally responsible Garcia was in charge.

Not knowing when the elections were, we have chosen the winter solstice for analysis

As his natal Saturn is 30 Leo and partile his Part of Fortune, [HS] “ephemeral clouds caught in the sunlight” he was able to manage his exuberance of being president and a leader, and think long term of his legacy [Mars and Venus in the 8th house of Gemini]. He now spoke [transiting Mercury in the 7th] of visions and growth; Pluto both trine, has markedly changed his tenor and tone.

Constitutionally barred from seeking a consecutive term, García was unable to run for reelection in 2011. Like a yo-yo he waited for 4 years before trying again.

A third term?

It’s 2015 and with Neptune in the first house those cyclic waves have Garcia running for president. However, this time he received less than 6 percent of the vote in the 2016 election and was forced to step down as leader of APRA; humiliated he returned to Spain. Charged with having accepted kickbacks from the Odebrecht construction giant (part of the Petrobras scandal) during his second term as president he returned to fight. But because of his affiliations with the US, his enemies were able to make the allegations stick.

What Odebrecht brought to Peru: Chavimochic

Petrobas, Oderbrecht and Peru

The crux of the problem is Odebrecht, which began work in Peru in 1979 under Garcia & rose to be one of the country’s chief constructors of roads, bridges, dams and highways. It built a $4.5 billion road that connected the Pacific to the Amazon basin and an electric train in Lima. It was also the engineering construction company behind a $1.9 billion irrigation project called Chavimochic (see above) that irrigated a section of desert on Peru’s northern coast and paved the way for the export of asparagus and strawberries.

the president they call PPK

The brouhaha hit Peru in late 2017, when President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, son of Polish Jews who fled Hitler to Peru, and former university economist, was linked to a $782,000 payment from Odebrecht; his rivals in Congress moved to impeach him. He avoided that by resigning last March. According to U.S. Justice Department documents, Odebrecht paid US $29 million in bribes to Peruvian nationals over the span of 10 years when Kuczynski served as Prime Minister; the listing does not mention any payments to Garcia.

President Toledo at the UN in NYC.

Alejandro Toledo, aka El Cholo, president in the early 2000s, is wanted for extradition from the United States where he lives in San Francisco, but has refused to return to Peru — no dummy there — the DoJ listing has 10 million going to him. Ollanta Humala, president from 2011 to 2016, and former military commander, was detained but released after interrogation.

Picturesque Peruvian winter — July; all Peruvian images from NY Sunday Times

The End

On November 17, after a judge banned García from leaving the country for 18 months worried that he would return to Spain. He moved into the Uruguayan embassy and requested asylum. Perhaps he should have tried Ecuador as Uruguay denied the petition.

His natal Sedna is conjunct the transiting Sun at time of death as is transiting Sedna conjunct his natal Sun. See our writeup on Sedna here.
(Jailed Odebrecht CEO Marcelo Odebrecht / World Economic Forum)
Marcelo Odebrect CEO

It did not matter what DoJ found, Peruvians believed he was as guilty as the other.

Officials arrived at Garcia’s Liman home, on April 17 1917, and García with his transiting Part of Fortune conjunct his South Node in Libra fatally shot himself.

Astrologer Ivy Jacobson says that, “Any planet or angle in the same degree as the Nodes points to a catastrophe, casualty, fatality or tragedy whether it is a horary or natal chart.” In her “The Way of Astrology” , she further notes that during the year that a progressed angle lines up with a natal or progressed node, there will be some tragedy in the life often as a result of previous poor judgment.

Two months later on June 18, Odebrecht, filed for bankruptcy protection after years of graft scandals and trials involving top Latin American businessmen and politicians. Marcelo is fine albeit a billion dollar poorer, but happy in jail.


  1. The inspiration for the story was the article in New Yorker Magazine, July 1 2019, titled What Led Peru’s Former President to take his life? Click here to read it; the New Yorker gives a few articles each month for public viewing.

#10 Envisioning Europe, Swiss leader Gustave Ador

Gustave Ador data is incorrect in the Jones 1000 — his birthday is reckoned to be November 23, 1895 in Geneva, canton of Geneva, Switzerland, but it is really a month later, December 23, 1845. Jones states that was born at 1 am we are going with an ascendant of Taurus 02 and 1 pm.

Gustave Ador at 1pm on December 23 1845. The HS is “a ship’s compass” with the keyword Orientation highlighting his ability to see the long term benefits of government for all people.

His grandfather emigrated to Geneva from Vaud, an agricultural canton, many years earlier but received his Genevan citizenship in 1814.

Vaud, Switzerland

Ador left local political scene on June 26 1917 and entered the Swiss federal government but his real contribution to European politics was in February 1920 when in he called for legitimatizing the status of the million Tsarist refugees into Switzerland and indeed all of Europe. He urged the Council to appoint a commissioner to handle the issue as the League was the ‘only supernational political authority capable of solving a problem which is beyond the power of purely humanitarian organisations’.

This ‘a humanitarian duty’ he continued was an ‘obligation of international justice, ’ in the same manner prisoners-of-war were managed during the First World War. (League of Nations, Official Journal, March-April 1921, p. 227) The Council listened and created a high commissioner for refugees, Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen, the North Atlantic explorer turned statesmen, who created the Nansen passport system to allow the movement of refugees throughout Europe. The Soviet government did not recognize the League of Nations but negotiated with Nansen personally, and in September 1922 he reported to the third assembly of the League that his task was completed and 427,886 prisoners of war were repatriated. Ador’s vision was complete.

Charting Ador

President Ador is a lipped bowl scooping up his various resources with Jupiter in Taurus at 01 and then distilling them through the lens of transformative Pluto before coming up with a unique method for government to address the issue. With Neptune at 23.49 in the 11th house he was a natural humanitarian and conjunct his PoF at 20.19 he had great faith in his fellow man.

He has no water in his chart, and his Mental chemistry is typical, thus it was not through logic that he made his great speech to the League of National Executive Council but through his Taurean Venus on the 11th house cusp — his concern for the welfare of people.

Ador’s north node is Scorpio (creative rebirth) in the 8th house crystallizing how he overcame his provincial background and rose to a world leader . Dr. Korparkar writes that this person is someone whose ” previous incarnation was a routine who resisted change” but from the force of events like a phoenix reborn sees what other’s miss and becomes their champion.

He died on March 31, 1928 in his hometown of Geneva, our header image, on his Uranus return.