Dwelling upon U.S. General George S. Patton, jr.

One of the lectures I went to at SoTa was on classical rulers.  The presenter gave Patton as having Mars in Libra, seventh house.  That struck me as odd, so I went to Astro.com and looked it up.  They have November 11, 1885 18:38 at San Marino California.  This gives him a 01 Gemini Ascendant … Continue reading Dwelling upon U.S. General George S. Patton, jr.


Jupiter Cycle 1797

  This Jupiter cycle, chosen because it is the one that ushers in the 19th century, and all of the Jones 1000 falls within the 19th and 20th centuries.  It starts offs on a rather militaristic note. Mars is in the tenth house and it is the point focus of an opposition between Pluto that … Continue reading Jupiter Cycle 1797

The Lusitania and Elbert Hubbard

For those interested in the sinking of the Lusitania and Hubbard's birthchart, it is provided below for discussion and review.  We are using the Marc Jones time and the 2:12 GMT PM time for the sinking as reported by the lighthouse keeper of Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland -- it was supposedly within view.  The … Continue reading The Lusitania and Elbert Hubbard

#710 Grasping Mussolini

Benito Mussolini  was named for Benito Juarez of Mexico, because his socialist father felt it would give his son character.  Strong willed, and intelligent, when his father was told by the nuns that his son had academic promise, Signore Mussolini told his son to beat his teacher up, lest she encourage the boy to be … Continue reading #710 Grasping Mussolini

John Toland on #462 Adolf Hilter

by Gary Noel Last week, I was asked some questions regarding my comments about Hitler and . I was asked if I was arguing that Hitler was a humane mass murderer. I never said those words. In fact, I put “humanely” in quotes to emphasize the absurdity of genocide being benevolent.  For the June 1995 … Continue reading John Toland on #462 Adolf Hilter

Founding of the NRA

According to ISAR, the National Rifle Association was founded on November 16, 1871 around 10 am in Fairfax VA. This is unrectified because the NRA only agrees that the it was founded in November 1871 and will not corroborate a specific date. Nonetheless, this speculative chart is interesting.  It has all the elements within but … Continue reading Founding of the NRA