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Time's Person of the Year

Time Magazine has announced its Person of the Year. It is Miss Greta Thunberg of Sweden. We reviewed her in this article.

Greta Thunberg sits in silence in the boat’s cabin that will take her across the Atlantic Ocean. Inside, there’s a cow skull hanging on the wall, a faded globe, a child’s yellow raincoat. Outside, it’s a tempest: rain pelts the boat, ice coats the decks, and the sea batters the vessel that will take this slight girl, her father and a few companions from Virginia to Portugal.

This chart is the bi-wheel between Miss Thunberg’s rectified nativity to the cover date of the Time magazine article, December 23rd. Time’s offices are in midtown Manhattan, just a few blocks north of Times Square.

For a moment, it’s as if Thunberg were the eye of a hurricane, a pool of resolve at the center of swirling chaos. In here, she speaks quietly. Out there, the entire natural world seems to amplify her small voice, screaming along with her.

“We can’t just continue living as if there was no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow,” she says, tugging on the sleeve of her blue sweatshirt. “That is all we are saying.”

It’s a simple truth, delivered by a teenage girl in a fateful moment. The sailboat, La Vagabonde, will shepherd Thunberg to the Port of Lisbon, and from there she will travel to Madrid, where the United Nations is hosting this year’s climate conference

It is the last such summit before nations commit to new plans to meet a major deadline set by the Paris Agreement. Unless they agree on transformative action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the world’s temperature rise since the Industrial Revolution will hit the 1.5°C mark—an eventuality that scientists warn will expose some 350 million additional people to drought and push roughly 120 million people into extreme poverty by 2030.

For every fraction of a degree that temperatures increase, these problems will worsen. This is not fear-mongering; this is science. For decades, researchers and activists have struggled to get world leaders to take the climate threat seriously. But this year, an unlikely teenager somehow got the world’s attention.

The rest of the Time article is here. You can buy the cover here.

A.C. Moore Arts & Co. throws in the towel

A. C. Moore’s parent company Nicole Crafts announced on November 25 2019 that Moore was closing down. This was will cover all of its more than 145 locations based on the Eastern Seaboard. AC Moore plans to continue to offer services to customers until the closures are complete. However, it is no longer allowing for online orders.

The Michaels Companies Inc. will be taking over 40 of these locations, as well as one distribution center.The plan is to have these locations open sometime in 2020. Michael’s is already the largest arts and crafts store in the U.S. with over 1,260 locations.

Our take

Looking at the bi wheel, we think that as children grew up, there has not been enough replacement families, to fill those cash registers particularly as more and more young Americans are moving out of Moore’s target area.

  • Idaho has regained the position as the leader in inbound moves for 2018. They have come in first 3 times out of the last 4 years, after falling to the second spot in 2017.
  • Illinois topped the outbound moves list for the 4th time since 2014.
  • For the last 5 years, the states with the highest move totals haven’t changed. They are as follows: Florida, California, and Texas.
  • Tennessee made its second debut in the Top 5 most inbound states, jumping up to spot #4 from #5.
  • Maryland made its first debut in the Top 5 most outbound states.
  • Possible correlation between state property taxes and migration.*

from North American Moving site.

Welcome Scorpio 10-24-19

The Sun moved into Scorpio on this past Thursday at around noon. There is a feeling of “regrets,” — in the worst cases being exploited or misled on your choices from others, so you’re wasting a lot of energy nitpicking and undermining others’ ability. Alas, Neptune and Nodes do that.

Cleaning up the house maybe an issue. Someone else could use those old things that you have neglected and they should be the first to go ala Swedish death cleaning.  Holding onto things now makes little sense as Sun is shedding some light on the prison you’ve created, and your deep desire to want out because a “man is born free but everywhere he is in chains” (J.J. Rousseau). Ignore Magnusson’s 65 and older warning and start now. Scorpio is aligned with the harvest and it’s time to shed those unneeded things from your life and slim down.

But do not clean too far. The chart is also recommending reconnecting with forgotten family members, particularly if you have a chip on your shoulder of how they have treated you in the past. It maybe time to shoot a card, letter or phone message and right past wrongs. Halloween is a good way to “treat” someone and say “Hello”.

Cash flow problems creep up now, and it’s best to tighten your belt and get a hold on them. The same idea goes for managing your time as it is slipping away with too many obligations, most that you either forget or misremember.

The job scene is bearing down hard and this could cause a desire to change jobs — if you are working this hard you want to be recompensed for it. Unfortunately, this change will put you back into square 1, paragraph 1, as the samsara of needs and wants keep turning your head this way because in reality you’re just itching to ride. As First Lady Nancy Reagan admonished, Just say No, because staying the course is the better part of valour for now; break loose and day-trip with your free time instead.

This is probably my last, or next-to-last post from the Nickel City. Nothing lasts forever, and I think I’ve overstayed my welcome anyway, so instead of regrets, I will take the planet’s advice and throw out and reconnect.

Happy Halloween — Mo.

October 13 1792 The Laying of the White House Cornerstone

We were impressed that the cornerstone for the White House was laid on the anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. It’s that thoughtfulness for tradition that has built this country into Washington’s shining empire and “city on the hill.”

This chart shows several important asteroids at the time of ceremony. Washingtonia is at 21 Sagittarius 21 right on the 11th to the 12th house graphically depicting how the White House was not only a public monument but a place where the President was secured, and the head of government resides.
Asteroid George itself is at 20 Leo 23 in the 7th House square Asteroid White House at 24 Aries 14 in the 4th house — the place home, hearth, position of the Father of the Country and end-times (after being president, most men have retired with the notable exclusion of Taft who went onto the Supreme Court).
Asteroid Virginia, depicted as a indehiscent shell, is in the first house at 04 Aquarius 52 — because Washington D.C. was carved out of the state.

The aspects for the Ceremony

The ceremony get a very noticeable bucket with a Saturn handle. Newly discovered Uranus is on the 8th House cusp right next to Asteroid George, because no man left such a mark on our country as General and President George Washington did, from declaring t the start that all the colonies must support the endeavour, to personally supporting the troops, marshalling them on the field, to declaring that it was to be republic and not another monarchy by being its first president.

Antique American Photograph: Early drawing of The White House, Washington, D.C., United States, 1900: Original edition from my own archives. Copyright has expired on this artwork. Digitally restored. Sketch showing the White House which was exhibited at the Centennial Celebration in Washington, D.C.

Nonetheless, its first resident was President John Adams and his asteroid, Asteroid Johnny, is right there in the fourth house nadir at 12 Taurus 22. The rising sign is 03 Capricorn, “the human soul receptive to growth and understanding.”

Alas the few sour notes appear on the chart as well, Mars is in Sagittarius, a fiery planet in a fiery sign in the essential house of Aquarius — the 11th. Saturn is opposite the yet to be discovered Neptune in the 10th depicting the war between philosophy and pragmatism; and Uranus is opposite the very far out Pluto highlighting the inventive nature that will become America’s heritage suggesting with the square to both the Sun and Saturn highlighting its Damoclean imperative as noted by President Kennedy.

After the 1929 fire

While the ceremony gets the Dynamic Aptitude of Jupiter to Neptune – a sensitivity to sufferings of others (immigration) and welcoming them aboard, it dominated by oppositions (4). Marc Jones writes that this gives the White House, and hence the greater house of the country itself, a naivete in dealing with others, forcing it to continually struggle for its supremacy of its charter.

Fast Forward to 2019

$70Gs and he’s yours.

Moving ahead for its 227th anniversary, things have changed. Mars is now right the cusp of the first house at 23 Taurus 39 and a “mounted Indian with scalp locks,” sort like those cigar store Indian totems that once advertised tobacconist’s ware, and it opposed Neptune on the cusp of the seventh in Scorpio. Saturn is still at the nadir with the Midheaven across and via a translation of light gets an out of sign conjunction to Pluto in the 10th. This of course creates another Cosmic Cross, a fixed one, as though the battle lines have been drawn and the ascendant at 12 Gemini “an eagle that crows” is having an identity crisis.

c. 1900 White House

Asaph Hall and the Discovery of Deimos

Deimos (dread) and Phobos (fear i.e. phobia) in Greek mythology, were he twin sons of Ares (Aries in English; Latin Mars) who accompany their father into war. Ares along with Eris (goddess of chaos) & Enyo (goddess of war and destruction) were the only children born of the union between Zeus and his wife Hera; Zeus obviously did better elsewhere.

Deimos and Dr. Hall

“I repeated the examination in the early part of the night of 11th [August 1877], and again found nothing, but trying again some hours later I found a faint object on the following side and a little north of the planet. I had barely time to secure an observation of its position when fog from the River stopped the work. This was at half past two o’clock on the night of the 11th. Cloudy weather intervened for several days.

Dr. Hall’s notes on Deimos discovery
the Mr. Peanut Moon, Deimos

When Dr. Asaph Hall (Asteroid ASPH is named in his honour) discovered the twin satellites, long thought to revolve around the planet Mars, he named the first Deimos (discovered on August 12th) and Phobos (August 18th, almost a week later) appropriately enough. Both because of their very odd shapes, more like peanuts than our globular satellite the Moon, were argued to be asteroids. Their size did not help the argument, Phobos, is only 14 miles across (22 kilometers), while the smaller, Deimos, is only 8 miles (13 km), making them the smallest moons in the solar system; in comparison, our Moon has a diameter of 2,519 miles which sounds enormous but is still about 80% the size of our favorite planet, Earth.

“I dare not affirm that I was able to observe the phases of Mars; nevertheless, if I am not mistaken, I believe that I have seen that it is not perfectly round.”

Galileo, December 30 1610 in a letter to a friend

Galileo’s observation is thought to because Phobos — its orbit is the closest to its native planet of any moon in the solar system — was too close to Mars to be seen separately. It’s shape does not help as it seems to hug its mother planet.

Rather ironic is that Mars 18 Pisces 34 was in Pisces when Deimos was discovered, because Venus is exalted in Pisces at 15 degrees and that cannot be a good place for Mars. But Venus was not in a good place either, for she is found in her detriment in Virgo opposite Mars that is in the essential house of Virgo! While Virgo is in the essential of Pisces where she is exalted — do we remember that Milton Bradley game Twister!

It gets better, Jupiter is in its lord, Sagittarius in the 4th house and happily sextile Moon and the Asteroid ASPH — suggesting it was giving some extra light to the discovery but it is in the first house that is ruled by the Sun that is in good friend Leo but in the essential house of Aquarius where it is in detriment.

Pluto, not found for another 50 years is in the 9th house, giving a a big boost to Dr. Hall’s career and long studies of Mars’s orbits. And finally, the ascendant is 22 Virgo 46 getting [HS] Typhon’s Bone — Typhon for which typhoon is derived, was the father of all monsters. It’s keyword is “inevitable.”

Asteroid vs Satellite

So what’s a moon a satellite and not an asteroid?

Well Phobos’s orbit is the key. Despite what astrology says, the Moon is not a planet — it is a satellite because it, like other moons in the Solar System, revolves around a major planets accompanying them in their revolutions around the sun. The Sun is the key, for it literally is the center by which all other bodies revolve. It’s size is tremendous — greater than 600 times as massive as all the other bodies combined. This incredible mass makes it central and gives the whole thing, its name (solar is Latin for Sun) — Solar System.

Are the four colours of twister really the four elements of the zodiac?

As so, because the satellite’s long axis is always directed toward Mars; like like our Moon to the Earth, and its rotational period is equal to its orbital period, Dr. Hall was able to prove conclusively it and Phobos’s were Moons.

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Mundane Charts have moved? Maybe, Maybe not

Driving to the new site

Ric Ocasek of the Cars died and we have been playing his songs all day since we heard the news. Our header shot is of his beautiful wife, Paulina Porizkova who found he had fallen asleep after a recent surgery.

Speaking of Drive, the Mundane charts , those dailies & natural hazard reports, are now on Google Blogger as WordPress no longer allows free blogs and we do not want to continue posting here as we think it is confusing. Are we right?

This week we are in Iowa, next week New Hampshire and on the weekends we leave and go overseas — one for Saturday and one for Sunday — all chosen randomly. In the past we went to Japan and then Ethiopia; the coming weekend is Sri Lanka and Luxembourg.


We are debating about moving the old weeklies over there too, but not the event charts that are linked to people, and of course maybe the whole idea of a separate spot is just plum wrong. So we are asking for some feedback on this idea.

As always thanks for your support. It means a lot to us.