William Wallace, Scot Freedom Fighter

The header image is from History Unrevealed, August 2018 issue.  His memoriam date is August 23, Julian style, 1305.  Since we did Robert the Bruce we felt it was only right to do him as well, plus the magazine attributes to him a great quote. With modern planets, and a execution time of 12 noon, … Continue reading William Wallace, Scot Freedom Fighter


Prohibition Starts midnight 6-30-1919

Basically this chart is a bundle with an Uranian handle in the sixth house.  Uranus is also the only retrograde planet in the chart.  The asteroid chart is supplied above and has an interesting aspect between asteroid Li and Venus suggesting that the legislators were quite aware that this would not work. The ascendant is … Continue reading Prohibition Starts midnight 6-30-1919

Mall Fire in Kemerovo Siberia March 25 2018

This chart is a Moon Bucket. Again the eighth house is heavily planetted, this time with Venus suggesting children as victims. The cause seems to be in the fourth house where Mars and Saturn are conjunct. Pluto is not part of the actual debacle but close by hugging the fifth house of offspring and trine … Continue reading Mall Fire in Kemerovo Siberia March 25 2018

FIU Bridge Collapse March 15 2018

Six people died when a pedestrian bridge near Florida International University collapsed March 15, 2018. The bridge collapsed at 10:57 a.m. The astrological setup is a rimless bowl, with sixth house pouring out underneath -- probably a good analogy for the shoddy workmanship of the bridge construction. The Ascendant is 29 Taurus which is a … Continue reading FIU Bridge Collapse March 15 2018

The chart for Independence Day

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the … Continue reading The chart for Independence Day

Trump meets Kim: June 12 2018 in Singapore

                                                 First the reigning yod Following the method for other Jupiter cycles, the last one started on June 6, 2010.   The yod for this chart is rather collapsed (see below) and the … Continue reading Trump meets Kim: June 12 2018 in Singapore

The Hillary 2016 Convention

A blast from the past.  I have been meaning to put this up forever and finally I found the gumption to do so.  So here are my notes on the Philly convention.   I was a Bernie supporter so that the chart was divided did not surprise me but the 27 Libra Ascendant,An Airplane Sails … Continue reading The Hillary 2016 Convention

Cayce SC Amtrak Derailing

from the New York Times At a news conference near the crash site, Robert L. Sumwalt, the current N.T.S.B. chairman, ruled out foul play and said investigators initially believed that a switch had been manually thrown and then padlocked. “The key to this investigation is learning why that switch was lined that way because the … Continue reading Cayce SC Amtrak Derailing

The 2017 Solstice & the Winter Ahead

Today, December 21, is the Winter Solstice  at 11:37 AM EST, the Sun enters Capricorn. This is the chart set at Washington D.C., at the Capital Building.   The Ascendant of the chart is the 18th degree of Pisces, with Neptune in the 12th House and Jupiter, co-ruler, in Scorpio in the 8th House.  Sun and … Continue reading The 2017 Solstice & the Winter Ahead