A.C. Moore Arts & Co. throws in the towel

A. C. Moore’s parent company Nicole Crafts announced on November 25 2019 that Moore was closing down. This was will cover all of its more than 145 locations based on the Eastern Seaboard. AC Moore plans to continue to offer services to customers until the closures are complete. However, it is no longer allowing for online orders.

The Michaels Companies Inc. will be taking over 40 of these locations, as well as one distribution center.The plan is to have these locations open sometime in 2020. Michael’s is already the largest arts and crafts store in the U.S. with over 1,260 locations.

Our take

Looking at the bi wheel, we think that as children grew up, there has not been enough replacement families, to fill those cash registers particularly as more and more young Americans are moving out of Moore’s target area.

  • Idaho has regained the position as the leader in inbound moves for 2018. They have come in first 3 times out of the last 4 years, after falling to the second spot in 2017.
  • Illinois topped the outbound moves list for the 4th time since 2014.
  • For the last 5 years, the states with the highest move totals haven’t changed. They are as follows: Florida, California, and Texas.
  • Tennessee made its second debut in the Top 5 most inbound states, jumping up to spot #4 from #5.
  • Maryland made its first debut in the Top 5 most outbound states.
  • Possible correlation between state property taxes and migration.*

from North American Moving site.

Welcome Scorpio 10-24-19

The Sun moved into Scorpio on this past Thursday at around noon. There is a feeling of “regrets,” — in the worst cases being exploited or misled on your choices from others, so you’re wasting a lot of energy nitpicking and undermining others’ ability. Alas, Neptune and Nodes do that.

Cleaning up the house maybe an issue. Someone else could use those old things that you have neglected and they should be the first to go ala Swedish death cleaning.  Holding onto things now makes little sense as Sun is shedding some light on the prison you’ve created, and your deep desire to want out because a “man is born free but everywhere he is in chains” (J.J. Rousseau). Ignore Magnusson’s 65 and older warning and start now. Scorpio is aligned with the harvest and it’s time to shed those unneeded things from your life and slim down.

But do not clean too far. The chart is also recommending reconnecting with forgotten family members, particularly if you have a chip on your shoulder of how they have treated you in the past. It maybe time to shoot a card, letter or phone message and right past wrongs. Halloween is a good way to “treat” someone and say “Hello”.

Cash flow problems creep up now, and it’s best to tighten your belt and get a hold on them. The same idea goes for managing your time as it is slipping away with too many obligations, most that you either forget or misremember.

The job scene is bearing down hard and this could cause a desire to change jobs — if you are working this hard you want to be recompensed for it. Unfortunately, this change will put you back into square 1, paragraph 1, as the samsara of needs and wants keep turning your head this way because in reality you’re just itching to ride. As First Lady Nancy Reagan admonished, Just say No, because staying the course is the better part of valour for now; break loose and day-trip with your free time instead.

This is probably my last, or next-to-last post from the Nickel City. Nothing lasts forever, and I think I’ve overstayed my welcome anyway, so instead of regrets, I will take the planet’s advice and throw out and reconnect.

Happy Halloween — Mo.

October 13 1792 The Laying of the White House Cornerstone

We were impressed that the cornerstone for the White House was laid on the anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. It’s that thoughtfulness for tradition that has built this country into Washington’s shining empire and “city on the hill.”

This chart shows several important asteroids at the time of ceremony. Washingtonia is at 21 Sagittarius 21 right on the 11th to the 12th house graphically depicting how the White House was not only a public monument but a place where the President was secured, and the head of government resides.
Asteroid George itself is at 20 Leo 23 in the 7th House square Asteroid White House at 24 Aries 14 in the 4th house — the place home, hearth, position of the Father of the Country and end-times (after being president, most men have retired with the notable exclusion of Taft who went onto the Supreme Court).
Asteroid Virginia, depicted as a indehiscent shell, is in the first house at 04 Aquarius 52 — because Washington D.C. was carved out of the state.

The aspects for the Ceremony

The ceremony get a very noticeable bucket with a Saturn handle. Newly discovered Uranus is on the 8th House cusp right next to Asteroid George, because no man left such a mark on our country as General and President George Washington did, from declaring t the start that all the colonies must support the endeavour, to personally supporting the troops, marshalling them on the field, to declaring that it was to be republic and not another monarchy by being its first president.

Antique American Photograph: Early drawing of The White House, Washington, D.C., United States, 1900: Original edition from my own archives. Copyright has expired on this artwork. Digitally restored. Sketch showing the White House which was exhibited at the Centennial Celebration in Washington, D.C.

Nonetheless, its first resident was President John Adams and his asteroid, Asteroid Johnny, is right there in the fourth house nadir at 12 Taurus 22. The rising sign is 03 Capricorn, “the human soul receptive to growth and understanding.”

Alas the few sour notes appear on the chart as well, Mars is in Sagittarius, a fiery planet in a fiery sign in the essential house of Aquarius — the 11th. Saturn is opposite the yet to be discovered Neptune in the 10th depicting the war between philosophy and pragmatism; and Uranus is opposite the very far out Pluto highlighting the inventive nature that will become America’s heritage suggesting with the square to both the Sun and Saturn highlighting its Damoclean imperative as noted by President Kennedy.

After the 1929 fire

While the ceremony gets the Dynamic Aptitude of Jupiter to Neptune – a sensitivity to sufferings of others (immigration) and welcoming them aboard, it dominated by oppositions (4). Marc Jones writes that this gives the White House, and hence the greater house of the country itself, a naivete in dealing with others, forcing it to continually struggle for its supremacy of its charter.

Fast Forward to 2019

$70Gs and he’s yours.

Moving ahead for its 227th anniversary, things have changed. Mars is now right the cusp of the first house at 23 Taurus 39 and a “mounted Indian with scalp locks,” sort like those cigar store Indian totems that once advertised tobacconist’s ware, and it opposed Neptune on the cusp of the seventh in Scorpio. Saturn is still at the nadir with the Midheaven across and via a translation of light gets an out of sign conjunction to Pluto in the 10th. This of course creates another Cosmic Cross, a fixed one, as though the battle lines have been drawn and the ascendant at 12 Gemini “an eagle that crows” is having an identity crisis.

c. 1900 White House

Asaph Hall and the Discovery of Deimos

Deimos (dread) and Phobos (fear i.e. phobia) in Greek mythology, were he twin sons of Ares (Aries in English; Latin Mars) who accompany their father into war. Ares along with Eris (goddess of chaos) & Enyo (goddess of war and destruction) were the only children born of the union between Zeus and his wife Hera; Zeus obviously did better elsewhere.

Deimos and Dr. Hall

“I repeated the examination in the early part of the night of 11th [August 1877], and again found nothing, but trying again some hours later I found a faint object on the following side and a little north of the planet. I had barely time to secure an observation of its position when fog from the River stopped the work. This was at half past two o’clock on the night of the 11th. Cloudy weather intervened for several days.

Dr. Hall’s notes on Deimos discovery
the Mr. Peanut Moon, Deimos

When Dr. Asaph Hall (Asteroid ASPH is named in his honour) discovered the twin satellites, long thought to revolve around the planet Mars, he named the first Deimos (discovered on August 12th) and Phobos (August 18th, almost a week later) appropriately enough. Both because of their very odd shapes, more like peanuts than our globular satellite the Moon, were argued to be asteroids. Their size did not help the argument, Phobos, is only 14 miles across (22 kilometers), while the smaller, Deimos, is only 8 miles (13 km), making them the smallest moons in the solar system; in comparison, our Moon has a diameter of 2,519 miles which sounds enormous but is still about 80% the size of our favorite planet, Earth.

“I dare not affirm that I was able to observe the phases of Mars; nevertheless, if I am not mistaken, I believe that I have seen that it is not perfectly round.”

Galileo, December 30 1610 in a letter to a friend

Galileo’s observation is thought to because Phobos — its orbit is the closest to its native planet of any moon in the solar system — was too close to Mars to be seen separately. It’s shape does not help as it seems to hug its mother planet.

Rather ironic is that Mars 18 Pisces 34 was in Pisces when Deimos was discovered, because Venus is exalted in Pisces at 15 degrees and that cannot be a good place for Mars. But Venus was not in a good place either, for she is found in her detriment in Virgo opposite Mars that is in the essential house of Virgo! While Virgo is in the essential of Pisces where she is exalted — do we remember that Milton Bradley game Twister!

It gets better, Jupiter is in its lord, Sagittarius in the 4th house and happily sextile Moon and the Asteroid ASPH — suggesting it was giving some extra light to the discovery but it is in the first house that is ruled by the Sun that is in good friend Leo but in the essential house of Aquarius where it is in detriment.

Pluto, not found for another 50 years is in the 9th house, giving a a big boost to Dr. Hall’s career and long studies of Mars’s orbits. And finally, the ascendant is 22 Virgo 46 getting [HS] Typhon’s Bone — Typhon for which typhoon is derived, was the father of all monsters. It’s keyword is “inevitable.”

Asteroid vs Satellite

So what’s a moon a satellite and not an asteroid?

Well Phobos’s orbit is the key. Despite what astrology says, the Moon is not a planet — it is a satellite because it, like other moons in the Solar System, revolves around a major planets accompanying them in their revolutions around the sun. The Sun is the key, for it literally is the center by which all other bodies revolve. It’s size is tremendous — greater than 600 times as massive as all the other bodies combined. This incredible mass makes it central and gives the whole thing, its name (solar is Latin for Sun) — Solar System.

Are the four colours of twister really the four elements of the zodiac?

As so, because the satellite’s long axis is always directed toward Mars; like like our Moon to the Earth, and its rotational period is equal to its orbital period, Dr. Hall was able to prove conclusively it and Phobos’s were Moons.

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Mundane Charts have moved? Maybe, Maybe not

Driving to the new site

Ric Ocasek of the Cars died and we have been playing his songs all day since we heard the news. Our header shot is of his beautiful wife, Paulina Porizkova who found he had fallen asleep after a recent surgery.

Speaking of Drive, the Mundane charts , those dailies & natural hazard reports, are now on Google Blogger as WordPress no longer allows free blogs and we do not want to continue posting here as we think it is confusing. Are we right?

This week we are in Iowa, next week New Hampshire and on the weekends we leave and go overseas — one for Saturday and one for Sunday — all chosen randomly. In the past we went to Japan and then Ethiopia; the coming weekend is Sri Lanka and Luxembourg.


We are debating about moving the old weeklies over there too, but not the event charts that are linked to people, and of course maybe the whole idea of a separate spot is just plum wrong. So we are asking for some feedback on this idea.

As always thanks for your support. It means a lot to us.

Soon the Titanic will be no more, Extremeophiles are eating it away

Titanic, a steel made ship, is slowly being eaten away by the microbe called a rusticle because it is eats steel and not the wood.

This microbe,  D. radiodurans , was thought to be from Mars and in the Guinness World Book of Records, is listed as “the world’s toughest bacterium.” It is classified as an extremophile, a living thing capable of surviving and thriving in conditions too hot, cold, or chemically antagonistic for the majority of life on Earth. Its toughness is so renowned, it is nicknamed “Conan the Bacterium.”

Pres. Roosevelt ends Russo-Japanese War 9-5-1905

The Russian-Japanese war ended with a treaty brokered by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt on September 5, 1905. The war itself was rather short, lasting from 1904 to 1905. It started when Japan acquired the Laodong Peninsula from China in their fracas, but European powers forced Japan to return it. China then leased it to Russia who was interested because it is an ice-free port, which they could use for supplying good to Siberia and Vladivostok.

We have chosen 12 noon for the signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth, as it is the historic time of such signing. This gives the chart a 01 Sagittarius ascendant (a rocky trail with brambles) and a PoF of 25 Aquarius (an antique spinning wheel). The yod from Mercury at Virgo 02 (children gathering fruit) to Neptune Cancer 11 (the Milky way) ends around Chiron in the 2nd showing the bounty Japan received but the apex of the yod is around Venus in the 8th, (Leo 6 Impetus gained from gravity) hinting that this is fool’s gold.

The history of Port Arthur.

In the second century BC Chinese colonists of the Han Dynasty settled in Northern Korea. During the 15th and 16th centuries the Ming Dynasty fortified Port Arthur for its Chinese settlements. Then in 1633, the Manchus chose it for the headquarters of coastal defense, & by 1858 it was the chief base for the Bejioang, China’s first modern naval force. Thus, it had a long history of Chinese connections.

Japan was upset that they had won the war and lost the peace and since Europe had gotten involved. They were rather angry and decided that they would take it out on Russia. The Japanese had a convincing victory over the much larger Russia, becoming the first Asian power in modern times to defeat the European entity. Part of this was because Russia was fighting an eternal war, a.k.a. the Russian Revolution of 1905. That was the first attempt to transform the Russian government from a monarchy to a constitutional monarchy much like Great Britain.

The war strain the resources of Russia and Japan, and Theodore Roosevelt seeing an opening, offered to mediate a peace settlement. Both parties agreed. So on September 5, 1905, they signed the Treaty of Portsmouth signed in Kittery, Maine, in which Russia recognized Japan as the dominant power in East Asia & President Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Russians recognized Japan is controlling Korea, and they had to turn over the leases of Port Arthur to Japan, both powers agreed to restore Manchuria to China and Russia abandoned all claims to Korea and the South Manchuria Railway, however, it could maintain its position in northern Manchuria and the control of the Chinese Eastern Railway.

The Sparahawk House in Kittery c. 1900 ,thought to be where the signing occurred.

Many believe that the Japanese government felt emboldened by the success of the grains, the great and mighty Russia and this was a major impetus for the later bombing Pearl Harbor, then a territory of the United States on December 7, 1941, as they felt they could take on a similar sized country & win.

Fast-forward to the Yalta conference in February 1945 when FDR broke at another piece, this time for World War II, there was talk of returning Port Arthur and that territory to the Soviet Union now part of Joe Stalin’s Marxist Empire, but the Chinese rejected that idea. The final resolution was the United States kept a naval base there for 30 years and the Soviet Union was responsible for its defense; China was shut out of the area, again.

Dec 2 2016 Ghost Ship Fire, SF

The trial against the two men charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the deadly 2016 “Ghost Ship” warehouse fire in Oakland, California ended Thursday with a mistrial for one of the defendants and a full acquittal for the other.

Derick Almena and Max Harris both faced 39 years if found guilty of the 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter; however, Harris was acquitted on all 36 counts, while a hung jury mistrial was declared for Almena who will head back to trial on October 4th.

The verdict followed a three-month trial and nearly a month of jury deliberations, during which three jurors were dismissed, the East Bay Times reported.

Ascendant is Virgo 06 a merry go round. PoF at 18 Libra two men placed under arrest. Mars at 18 Aquarius and so trine Jupiter/PoF a gun unmasked.

“We are eternally grateful” to the jury, Harris’ attorney, Curtis Briggs, said after the verdicts were announced at an afternoon hearing, culminating the four-month-long trial.

“I’m just in shock. I’m in disbelief, I’m upset, I’m hurt, all the emotions that you can imagine,” said David Gregory, the father of fire victim Michela Gregory, 21.

The jury of seven women and five men leaned toward convicting Almena but ultimately deadlocked 10-2 in favor of not guilty. Almena, 49, remains in custody and returns to court next month. The District Attorney’s Office took no questions from reporters and had little comment after the verdict, only saying that it would evaluate whether to begin a second trial against Almena. A plea deal is another option.

Tony Serra, Almena’s attorney, afterward said, “I’m pained, I’m anguished, I’m frustrated, but goddammit we will win next time.”

The devastating blaze, the deadliest structure fire in modern California history, broke out around 11:20 p.m. on Dec. 2, 2016. All 36 victims died by smoke inhalation, most of them caught on the second floor when the blaze broke and quickly spread throughout the cluttered warehouse. In their last moments, some victims texted loved ones parting messages such as “I’m gonna die now” or “I love you. Fire.”

Almena was the Ghost Ship’s master lease-holder, having co-signed the document in November 2013 to rent the building owned by the Ng family. They agreed the space would be used by an artists collective to create artwork and hold community workshops and classes.

But Almena immediately and illegally turned the former dairy storage warehouse into a residence, inviting people to live there in a community setting, according to prosecutors. Harris, who moved into the building sometime in late 2014, served as a “creative director” or second-in-command to Almena, they allege, adding that he helped organize events there and collect rent.

No fire sprinklers had been installed or lighted exit signs put up, and partygoers who tried to flee by descending the narrow, unstable makeshift front stairs from the second floor couldn’t move fast enough to escape. Prosecutors contended the defendants committed nine violations of Oakland’s fire code, including not obtaining permits for assembly, storing vehicles and failing to provide fire sprinklers or fire alarms. Police showed up on multiple occasions in calls to the warehouse, and video from their body camera footage showed Almena telling them no one lived inside.

Briggs, Harris’ attorney, contended Harris was not living at the Fruitvale District warehouse when it was stuffed with flammable materials.

The defense also introduced the theory of arson as a cause of the fire.

Although no official cause was ever determined by fire investigators, the defense introduced evidence that could point to arson. Witnesses said they heard what sounded like a fight break out and bottles breaking moments before the fire was noticed on the first floor, and that a group of people wearing dark clothing were seen leaving the scene. One star witness, Sharon Evans, testified that she heard a group of men at a taco truck near the warehouse that night boast about the fire, happy that people wouldn’t be escaping.

The trial officially began in April, but the case itself has been ongoing since the two men were arrested in spring of 2017. Harris, 29, was expected to be released from Santa Rita Jail on Thursday evening. His attorney said the first thing he plans to do is eat his first vegan meal since he was placed in solitary confinement after his June 2017 arrest.

Marc Jones does Hawaii

The Honolulu Star, June 11, 1977

While Marc & Priscilla Jones traveled all over the continental United States, they did not go to either Alaska or Hawaii. Nevertheless, his works and fame were notable worldwide as shown in the article at the Conference in Honolulu that Doris Greaves of Australia and Jim Gross of the American Federation of Astrologers held. Her obit and chart is on the Australian Astrologers Memorial site, while Jim Gross now 82 has his chart posted here.