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The 2017 Solstice & the Winter Ahead

Today, December 21, is the Winter Solstice  at 11:37 AM EST, the Sun enters Capricorn. This is the chart set at Washington D.C., at the Capital Building.

Capricorn Solstice 2017


The Ascendant of the chart is the 18th degree of Pisces, with Neptune in the 12th House and Jupiter, co-ruler, in Scorpio in the 8th House.  Sun and Saturn are joined-at-the-hip in the 10th.   Major indicators here point to the 10th, 8th and 12th Houses,  as priority this winter season.

The power of the 10th House (the Executive Branch, POTUS), appears overwhelming, as the President will try to inject himself into every issue, every piece of legislation, or event he sees that has caught the public’s attention.  The Sun-Saturn unification shows an attitude of unbending willfulness &  determination so expect no expressions of compassion or fellowship from the POTUS this holiday season nor for the rest of this dark winter of our discontent.

Pisces, though is Ascending, the sign of sympathy and universal brotherhood, so it can’t be as bad as you say!  True  things are never black or white, there is always some shade of gray or “silver lining” and as the First House of an ingress chart is descriptive of the over-all “tone or mood” for the season, that would represent the people’ of the nation, not him.   Hence, the attitude, the mood of the citizens of our fair land, as suggested here, will be in a more or less compassionate mood.

However, with the rulers of Pisces in the 12th and 8th Houses, there is also deep anxiety and uncertainty out there among the folk.  This deep anxiety is also reflected in the essential dignities of the planets (  a quantitative measurement of planetary strength).  Saturn and Mars strength’s are practically  “off-the-charts”, compared to the other eight.  Pluto also comes in a very strong, but Mercury’s numbers are low; off-the-charts in the negative direction.  What does this mean in reality?  The dignity numbers give the astrologer a feel for the “effectiveness” of a planet in a chart.  Or an idea of the availability of that planet’s energy to contribute to what the purpose of the horoscope may be.

                                  The Focus on the 8th and 12th Houses, Again

In the Fall Equinox Chart in September, we saw a T Square of Sun, Mercury, Mars opposing Neptune, this across the 8th-12th Houses, with Saturn in the 11th, filling in the pattern.  It was no surprise then that issues of national finances were on the front burner and had been on the front burner for months.  And what happens today?  I believe POTUS will sign a Tax Bill!

This Tax Bill may not be the cure for what ails us however because with Uranus in the 2nd House of the nations financial resources and Jupiter and Mars in the 8th indicates that we are still in the woods.  This is because there is now in front us of the Budget Battle!  How, dear hearts do we allocate the money?  This task will engage Congress for no little time, and much energy and expense.

Oh! there is dancing in the streets, dear hearts!  At long last Santa has arrived, or is it the Grinch?

A look at the Important Planetary Aspects

The Moon ( representive of the public, the people) in Aquarius and  the 11th House is suggestive of a widespread desire and motivation among the public to come together; to gather in friendly associations; to form organizations that benefit the “common good”; indeed this placement could be summed up in this one phrase: “work for the common good”.  An ideal that we seldom hear in these days of sharp political divisions and racial, economic strife.

The closest square in the chart, always indicative of the “hot-button” in a horoscope, here it is the Moon Square Mars.  This is not necessarily a negative indication, as it shows that the level of motivation of the public to “take action” is very strong and determined, perhaps volatile.  What happens when you try to shut off the top of a volcano ( which is impossible to do, but just imagine)?  The pressure builds and you get a big explosion.

People are demanding to be heard, their issues addressed.  Will POTUS and Congress hear?  Well Congress, the Legislative Brach is also located in the 11th, so I think it is hearing, at least a little, but I suspect that POTUS is not hearing at all.

Then there is the Mercury Square Neptune.  What this indicates is that the whole “Fake News” thing will continue to grow and dog us.  We will continue to be lost in the foggy mists of electronic media, suffering our addictions to Facebook, Twitter, Game Boys, X-Boxes or whatever else is ones favorite form of escape.    Meanwhile the Masters of Propaganda will continue feasting on the malleability and gullibility of the public mind.

Will There Be War?

Saturn and Mars, in thisWinter Solstice Chart, have moved beyond the very challenging positions seen in the Fall Equinox Chart.   Sun-Saturn, now in Capricorn, are opposing the very significant Cancer  planets in the USA National chart; but, where we are now is just the introductory stage.  As Saturn, by transit opposes the USA Cancer planets, conditions, particularly economic will be severely disturbed. But, that is ahead.

Mercury rules the 7th House in this Winter Solstice Chart as well as in the USA National Chart.  As I said earlier Mercury is a very challenged planet during this winter season.  The 7th House in a mundane/political chart depicts  relations with other countries in general, and is the area to examine for the state of international relations, whether good, bad or indifferent.  Because Mercury is, shall we say, a bit “confused” right now, perhaps having difficulty thinking straight, vulnerable to miscommunication, etc.  With our State Department decimated by staffing reductions, underfunding, and general confusion, and with the possibility of miss-communication, the probability of a major international relations incident or situation arising is high.  And, also not ruling out war, perhaps by accident or miss-calculation.  Transiting Mars is exactly square the Nodes of the USA National Chart.

The Uranus-Neptune Cycle and the  Pluto Transit

As was mentioned in the Fall Equinox article Pluto has been transiting the conjunction degree on the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the early 1990s.  Sometime in June, 2016 Uranus by transit had moved into a semi-square with Neptune ( 1.5° orb).   This, while  it may superficially be seen as a rather inconsequential alignment, I think otherwise.  The semi-square will remain, off and on, within orb until May of 2020.  It is sticking around.

In my article “In This Flood of Sexual Abuse Reports, What are the Astrological Indicators”.  I cover in detail my interpretation of this alignment.  Briefly, I believe what were are experiencing is a re-emergence of the Uranus-Neptune Cycle “influence”.  Look back at the early 1990s. What was one of the most significant events?  What could top the Internet, and cell phone, and related electronic devices that have flowed out in the wake.

How we conduct our relationships and how we conduct our social relations, and even how we view the world and reality has been transformed by this Electronic Age that is now the ‘norm’, for us.   It would be surprising if matters relating to sexual relations did not also come to our attention and contention.   Also with the reemergence of Neptunian influence we are experiencing problems determining what is truth; the simple function of separating fact from fiction has become problematic.  I think it was back in the Bush Administration that one of GWB’s guys, or maybe it was George himself, who said that “we create our on reality”.  With DJT the term “Fake News” has become a household word.  One of DJT’s underlings said that there are “alternative facts” that DJT has that contravene what others consider factual reality.   He is the Chief so it must be okay, for some.






In This Flood of Sexual Assault Reports What are the Astrological Indicators?

Men and Women

Time Magazine published, December 7, its annual  Person of the Year issue honoring “The Silence Breakers”, those  women and men who have spoken out against sexual abuse.  An  avalanche of  such reports has been unleashed since October 5, 2017 when  New York Times published its investigative story on Harvey Weinstein.

An investigation by The New York Times found previously undisclosed allegations against Mr. Weinstein stretching over nearly three decades, documented through interviews with current and former employees and film industry workers, as well as legal records, emails and internal documents from the businesses he has run, Miramax and the Weinstein Company…. By Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey

The story described sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein dating back to the 1990s  concerning his work relationship with Ashley Judd.   On October 10, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie told the Times that they too had  suffered unwanted sexual advances by Weinstein but that was after large uproarious demands for larger stars to support her assertings.  Since these early October reports a huge number women and a few men have  made public statements about their own sexual harassment and assault experiences.

october 6 2017 weinstein.png

In an interview on the Today Show following the Time article, Time Editor-in-Chief, Edward Felsenthal,  said that “This is the fastest moving social change we have seen in decades and it began with individual acts of courage by hundreds of women and some men, who came forward to tell their own stories of sexual harassment and assault.”

I concur with Mr Felsenthal that the country is in the midst of a real shift in social relations, accompanied by political turmoil, chaos, and distress.   As an astrologer I immediately wondered what  were the astrological alignments that correlated with all of this, particularly the sexual harassment reports.   If, what we are witnessing is really such a dramatic social change as Mr. Felsenthal suggested, there should be some prominent astrological signs indicating this.

Dozens of Mr. Weinstein’s former and current employees, from assistants to top executives, said they knew of inappropriate conduct while they worked for him. Only a handful said they ever confronted him.  Mr. Weinstein enforced a code of silence; employees of the Weinstein Company have contracts saying they will not criticize it or its leaders in a way that could harm its “business reputation” or “any employee’s personal reputation,” a recent document shows.  Most of the women accepting payouts agreed to confidentiality clauses prohibiting them from speaking about the deals or the events that led to them…ibid.

                                         Looking for the Hard Aspects

Significant historical events and trends are usually marked by close hard aspects involving the  outer planets, particularly conjunctions, we see plenty in the chart above.  We have Mars and Venus conjunct in the Ninth house of higher power and they are semisextile the Part of Fortune at 21 Leo — that happens to be conjunct President Trumps rectified birth chart.  That makes sense as the #Me2 movement started as a vehicle to indict and impeach the President.

the exaltations.png
The classical set without Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The next set of conjunction is Mercury to the Sun, that shows according to Marc Jones’s articles on Mental Chemistry, that the actions preceeded the discussion but the important part is that the Sun is in its fall in Libra, a rather weakened state (it is in its rulership in Aries where the Moon of all things is found).

Finally, there is an opposition of Jupiter 29 Libra to the Moon in Aries with a cosmic cross, as Jones who created the aspect called the now prevalent t-square, with a point focus at Pluto in Capricorn in the second with its exalted ruler Mars inconjunct it in the ninth.

Other aspects with the modern planets are Uranus &  Neptune semi-square, Pluto is currently transitting Uranus, Transpluto is at 01 Virgo “a man’s head”  and sextile Jupiter in the eleventh, suggesting that some person violated social laws for personal gain.  Finally  that last sextile continues on with Jupiter and Saturn sextile setting themselves up for the  Great Mutation Conjunction of 2020, three years away.  That’s a big astrological deal because of its large cycle, a period of nine hundred and sixty years for the two planets to be exact and while the next one does not fulfill that requirement, it is a trigon or triplicity change from fire to air.



                                                                The End of Patriarchy?

Before getting into the astrological dissection and analysis phase of this essay I want to first take a moment to touch on some of the history of the Women’s Movement.  This is relevant because these sex abuse reports make more sense when studied within the context  of the larger Women’s Movement that has been “gaining steam” particularly since the mid-1960s.  Of course, even without recourse to astrology it is not too difficult to see that what is happening and that this did not come out of nowhere. An astrological perspective though allows us to “connect the dots”  and  project where this all might be going.

Let’s face it “men misbehaving” did not just start in the last 20 or 40 years, this sort of stuff , and much worse perhaps,  has been going on from time immemorial.   It is only because of the success of the Women’s Movement that today these women  feel strong enough to come forward and tell their stories so that the world will have to hear them.  In the past such things were not talked about, and if they were, not heard.claudio

The title “The End of Patriarchy” comes a book by  Jungian psychiatrist  Chilean Claudio Claudio Benjamín Naranjo Cohen better known as his published name, Claudio Naranjo.  His work “The End of Patriarchy and the Dawning of a Tri-une Society” develops the theme that it is  “our way of life’ that is the root causation.  He traces how the Judeo-Christian tradition  encourages a totalitarian male figure, the oppression of women, child abuse, and environmental endangerment, as the patriarchal man  his control over his domain.

Therefore there is no surprise that  almost all of our major institutions have been started, owned and operated primarily by men and that “masculine” values and behaviors predominate in our world.   By “Tri-une” Naranjo recognizes that the “solution” to patriarchy, is not to be found in going to the other polarity of extreme feminism, but instead by elevating a “third factor” which he calls filial (child or the instincts of each)  and so believes that only by elevating the Inner Father” (corresponding to the head), the “Inner Mother” (the heart), and the “Inner Child” (the instincts) can people unleash the divine within.

This book was owned by Susan B. Anthony — see the inscription.

                                           The History of Feminism, Very Briefly

Mary Wollstonecraft published A Vindication of the Rights of Women, in 1792 and was the first feminist boom.   Wollstonecraft, an early feminist philosopher,  was also the mother of Mary Godwin Shelley the author of Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus, (1818) &  wrote that the inadequate education and upbringing of women lead to their limited expectations in life and a self-image dictated by the male perspective of the patriarchal society.  This was not lost on the daughter, who makes her Frankenstein illiterate and unschooled and learns from children and experiences he has along his journey.

Mary Wollstonecraft (Mrs William Godwin) c.1790-1 by John Opie 1761-1807
Mary Wollstonecraft (Mrs William Godwin) c.1790-1 John Opie 1761-1807 Purchased 1884

The publication of A Vindication of the Rights of Women (we have attached a summary of this important book below and a link to the full text) coincided with the opposition of Uranus and Pluto (Uranus @21 Leo 40 and Pluto @21 Aquarius 48) though of course Pluto was yet to be discovered.  Nevertheless, this opposition shows the transformative character that such a socially disruptive book held.

        The Birth of Feminism

The political origin of feminism probably originated from philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment and its offspring, the French Revolution, which had the famous calling cry – “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”

The earliest organized women’s movement convention in America was held in Seneca Falls, New York in July, 1848.   An estimated 300 women and men attended the two-day event.  The convention agreed on a “Declaration of Sentiments” which included a list of grievances, the major one  demanded women’s right to vote.   The next convention was in 1850, the Ohio Women’s Convention at Salem but it was  statewide women’s convention, albeit the first outside of New York.  That though invigorated the leaders and the first national women’s rights convention was held in Worcester, Massachusetts, later that same year.

The astrological correlation with this period was a rare, epochal triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto which occurred in the degree span from 28 Aries to 4 Taurus.

It was a very long slog from the days of these first women’s convention until women finally got the right to vote, granted by the 19th Amendment, signed on August 26, 1920.

This momentous event was summarized by Carrie Catt in a quote,” To get the word “male” in effect out of the Constitution cost the women of the country fifty-two years of pauseless campaign.  During  that time they were forced to conduct fifty-six campaigns of referenda to male voters; 480 campaigns to get State Legislatures to submit suffrage amendments to voters; 47 campaigns to get State Constitutional Conventions to write women’s suffrage rights into state constitutions; 277 campaigns to get state party conventions in included women’s suffrage rights in the planks of party platforms…”

                                                        A Look at the Astrology

Our current position, December, 2017,  on history’s timeline finds us situated “under the influence” of two major planetary cyclical alignments: the Uranus –  Pluto cycle and the Uranus – Neptune cycle.  It is seldom noted in popular astrological today how exceptionally rare it is that two such outer planet conjunctions should occur within one century, only one is the norm.    Only a Rip Van Winkle would not be aware that these are very strange times indeed,  many have described as surreal.  .  If Rip was an astrologer, however,  he perhaps would have some concrete data to support his intuitions.

A Primer on Planetary Cycles

Each planet as viewed from the Earth in the course of orbiting the sun will form a series of significant geometrical alignments with other planets in the solar system. The angular separation in degrees between the planet alignments are called aspects.   Traditional astrology generally viewed the aspects of planets to be “frozen in time”.

Dane Rudhyar, one of the most prominent astrologers of the last century, was a early exponent of a dynamic, holistic astrological  perspective which interpreted a given aspect between planets not as an  isolated event but as a part, or phase of, a whole cycle.  From this point of view the beginning of a cycle, when two planets are together, in conjunction, is considered to be the “keynote”, the “seed”,  that will color, influence,  the entire cycle of the planets in  all subsequent  alignments as the planets move through the  360° of the circle.

The Conjunction and Opposition ( 180 °) represent the two critical/climax events of every planetary cycle.  These aspects correlate with the New Moon and Full Moon phases of the solar/lunar cycle.  The other major aspects are the Trine (120°), Square(90°) and Sextile (60°).  There are several so-called “minor aspects” that can be as vital to an interpretation as the major aspects when found in tight orbs and connected in a significant pattern with other planets.

The term “orb” refers to the degrees of deviation from exactness of an aspect.  Seldom do you find two planets in an exact (partile) aspect, there will be a number of degrees/minutes more or less off the precise number of the aspect.  The orb allowances preferred by astrologers varies, for this essay I allow an orb of 10° for major aspects, and 1.5° for minor aspects.

The Conjunction and Opposition form the “axis” of a cycle, and the two intermediate 90°aspects, the squares, complete the four points of a quadrature pattern.   These quadrature alignments provide the most important data in an astrological interpretation.  Two planets in a 90°aspect signify highly charged, dynamic conditions, critical situations that demand decisive action.  The square aspect usually coincide with fast moving events approaching a “state of critical mass” that require rapid response to successfully defuse

The Uranus-Pluto Cycle, the Key Cycle in the Women’s Movement

This cycle has been particularly dominate for an amazing number of years.  The complete cycle of this pair averages about 127 years ( because of the high declination of the Pluto orbit its rate of motion varies depending on the part of the zodiac it is transiting).  Consequently, only one Uranus-Pluto conjunction will occur in a century.  The last conjunction of the pair spanned the years between 1961 and 1970, and in exact conjunction ( 1° orb) during 1965-66.  The two have been in a square aspect since 2007, and in a exact square alignment 2012 – 2015.  The square alignment  will continue in effect until sometime in 2020 (just in time for the presidential election)

In Cosmos and Psyche, Intimations of a New World View, author Richard Tarnas identified the Uranus-Pluto cycle with two hundred-fifty years of the movements for women’s rights and femininism.  He discovered that pivotal alignments/aspects ( conjunction , square  and opposition) in the cycle correlated with four specific eras in the women’s rights movements.

The earliest signficant appearance of a women’s movement for recognition according to Tarnas could be seen during and following the French Revolutionary period of 1787-1798.  In England a budding form of the movement was seen in the writing of Mary Wollstonecraft, as has been mentioned. These events took place during the Uranus-Pluto opposition that spanned that period.

The second major stage in the women’s movement arose during and following the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that spanned the years 1845-56.  This period saw intense concentration of efforts on getting the right to vote for women.

The third major stage in the movement correlated with the Uranus-Pluto opposition of 1896-1907.  With each stage there was exhibited a progressive increase in  militancy  and intensity of political actions and demonstrations. Some of the notable leaders during this period were Emmeline Pankhurst, Carrie Chapman Catt, Emma Goldman, Nannie Burrough,  and Charlotte Perkins.

The fourth major stage of the women’s movement was  in the decade of the Sixties which was dominated by Uranus and Pluto ( with a strong dose of an opposition by Saturn for several years)  So, if you want to get a get feel for the Uranus and Pluto archetypal energies and influence, study the decade of the Sixties.

During the Sixties the word “revolution” was heard everywhere. There was a pervasive rebellion against the “Establishment”. It is interesting to note that Uranus and Pluto were in an opposition aspect during the French Revolution. The two periods are similar because both involved radical cultural change, social liberation movements, civil rights activity and women’s movements.

Within the span of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction The Pill was introduced ( July 1961 but only for female medical conditions). In 1972 contraceptives were made available for unmarried women for the first time. An Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was introduced in Congress for the first time in 1923, but had little traction. It was re-introduced in 1971 and it passed both houses of Congress and was submitted to the states for ratification. To date there have not been enough states ratifications to the amendment to permit it to be adopted into the Constitution

I think we get the picture from these examples of the Uranus-Pluto alignment and recognize how the ramifications of it continue to reverberate through our time.  Next I want to look at the other major planetary cycle having a significant impact at this time on the world, the Uranus-Neptune cycle.

                                     Uranus-Neptune – a Resurgence

The second major planet cycle that I mentioned earlier is Uranus and Neptune.  This pair  forms a conjunction every 172 years, so it is longer than the Uranus- Pluto cycle. The conjunction of this current Uranus-Neptune cycle formed at 18-19 degrees in Capricorn from April 1992 to October 1993;  using a 15° orb, the conjunction was effective during the years 1985-2001.

It should be noted that the “influence’ of a given planet pair’s cycle maintains its “archetypal presence” through its complete cycle (360°)  thus until a subsequent conjunction forms to set the tone for a new cycle . This means that forces that emerge during the initiation of a cycle at conjunction do not suddenly cease after the conjunction is over but will continue to unfold in time through the cycle.

There are however waves “peaks and troughs” of intensity during a cycle that rise and fall with the changing alignments of the planets.    Such a change in intensity is now being experienced because Uranus-Neptune are currently moving through a critical alignment, a semi-square. An additional indicator that the Uranus-Neptune cycle was re-emerged in consciousness is by the fact that Pluto is now transiting the conjunction degrees, 18-19° Capricorn.


                            Two Significant Cycles

During the fourth phase of the feminist revolution of the 1960s ( the Uranus-Pluto conjunction) the major effort, push, was directed toward  achieving empowerment and personal autonomy for women , across the total spectrum – political, economic and sexual.   The powerful impulse of this alignment has continued during the half-century since the Sixties, but with a strong up-tick in power around 2007 as Uranus began to move into a square aspect with Pluto.   Uranus by early 2020 will have moved out of orb of an effective square.


Uranus’s keywords, to prime your imagination a little, include: disruptive, awakening, destabilizing, radical change, and more positively as progressive, innovative, original, creative and catalyzing new beginning.  Uranus is “the archetypal planet” associated with things related to science and technology and intellectual brilliance.  The discovery of the planet in 1781 occurred during the Enlightenment, the French and American Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of Romanticism movement; hence, you get the picture of where Uranus comes from. Pluto’s archetypal nature can be described as: elemental, instinctual, anabolic, compelling, deeply intense and transformative. You will probably be more right than wrong to identify Pluto with raw power and things on a massive scale.

In combination Uranus-Pluto are an extremely volatile mix, the stuff that makes for volcanic eruptions that have effects in all areas of life on the planet, including the relations of men and women. In the 1960s during the height of the conjunction there were historic levels of social disturbance, rioting, burning of cities, etc.  Things were not just hot in America but also in China.  It was experiencing the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution that affected millions of people.

For a few words about Neptune.  It is typically associated with the transcendent, spiritual, ideal, formless and imaginative aspects of life.  It is also associated with movements for social, political and economic rights and equality.   The time of its discovery 1846 coincided with the emergence of many movements devoted to such goals and aspirations. In the late 1840  great interest arose in various kinds of utopian communities, universalism and communist ideologies, as well as theosophy, mysticism and Eastern religions.  Neptune is also the archetype of the oppressed, enslaved, aliens, immigrants, the excluded and women and children.    Hence when Neptune is in ascendancy humanitarian concerns also surface and demand attention, as do issues related to women.

                                                                   Concluding Thoughts

During the past few months the semi-square of Uranus-Neptune as tightened and closed, consequently feminist and sexuality issues have come to the fore.  But feminism, or femininity is not actually limited to just matters on physical plane. When “the feminine archetype” arises it carries with it a greater appreciation for holistic values, intuition, mystical awareness, a capacity for nurturance, a love of nature and a desire for peaceful dialogue rather than competitive destruction. The feminine impulse draws together, relates one to another, in harmony, or seeks to at least.

The conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in the Sixties (1960-1972) marked one of the most significant moments in American history and brought enormous social change with  reverberations that are still sensed and observed today.  It was a watershed moment that separated one kind of cultural life from another. Its effects were very concrete and easily delineated.

The Uranus-Neptune conjunction (1985-2001) on the other hand has been much more subtle and difficult to describe.  It has carries a feminine touch.  But  both alignments have been driven by Uranus, thus the pace of change, the shock of events and the relentless pressure to cope has not materially abated, just become less objectified, and gone underground into the collective/personal unconscious.  It was therefore relatively easy in the Sixties to point out the “bad guys”, the state clearly what was happening and what must be done, what to believe, what the facts were, and who was in charge.  That has all changed with the ascendancy of Neptune.

Today we stand in total confusion, silently terrorized and paralyzed. Mr. Trump has stumbled upon the most succinct description of our times when he came up with the phrase “Fake News”.  Here we are in a new world where each person, if they have the clout, can make up their on facts, live their secret fantasy.  Indeed friends, we have fallen into the Rabbit Hole and haven’t hit bottom yet.


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    1. A summary can be viewed here by doctoral candidate, Katherine Harris click on VoRW Summary
    2. If instead you want to read the whole thing, click here.  It is a short book, about 110 pages.


We constantly vet our essays for accuracy.  This one was updated on Sunday, October 27, 2018.












Update on the Travel Ban and the Ninth circuit

We felt that the Ninth would stay the travel ban and so it would go on to the Supremes. That was right. See the article here. Now the Supremes have agreed that the travel ban in full force is legal. We could not do a mundane chart for this because we had no idea when Scotus would here it or decide.

President Donald Trump’s travel ban is once again to largely go back into effect after the Supreme Court of the United States stayed two lower courts’ injunctions Monday.

The orders come in response to filings by the Department of Justice Friday, asking the Supreme Court to stay the preliminary injunctions in the two main travel ban cases, Hawaii v. Trump in the Ninth Circuit and International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump in the Fourth Circuit. These cases have been proceeding up and down the federal court system for months.

The district courts, especially that of Barack Obama-appointed District of Hawaii Judge Derrick Kahala Watson, have repeatedly ruled that the bans must be blocked from going into effect or must, in the interim, be interpreted in such a way as to have little effect on the list of mostly Muslim majority countries from which travel is prohibited under the orders. The petitions in the two cases were made to Justice Anthony Kennedy and Chief Justice John Roberts respectively. Only Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor declined to sign on to the orders staying the Fourth and Ninth Circuits.


5 things to know about judge who blocked travel ban

By Faith Karimi Wamichi, CNN
A federal judge in Hawaii is making headlines after temporarily freezing President Donald Trump’s revised ba…

The Supreme Court had dismissed the earlier lawsuits based on the earlier, temporary versions of the ban because they had expired.The government, represented by Solicitor General Noel Francisco, asked the justices to re-instate the ban based in part on the findings of the review, which provided new security-based justifications for the inclusion of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen and, he argues, turns the likelihood of success against the plaintiffs.


Trump nominates D.C. lawyer Noel Francisco as solicitor general

By Robert Barnes
Francisco might be best known as the lawyer who represented former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell when th…

Fall Equinox 2017 & the Three Months Ahead

The sun entered Libra, Friday, September 22 at 4:01 PM EDT, initiating  the fall equinox and autumn season.  Our chart for the event set at the Capital Building, Washington, D.C.  I have used the popular Placidean format.


fall-equinox-2017-e1528733515787 (1).jpg

                                          the Mundane Chart

Two of the primary features we look for in a seasonal ingress chart is the position and condition of the sun, since the chart is erected based on its transit, the other feature is the Ascendant and the position and condition of its ruler.

Here the ascendant is Capricorn and its ruler, Satur n is in Sagittarius, in the 11th House.   I have noted that on the chart above.

Capricorn’s nature is practical, pragmatic, persistent, and organized, hence these qualities should characterize the prevailing mood of the season.  Saturn is  the ‘no nonsense’ planet of the zodiac & is located in the 11th House.  In mundane astrology the 11th is associated with the legislative branch of government i.e.  Congress,  its activities, or lack thereof, will be a major focus of attention.  Other things related to the 11th are: social groups,  & associations of  all kinds; political affiliations and participation; national goals; friends of the nation; labor unions; left-wing movements; and business prosperity.

The sun is located in the 8th House.  The 8th is traditionally thought of as a ‘bad place’ to be, in a natal horoscope, because it is associated with death.  In a mundane chart though, so it deals with the nation’s budget, economic crisis; national debt; insurance and the insurance industry; internal revenue; environmental pollution; public money; criminal activity, criminal reform, social security; taxation and totalitarian regimes.

The aspects to the sun are important.  The sun is the source of the energy and vitality of life on the planet, consequently its condition in the ingress chart is a very important indicator of how well things will go for the season.  In other words, a sun with difficult aspects is indicative of  diminished vitality and resourcefulness.  When the sun is relatively weak the inevitable shocks and hazards that will occur potentially will cause more havoc than if the sun were better positioned.


In this ingress chart, the sun  is well positioned, receiving no aspects from the two major ‘malefics’ of the zodiac: Mars and Saturn and has a semisextile aspect to the other luminary the Moon on one side and Venus on the other.  But the Moon is poorly aspected by Uranus in Aries, suggesting chaos and disruption from the second house of the national economy, wealth and prosperity.  It represents banks and financial institutions, money markets, investments, stocks, bonds and shares, so I would say that the Fed Chairmanship will change as will its attitude to “loose money.”  Get that cheap credit while you can.

With the moon and Jupiter under stress in the 9th issues of foreign imports and exports,  high seas, and weather conditions around the coasts & the media i.e.:  the attitude of the press toward the public, so immigration and the “wall” will be back in parlance as will be “Fake News.”  Because the school year starts in September, foreign students and the visas will under discussion and the amount of federal money universities receive — those this was supposedly discussed in the new IRS code.


                             The USA birth chart & the Fall Ingress chart

Fall Equinox 2017 USA
The magic rectangle of inner harmony

I will only point out what I consider to be the most alarming feature of what is presented here, namely the transit of Saturn at 21 Sagittarius opposing the USA Mars at 21 Gemini, the mutable signs.

This opposition is within a 1 degree orb. It has been in this neighborhood since last December, and made a station direct on this degree August 25.

Astrologically this is a definite confirmation of the belligerent stance the US has has since President Trump took office but since these are mutable signs, it could also be considering grandstanding or puffery  (Sagittarian fire + Geminian air).

                                         Will there be war?

No, the Ingress chart does not exhibit a strong sun, it is nevertheless & its 8th House placement, with Capricorn rising suggests trials and tribulations ahead of us during this autumn season, particularly in the areas I have mentioned.

Saturn in the 11th House suggests to me that the fundamental ‘test’ for Americans during this period is not so much in the nature of the events that may occur, however difficult these may be, but in the manner in which we deal with them.  The 11th House in its highest sense depicts  national ideals , hopes and aspirations.  America was founded on very high ideals – democracy, freedom  and equality for all, and for the ‘promotion of the general welfare’.  America has been for many years a ‘Beacon, a Shining Light on the Hill’ for countless immigrants, the tired, worn and desperate masses.  Will America under Trump abandon its modern ideals and become  Fortress America, an international bully, in a much divided country?

                                                                                  An Overview of the Big Picture

I think a primary astrological ‘benchmark’ that we can use to gain some perspective is the epochal Uranus & Neptune conjunction, exact from April 1992 to October 1993, at the 19th & 20th degrees of Capricorn.

feb 2 2017.png
Pluto at 19 Capricorn circled in red.  This is a Jupiter bucket.

Pluto reached the 19th degree of Capricorn, on February 2, 2017, just 13 days after the inauguration of President Trump. As the transformer of the zodiac, Pluto  now at 19  Capricorn (governmental structure, authority figures) tells of  flux &  dissension,  – the break-down of traditional governance, mass killings, massed forced migrations of people into other countries, etc.  Next major stop for Pluto is when it enters Aquarius in early 2024 which should mark a significant turning point in the world crisis. Coincident with this is Pluto’s trine with Uranus.

A Saturn Neptune conjunction at the mid-point of this trine forms on the 1st degree of Aries. This is an extraordinarily positive configuration! We should take into consideration the 240 year ‘Mutation Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn. The two will be conjunct on December 21, 2020 — the winter solstice — , at the 1st degree of Aquarius, which will initiate a mutation from the Earth triplicity to Air Signs.   Before the ‘discovery’ of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the Jupiter Saturn cycle was the primary tool for the ancient astrologer in forecasting.

In 2020 the conjunction will be in an air sign,  historically corresponding with rapid social progress, significant intellectual development, and new concepts entering into human consciousness.

Enter a caption

So if we can hold together for another 5 or 6 years, the future  holds wonderful potential!




What an Eclipse! Charlottesville, the Civil War & Hurricane Harvey

The symbolism for the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse is amazing, powerful , extraordinary, epic or whatever superlative you care to use, as each can apply.   I have used ‘is’ because although the actual eclipse is over, its psychological impact and physical effects are felt for a while — well until the next eclipse at the Chinese New Year in 2018.   I want to share how I interpret the eclipse symbolism and that of Hurricane Harvey, as I believe both are associated.

start of eclipse.png

The most obvious signature of the eclipse is its path across the American continent. The total eclipse phase began near  Government Camp, Oregon at 10:16:55 AM PDT, August 21, and ended near Charleston, South Carolina at 2:49 AM EDT.  The total eclipse perfectly bracketed the continental United States.  Can you  imagine, conceive of anything, anything at all, that could announce more clearly:  “America they made especially this one for you, Wake Up!”

Solar Eclipse 8-21-17

The path of the eclipse bisected the continent, symbolically depicting how divided the country is politically, economically and socially.  Carbondale, Illinois, the point of the greatest duration of the eclipse while not the geographic center of the continent represents ‘heart of the country’ in the Land of Lincoln. As the eclipse moved eastward, it crossed the infamous 36°30′  latitude east of Nashville, where coincidentally General Andrew Jackson had his famous duel with Charles Dickinson, but also the latitude established by the Missouri Compromise of 1820 as the northern limit of black subjugation in the United States (see below).


Still going east, the eclipse crossed the South Carolina coastline near Charleston, grazing right by Fort Sumter,  the start of Civil War hostilities, and then total phase ended, kapoof!  and a partial eclipse begins.

The maximum point of the eclipse was Hopkinsville, Kentucky right about the 36’30 mark

As NASA explains it , a total solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between Earth and the sun, blocking our view of the sun. The sun’s corona, its upper atmosphere, is  still visible, and that created the “halo” effect that we see. The event can take up to three hours from beginning to end, while the exact moment that the moon covers the sun lasts around two minutes and 40 seconds.  The states in the path of totality are (from west to east) Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

A partial eclipse OTOH, is when the moon never completely covers the sun.


Astrologers believe, that there is a connection between celestial phenomena and terrestrial life, the famous esoteric dictum “as above so below” making this powerful eclipse a clear signal from the divine that humanity,  in particular Americans, must rise above this current state of divisiveness and come together, and work together for the ‘greater good’ i.e. the ‘common good’.

We do not have to create a role model to guide us in this critical endeavor, because we have the teaching of Jesus Christ who tells in Mark 12:29-34

One of the scribes came, and heard them questioning together. Knowing that he had answered them well, asked him, “Which commandment is the greatest of all?” 29 Jesus answered, “The greatest is, ‘Hear, Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one: 30 you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. 31 The second is like this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

World English Bible.
Great Eclipse Terminus
The Great Eclipse terminus at Charleston, SC.  Note that Neptune is semisquare Uranus in the fifth house where it is accidentally in detriment.

As the eclipse moves across the continent, the location it in the zodiacal houses also shifts.  In Oregon the Sun and Moon are in third and fourth houses — communications, brotherhood and home.  When the eclipse hits Carbondale they are conjunct in the seventh house of opportunities and partnership and at Hopkinsville, the latitude crossing, things have not yet changed, but at Fort Sumter while still conjunct, the luminaries at in the ninth house of higher self and education.

This suggests that it starts off with the people in the fourth, goes to the seventh and the Judicial and ends with the legislative branch of Congress.  Of course the star Regulus is  exactly aspected, showing the Executive Branch, but the key is that the people are starting the eclipse  and they want the power and voice to make the changes not have it dictated to them from on high.

                                                  Richard Tarnas on Uranus & Neptune

Richard Tarnas writes in Cosmos and Psyche about the nature of Uranus and Neptune from an archetype point of view stating that this  cycle correlates with the emergence of utopian social visions and movements …a connection to  Uranus’s Promethean impulse towards  creative experiment and innovation united with  Neptune’s idealism, hope, spiritual inspiration, “dissolving of conventional boundaries and structures and the imagination of a perfect harmony and unity to be realized  in the human community.”

In the Terminus chart,  Neptune is exactly semi-square to Uranus in the fifth house, and  square the eclipse ascendant.  Neptune also opposes a retrograde Mercury on the tenth house cusp from the 4th House.  This semi-square though is the delusion of  what was “seeded” at the epochal conjunction back in April 1992 when the Los Angeles Riots began (the LA white officers were let off from bullying the black Terry White with excessive force).

Inked1992 la riots_LI.jpg

Professor Tarnas writes that while people are seeking, desire a better world there is no consensus as to what that world should look like or how to get there.  Mr. Trump, is the expression, shall I say a negative expression, of this Uranus impulse for freedom and rebellion.  I believe karmically that DJ Trump is a catalyst for change.

Two Bi-Wheel Charts to think about………

FortSumter Solar Eclipse

     Bi Wheel with Fort Sumter, inner, and the Solar Eclipse, outer

One feature that really stands out ot me is the exact conjunction of Pluto with the North Node of the Fort Sumter chart.  The North Node is the most dynamic point in a chart, as it symbolizes the  “the reason for it all”.  Pluto is the archetype of ‘power’ in the chart, hence we see here an intersection of “destiny and power” occurring at this time and place.

Uranus opposing Jupiter of the eclipse chart conjunct the Fort Sumter sun, forming a T Cross with Pluto, North Node.   The eclipse falls in the 6th House, conjunct the Fort Sumter Saturn.  This highlights the sixth house, that is a place of illness and maladjustment,  but also labour & and service highlighting that  that now is the time to get busy with “working on the illness that caused the Civil War” i.e. the divisive tactics and philosophies that lead to a war of racism and hatred.   It means, stop making the immigrants a tool of politics!


                             A Bi-Wheel of the USA, and Eclipse

In this bi-wheel  Saturn, as it rises is triggers  the Mars square Neptune in the USA chart, and the eclipse Neptune is conjunct the fourth House applying to an opposition with the USA Neptune.  Being a Texan, I am flooded with reports of what is happening in Houston and to me, this is the  signature of Hurricane Harvey.  The fourth house represents the “real estate” of the nation and “the people” are “under water” from the floods of Neptune particularly as Harvey hit the poorer sections of Houston and in particular the refugee camps as they wait for reassignment into America.

I close with a prayer for all the people and living beings in the Gulf Coast area that are so terribly impacted by the hurricane;  may they all be sustained and survive this disaster.

The only ray of light I see in this is that it, like every national disaster, is an opportunity for people to come together, put aside their differences, to help,work, and care for each other,  together as caring and loving human beings.

We constantly vet our essays for accuracy.  This one was updated on June 26 2018.

Humanity on fire: America thru the lens of Neptune

The city council  had narrowly voted to remove General Lee’s statue on the grounds that he was a traitor to the USA, though President Lincoln had said shortly before his assassination he did not want such rancor to occur.    But Lincoln could have never known the rallying points that Confederate statues and flags would becomes for various racists groups after his April 185 assassination.

The Charlottesville debacle was a case in point, several white nationalist groups petitioned the city for a  protest  march against that the statue’s removal for August 12, Saturday. At 8 pm EDT, when the rally was over , Richard Spencer a leader extreme right nationalist group, scheduled to be a speaker  at their convention held on the same grounds at Emancipation Park.

J. A. Fields, Jr.  c. NY Times

Things got to a frenzied environments and counter protestors showed up the next day.  They did not have a permit, but by the  afternoon , James Alex  Fields Jr. drove his Dodge Challenger through a crowd of counter-protesters killing Heather Heyer that lead  to Fields’ also getting charged with a Federal Hate Crime.  Also killed during the protests were two Virginia State troopers.


 I will be tracing the history of slavery/racism in America using several horoscopes of  key events, such as: The Compromise of 1850; the attack on Fort Sumter; the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the Sibly Declaration of Independence, the Missouri Compromise and Nat Turner’s Rebellion.


I hope using astrology that the events in Charlottesville on August were part of the larger picture that began hundreds of years ago, perhaps as far back  as march 1620 when the Dutch brought 20 Africans ashore at Jamestown, Virginia.  ( I will not cite this chart because I do not have the exact day, but I will advance something that is possible.)

Charlottesville Riot Chart ( timed for Heather Myers murder)

The key chart features of the chart below is that one is it a Splash Mundane Chart showing that strong bias.  Indeed this was one secular group against another, pitted as always against each other.  It has a Cardinal Cosmic Cross showing that in this scenario action, and violent action with Jupiter opposite Uranus and then Venus in Scorpio (Heather herself)  pitted against the Martial Pluto in the Second — his resource being the metallic automobile.


The astrological picture of the events in Charlottesville, is deadly and vicious.  Neither side will give way and with the other opposition sextile works like a barricade of  Neptune-Mercury where each group believes that they are right.  Both are wrong though when blood is shed, but it seems on this topic that has been the historical norm.

                                      The Missouri Compromise, a missed opportunity

Missouri Compromise Map

The Missouri Territory petitioned Congress in 1818 for admission to the Union as a state. The next year an amendment to Missouri’s admission was proposed to ban slavery in the new state. This ignited a political convulsion. The Southern States were adamant that Missouri be a slave state while the free states wanted to ban slavery there. A Congressional crisis ensued over which way the balance of political power would move.

The issue of slavery unresolved by the founders had come back to haunt the republic. The day was saved by the “great pacificator”, Henry Clay when he successfully negotiated a compromise on March 3, 1820, that would admit Maine as a free state and let Missouri enter as a slave state.

This compromise preserved the balance of power as before, but was not real solution to the problem; it just postponed the inevitable showdown for another generation. If an astrologer had been present ( and had known about Neptune which had not yet been discovered) he or she would have advised government leaders that the “times were changing.”

Sean Wilentz in his book  The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln

“The issues debated and the charges leveled, from 1819 to 1821 were, however, far more than passing interest. Once resurgent southern slavery had been attacked and defended as directly as it had been during the Missouri crisis, it would prove impossible to restore completely any fiction of sectional amicability, either in Washington or around the nation…Clay’s brokered bargain brought national political peace, but the Missouri crisis hardened northern and southern positions on slavery…”

wilentz book.png
from Willentz’s book

                                           A Slave Rebellion on August 21 1821

Nat Turner rebellion

Nat Turner was a slave in rural Southampton County Virginia. He was a sometime Baptist minister and apparently a mystic as he was inspired to instigate the insurrection by his mystical visions. The insurrection in military terms was of no importance as it was over in about 48 hours and there were not more than 60 slaves involved in the enterprise.

On August 21, 1821, at about 2:00 AM Turner and six other slaves entered the home of his master and killed the entire family, then they went from house to house killing whites, fifty-five were killed. Turner and his group mounted on horseback then road toward the town of Jerusalem but were intercepted by a band of white militia who confronted the killers and scattered them. Turner escaped and was on the run until the end of October when he was captured.

Nat Turner Rebellion a

The insurrection spread panic throughout the South as many feared that more violence would break out. White mobs attacked and lynched many blacks. Southern newspapers printed stories accusing Northerners of being behind the disturbance. Tensions in Southern and Northern relations increased. The insurrection did help to puncture the Southern myth that their slaves were really quite content with their lot, or perhaps just to servile to initiate an armed revolt.

The Compromise of 1850

The 31st Congress convened on December 3, 1849 and on January 29, 1850 Henry Clay, Senator from Kentucky, gave a speech calling for a compromise on the many divisive issues facing the Union. A fear was emerging that if the Congress passed strong legislation curbing the extension of slavery, the Southern states might withdraw from the Union.

31st congress.png

The Compromise of 1850 was proposed by Clay as a series of five measures designed to please everyone, at least a little, and resolve the crisis. California was to be admitted as a free state; Texas received financial compensation for giving up its claims for lands west of the Rio Grande,  the slave trade was abolished in Washington D.C.; in return the Southerners got the Fugitive Slave Law.


The Fugitive Slave Act, passed as one part of the 1850 Compromise, was the only component of the Compromise package that continued to inflame sectional tension after 1850. The Act, as passed, was a revised and strengthened version of one enacted in 1793; it gave slaveholders almost free rein to chase down and capture slaves anywhere in the country, and further, required citizens to join in the pursuit of slaves. Harboring run-away slaves,was a  felony.

uncle tom's cabin.png

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is Published

Uncle Toms Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, first published as a series of forty installments, the fist issue appearing June 5, 1851, was high on the list of contributing factors leading to the civil war. It appeared in book form March 20, 1852 almost 230 years after the first Africans had arrived in Jamestown.   It was  translated into all the major languages and was second only to the Bible in number of copies printed.

Repeal of the Missouri Compromise
Democrat Sen. Stephen A. Douglas, pro of Illinois sponsored the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 allowing for the the territorial organization of Kansas and Nebraska under the principle of popular sovereignty; this had been been applied to New Mexico and Utah in the Compromise of 1850, so he based his bill on that precedence. This action became a fire keg of controversy because Douglas proposed creating two territories  — Kansas and Nebraska–and repealing the Missouri Compromise line.

The question of whether the territories would be slave or free would be left to the settlers under Douglas’s principle of popular sovereignty..The Republican Party rose to the challenge and became for the first time a viable political organization opposed to the expansion of slavery into the territories.   The Act also repealed the provision of the Missouri compromise that prohibited in the Louisiana Purchase territories north of latitude 36 degrees 30 minutes the same that the Great Eclipse crossed so that the territories, both north of that point, could make their own decision.

neptune 1861.png

                                     The Civil War

The Confederates Fire on Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter attack 3

The next great historical point happened on April 9, 1861 when President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate Sates of America, instructed General Beauregard to send demands to Major Anderson, commander of federal forces at Fort Sumter,  to surrender forthwith. Major Anderson rejected the ultimatum.

On April 12, 1861 at 4:30 AM, General Beauregard ordered his artillery to open fires on the fort. Federal artillery returned fire and the battle raged on until the Union forces ran out of ammunition on the afternoon of April 13 .  It was the start teenager Neptune in Martial Aries.


                                       Civil rights law is enacted a hundred years later

President John F. Kennedy in his civil rights speech of June 11, 1963,  asked for legislation “giving all Americans the right to be served in facilities which are open to the public—hotels, restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and similar establishments”, as well as “greater protection for the right to vote”.

This legislation reasserted the Civil Rights act of 1875 that had forbid discrimination in hotels, trains, and other public spaces but has been deemed unconstitutional in an 1883 supreme court ruling :

“The XIVth Amendment is prohibitory upon the States and the legislation authorized  by Congress for enforcing it is not direct legislation on the matters respecting which the States are prohibited from making or enforcing certain laws, or doing certain acts, but it is corrective legislation, such as may be necessary or proper for counteracting and redressing the effect of such laws or acts.

“The XIIIth Amendment relates to slavery and involuntary servitude (which it abolishes); … yet such legislative power extends only to the subject of slavery and its incidents; and the denial of equal accommodations in inns, public conveyances and places of public amusement (which is forbidden by the sections in question), imposes no badge of slavery or involuntary servitude upon the party, but at most, infringes rights which are protected from State aggression by the XIVth Amendment.”

Signing Civil Rights Law
Civil Rights Act 2

On July 2, 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed at the White House the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

When Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it was during the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto opposing Saturn with Mars as the focal planet in a T Cross pattern. and Neptune is the focal determinator in the chart because it is a singleton in the southern hemisphere.

                                    The Neptunian Obligation

Marc Edmund Jones  writes in his Professional Astrology XXII,:

In the Sabian system the outermost planets, Uranus and Neptune. are not ever considered as ruling signs (for logical reasons)…but when it is a focal determinator, a singleton in a hemisphere, it has two purposes.  The first of which is to address the soul and the second to sustain the physical existence of the man.

Neptune then becomes the Jungian archetype of the oppressed, enslaved, and dispossessed.

Neptune is in Pisces now.  It entered Pisces in February, 2015 and will not exit the sign until March of 2025,  As a ‘generational planet’, it aligned with the Hegelian notion of “zeitgeist” of the times.  When Neptune is in  Pisces, the Past meets the Future, often violently and as Pisces is a sign of culmination, one could say that “all the chickens come home to roost in Pisces”.

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are essentially 6 pairs of polarities.  Hence, Pisces and Virgo are a polarity.  This means that what is conscious, objective, in one sign is experiences the characteristic of the opposite sign unconsciously, that is as its shadow.

Neptune hypothetical in 1776 is square Mars in Gemini

A key feature of the USA Declaration of Independence Chart

There are, and have been many different versions of the USA chart.  For many years it was the Gemini ascendant chart  that was widely used , in recent years the so-called Sibly Chart with a 12 Sagittarius 20 Ascendant has risen in popularity.

I have done considerable research on a July 2, 1776, @ 11:11 AM chart that  features a 1 Libra ascendant.  This chart was inspired by John Adams diaries/

It is essentially immaterial what time of day one uses for the Declaration of Independence chart, the placements of the planets do not change much.  I have always been interested in Neptune in the USA chart, perhaps because Neptune in my chart is in an exact conjunction to it at 22 Virgo 25.  Further Mars makes a 2 degree square to Neptune in the USA chart.  This is the closest square in the chart, and according to the Sabian Scheme this  a primary key to interpreting the chart.   Jones writes in “The Counseling Manual in Astrology:  “indicates the single greatest challenge to the native in everyday affairs”.  Additionally Jones says the astrologer should note which of the two planets  must move forward to complete the aspect, it is the initiation/stimulating actor, while the other is carries out and expresses the action.

So, what does the close Mars, applying to Neptune mean for America, according to the astrology?  In order to think about this question we need to get a firm understanding of what the two planets symbolize/represent.  Mars’s nature is unambiguous, after all aren’t men from Mars, and women from Venus?  Neptune is the very slippery one, it could be characterized as the archetype of ambiguity.

Neptune afflictions lead to military disasters

America since WWII has been engaged in almost continuous military misadventures around the globe.  Beginning with the so-called ‘police action’ in Korean declared by President Truman.  This was a war that probably should not have happened if some skillful diplomatic negotiations had of taken place after the WWII.  So, there was a war on the Korean Peninsula, thousands of men died, but with no results, except a stalemate –  no resolution, only a tenuous truce that stopped the conflict. But, now a nuclear armed North Korea threatens to blow us and others off the map.  Other wars in other times have been just as futile –  the Vietnam War, Afghanistan, Iraq and many smaller military actions among them.

Martin Luther King Jr. during last days on earth before he was assassinated began to speak out against the Vietnam War.  He wisely and correctly spoke about the connection between racism/poverty and war.  It is the poor and people of color who file most of the uniforms and fight in the foreign wars.

 Neptune in the 10th House is a representation the Executive Branch’s exploitation of race and economic to further its objectives.  The Sabian Symbol for Neptune at the 23rd degree of Virgo is: an animal trainer.  The image of a person using a whip to control an animal, the lion or tiger comes to mind, so there’s nothing vague, obscure or hard to understand in it.

In an individual’s horoscope the accentuation of this symbol would been indicative of a need for strong self-discipline to tame vital energies. To get into a cage with a lion or tiger takes a lot of courage, and to survive there one must be very alert to the slightest signals, moves from the animal, and be able to read these and possess the necessary self control to adroitly use the chair, or whip or baton to effectively put the animal through the movements one wants.

This symbol when applied in the chart of a nation will of course manifest in a somewhat different way than it does in an individual horoscope. How does Neptune in Virgo in the 10th House on the degree symbolized by the animal trainer reveal itself?  How do our President’s typically act? (The 10th House is the place of the Chief Executive, the President)  I think that the image of an animal trainer is a rather apt one.  I imagine it could be like getting into a cage filled with all sorts of people who each want something from you.  You have noticed that how fast past Presidents have aged while in office.

Neptune, manifesting in a negative way in the USA chart has already been touched on as leading us into unnecessary wars.  I believe that it also tends to over-glamorize the office which leads people to the see the president as some sort of superman, that can right all wrongs, and even “make America great again”.  But, of course, things never go as well as we expect, so the president is an easy scape-goat for all the bad things.  No wonder the men who have served in the office have quickly turned gray.  Long range planning and organizational efficiency suffer under the influence of Neptune, consequently America tends to lurch from misadventure to another, furiouslyputting out fires” and spinning its wheels.


USA Chart and Charlottesville Riot Bi-Wheel

What we are looking for here are the significant planet connections, particularly those that form recognizable patterns.  It is quite obvious there is one.  A T Cross formed by transiting Saturn and Mars aspecting the USA Neptune and Mars.

What does this suggest?  I think that after a rather thorough examination of Neptune and Mars in the USA chart and the fact  these are being strongly aspected by transiting Saturn, that something significant appears to be approaching.  It is notable that Neptune is now at 13 Pisces, and applying in opposition to the USA Neptune, and a square Mars.  This may indicate that ‘conditions’ are gathering strength, building toward the Spring of 2021 when the Neptune to Neptune opposition becomes exact.

DJT announces in speech an escalation in Afghanistan War

Last night, August 21, President Trump announced a new policy for the Afghanistan conflict, as we are in 15th year of that misbegotten war.  There is a old saying that Afghanistan is the graveyard of nations, that was definitely true for the now defunct USSR.  America, is of course, exceptional ( the myth is called “American Exceptionalism” ), so we assume that we, the nation, is especially blessed by the Almighty in whatever misguided action we have a knee-jerk impulse to take.

The Charlottesville event chart, while it is timed particularly for that event, and we are using it to try to  predict where we are, and where things are going in race relations, the chart also relates to general conditions.  Conditions which don’t look good at all, according to the astrology.

An additional dark omen sticks up  its ugly head when we note that the Great Eclipse of Monday hit very close to DJTs Mars and Ascendant.  This aspect does not bode well for prospects of a return of peace and harmony, in the Nation.   Mars is inherently an agitator, an aggressor, but it can also be a defender, protector, when used in a positive way.  In trying to predict something we must, and should, look at past records, past behavior, and given our observation of DJT’s past behavior, the future looks anything but peaceful. DJT throughout his life as habitually “led with his Mars”, it is a sure bet that he will continue to do so, after all, it has always worked for him.

                                                    In closing


A Quad Wheel -USA-Center – Firing on Fort Sumter – Civil Rights Act 1964 – Charlottesville

It is fascinating to plot the transit around the wheel of Neptune as it triggers significant events in America’s experience of slavery and race relations.

I would have liked to have a larger wheel that the Quad Wheel because there are other important charts related to slavery/civil rights could have been displayed, such as the 13th Amendment of 1865,  (abolished slavery. )In the Quad Wheel the 3rd & 9th Houses with Virgo and Pisces have been shaded in.  You can readily see there is a heavy population of planets in that area, which confirms my thesis that these two sings are significant in matters of race relations.

The events in Charlottesville have an astrological connection with the important historical events related to slavery and race in this country and since the election of Mr. Trump our rose-colored glasses have been  ripped from our eyes as we note that the  election of the first black man to the office of President did not signal that America had  ‘come of age’  but that it triggered  racial feelings that had laid dormant for a time.  Hence the rise of DJ Trump.

                                                  Concluding comments with a larger view

The cycles of Uranus & Pluto are highly significant in understanding historical eras.  Richard Tarnas in his book “Cosmos and Psyche” writes that the critical alignment periods ( conjunction, squares and opposition) of these two planets correlates with: “the call for freedom but also the revelation of nature, intellectual awakening but also the eruption of feeling and instinct, radical change but also heightened Eros, creative innovation and experiment but also destructive upheaval”.

We are now in the waning phase of the opening square of the Uranus, Pluto cycle that began with the conjunction at 17 Virgo 07 on October 9, 1965, There was a subsequent conjunction in April 6, 1966 at 16 Virgo 25;  these two degrees consequently provide the “seed symbols”  for this present cycle  that will end with a conjunction in 2104 at 7 Taurus. The next critical alignment, the opposition, will occur in early 2047.

These dates are a long way off but knowing these does help to put current events in a larger context and perhaps help in understanding what ‘it all means’. Our immediate challenge is in dealing with the next 7 -9 year period that will highlighted  the three outer planets -Uranus, Neptune and Pluto change of sign:

  • Pluto enter Aquarius in January 2024;
  • Neptune will enter Aries in March 2025,
  • and Uranus will enter Gemini in April 2026.

Outer planet ingresses invariably correlate with major changes.

We constantly vet our posts for accuracy.  This one was updated on June 29, 2018.

From the New York Times op-ed pages.

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DJT’s 2017 Birthday and the Year Ahead

Astrologers like to review a person’s horoscope around the time of their birthday to see what can be seen about the year ahead.  As you may know POTUS (DJT) had his 71st on June 14.  The Solar Return is typically one of the primary reference charts that the astrologer will study.  Below is DJT’s Solar Return for 2017.   You may notice that the date for the return for this chart is June 13.  “What is this, his BD is June 14”!  Please don’t be alarmed.  The Solar Return is calculated for the exact time that the Sun returns to the position it had at the time of birth of the individual in question.  So, the Sun transited 22 Gemini 56, at 2:39:40 PM EDT (DJT’s Sun degree) on June 13.  Hence, DJT’s actual ‘Sun birthday’ was on the 13th this year, not the 14th.

DJT SR 2017

The first thing we notice in this chart is Jupiter exactly on the Ascendant in Libra, in addition it forms a grand trine with Sun,Mercury and the Moon.  This is an extraordinarily positive configuration for him suggesting – expansion, more expansion, and then even more expansion. ( I notice his waistline has been expanding too, he may need to watch that!) It may seem that time and circumstance this year is working overtime in his favor – a  man that can do no wrong – a man the gods have especially smiled upon.

The planetary pattern ( Temperament Type) of the Solar return is easily classified as a Bucket –  Jupiter is the ‘handle’ planet located alone in the Eastern Hemisphere with all the other planets ( except Saturn, by a little bit) in the Western Hemisphere.  Jupiter’s status and significance is thus further elevated by this positioning.  As noted in the previous paragraph, Jupiter is positioned exactly on the Ascendant of the wheel.  This is indicative of extraordinary emphasis on ‘the self’.   The interpretation of Jupiter can be cut two ways – materialistically or spiritually.  In order to know which way it is going the astrologer has to know something about the life of the individual.  For the person whose life has demonstrated a level of public service and spirituality, a prominent Jupiter could be indicative of an expansion in those things, whereas, a prominent Jupiter in the chart of a materialist is indicative simply more of the same.   DJT life so far has been completely of the materialist kind.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra Ascendant is in the 7th House of the Solar return, indicating that ‘relationships with others’ will also be a major focus of his interest and activities this year.  Venus is in Taurus, a sign that it rules, so all things Venus should go well for him too.  His charm offensive should be in over-drive, the ladies will love him, his relationships should go smoothly and his appreciation of the ‘good things of life’ could not be higher. His appetite for opulence and self aggrandizement should only increase.

The SR Sun is in the 9th, hence all things intellectual, such as, science, philosophy, religion, could be areas of particular interest this year for him, subjects of interest for which he has never in the past exhibited the slightest interest, so, this could be a major change of activity for him.  The 9th relates to travel so he will probably be making quite of few trips on Air Force One – here we come to Mara Lago!

What DJT must be alert to this year

Mars could be a problem for him this year.  It is in Cancer, which is its ‘fall’, and it is also ‘out-of bounds’, that is unusually high declination. ( 24 degrees).  Out-of-bounds planets tend to go ‘rouge’, get out of control.  An out of control Mars is not good for anyone, even DJT.  If he is not careful he will cause many problems for himself and others because of reckless, impulsive actions.  Mars is also separating from a progressed square to Mercury (impulsive, disjointed, intemperate communications).  The SR North Node is also in conjunction with his natal Mars.

Then there is the Saturn transit.  It completes the circuit of a chart about every 28 years.  This cycle and the intermediary points in the cycle are invariably important in an individual’s life pattern.  DJT at this time and through the Summer is experiencing one of these important Saturn transits, in his case it is Saturn moving in opposition to his Sun and conjunction with the Moon.  Hence, it is challenging the core of his vitality, will, and life involvement.

And then there is the August 21, Total Solar Eclipse.  This event and the Saturn transit were extensively discussed in a previous Sabian Earth article: War! DJT and the August 21 Eclipse.  The eclipse, at 28 Leo, is  unfortunately almost exactly on his Ascendant and Mars, thus, again, it is Mars all over the place – where will all the pieces land!

DJT SR 2017 BiWheel  DJT’s Solar Return and Natal Bi-Wheel

The Solar Return planets that are closely  aspecting natal planets should be especially noted.  I have mentioned the SR Saturn aspecting the Sun,Moon. Other important aspect connections are the SR Jupiter,Ascendant conjunct natal Jupiter – thus, adding fuel to fire of expansion and self-inflation. These activate the 2nd House suggesting that this year will be an exceptionally good one for DJT’s financial status.  His wide range of investments and operations will be greatly enhanced by the influence of his position as POTUS.  He has asserted that he can legally run his businesses from the White House, and this is correct because there are no laws on the book that would prevent him doing this.    The gravy train should be loaded this year!

Then, there is SR Mars in conjunction with natal Mercury, which will give additional ‘stimulation communications’, and motor mouth tendencies.

DJT and the Fate of the Nation

The fate of DJT, for better or worse, is inextricably intertwined with that of us folks, citizens of these United States of America.  His prospects all in all for the year are actually pretty good.  He does have a ‘mid-life crisis’ of sorts with the Saturn transit of his Sun,Moon opposition.  Saturn is the archetype of trials, tribulations, blockages and delays.  He has been and will continue to encounter these kinds of things in greater volume and intensity.  This is, however,  a rather unfamiliar experience for DJT whose previous life was one of doing exactly as he pleased with no one he had to account himself to.  He still has not come to grips with the concept that POTUS is our servant, that he serves the people. He did not receive coronation as King of the USA at his inauguration.

DJT fans.....His hyper-active Mars will be colliding with the Immovable Object, Saturn this year.  Which one will give? And  Solar Eclipses tend to throw a monkey wrench into everything.  They are very unpredictable.   The only thing we might say with confidence is that DJT will know something has significant has occurred.  This is because the eclipse falls directly on his Ascendant and Mars.