Sen Bernie announces run for the roses

The three-term Independent senator is the 10th candidate to join the most diverse Democratic Party field in U.S. history. He is the oldest candidate in the race at 81. The announcement was made at 6:40 AM so.  that is when the mundane chart was erected at Burlington, Vermont. With the ascendant squared to its ruler Jupiter in the tenth, we do not see that this … Continue reading Sen Bernie announces run for the roses

2018 Solstice in Detroit

Well, we’re two weeks behind, but trying to finish up both the year and visit around the states. This week we are in Detroit, the Motor City of Henry Ford, John DeLorean and Bob Seger.  Next week is Nebraska. For the quarter we are  looking at our chart from the Traditional perspective.  I just finished Morinus’s Astrologica Gallica #21 and John Frawley’s the Real Astrology, … Continue reading 2018 Solstice in Detroit

This week 12/10-16 in Tucson

Our header image is of a Tucson rodeo c. 1900. The Santa Catalinas in the background, rim the open plain. Our map above, from Bing, is an aerial shot of Tucson. The white line on the bottom is the Mexican border. Ole! Our ascendant this week is 17.11 Pisces or “men seeking illumination,” and that seems to be issue with all the various subpoenas flying … Continue reading This week 12/10-16 in Tucson

Rawlings, WY 12-12-2018

Mercury just went into Sagittarius and chattering abounds.  Listen carefully as some of that just might matter particularly with Hermetic planet square the Midheaven, but it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Too much music, too many things going on — Paris was on fire, is this the third  Nostradamus warning?  Theresa May cannot bring Brexit in, though she did save her … Continue reading Rawlings, WY 12-12-2018

Week of 12/10-16 in Cheyenne Wyoming

The joys of holiday lights, whether for Christmas or Hanukkah are brightening everyone’s house and dispelling these dark days before the solstice. It brings back memories of one’s youth and happier moments but it also helps unify these new days with them or for some, help rectify them. Sappho opposite Bacchus reminds of us the magic of mistletoe and pine trees and the hope pine … Continue reading Week of 12/10-16 in Cheyenne Wyoming

This week 12/3-12/9 in Kansas City Missouri

We are winding down our 50 state tour.  This week is Missouri, next is Wyoming, then Michigan and Arizona and finally New York.  Missouri smack in the middle of the continental 50 comes and goes in the news.  One writer, MacKinley Kantor, wrote a book on the state’s past called “Missouri Bittersweet” that is part travelogue and part history tracing the Show Me’s cultural history … Continue reading This week 12/3-12/9 in Kansas City Missouri

This week in Memphis, 11/25-12/01 2018

Pelosi is still on the ropes and the opposition is TBA.  Across the proverbial pond, Ms. May may not be as lucky for her Party controls her life line.  The Ascendant this week is  27 Gemini,  has a nice springtime theme of seven blue birds moving to another tree and transition is the byword.  Maybe this is a bad harbinger for the ladies in waiting?  … Continue reading This week in Memphis, 11/25-12/01 2018