The Reverend Billy Graham

During his last “crusade,” held in New York City in 2005, Billy Graham, America’s great pastor-evangelist, declared: “I have one message: that Jesus Christ came, he died on a cross, he rose again, and he asked us to repent of our sins and receive Christ by faith as Lord and Savior, and if we do … Continue reading The Reverend Billy Graham


#938 Eight foot high and counting – Bob Wadlow

Robert Wadlow (Born Robert Pershing Wadlow on 22 February 1918 – died 15 July 1940) is the tallest person in medical history for whom there is irrefutable evidence. He is often known as the "Alton Giant" because he was born in Alton, Illinois Robert Wadlow reached 8 feet 11.1 inches (272 cm) in height and … Continue reading #938 Eight foot high and counting – Bob Wadlow

Newsweek and US

We give a big shout out to Newsweek Online, it ceased print publication Christmas 2012 for highlighting Gene Johnson's article on the Solar Eclipse, President Trump and the possibility of War..  You can read the whole article here.  Thanks Folks. Here's the particular passage we are most proud of: The astrology blogger Eugene Johnson predicted in April: “This … Continue reading Newsweek and US

Oldest Woman Emma Morano dies at 117

Biograph: We know little about Signora Morano other than she lived in the Piedmont Region of Italy, was one of eight children, separated from her husband eighty years ago, and ate eggs and chicken solely;  no grains, no vegetables.  She felt that was the reason for her long life:  she ate sparingly. She was born … Continue reading Oldest Woman Emma Morano dies at 117