Chris Flisher & Turning the Wheel

Mr Chris Flisher, an Art Ambassador to Cape Verde, Africa and creator of Turning the Wheel podcasts, has invited our co-editor Mo Saladin onto his show for September 17 2019 at 2 pm EDT. The podcast is on iTunes & other venues as well, but you will have to check out the website and find one that works for you. Here’s a recent episode from … Continue reading Chris Flisher & Turning the Wheel

Updating Astrologer-Psychologist Liz Greene

In Ms. Greene’s book, The Outer Planets and their Cycles, section #5, Liz admits that her “Mercury is in Gemini”. Based on her birthday of September 4th that cannot be literally true Mercury is never that far away from the Sun (which in September is in Virgo), so she must mean is that it is in its the third house or Gemini. Re-rectifying Liz When … Continue reading Updating Astrologer-Psychologist Liz Greene

Sabian Astrologer, Margaret Morrell

Margaret Morrell and Mathilde Shapiro were members of the Sabian Assembly that helped Marc Jones in writing and publishing his astrological works. There is alas no birth information on Miss Shapiro other than a portrait photo on, maintained by her niece Roey. Miss Morrell’s birth data was collected by the late Lois Rodden herself. She was born on March 28 1906 at 6 am … Continue reading Sabian Astrologer, Margaret Morrell

Marc Jones’s “The Cowardly Way” at the Palace Theatre

Marc E. Jones’s “The Cowardly Way” was highlighted on page 9 of the Richmond Washington Palladium Newspaper. It was playing at the local Palace Theatre. Richmond is now a suburb of the Seattle-Redmond-Kirkland metropolis. We noticed that the film-wright got notable mention but not the director. We think that shows his pull for silent film goers. Richmond is 265 miles away from where Marc and … Continue reading Marc Jones’s “The Cowardly Way” at the Palace Theatre

#19 Elizabeth Aldrich astrologer

If not for Ed Dearborn’s obit, previously highlighted here, we would know next to nothing about Ms. Aldrich other than she was born on May 17 1875 in Des Moines Iowa. Surprisingly, the Memorial site does not list her. Our next stop is AstroData and that gives 11:34 am for her birth time and cites “from memory.” Marc Jones in his Sabian Symbols (the back of … Continue reading #19 Elizabeth Aldrich astrologer

Astrologer Edward Dearborn

The writeup on Mr. Dearborn is on Donna Cunningham’s Astrologer’s Memorial; we are just supplying the chart based on their records since when I clicked on it the chart disappeared. I happened upon him because I was searching for #19, Elizabeth Aldrich of whom it was said The Silk Hat ” Fellow Taurus Elizabeth Aldrich (1875-1948), once publisher of the New York Astrologer and a … Continue reading Astrologer Edward Dearborn