French Astrologer Andre Barbault reposes

French astrologer, Andre Barbault, reposed on the afternoon of 7 October 2019. Commencing his studies at seventeen years old,Monsieur Barbault gave the world eighty one years of profound study. His predictions of world events are well-known and his wisdom came from intense study of human psychology married to relentless research.

He was born at a solar eclipse on October 1, 1921, at 5:00 p.m. in Champignelles, France (about 4 hours away by Metro; 2 hours by voiture). He rectified his chart to 4:54:21 p.m. that of course we use for his chart. His website is AndreBarbault and he has many free papers both in French and English available for study. We recommend nabbing them now.

Horary: Will Pres Trump be impeached?

This chart is a horary for the then forthcoming impeachment trial for President Trump. I followed the rules of Marc Edmund Jones in his Horary Astrology book that was an updating of William Lilly’s 300 years prior. That was the reason he took the topic up — the two previous books by Sepharial, Raphael and William Simmonite were rarely available even when Jones was writing in the 1940’s.

In the Regiomontanus format. The Ascendant is 27 Pisces 51 (28 Pisces – a fertile garden under the full moon – keyword Ultimacy) and ruled by Jupiter found at the top of the chart in the 9th House at 25 Sagittarius 17 (a boy on his hobbyhorse probably Trump himself).
The Descendant is accordingly 27 Virgo 51 (28 Virgo — a bald headed man keyword Dominance we think that this is Adam Schiff) and ruled by Mercury found in the 8th house at 20 Scorpio 01 RX (a soldier derelict in duty keyword Deviation — this could be several people but probably not Michael J. Flynn). They are separated by a semisextile aspect.

Lilly’s works have often been the province of antiquarian book sellers for great lots of money. Besides the physical book on Amazon, Lilly’s book is available for downloading on Since Dr. Jones updated the rules, there have been many more authors on the subject. We have not read them all, glanced at few, and have no further comment.

  1. Horary Astrology Rediscovered: A Study in Classical Astrology  by Oliver Barclay
  2. Horary Astrology: Course VIII  by Elbert Benjamine (aka C. C. Zain) — this is the best deal on the list. It’s the only free Mystery School around. Contact the Light of Egypt and get good hermetic education. Their correspondents are worldwide.
  3. The Art of Horary Astrology in Practice by Sylvia DeLong
  4. Horary Astrology by Robert DeLuce
  5. Modern Horary Astrology by Doris Chase Doane
    1. Mrs. Doane worked with Elbert Benjamine. She is a good astrological author with 30 books in her purse.
  6. Horary Astrology Re-Examined by Barbara Dunn
  7. Simplified Horary Astrology by Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson
    1. a lot of Mrs. Jacobson’s works are in the AFA Grant Trust archives.
  8. Handbook of Horary Astrology  by Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Ph. D Psychology
  9. Horary Astrology Plain & Simple, by Anthony Louis, Ph. D Psychology
  10. The Martial Art of Horary Astrology  by J. Lee Lehman
  11. The Only Way To Learn About Horary and Electional Astrology by Marion March, and Joan McEvers — part of the The only way to learn series.
  12. Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events  by Barbara Watters

Jones’s book is the epitome of conciseness with well structured rules. Once you understand them, horary astrology becomes a great tool in your repertoire. We have a copy of the chart available for downloading as well. Send us your findings; we are always interested in feedback. Thanks for reading.

Sunday Morning with Marc Jones

September 9 1932 Our header picture is of 1930 Sacramento.
The attendant chart. Seems that this was a rather successful outing for Marc. See-Saw type, Ascendant is 26 Libra.

The chart was created via Janus 5. It only has canned reports that cannot be altered. That would not be bad, except everything is in portrait format, and we prefer landscape.

If we choose to have Arabian Parts or Fixed Stars on the chart, neither shows up in the boxes above. Also, in the grid above the Asc/MC and the Moon have no relationship to the chart below; so we do not know to what it is referring. We have asked AH about these issues and will report their finding when they become available; we hope those glitches Astrology-House will fix them soon.

Morinus on his own birth chart

Jean Baptiste Morin writes that he was born during the daytime i.e. 8:33 in the morning, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in the 12th house. He used the Whole Sign house system so they are “all” square to Mars in the third.

The parental effect

The Moon is the significator of my parents because it is the ruler of the 4th House, he is Aries rising, and in particular the Moon represents my mother because both are feminine. The Moon also is in the feminine sign of Pisces — 02 Pisces while the Sun by his reckoning is at 04 degrees Pisces and partile Jupiter, a money sign. But, he continues, as “the Sun is between my mother and money, it is not from her I will get anything”, he writes somewhat embittered, and that he writes on is his brother’s doing, the Mars in Cancer in the 3rd house.

Of course Monsieur Morin writes when there were only 7 sacred planets in the sky, thus they are not mentioned in his astrological review.

He wants to be clear that his father — the Sun — is not at fault, because “he never wished me harm”. Cardinal Richelieu, on the other hand, was his secret enemy and shows up in Morin’s chart 12 Pisces. Notice that the Sun is next to Saturn, and these “sunbeams” of ill emanate from Saturn and the powerful enemies he unwittingly made. Morin clarifies this that “I do no think that the Sun is my father alone, but also myself as the Sun is too universal in itself to refer to anything else”.

Ptolemy and Jerome Cardan are correct about the Moon being my moral nature, — 02 Pisces in the 12th — just as Mercury is my mental capacity” — at 26 Aquarius in the 11th. He continues that his Mercury is ruled by the beneficial aspects of Saturn — the traditional house ruler — and not its harsher qualities when it is in the 10th, making my mind more open to ideas and calculations. Venus is next to, and is ruled either by Libra or Taurus, either works in his favour. “This would say that I am not only curious but open to new ideas and ventures and I have found that to be true.”


The Moon’s ruler is Cancer and found in his chart in the 4th house and since the Moon and Cancer have the same basic nature he postulates that his moral capability is sound. But he adds the following caveat, “If we apply, as some do, Mercury’s aspect to his Moon, it is behind, and this means that everyone born that day would have the same capabilities”.

He finds fault with that and says what we do with the other planets we should do with Mercury and its position too, and not by its relation to the luminary. Naturally, he adds, that the Ruler of that house and whether it is afflicted by the ruler or not changes a person’s mental outlook too.

Monsieur Morin is a Mars Bucket. His ascendant 20 Aries [HS] “a salver with bottles of healing oil” gets the keyword of Service.

His ascendant’s ruler is 19.08 Aries that is ruled by Mars and found in the 4th house. It is interesting that he does not mention that Mars in Cancer is in its fall (it is exalted in Capricorn and so in fall in the opposite house) and it is both locally and essentially. Instead, Morin writes that it is in good aspect to his Sun (a trine), so it brings honors to his name (which was true). Mars is also in good aspect to Jupiter (also trine), thus he will also bring by his own efforts money (which he did). Jupiter is also exalted in the 12th as the traditional ruler of Pisces — he does not mention that either.


Now, Morin tackles whether his horoscope is accurate regarding his acumen. He writes that first “I look to the relationship between Mercury and my ascendant (for him it is sextile), and thence to the relationships between Mercury and the ascendant’s ruler (Mars) to see what type of intelligence I will have. For me, we see that Mercury is next to Venus and it’s lord as I have written are good, so this means I am eager student. Mercury to my ascendant is also good though to my ascendant’s ruler (Mars) is in a harsher aspect (obviously Morin is inferring that no aspect means a poor one) meaning that my mind will be sharp, logical, cold and discriminating.”

I will in conclusion, state that all of this is very general and not specific enough to make a real determination. Ptolemy of course would disagree with me, and so would many current, past and probably future astrologers. Thus we must study further and delineate this chart in greater detail.”

–end chapter 3, Book xxi

Updating Astrologer-Psychologist Liz Greene

In Ms. Greene’s book, The Outer Planets and their Cycles, section #5, Liz admits that her “Mercury is in Gemini”. Based on her birthday of September 4th that cannot be literally true Mercury is never that far away from the Sun (which in September is in Virgo), so she must mean is that it is in its the third house or Gemini.

Re-rectifying Liz

When we originally rectified her chart, we put her Mercury in the 9th, and Sagittarius. Now we have to switch it around 180 degrees and Mercury is in the 3rd house (vivification or the ability to make things come alive). Instead of a 28 Scorpio ascendant for 1 PM, she now has a 15 Cancer for 1 AM and the Hyperion Symbol of “candles in a shadowy room.” This highlights her ability to be attuned to opposite conditions with the fine skill which discerns each. Gavin McClung gives this symbol, the keyword of “Sensitivity.”

Change in Type

Greene was a deviated bowl; now she is a bucket with a Uranus handle at 12.33 Gemini [HS] “antique seals and sigils” commenting on her conscious sense for dealing with the unknown and forgotten pasts. As this is in the 12th house or the hidden world of the psyche, her focal determinator Uranus allows her contribute Jungian archetypes and myths in self-awareness.

Opposite her Uranus handle is a preponderance of planets in Sagittarius (Administration) in the 6th house where her daily work as a psychologist cum astrologist encourages her to travel both physically and metaphorically to expound her theories and techniques. Her South Node (SN) there is a mutable (cadent) house that always deal with realization.

With two planets and a node there, we see that Ms Greene employs understanding to find an untapped market to which she acts like a guru because coming right after the preponderance of in Leo (assurance) she makes her students (audience) feel that she not only has an “instinctive response” (the 4th) to the problems but also can express the answer both creativity and personally.” (the 5th). Such an ability has led to her unparalleled financial success (she and Robert Hand own and now

Greene’s Yod

Using again her idea of Pluto and Neptune for the yod points, as they a sextile away, her original yod is still at 8 Virgo but now in 3rd house. Here we see that Liz has a strong philosophical nature (she has Ph.D. in philosophy) with an abundance of ideals and concepts that do not always translate into practical terms. While she is a glib conversationalist, it’s hard to fully grasp her meanings, as talks on an abstract plane. This was apparent in the Outer Body book with her insistence Pluto is a female planet akin to the Furies, where elsewhere it is associated with Mars. Those who have read her other books can discern that same thread. Her discussion with her audience keeps her grounded, they can point out inconsistencies (and they do!) and jumps in logic that are perplexing. This is like to the conversation she has with her clients who probably do the same.

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Sabian Astrologer, Margaret Morrell

Margaret Morrell and Mathilde Shapiro were members of the Sabian Assembly that helped Marc Jones in writing and publishing his astrological works. There is alas no birth information on Miss Shapiro other than a portrait photo on, maintained by her niece Roey.

Aries 5.

Miss Morrell’s birth data was collected by the late Lois Rodden herself. She was born on March 28 1906 at 6 am in York Springs, Pennsylvania — near Gettysburg and West Virginia where she eventually reposed sometime before Marc himself, in 1978. This gives her the ascendant of 05 Aries, A white triangle with golden wings. This symbol is of the evolution of pure self, stage that as yet has been substantiated. Its goal is though known. Positively, it is a degree of attention; negatively,the self is lost in the miasma of others.

Marc mentions the two women in the foreward to Astrology How and Why, first self-published by the Sabian Publishing Society in 1945 and then republished by Dell Publishing in 1969. There are few extant copies of the original mss., one of which we were lucky to procure.

The map of Morrell

This chart is based on Mrs. Morrell’s memory. It has not been rectified.

Miss Morrell is a deviated bowl temperament type with her Uranus in the 10th house showing her psychic abilities and dedication to them in her life. It is also square its Lord in the 12th suggesting that because of the overall times, astrology was poorly regarded and often dismissed, and the specific era of her life, the 30’s were the Depression and the 40’s WWII, her career path was rather intercepted by these events.

Her Mercury is conjunct her Sun so her Mental Chemistry tended to be more self-taught than scholastic. She has a large preponderance on the 1st house cusp coupled with her Uranus at her Midheaven meant she was considered “eccentric” by most.

Her Mars, the Lord of her chart, is in the 2nd house conjunct the Moon, thus she relied on her psychic abilities and with Neptune at the 4th she was perhaps clairaudient.

Marc Jones’s “The Cowardly Way” at the Palace Theatre

Marc E. Jones’s “The Cowardly Way” was highlighted on page 9 of the Richmond Washington Palladium Newspaper. It was playing at the local Palace Theatre. Richmond is now a suburb of the Seattle-Redmond-Kirkland metropolis. We noticed that the film-wright got notable mention but not the director. We think that shows his pull for silent film goers.

Richmond is 265 miles away from where Marc and Priscilla Kennedy Jones would make their home in Stanwood almost 40 years later. Stanwood is also on the map, near the upper edge.

Alas there are celluloid prints of the flick around.

#19 Elizabeth Aldrich astrologer

If not for Ed Dearborn’s obit, previously highlighted here, we would know next to nothing about Ms. Aldrich other than she was born on May 17, 1875 in Des Moines Iowa. The Memorial site does not list her. Our next stop is Saturday, and gives 11:34 am for her birth time that is “from memory.” Marc Jones in his Sabian Symbols (the back of which is an index of his 1000 nativities) says 11:55 am.

Both charts are humanist Splash Temperament Type and striking because her Lilith is at Regulus and conjunct her ascendant but her ascendant is Regulus at 11:34 am (green) and 02 Virgo at 11:55 (pink). We are dubious of “memories” and going with 02 Virgo; both charts are below.

Astrologer Edward Dearborn

Mr Dearborn was a see-saw temperament type. The original chart from Astrologers Memorial.

The writeup on Mr. Dearborn is on Donna Cunningham’s Astrologer’s Memorial; we are just supplying the chart based on their records since when I clicked on it the chart disappeared. I happened upon him because I was searching for #19, Elizabeth Aldrich of whom it was said

The Silk Hat

” Fellow Taurus Elizabeth Aldrich (1875-1948), once publisher of the New York Astrologer and a prominent mundane astrologer, was there at the banquet, as were Marc Edmund Jones (working on his Ph.D. in theology at Columbia University), and Mabel Leslie Fleisher, President of the Astrologer’s Guild of America, who also held a law degree, unusual for a woman at that time. Ed Dearborn had, at the age of 24, found his way to some of the most accomplished astrologers in the country…”

Astrologer Memorial on Mr. Ed Dearborn

As for Ed, he was born on May 3, 1922 at 5:27 AM in Meadville, Pennsylvania a town out in western PA near Youngstown. Mr. Dearborn reposed on August 18, 2012 at 90 years old. His ascendant was 15 Taurus, “a man muffled up with a rakish silk hat.” It’s keyword is Sophistication that could be true based on the last line that he was among the elite at a young age. The missing chart is below.

Ed Dearborn’s chart based on the details from the Astrologer’s Memorial page.

His North Node in the 6th House in Libra suggests according to Bruno and Louise Huber that “unlike the situation in the 5th, where we make a stand” to assert ourselves, here the key is doing and getting a clear idea of what one can do and how far one can go by applying ourselves to the work at hand particularly with Libra-ruled talents i.e. editing, publicizing, perfecting a method etc. The South Node in Aries suggests that for the native to fulfill his personal quest he must let go of that perfectionism and “try something new” and stretch.

With Lilith in the second house in Gemini squared Uranus, while he may have been seating with Astrology Greats, he was already planning how to become one of them and rival their feats.