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Base Instinct, Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has an interesting stellium in the eleventh house, definitely good for a career in the public. Rising is 07 Sagittarius 00 Cupid knocking at the door highlighting her insatiable appetite for experience particularly of a Venusian nature. Very fast moon highlights her scholastic ability but Mercury so close to her Sun shows how she used it all for her own selfishness. It paid well though, Venus in the second house, so she’s happy. Her dynamic aptitude is Mercury to Saturn highlighting her impersonal aloofness she often brings to her parts most notably The Quick and the Dead, and Total Recall.

The battle of the shock jocks – Imus vs Stern

Don Imus died today. Age 79. See the Hollywood Reporter for more. In NYC and its environs he was either loved or hated — but everyone knew him. A nonpareil, he will be missed.

His mental chemistry was average. How can that be? It was not quick repartee that made Imus’s game — it was an outrageous manner (Leo in the sixth) trined to Taurus’s ability to voice his opinions and not back down (a rather fixed quality). Rolling Stone gave Imus an obit surprisingly.

Him and his archrival the copycat Howard Stern.

Here we see the major differences between the men — Imus was outrageous and biting. Stern OTOH did it all for business and and self-promotion using relationships for all that they are worth. See Rolling Stone article here from 1994.

Make it so, Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart was born on July 13, 1940 in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon or a rising 23 Libra 19 to Alfred and Gladys Stewart. This gives him the [HS] of “druid’s oak tree” or the ability to call forth distant spirits and make it part of his own reality, a rather good description of his work as Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek series.

Our header picture is Stewart from the BBC T.V. Series, I Claudius. His biography is here.

His strong preponderance in Leo spanning from the 9th to 10th houses shows how much acting is part of Stewart’s life. The conjunction of Uranus and Saturn highlights that his success will come late in something totally out of his ken — he was previously a Shakespearean actor. Jupiter in that little stellium tells us this will be the moneymaker.
For Stewart he admits he had no faith in the series at the start it has amazed him how much he has earned in comparison. That mistake plays right into his 9th house stellium where Stewart relies on his own thoughts about what is successful ,and since he has a preponderance of earth signs in his chart, he overthinks that and chooses wrong.
Luckily the Star Wars gig happened, perhaps a change of agent? A Hollywood producer who saw potential? He never says why he went there, just that he believed it was a blunder. The North Node conjunct his ascendant in the 12th suggests it was contract call, not one of volition.

Beyond 9 to 5, Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has a new series on Netflix called Heartstrings, another notch in her very successful acting-music career. The starter for the series is her number #1 hit, Jolene, a surprise country ballad that came out in 1973 when heavy metal (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath) & country rock and roll (Poco, the Eagles. Rolling Stones (they played both side of that bill) ) were dominating the charts, showing the American appetite for heartfelt ballads had yet to abate.

Dolly Rebecca was born January 19, 1948 in Pittman Center, Tennessee in the Great Smoky mountains, the fourth of twelve children. Her chart, shown above, shows her Sun right on the Aquarius cusp — highlighting her signature locks much like that other blonde Aquarian beauty, Farrah Fawcett. Her ascendant is 26 Taurus

Rumours to the contrary, she has been married to the mysterious and quite good looking dark haired Carl Thomas Dean since 30 May 1966.

Since her seventh house relationships are dominated by Scorpio in the 7th house (with its lord Mars opposite her ever acquiring Venus in the 9th), we think she is quite happy with that arrangement, as she is always the star of the show.


Roger Ailes Media

Roger Ailes was born on May 15, 1940 at 11:21 am in Warren, Ohio. He was a hemophiliac (look at the septiles below) and is best known for his Emmy-awarded TV production before moving into the political consulting. He is credited with the orchestra pit theory of news-making .

If you have two guys on a stage and one guy says, “I have a solution to the Middle East problem,” and the other guy falls into the orchestra pit, who do you think is going to be on the evening news?

Roger Ailes
Roger is a lipped bowl.

Roger died on May 18 2017 in Palm Beach Florida from a heart attack aggravated by his hemophilia. His wife Elizabeth and son Zachary survive him.

Sir Peter Ustinov a personality determined by all he lacked.

Watching Logan’s Run with Michael York as Logan, Roscoe Lee Browne as the mechanical frozen box, and Peter Ustinov as the old man, I remembered that Ustinov was a secular humanist. He had been a patron of the British Humanist Association and served on their advisory council. That should be no surprised with his Saturn in the third house at 18 Virgo 57, because here the crystallizing mechanism of the god of the harvest, refines all thought and discourses. Here instead of faith, we get cold analytical thinking — everything is put to the test ala the doubting Thomas syndrome, of “show me the holes,” though in reality even that is questioned.

So I wondered, does his astrological chart support this? If one is looking at the temperament type, then the answer is no, for Marc Edmund Jones said Splashes were the “humanist type” defined by a Grand Trine of some type and no conjunctions (the less the better; the max is 2). Jones did not count any mathematical points (Ascendant, part of Fortune or Midheaven), nor the Moon’s Nodes. Using just the 12 planetary spheres, we find that Ustinov has no Grand Trine lurking within but a very amicable see-saw — half above and half below. From the type perspective, his chart and his philosophy do not mesh. Perhaps I began to think there was something else we should look towards?

This see-saw cuts the half in two, but the trines unite in Ustinov’s all the things that his chart misses.

Ustinov’s grandfather was a Russian officer in the tsar’s army who was exiled because of his religious beliefs. “It is for that reason,” Ustinov later said, “that I am addressing you today in English.” 

Peter Ustinov addressing a UNICEF gathering.

But alas that quote is problematic, because if Jupiter is in the third house at 09 Virgo 31, part of Ustinov’s charm was being a suave liar. That too is not surprisingly, Raymond Burr claimed he had a childhood in China as part of his oeuvre, W.C. Fields who left his fortune to homeless boys in Philadelphia often said “I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday.” and Children should neither be seen or heard from – ever again, stunned everyone with his epitaph “I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” It is rather ironic for Ustinov with his incredulous, that the very field he chose, was all about tricking the audience into believing you are the character on stage as he recounts when meeting American Roman Catholic priest they each said, “I never thought I would be shaking the hand of Nero.”

Conjunction are awareness

His ascendant at 22 Cancer, HS “poet writing secret thoughts” works well for a man who wrote several books, including for watery Cancer rising, on sailing and the sea. The keyword is Sensible but alas since his ascendant is in the first house, was probably more prone to trusting to fortune than he ought but that was part of the whole horoscope that united creating his eccentric and irascible persona.

The two noticeable things in Ustinov’s chart is lacks a conjunction and also has no planets in air signs. In Ustinov’s case, he has a planetary preponderance in the eleventh house, important because it shows his tendency for associations and groups, and since the fifth house is empty, how he maybe attracted to children’s interests. Both of these things work well for him — he was  Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF ( United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) and President of the World Federalist Movement, an organization committed to global peace and justice through the development of democratic institutions and international law. 

But that brings us to what his chart is missing, for Marc Edmund Jones felt that was missing in a chart was as important as what was depicted. Already we have seen that missing planetary representation in the fifth house of creativity and children made him very active in that area, so what could the lack of air and no conjunctions do too? Here we see Ustinov set off like Don Quixote fighting against the windmills of his time, totally immersed in the project, only to suddenly change gears and jump into another, building his energy from their disparity — the preponderance of trines probably helped here as it weaved the various threads into his life.

lack of air makes for resourcefulness

The lack of planets in air signs made him open to advice, for while he was lacking in self-direction so while he was busy, doing lots of things — books, charity work, acting . Peter would you? Are you interested in? and the answer would be an affable Yes and another project would be added to his retinue. This lack of air though actually helped him work all the various threads together as it made him more resourceful than he would normally be and also take greater risks — his uneven acting career (from Spartacus to War and Peace to Logan’s Run) is a good example of this — that others wanting their careers to be of a piece would shun.

The download chart shows all the various asteroids that make up his ancestry: Russian, German and Ethiopian, and the two places that were the greatest personal affect on his life: London where he was born and Basel Switzerland when he fled from the British tax man. Nonetheless despite not wanting to support the great British state, he was knighted for his good works with UNICEF.

enjoy Peter ustinov.pdf