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Base Instinct, Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has an interesting stellium in the eleventh house, definitely good for a career in the public. Rising is 07 Sagittarius 00 Cupid knocking at the door highlighting her insatiable appetite for experience particularly of a Venusian nature. Very fast moon highlights her scholastic ability but Mercury so close to her Sun shows how she used it all for her own selfishness. It paid well though, Venus in the second house, so she’s happy. Her dynamic aptitude is Mercury to Saturn highlighting her impersonal aloofness she often brings to her parts most notably The Quick and the Dead, and Total Recall.

Sir Peter Ustinov a personality determined by all he lacked.

Watching Logan’s Run with Michael York as Logan, Roscoe Lee Browne as the mechanical frozen box, and Peter Ustinov as the old man, I remembered that Ustinov was a secular humanist. He had been a patron of the British Humanist Association and served on their advisory council. That should be no surprised with his Saturn in the third house at 18 Virgo 57, because here the crystallizing mechanism of the god of the harvest, refines all thought and discourses. Here instead of faith, we get cold analytical thinking — everything is put to the test ala the doubting Thomas syndrome, of “show me the holes,” though in reality even that is questioned.

So I wondered, does his astrological chart support this? If one is looking at the temperament type, then the answer is no, for Marc Edmund Jones said Splashes were the “humanist type” defined by a Grand Trine of some type and no conjunctions (the less the better; the max is 2). Jones did not count any mathematical points (Ascendant, part of Fortune or Midheaven), nor the Moon’s Nodes. Using just the 12 planetary spheres, we find that Ustinov has no Grand Trine lurking within but a very amicable see-saw — half above and half below. From the type perspective, his chart and his philosophy do not mesh. Perhaps I began to think there was something else we should look towards?

This see-saw cuts the half in two, but the trines unite in Ustinov’s all the things that his chart misses.

Ustinov’s grandfather was a Russian officer in the tsar’s army who was exiled because of his religious beliefs. “It is for that reason,” Ustinov later said, “that I am addressing you today in English.” 

Peter Ustinov addressing a UNICEF gathering.

But alas that quote is problematic, because if Jupiter is in the third house at 09 Virgo 31, part of Ustinov’s charm was being a suave liar. That too is not surprisingly, Raymond Burr claimed he had a childhood in China as part of his oeuvre, W.C. Fields who left his fortune to homeless boys in Philadelphia often said “I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday.” and Children should neither be seen or heard from – ever again, stunned everyone with his epitaph “I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” It is rather ironic for Ustinov with his incredulous, that the very field he chose, was all about tricking the audience into believing you are the character on stage as he recounts when meeting American Roman Catholic priest they each said, “I never thought I would be shaking the hand of Nero.”

Conjunction are awareness

His ascendant at 22 Cancer, HS “poet writing secret thoughts” works well for a man who wrote several books, including for watery Cancer rising, on sailing and the sea. The keyword is Sensible but alas since his ascendant is in the first house, was probably more prone to trusting to fortune than he ought but that was part of the whole horoscope that united creating his eccentric and irascible persona.

The two noticeable things in Ustinov’s chart is lacks a conjunction and also has no planets in air signs. In Ustinov’s case, he has a planetary preponderance in the eleventh house, important because it shows his tendency for associations and groups, and since the fifth house is empty, how he maybe attracted to children’s interests. Both of these things work well for him — he was  Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF ( United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) and President of the World Federalist Movement, an organization committed to global peace and justice through the development of democratic institutions and international law. 

But that brings us to what his chart is missing, for Marc Edmund Jones felt that was missing in a chart was as important as what was depicted. Already we have seen that missing planetary representation in the fifth house of creativity and children made him very active in that area, so what could the lack of air and no conjunctions do too? Here we see Ustinov set off like Don Quixote fighting against the windmills of his time, totally immersed in the project, only to suddenly change gears and jump into another, building his energy from their disparity — the preponderance of trines probably helped here as it weaved the various threads into his life.

lack of air makes for resourcefulness

The lack of planets in air signs made him open to advice, for while he was lacking in self-direction so while he was busy, doing lots of things — books, charity work, acting . Peter would you? Are you interested in? and the answer would be an affable Yes and another project would be added to his retinue. This lack of air though actually helped him work all the various threads together as it made him more resourceful than he would normally be and also take greater risks — his uneven acting career (from Spartacus to War and Peace to Logan’s Run) is a good example of this — that others wanting their careers to be of a piece would shun.

The download chart shows all the various asteroids that make up his ancestry: Russian, German and Ethiopian, and the two places that were the greatest personal affect on his life: London where he was born and Basel Switzerland when he fled from the British tax man. Nonetheless despite not wanting to support the great British state, he was knighted for his good works with UNICEF.

enjoy Peter ustinov.pdf

Grizzly Man, Tim Treadwell

Who was Tim Treadwell?

Timothy Treadwell was born Timothy Dexter in Ronkonkoma, a hamlet outside of Islip, Suffolk Count (aka Long Island) New York on April 29, 1958 under a new moon, nicknamed the “Widow Maker;” his ex-girlfriend who worked with him for many years said during the documentary that she felt like the “widow,” as she is the only one from Alaska who was still alive. She spoke highly of both Tim and Amie who was with him for the last 2 summers only.

Most of the women, including the “Widow” who stayed for 6, refused to live that close to the bears, rightfully scared of them. Tim as a eco-film maker, filming his summer visits in Katmai National Park & Preserve, near King Salmon, Alaska.

Katmai National park & Preserve

His Ascendant is partile the fixed star Almach. According to Ptolemy the influence of this constellation is similar to that of Venus, probably exalted in Pisces as it bestows purity of thought, virtue, honor and dignity upon its natives. It makes the native fanciful and gives a great bond between husband and wife, like Tim had with his partner Amie Huguenard, who fought off the bear instead of taking Tim’s advice and running away.

Timothy and Amie

Amie was from Buffalo, New York and 8 years younger, born October 23, 1965. The family released no photos of Amie & her family refused to talk to Herzog for the documentary. The shot of the couple was time elapsed.

Hero of Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man…Tim Treadwell. His father said that Treadwell was a family name and that when his acting career failed, he “spiralled down.” Saturn on the 1st house cusp shows his allure with the dark side of human nature.

In Tim’s case, the Sun is found in its essential home but in Taurus. In an interesting switch, Uranus who is afflicted in Leo because it is the ruler of Aquarius, is found in the 8th house that is ruled by Mars. In this case, Uranus is afflicts the Sun, and historically foretold of death by hanging, decapitation, or crucifixion.

The grisly death

When Treadwell died, he chose to set his campsite near a salmon stream where grizzlies commonly feed in the fall. He was also in the park later than usual, when bears struggle to gain as much fat as possible before winter, and limited food supplies cause them to be more aggressive than in other months.

Tim was 45 at the time of his death; Amie had not yet hit 37. The Neptune at the 10th house highlights his diving scholarship for Bradley University, California. But the real issue of course is the murder. The chart above is the progressed chart for Tim at the time of death — he was eaten by a bear. The star Ursinus (The Great Bear) appears in Capricorn, so I would imagine that the chart is showing the “fear” of the bear in the 12th house became real.

This fear was expressed often by the women in his life — the Moon — found at the time of death in Capricorn which is in its detriment because the Moon is exalted in Cancer of course.

Before the killing, his girlfriend Amie wanted to leave him and the site, because she was petrified of the bears but she was trapped (Moon in the 12th) with no way to get out because they were reliant on a airplane that showed up erratically.
Tim did not share this fear because the chart’s NN in Sagittarius is in its exaltation, he felt that she was over reacting , just like all the others, had. Instead the NN points that he thought the bears noble creatures and would not do that. The SN in the 6th house shows how wrong he was — and sextile the 8th the outcome –death by bear.

Thanks to Alexis Williams of Death and Astrology for pointing out the missing explanation of the Tertiary Converse chart.

Food was scarce that fall, so the grizzly bears were more aggressive than usual. Tim, Werner reported wanted to stay longer, because he had never been part of that period and thought it was would be interesting to film. Him & his girlfriend’s remains were not really found. Instead, the pathologist reviewing the contents had just body parts with the rest of their remains detected within the man-eating bear itself after it was killed and autopsied.

The chart above, shows how his ascendant at 00 Sagittarius 45, went into the next decan at 12 Sag at the time of his death on October 6 2003. They had no gun with them for protection, just a “frying pan” (Mars in its essential house) that Amie used to beat off the attack.

#903 Was Thelma Todd Murdered?

Thelma Todd was the daughter of a pair of immigrants: John Todd of Ireland and Alice Edwards of Canada. They met in Boston where John was working in the rug trade. It was a whirlwind courtship and they married on June 20, 1900 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, about 30 miles away in a Congregationalist ceremony.

On July 27, 1903 their first son, William was born, and then three years later, on July 29. 1906 was their daughter, Thelma, a popular name of the time. Marc Jones has no time listed though the back of the book supposes a 9:13 PM time.

Bloody childhood

Here Thelma has an interesting yod from Uranus in the 7th to Saturn in the 9th that ends around her Sun at 9 Leo. The Point Focus is about her South Node at 9 Leo — glass blowers distorting reality — in the 8th House. Thelma is a Locomotive Temperament Type with a Grand trine in Water highlighting how she tends to be easily swayed by her companions. The sextile midpoint to the Saturn – Water is Uranus making that her focal determinator that works because of her invention of female slapstick comedy — formerly just a male provenience.
The top chart is our rectification. The bottom is found in the Sabian Symbols but not noted in the noted. It gives her a stellium in the 5th and 4th houses. While a case could be made for the 5th, creative aspirations, the 4th is a stretch. Here though the ascendant is 28 Pisces — a fertile garden under a full moon.

Ice Cream, He Screamed

When Thelma was about 4 years old, her mother took her and brother William to Randolph, Vermont, where she had a family. Unfortunately, during the stay, one of the Randolph cousins brought William to the local creamery where he worked to show off the machinery. William fascinated by the work, escaped on the last day of the trip to go back to the creamery & get closer to peer at the works.

Alas Willie got too close,  and his clothes became entangled in the machine and was mangled with severe head and neck injuries. It took some time for him to die, a full month, but it must have been gruesome, with no penicillin to stem the infection or advanced surgery to save the boy; he was 8 years old.

Map of Randolph, Vermont c. 1948 from Vermont Vintage Maps.

John Todd became a town alderman, Thelma grew up and got some acting skills in high school drama, and upon graduation went to the Lawrence Normal school (now University of Massachusetts at Lawrence) for a degree in teaching. Still, the acting bug had taken hold of her and in 1925 she applied for Jesse Lasky’s Famous Players-Lasky acting school; there was no fit, and she returned home and her coursework.

Miss Massachusetts

Unperturbed by that response, Thelma decided that she would run for the Miss Massachusetts contest which she won amid great applause.. From there she was a shoe model for the Haverhill (Mass) Shoe Manufacturers’ and then with the urging of another friend, the two girls ran away to Long Island, New York and Lasky’s group for another try out at his school. This time worked out better: she had more grace and poise and she was a Paramount trainee. Alot of her allure was her mass of golden curls, ever-ready smile and willingness to learn. Three years later she got a contract with Paramount studios itself and she was off and running.

The road to success is never that even and straight, and for Thelma, it was marred by constant weight battles, her contract specified she had to stay around 122 pounds give or take a pound. Plus movies themselves were changing with Al Jolson and the Talkies and without much planning, Thelma found herself the Queen of Slapstick, or Screwball Comedy, and set the tone for future actresses as the Ice Cream Wise-Cracking Blonde, but Thelma felt pigeon-holed.

Marriage and Pat DiCicco

Thelma and Pat on their wedding day on Long Island

Like many a young modern woman, she played the field, with a new beau every week; the gossip mags loved her — she was photogenic and her beaux were equally good-looking men that helped drive circulation. Then she met and fell for Pat (Pasquale) De Cicco a mysterious polo player from Queens, New York. They married in July 1932 but rumours were that it was a “shotgun affair. ” A few months later she was in the hospital from a botched abortion and then an automobile crash 3 months after that, and still within the first 6 months their marriage, that Thelma broke 3 ribs. Being just 26 she rebounded well, and was back in pictures but her quickie marriage was showing a lot of strain from her frenetic movie schedule and by 1934 it was over — Pat was playing the field, and not just in Polo.

5:28 is the approximate time of death according to the LAPD coroner. Notice Mars is right on the 8th house cusp conjunct the South Node in Aquarius — 08 Aquarius Mars (beautifully gowned wax figures ) that show her reliance throughout her life on chance. Both are in Aquarius, the ruler with modern gases. The South Node here highlights her bad luck with men, Pat DeCicco was thought by many to be a gangster; Gloria Vanderbilt married him nonetheless.

Her stellium in the 1st house shows how much Thelma was willful and undisciplined in obtaining her goals — if she wanted it she worked hard to get it. She was rather obsessive about succeeding in her chosen career at all costs — see the trine to the Moon in Scorpio. Unfortunately this self-centeredness led to poor relationships because she cared more for her career than her personal / married life. Eventually the square to the Midheaven at 06 Aries – ideals crystallized in too true colours — showed her the ugly side of Hollywood — drugs, sex and gangsters that because of her lack of inner or relationship support led to unhappiness.

The South transiting conjunction shows her Saturn return, she was 29, and the stresses that caused her because she does not seem to have enough inner strength to face them or outer support to help her along. (the 4th quadrant is rather empty except for the plastic film fans.) Her PoF at death is 21 Leo, SS, chickens intoxicated,. showing her bondage to unnecessary external things.
Zasu Pitts, Thelma’s best friend and co-star on many of their 1930’s slapstick comedies.

Single again, Thelma had little time for men, her career was booming, she had travelled to England and worked for Stanley Lupino (Ida’s father) in a very successful film and now was only the Hollywood magazines for her film promotion. Then just as suddenly on the morning of Dec. 16, 1935, Todd’s maid found her employer’s body in the garage, slumped over the wheel of her Lincoln convertible.

The coroner ruled her death a suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning. But Thelma’s best friend, and fellow comedienne ZaSu Pitts, cried “murder, ” and LAPD ran a full investigation.


Between the alcohol and the many amphetamines to lose weight, Thelma was not the first — that ignominious status goes to beautiful Barbara LaMarr (next to Thelma below on the right and the “namesake for gorgeous Heddy)– nor would be the last, that the fast life style of Hollywood would spit out from stress, overwork & loneliness.

Like Marilyn Monroe 30 years later, who had a similar career path, controversy surrounds her demise. In both cases fans could not reconcile the suicide with the glamoured portraits they read each week in the fanzines — they were at odds at their mental instability, drug addiction, wild lifestyles and gangster connections (which definitely was not reported). In both cases, suicide is, unfortunately, the most likely cause of death. Other ice cream blondes, Jones must have adored them, are in his 1000 too — Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard, but both were lucky and died of natural causes.


  • All symbols were from Marc Jones Sabian Symbols Book, 1953 ed. from the Sabian Publishing Society.
  • Morgan, Michelle, Ice Cream Blonde: The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedienne Thelma Todd, Chicago: Chicago Review Press, 2016. {I read the Kindle edition}

#904 Regis Toomey actor gallant

I’ve seen Mr. Toomey a zillion times in old movies and never knew his name. he always plays nice fellows, smiling chaps that character actor you know you can count on in a movie to pull his weight. Unfortunately, outside of his obit, there was little I could find on him. Wikipedia filled in that he was married for 56 years before she died and had 2 children.

Things like this make rectification difficult, though not impossible, just difficult, but I know one thing for sure, he’s not a Libra. He has Venus in that sign, and in the 6th house showing how much that helped him in a long film career, but despite that we’ve pegged him 04 Taurus — the leprechauns pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The Keyword is hopefulness.

He has a stellium in the 3rd house that tells us he tended to be a worrywart, and was too concerned about his public images for his own happiness, and often scoured the review pages for how the critics rated his performance. His north node is in Capricorn in the 9th house repeats this problem and that his feelings of personal prestige were shaped by a desire to do well in his film career, not well regarded, and that his acquaintances and relationships was influenced by how it affected his social status and whether they would pan out . This made him conservative in his film choices and why he never jumped over to major Starring roles where some amount of risk taking is necessary.

From the LA Times obit…

Actor Regis Toomey, best known for his man-of-action roles and for taking part in what they billed as the longest on-screen kiss in Hollywood history, died Saturday at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills. He was 93.

Toomey appeared in over 200 movies during his long career, including such films as “Northwest Mounted Police,” “Dive Bomber” and “The Big Sleep.” In the 1940s feature, “You’re in the Army Now,” he and co-star Jane Wyman kissed for 185 seconds. It was called the longest kiss in movie history.

Former President Ronald Reagan–who was Wyman’s husband during his years as an actor–recently visited Toomey’s bedside along with Nancy Reagan. Toomey, a longtime friend of the Reagans, died of natural causes, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Clara Bow and Regis Toomey

With his Irish grin and tough-guy demeanor, Toomey often played the victim of screen violence. In fact, early in his career, he was “killed” so often that he moodily wondered if he shouldn’t be voted the “morticians’ man of the year.”

“I was Danny McGann, an undercover homicide cop who had gotten friendly with the crooks,” Toomey recalled, describing one of his screen personas during a 1963 interview. “It was a good part–until the crooks shot me. This was the first of a long series of death scenes. The trouble was that in each succeeding picture I got knocked off sooner, so the roles were growing smaller.”

At one point, he vowed never to do another film in which he was killed. Then he was called by Cecil B. De Mille to play a part in “Union Pacific,” in which he would be killed by Anthony Quinn during a poker game.

“For you, I’ll do it,” he told De Mille, joking later that “it wasn’t so bad. I died in Barbara Stanwyck’s arms. If you gotta go, that’s as good a way as any.”

Born in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Aug. 13, 1898, Toomey graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and did postgraduate work in drama at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He intended to be a lawyer but changed his mind and became a stage actor and singer who toured England in George M. Cohan’s “Little Nelly Kelly.”

In 1928, Toomey appeared with Chester Morris in “Alibi,” the first all-talking gangster melodrama. Three years later, he appeared opposite Clara Bow in “Kick In,” which was Bow’s first sound movie. Among Toomey’s later credits were “Spellbound,” “The Bishop’s Wife,” “Show Boat,” “Warlock,” “The Mighty Joe Young,” “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” “Peter Gunn” and “The Carey Treatment.”

#901 Actress Gene Tierney is Laura

In “Women Crime Writers: Eight Suspense Novels of the 1940s and 50s,” edited by Sarah Weinman and published by the Library of America, Megan Abbott, a woman crime writer of the 2000s, points out that “women are the primary readers of crime fiction.” She notes a popular theory that opines “women savor the victim role,” for they “are masochists, unable to rise above the roles assigned them by the patriarchy.”

New Yorker Magazine, The Secrets of Vera Caspary, the Woman Who Wrote “Laura” by Michelle Dean, 9/15/2015

Otto Preminger’s movie “Laura” written by Vera Caspary, throws that notion on its head, just like most of the movies that Gene Tierney starred in did; she was never the hapless heroine, but always ready to role up her sleeves and get to work. Laura Hunt was such a plum role, that Marlene Dietrich auditioned for it and when Tierney landed it instead, Caspary thought hertoo “gorgeous” to give her role weight; the author was dead wrong.

The original time cited.

Tierney’s chart

The birth details stated in the Sabian Symbols is November 20 1920 in Brooklyn, New York for 5:15 pm is incorrect. The real date according to her daughter Christina Cassini is November 19 1920 .

Her own autobiography surprisingly never mentions the date though it does discuss lots of others events in her life including her parents Howard and Belle Tierney, a former gymnast. She was the second of three children, a brother Howard called Butch was older and a sister Patricia was younger. This new information from Ms. Cassini rectifies Gene’s (named for her mother’s brother) chart to Taurus 21 “a high wind at sea” reminding of us her role in the Ghost and Mrs. Muir though its mesmerizing and lethalness could be the tagline for “Laura” and its heroine as well. The symbol’s keyword is “”Change,” suggesting her versatility in acting and breaking away from her domineering stage-father Howard Sr.

Tierney’s midheaven us 01 Aquarius, a “Mouse sits up to reach a bit of food” and is conjunct her Mars in the 9th house showing how much she craved that extra attention and fame. She has a Grand trine in Water in her chart from the Moon in the 11th House to Pluto in the 3rd and culminating, though trines never finish, Saturn in the 5th.

Corrected chart

Gene married twice. the first time to designer Oleg Cassini, a Russian Count, with whom she had two daughters, Antionette Daria and Christina. The many stresses of her marriage to Cassini are documented well in her autobiography including how she contracted measles during her pregnancy with Daria. Her second marriage was to oil tycoon W. Howard Lee, previously married to Hedy Lamar. She died on November 6 1991 from emphysema, ten years after Lee himself had reposed.


  1. Tierney, Gene, Self-Portrait, Wyden Books, c. 1979 — the better of the two bios.
  2. Vogel, Michelle & Cassini, Christina, “Gene Tierney: A Biography,” McFarland Publishing, c. 2005.