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Roger Ailes was born on May 15, 1940 at 11:21 am in Warren, Ohio. He was a hemophiliac (look at the septiles below) and is best known for his Emmy-awarded TV production before moving into the political consulting. He is credited with the orchestra pit theory of news-making .

If you have two guys on a stage and one guy says, “I have a solution to the Middle East problem,” and the other guy falls into the orchestra pit, who do you think is going to be on the evening news?

Roger Ailes
Roger is a lipped bowl.

Roger died on May 18 2017 in Palm Beach Florida from a heart attack aggravated by his hemophilia. His wife Elizabeth and son Zachary survive him.

Cokie Roberts, legendary Liberal commentator

Cokie Roberts, long the face of ABC’s national news, has reposed. She won countless awards, including three Emmys from the National Academy of Television throughout her decades-long career. Mrs. Roberts was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame and cited by the American Women in Radio and Television (now called Advancing Women in Media) as one of the 50 greatest women in the history of broadcasting. She was named a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress in 2008.

Born Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs on December 27 1943 in New Orleans. New York Times food critic and author, Craig Claiborne was a cousin. She is survived by her husband, fellow journalist Steven Roberts, her children, Lee and Rebecca and her six grandchildren.

Her father was (Thomas) Hale Boggs, the former Democratic House majority leader and representative from New Orleans and a member of the Warren commission that investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Hale Boggs died in a plane crash in Alaska in 1972, and his wife Lindy Boggs was elected to fill her late husband’s congressional seat. Later, Mrs. Boggs was later appointed to be the U.S. ambassador to the Holy See by President Bill Clinton in 1997.

I cannot take full credit for this one. David Monroe, author of Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, suggested the Libra rising, I pinned it down from there. Mr. Monroe liked the final product, so I decided to go with it. It does seem to work. The Mars in Gemini in the 8th seems to suggest breast cancer. Her ascendant at 19 Libra (HS) — Portrait of a septuagenarian — highlighting her role as a paragon in her field for her practical contributions — is conjunct her Part of Fortune and the high amount of air in her chart shows up often in “talking” heads.

Roberts’ siblings also took a liking to politics. Her older brother, Thomas Boggs Jr., was a lobbyist and her sister Barbara Boggs Sigmund was the former mayor of Princeton, New Jersey. Her younger brother, William, died as an infant, and her other two siblings have predeceased her.

Her death was due to complications from breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 and successfully treated, but it reoccurred, and her second fight was not as successful.

Crooning with Hoagy Carmichael

When we started this project, three years ago on August 29th, we began with mundane charts and the Invasion of Poland, September 1st, 1939. No one remembers when we changed over to mainly nativities, but by February 2017 we were back to the natals I had started as a solo project several years previous.

It must have been around March when Hoagy Carmichael, not part of the Jones 1000 surprisingly, was suggested but I no longer remember why. He was tough, so tough, that we finally gave up and shelved him. We decided that this musical genius could just about fit anything, & our software, Matrix’s WinStar Basic though better than anything on the web was still kludgey & imprecise and we lost hope. I think it was Hoagy that forced the upgrade to Kepler, a mixed bag to be honest and not one I am sure I would recommend, but it is far superior to WB.

Recently, a friend who reads the blog, asked “How bout Hoagy?” and I recanted our travail. He laughed, and I thought, surely by now with nearly 800 charts under our belt, we could tackle him; well that’s the hope, but rectification is a tricky thing and you never can tell.

A circus act

When Hoagy was born on November 22, 1899, in Bloomington Indiana, the the center of the nation’s population was on Henry Marr’s farm in Columbus roughly 40 miles due east. Because of its proximity, to the “center of the nation,” it was a popular tourist area, as everyone was coming from miles around to see what that the “center” looked like. Travelling acts toured came to Bloomington to entertain the masses, and one called the the Hoagland’s High Wire Act stayed at the Carmichael home for a bit — and gave the yet to be born baby his rather unique name. His middle name was far more prosaic: Howard, named for his electrician father — a new field thanks to the inventive Thomas Alva Edison.

We pegged Hoagy to being born sometime around 12 noon — the historic time for the coronation of kings, though odd set for someone born in the Heartland of America, but more apropos than anyone had then realized. His biographer, Richard Sudhalter met him on trip to Buenos Aires and was so entranced by Hoagy he wrote his biography, calling him the “most talented, inventive, sophisticated and jazz-oriented of all the great craftsmen” in the first half of the 20th century. To be honest, that’s probably an understatement as so much of he did affected so many other musicians afterwards. This illustrious time though, gives Hoagy the symbol of 23 Aquarius (HS) of “The Koran Upraised” with the keyword of “Justification.” Kent McClung in his Hyperion Symbols writes this is suggestive of someone who is accepted as a “king” based more on his nature than birth.

Hoagy’s midheaven is 09 Sagittarius or “crickets chirping in the tall grass on a sunny day” was actually performed in the Bogart-Bacall classic “To Have and Have not.” The ad blurbs joked about Bogey and Hoagy and Bacall, it was an obvious quip, and good copy.

the begin of the beguine

Like many songwriters before the 1960’s Hoagy began his songwriting career on Tin Pan Alley like Scott Joplin, Cole Porter (who and not Hoagy wrote the Begin of the Beguine but also a Hoosier), Irving Berlin & more recently Burt Bacharach, & Neil Diamond. He was the first though, to transition over as a singer of his own songs. Not to let the grass grow under his feat, Hoagy true to his Aquarius rising was the first to utilize new technologies as they came along like television, electronic microphones and sound recordings, * but there he was following his old man’s footsteps and hitching his star to the trend.

Hoagy though came to music because he was forced to withdraw from law school on January 3, 1923 , not because he did not like the law but because he could not pay the tuition. His mother had been a music teacher so he had learned to read and write music on the piano from her, and he was selling a song here and there on the Campus, so Hoagy had an inkling that this may pan out.

from Richard Sudhalter’s bio, Stardust Melody: the Life & Music of Hoagy Carmichael, OUP c. 2002

His hunch was right and he had many more hits and almost single-handedly fueled the Big Bands of the 30’s. The famous “Old Buttermilk Sky” that put the Kay Kyser band on the map, and one of the first tunes played by our trumpet impresario Bobby Guy, was written by Hoagie. Ray Charles’s famous “Georgia” was penned by Hoagie too. And of course, there was StarDust.

As his songs caught on, other Alley writers were able to successfully transition too and music,and musicals were the theme of the day. His music was so much a part of Americana that many of them are just called “Standards” — songs that every vocalist is expected to be sing for their first job when they have no music of their own — just ask that heart throb of the 30’s Frank Sinatra.

The Chart

Hoagy is a see-saw temperament type though prior to Pluto’s discovery he would be a wheelbarrow. He has an incredible stellium in the 10th house that ricochets back to the 4th because of his distrust of authority figures. The 4th house works as Hoagy’s base — sometimes song writing, other times singing and eventually turning to the ethereal media of film and television trying to take the pressure off himself and free himself of the constraints of management. His Part of Fortune at Libra 26 in Scorpio was the death of his youngest sister that put the fear of poverty into him and made him use his Muse (the Moon in Leo in the 5th) at every angle.

“Play me a Hoagy Carmichael song and I hear the banging of a screen door and the whine of an outboard motor on a lake—sounds of summer
in a small-town America that is long gone but still longed for.”

William Zinsser, author of “On Writing Well” in The American Scholar 1994


  1. Tin Pan Alley took its name from a small side street in NYC at 28th Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway in the early 20th century. It was a joke on the sound of pianos being pounded as their writers demonstrated their tunes to the musical publishers. The songwriters, all independents (they were not employed by the musical publishers by paid by royalty) created the commercial music of the day. Originally major sales were for home musicians and vaudeville, then player pianos and eventually songs for established vocalists, Broadway and bands to perform.
  2. Philadelphia’s famous Hoagie sandwich was not named for him.

The Prism of Rose Marie

Baby Rose Marie

Rose Marie’s voice was fast, crackling & husky etching the words. when you here the staccato, you remember it. She was born August 15 1923 in Manhattan New York, as Rose Marie Mazzatta (she never used it professionally) is most remembered as part of the core cast of “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” By the time that show went on the air, in 1961, she had had multiple lives in theatre , starting with her years as a child singer when was “Baby Rose Marie,” a national star on radio at 5 years old.

Look closely, it really is her.

She loved to perform — on radio, onstage throughout the country, and in movies, making thousands upon thousands of dollars but like so many childhood stars, saw none of it for her father, Frank Mazetta, a.k.a. Frank Curley feathered his bed. The Dragon’s Tail at 12 Pisces in the 4th is conjunct radio’s Uranus at 17 in the 5th where we see the family collective impinge upon her individuality.

Rose Marie calls her father in her autobio “a mean man,” and adds that “I disliked my father intensely.” It did leave a lasting impression her relationship with Dad — Uranus is opposing Mars at 20 Leo and those Zuni never enjoy the sun , cut off at the kneecaps by a swindling father making the father-daughter relationship hollow.

Daddy and Uncle Al

Daddy never married her mother because, he had a second family elsewhere, Pluto on the 9th house cusp suggests that something is amiss in the marriage department, particularly as it is squared Saturn, inconjunct the South Node. Family life just is not living up to the ideal and new secret fathers come in the picture unforeseen. Rose Marie in her autobiography says he was a small-time gangsters — the lower rung fellows who do this when told or that when nudged.

When she and her father went to Chicago in the early nineteen-thirties, (around when Pluto was discovered) they were summoned by Al Capone to his mansion in the nearby town of Cicero, where the gangsters fawned over her and fêted her. Capone gave her a diamond ring, insisted she call him Uncle Al, and, Rose Marie adds, “Turned to my father, he says, ‘We’ll take care of her from here on in.’ ”

He was good on his word. When Rose Marie was performing at the Copacabana, in New York, sometime in the nineteen-forties, she was summoned to the table of Joseph Fischetti, Capone’s cousin, who asked if she had another gig coming up. She said no. “He says, ‘You’re gonna play Tahoe.’

“Oh, O.K. And that’s the way it went. I was going from one place to another, all because of the boys. They were absolutely wonderful to me.” When Benjamin Bugsy Siegel, one of the boys, opened the Flamingo hotel, in Las Vegas, with borrowed Mob money, Rose Marie and Jimmy Durante were its headliners.

In “Wait for Your Laugh,” she tells some extraordinary stories about Siegel, including an incident in which he coaxed her to play baccarat in his casino in order to attract customers. “I’m not a shill,” she said.

Rose Marie has a kite in her chart made from the Grand Trine in Water and then the opposition from Sun to Uranus. That was a problem for her — everything came too easily and so when she should have been on top of her game aka DVD show, her kite died from lack of air. Her yod from the Moon to Pluto discovered about when she met Uncle Al ends at Uranus again for a point focus at her Sun as well, this time showing how being a star meant everything to her — 21.47 Leo or a “carrier pigeon” the symbol of her life service to the god of Comedy: Momus.

“Do it for me,” he responded, “I understand”. He gave her ten thousand dollars & she won twenty-five, stuffed it in her bra before going onstage. After the show, gave it to Siegel personally.

He told her, “You’re all right.” Five days later, he was killed. That’s show business.

Dick van Dyke Show

Rose Marie turned to television. Seven years later she found stardom there, on “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Created by Carl Reiner, the show is centered on a TV comedy writer played by Van Dyke but was based on Reiner’s own life (Ritchie is his son Rob Reiner who played the Meathead in the Archie Bunker Show & married Penny Marshall). While many of the show’s scenes take place in a writers’ room, where Rose Marie plays Sally Rogers, one of the writers and the only woman gag writer.

Rose Marie recommended her lifelong friend, comedian Morey Amsterdam, for the role of another writer — their inventiveness was central to the show. “… it wasn’t ad-libbed, but scripted, still we would come up with things in the middle of rehearsal and they would shove in the script,” she says.

Van Dyke says that he learned comedy from Rose Marie but for Rose Marie it was the end of an era; she was overshadowed by singer-dancer Mary Tyler Moore because, contrary to her expectations, the show was not about creating gags and scripts but on the domestic life of the head writer– another unforeseen Daddy this time co-opting her & taking center stage.

Her Part of Fortune Two Dutch Children Talking came vividly to the fore — Dick van Dyke was of Dutch heritage and Mary Tyler Moore, the ingenue, was from New Amsterdam. They, and not her and Morey, stole the show and went onto greater success. She was now yesterday’s news.

Marriage and a baby

She married Bobby Guy, a trumpet player for NBC Studios, back when they had live music and Toscanini on the air. Rose Marie died in 2017 at 95 from old age. Their daughter Georgianna Rodrigues survives her.

what a prism looks like on the chart

Rose Marie is a Prism Temperament Type. It was not mentioned previously by either Robert Jansky or Marc Jones, but is something we have happened upon & was named by our Editor in Chief, Mo Saladin.

It has too great a space on either side to be a locomotive and too many conjunctions to be a splash. Rose Marie has a preponderance in Leo but that is not required. What is required is that it looks like a BUCKET with a singleton with a Grand Trine, but has an opposition so it cannot become a splay. When you find it, you have a rare PRISM.

Food & Wine honours Chef Bourdain

It’s been a year since Anthony Bourdain died and the folks at F&W remember him in a series of podcasts, posts and youtubes here.

We did his chart back then, so this maybe a good time to review it as well. His native New Jersey has approved a Bourdain food trail too. Maybe a good time to catch it this summer and so many spots are along the Jersey Shore.

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A laugh a minute – Tim Conway

Comedian Tim Conway was born Toma Daniel Conway to Sophia Murgoi, a Romanian immigrant, and Daniel Conway, an Irish immigrant and a groomer for polo ponies in Willoughby, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, on December 13, 1933. He grew up in nearby Chagrin Falls.

His birth name Toma was the Romanian version of Thomas, but later it was anglicized to Thomas in his childhood — there is no record as to why. Later on, for professional reasons, probably the Screen Actor’s Guild as it does not allow two performers to have the same name, he changed it again to Tim to avoid confusion with actor Tom Conway (brother of George Sanders). Having grown up with horses, Conway was an avid race horse fan and owner as well.

Conway and Mary Anne and four of the six Conways at home. Kelly, is to the right of her mother.

He was married twice. The first time was to  Mary Anne Dalton from 1961 for 17 years and six children. The second time was to Charlene Fusco in 1984, who outlives him.

Seeking Tim Conway††

We have rectified Tim to 13 Libra instead of the standard 05 Libra. He is locomotive temperament type opened to the South highlighting his self-sacrificing nature and public acclaim for his work both professionally and privately.

We chose 13 Libra over 05 Libra for various reasons, and one was the aspect of asteroid Niobe conjunct his Sun — problems with children later in life. This unfortunately came to pass when his daughter Kelly sued for physical control of her father’s healthcare against her step-mother as Tim had developed dementia from normal pressure hydrocephalus, or an abnormal buildup of spinal fluid because of a head trauma, stroke, infection or brain tumor; there is no cure.

an older Tim with wife Charlene

Other aspects of his life also suggested “lighting the morning fire” or keeper of the flame was more apropos Conway than an “orrery slowing turning by a hermit’s hand, ” including Uranus at 24 Aries in the 7th house — as his comic wite played off others than typical stand-up. It was key to his genius that he used deadpan, mimicry and slapstick so well while improvising his routine based on his partner’s response — in McHale’s Navy, Parker and Binghamton (Joe Flynn) are a tour de force of comedy each playing off each and other trying to get the best laugh, best shown by his Pluto in the 10th opposite Mars and Lilith in the 4th (the two are our header photo). It would seem that these traits were something he had be learning for a while to get attention and had learned to transform it into comedic art.

Kelly and her father Tim Conway

Another asset Conway had that he used well was his facial control that made his features like silly putty, changing it from happy smiles to sudden misery or shock and dismay to happiness again. Jupiter in the first house at 18.58 Libra was helped by his fast mental chemistry here in anticipating responses and being able to demonstrate it ably.

His North Node is in the creative 5th house in Aquarius that signifies a close relationships with children. The NN here are good people watchers, spending their time pondering the possibilities of other’s action and reactions to situations. They tend to be ingenuous and not very practical with money or friends — they tend to follow their heart in both matters.

Tim Conway reposed on May 14 2019. Happily for us, we have re-runs.

Raymond Burr, pants on fire

The New York Times Obit:

Mr. Burr was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, not far from Vancouver. His father was a hardware dealer, and his mother was a pianist and music teacher. Soon after he was born, the family moved to China and lived there for five years. When Raymond was 6, his parents divorced, and his mother took him to live in a hotel that her father owned in Vallejo, Calif.

He attended the San Rafael Military Academy but dropped out at 13 to help support his family in the Depression. After a year working on a cattle and sheep ranch, he returned to school, but he quit before completing junior high school

After leaving school, he ran a weather station for the Forest Service and for a time worked in China, where his family owned property. He took extension courses, taught school, worked as a traveling salesman and wrote short stories. Mr. Burr made his stage debut at 12 with a Vancouver stock company, and throughout his teen-age years he picked up occasional acting work.

According to the reference work Current Biography, Mr. Burr was married three times. His first wife, Annette Sutherland, an Englishwoman, was killed in 1943 when the plane in which she was traveling was shot down by the Germans. His second marriage, to Isabella Ward, ended in divorce, and his third wife, Laura Andrina Morgan, died of cancer in 1955. His only child, Michael Evan, by his first marriage, died of leukemia in 1953.

Mr. Burr, who was a cooking enthusiast and once owned an art gallery in Beverly Hills, Calif., bought a ranch and vineyard in Sonoma County in 1981, where he raised orchids, tended his vines and fruit trees, and kept sheep. He is survived by a sister, Geraldine Fuller of Fairbanks, Alaska

The reality

All that is italicized from the Times review are outright lies. True is that he was born in British Columbia and had a younger sister Geraldine, but also a younger brother Edmund, unmentioned, even on the family memorial, so perhaps that was a Starr error. No one, much less himself, ever went to China. And the 3 marriages? That was a Hollywood line, that Burr encouraged: there is no record that Burr was ever married but instead was in a relationship with Robert Benevides for over 40 years.

Ray and Bob

His biographer, Michael Seth Starr, reports that his grandfather was Joseph Burr of County Carlow who emigrated to Canada during that country’s feverish gold-rush days. Other Burr family members joined him including his brother Benjamin and Hugh. Joseph settled in New Westminister as it was the original capitol of British Columbia. The city , aka “The Royal City” was named by Queen Victoria after her favorite part of London, and is twelve miles southeast of Vancouver on the banks of the Fraser River. It became the hub for the Cariboo gold rush and business boomed.

Joseph Burr got a steady job at the new penitentiary and married Mary Jane. Their their eldest son William married Minerva Smith who was born in Chicago 1893 and whose parents had relocated to Canada for better prospects. The Smiths left during WWII for California, after their daughter’s marriage but before Raymond William Stacy Burr was born. He was a “big boy,” weighing 12 pounds at birth and by his own accounts “growing.”1

The Chart

17 Cancer Ascendant

We have rectified his chart to 17 Cancer with a major preponderance in the 12th house of self undoing and secret. His Uranus, individuality, at 23 Aquarius is in the 9th house of law: none of his roles on TV or in film for that matter, show Burr as a member of law firm, he is always working alone with his own staff.

His North Node is in the 7th House in Capricorn, making his South Node conjunct his Ascendant and his Part of Fortune. Hadyn Paul writes that this position makes Burr want to “protect personal secrets” particularly those that are bound up with undefined guilt and insecurity leading to a tendency to creating a disguise that misleads people. Often this insecurity influences relationships, for the public persona does not fit the reality the expect so the native creates a wall around himself and blocks people off. This leads to a tendency to overcompensate to avoid personal rejection and when the NN is conjunct the ascendant, Paul says, sexuality is at the crux of this problem.

Asteroid Lilith in the 11th house is semi-sextile his Sun. As his personal life did not jive with his public persona, and official biography, Burr was always at risk of being exposed. This aspect would lead to him to seem to his fans, graver and unapproachable so no questions were asked but as Lilith is also square his Saturn probably led to his overeating as a nervous habit and also a way to muffle his voice.

His stolid appearance shows up with Asteroid Toro — his Ironside impressive size — in the 10th house, while his baritone voice that gives him such assertion is a personal asset with Neptune in the 2nd. Asteroid Sappho at 1 Gemini is in between the Sun and Mercury and partile Asteroid Icarus, that boy whose hubris flew to close to the sun and fell to his death. Things were not that dire for Ray: the biography came out long after he died when such revelations no longer mattered but it obviously was a weight in his lifetime.


  1. Starr, Michael Seth, Raymond Burr: Hiding in Plain Sight, c. 2009, Applause Publishing. 280 pp.
    1. Starr has done several of these exposes. His other works are on Art Carney, Ringo Starr and William Shatner. Most of the reviews complain of the poor writing; sorry to say that’s almost always the case.

Orson Welles

The popular takes is that George Orson Welles  has an ascendant of Gemini 26 but looking at that chart, we saw nothing spectacular that supported that idea, so we rectified it to 24 Taurus making it conjunct his Mercury and Sun.  Now with a good preponderance in the tenth house and Aquarius the boy wonder comes to life.

His father was a inventor and his mother, a concert pianist.  He was named after two friends of the family, George Ade and Orson Wells.  When he was thirteen years old his father Richard committed suicide and made Maurice Bernstein, an orthopedic surgeon based in Chicago, his guardian.  Some of this gets replayed in Welles’ Citizen Kane that is half autobiographical and half a jab at Randolph Hearst, where Mr. Bernstein  still  makes his appearance as Charles Foster Kane’s  wearily  ignored and bespeckled advisor  — we did Everett Sloane’s chart earlier.

Transpluto ruled by Taurus is in the third house is next to Neptune highlighting his deep luxuriant voice,  his powerful presence and versatility.  With his Venus and Mars are closely allied in the twelfth house and sextile his Uranus and Moon, we find a natural yod with its head right at Venus — Orson, and it was not just in Citizen Kane,  had a serious problem with her tendency to acquire beautiful women (the beautiful Rita Hayworth was his second wife; his third was an Italian actress Paola Mori) and things and a gluttonous appettite for them all.

True to his Taurean rising, Welles was fairly easy going  until something provoked him, typically not getting his own way, and he raged like a caged bull and his voice bellowed, rang and shook the foundations with everyone running for cover.  Such is the anger of Taurus that few forget it.

Jupiter in the eleventh highlights his incredible versatility as actor, playwright, choreographer and director and then later as spokesman and of course that Uranus right near his midheaven was the incredible genius in his Mercury Theatre and broadcast on Halloween 1938 of War of the Worlds that shook people up so much, that they ran from the houses believing we had been invaded from Mars.

orson welles.png

Welles is a bowl temperament type, heavily tilted to the eastern pulling everything he could from his experiences and making it a resource.  True to his astrological geometry, he admitted in several interviews, he never listened to anyone — much to his later regret. He died a pauper in a destitute part of L.A.; but he left a grand legacy.

Thanks for the laughs: Penny Marshall

The time, date and place comes from Penny’s own autobiography. It’s incredible southern (outward) based bowl with only the Moon in the seventh house opposite her Martial ascendant at 19 Scorpio of a “newly formed continent.”

This symbol suggests the raw substance of existence and suggests that it shapes the ground around her into a self-awareness of the opportunities at large. The keyword is Originality.

Penny has three planets in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities, perhaps suggesting her father (Saturn) and father in law (Carl Reiner), her husband (Rob Reiner) and brother (Uranus) who all were important in nurturing her career and comedic timing. Uranus could also be, since it is a asexual planet, her pairing with Virgoan Cindy Williams in LaVerne and Shirley, or her genius in creating “Big,” that wonderful homily to childhood and circus wishes.

“I’m sure people thought I got parts because my brother was being nice, and at first I probably thought the same thing,” Penny Marshall told The Times in 1988.

“But my brother finally told me, ‘I’m not giving you a job ’cause I’m nice, because I’m not that nice.’“

L. A. Times, Penny Marshall interview.

Trine to that is her eleventh house of friends and fans, the people who support your progress where we friend Neptune right on the tenth-eleventh cusp conjunct Mercury or her ability to make and capitalize on her dreams. Her Sun, is just moving in the 12th house at 22 Libra, or a “child giving a bird a drink from the fountain” and just a semisextile away from her exuberant and creative ascendant making that water that splashes its own watery world.

Asteroid wise Pandora, the ancient Greek myth of the girl who opened a box and unleashed a world of surprises, is next to her Sun, and barely conjunct fun loving Bacchus. Hidalgo in the first house is indicative of her desire to leave her native Bronx and go to Southwest for college. Opposite Saturn it suggests she needed a break from family ties and spread her own wings. Sextile Amor in the fourth, reminds us how she found (and lost in the 3rd) love there as it was opposite Apollo (conjunct Jupiter in its natal Lord) giving her a bitter taste of what her unflappable talent, & comedic genius would bring to her personal life.

Ms. Marshall was not an academic standout at the school, which she left when she married Michael Henry, a player on the university’s football team. “I must say what I remember most was getting married after a Brigham Young football game,” she told the Toronto Globe and Mail, “and all that was on television the whole weekend was John Kennedy’s funeral.”

Washington Post, obit.

Venus right at the midheaven in Virgo reminds us that “‘No matter how many movies I direct, I’ll always be Laverne, ‘ she laughed ” But that’s ok, because with Asteroid Hebe conjunct Regulus (conjunct Jupiter and the Midheaven) we’ll be laughing in our cups too.

Penny reposes

Nothing lasts forever and late at night, Penny Marshall reposed in her home in the Hollywood Hills, her daughter Tracy & family, by her side. The repose chart is of course an estimate, but nonetheless we see that while her natal chart was productive and external, her later life was all family and introverted. Her brother Garry died two and half years ago (a Mars cycle away) and since Mars was so important in her life, had to take a lot joy out of her.

Looking above, the transiting Moon is opposite her Ascendant but her Part of Fortune is opposite her natal Regulus and while none of it suggests demise, it does tell us that Penny was slowly closing down shop, prepared for the inevitable and resigned to the inevitable. We, her fans, cannot same the same.

#220 Jackie Coogan aka The Kid is Uncle Fester

John Leslie Coogan (October 26, 1914 – March 1, 1984) was an American actor and comedian who began his movie career as a child actor in Charlie Chaplin’s film classic The Kid (1921).  This made him one of the first child stars in film history.





Later on he sued his mother and stepfather over his squandered film earnings and provoked California to enact the first known legal protection for the earnings of child performers, widely known as the Coogan Act. Coogan continued to act throughout his life, later earning renewed fame in middle age portraying Uncle Fester in the Addams Family.

koch coogan.png

Last week I went to a seminar on Chiron by Brad Kochunas at SOTA in Cheektowaga, New York.  He gave the history of Chiron from its astronomical discovery to its astrological descriptions showing how originally it was supposed to mean “maverick” and then someone with the advent of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, both coming out the year before, changed that to “culture changer.”

I had to agree with Kochunas that the amount of ideas, names and identities to Chiron is mind boggling and often stymies me as well on how to use him, but “culture changer,” or “breaker” rang home for the next slide was the album Never Mind the Bollocks by Johnny Rotten and I remembered how the 70’s had an ongoing rivalry between Poco, the Allman Brothers,  and the Eagles vs. Ramones,  and the Sex Pistols & the Clash.  Of course it was not that simple, there was Disco and Saturday Night Fever that perhaps influenced Close Encounters and all the coloured lights, but that was really another venue and not a major change in pop music.



Looking at Jackie Coogan’s chart, it is very noticeable that Chiron, our culture maker-breaker is right on his first house conjunct his Ascendant in Koch format.  The time is from Elbert Benjamine and the Church of Light via Coogan’s mother.  The other on is at 3:00 pm; we are going with Mom.

His Grand Trine does not fit the typical quadruplicity rules: the sun is fixed water in Scorpio, Uranus is in its Lord in fixed air in Aquarius but Pluto (also not discovered until Coogan started his petition on September 26 1936) is in cardinal water in the fourth house, sort of suggesting that he woke up and got that trine active.  Coogan is a Splay temperament type.

Zain notes:

  1. In 1919 Jackie gamed fame playing the Kid in Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid.   His Sun is square Uranus RX in the 5th and Mercury is conjunct Mars in different houses, Mars in creative Scorpio and Mercury in his higher calling of Sagittarius showing he will suffer some hard knocks as he matures.
  2. 1925 At 11 years of age, Jackie left the movies for ten years.  He has Sun square Jupiter RX and Venus sextile Jupiter RX.
  3. In 1937, now 23, Jackie went on a vaudeville tour.  Venus transiting conjunct Venus RX.
  4. Next year, May 15 1938, Jackie sued without avail mother and stepfather for an accounting of the money he had earned.  Venus is the Court conjunct Venus natal, Mercury in the 2nd, square Uranus Rx.
  5. He won on appeal in 1939 and the Coogan Law was put into effect to protect figure young actors from finding themselves in the same situations as Jackie.  Unfortunately this edition of the law was flawed.

  1. It was not until 2000, nearly twenty years after Chiron was discovered, that the Coogan Law was updated that 15% of all minor’s earning must be set aside in a blocked trust account commonly called the Coogan account.