Love him or hate him, Here’s Alex Jones

                                                       Working the numbers We know little about Mr. Alexander Emrick Jones, but he sure does have a lot of oppositions and a grand trine in earth == moon … Continue reading Love him or hate him, Here’s Alex Jones


The new Cuban Leader: Miguel Diaz-Canel

                                               Diaz-Canel as Proxy for Cuba That the horoscope of a king may be used for the country he rules has been known since medieval times, but that a public official or the … Continue reading The new Cuban Leader: Miguel Diaz-Canel

Is Polaris always North?

If "always" means in our collective lives, the answer yes.  If "always" though  means throughout all of time, no.  The UK magazine, How it Works, has an illustrative article that explains that because of  "precession of the equinoxes"  Polaris -- i.e.:   Alpha Ursae Minoris, commonly called the North Star will not always be north, nor has … Continue reading Is Polaris always North?

Revisions for February 2018

This page notes the revisions and major updates to our posts for the month of February.  January's revisions are here.  Our header picture is  of the Olympic Complex in Pyeonchang, South Korea.  It  cost 62.6 million US dollars according to BusinessInsider, not including the 44 million alpine complex below. Have some kimchi.  Watch Chaser, swoon … Continue reading Revisions for February 2018

Revisions for January 2018

We constantly review and vet the site for accuracy.  While we always update the reports with new information, we do not always publicize it, like we did with the EPA Chief.  Starting this month, we will note the technical errors found for the charts posted; grammar and spelling mistakes will be thankfully ignored. Why Labour … Continue reading Revisions for January 2018

What an Eclipse! Charlottesville, the Civil War & Hurricane Harvey

The symbolism for the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse is amazing, powerful , extraordinary, epic or whatever superlative you care to use, as each can apply.   I have used 'is' because although the actual eclipse is over, its psychological impact and physical effects are felt for a while -- well until the next eclipse at the Chinese New … Continue reading What an Eclipse! Charlottesville, the Civil War & Hurricane Harvey

Humanity on fire: America thru the lens of Neptune

The city council  had narrowly voted to remove General Lee's statue on the grounds that he was a traitor to the USA, though President Lincoln had said shortly before his assassination he did not want such rancor to occur.    But Lincoln could have never known the rallying points that Confederate statues and flags would … Continue reading Humanity on fire: America thru the lens of Neptune

#24 Tsarevich Alexei – Septiles galore

Tsarevich Alexei was the only son of Tsar Nicholas & Empress Alexandra of Russia. His birth was  announced by his father on August 12, 1904 as at 1:00 PM and heralded by a twenty-gun salute.¹  Marc Jones incorrectly states that the "Czarevitch Alexis Nikolaevich" was born at 12 noon. His Ascendant is 10 Scorpio that falls … Continue reading #24 Tsarevich Alexei – Septiles galore