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#37 Grand Duchess Anastasia

Peterhof Palace

Grand Duchess Anastasia was the fourth and last daughter born to Tsar Nikolai and Tsarina Aleksandra on June 17, 1901 at Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia. Red Communists butchered her and her family — later called Soviets and now Russians again — on July 17, 1918 at the Native House, Yekaterinburg, Russia. A full biography is available here.

We do not change Julian dates to Gregorian and that is the only change we made to the chart given by Marc Jones. He puts her ascendant at 03 Aquarius 22, a Hindu healer or the self-assertion of bringing forward human potential. She is a see-saw.
the Royal Family. Anastasia in the rear bridging her parents. The photo was colourized from Conde Nast’s Town and Country magazine.
Regiomontanus gives some wild interceptions because of her northern birth, and credence to the Aquarius 04 rising — the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in the 12th is striking. The 8th house intercepted is sadly appropriate but works only in the Placidus-Koch system; her ascendant though is stretched in meaning.
The German Koch (Koke) fixes much of fellow German Regio’s problems — at least the chart is readable, and the 8th is still intercepted and the 12th stellium stands. Koch is a good proxy for those wanting to switch over from Placidus — they are very similar, but we do not like the ascendant tied to the 1st house so dropped it after early trials. She has a preponderance in Gemini spanning from the 5th to 6th houses. Her Part of Fortune is conjunct Mars in the 8th, a sad talisman for a brutal ending. She has no planets in fixed signs.

We prefer 21 Sagittarius for the Grand Duchess, [HS] A mystic inscribing the names of the Deity for the Master (Guru) gives the student a signature that dictates their nature through obedience. YMMV, both are given.

#22 Queen Alexandra of England, Princess of Denmark

Alexandra was made of sterner stuff

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and the son and heir of Queen Victoria was a notorious rake. His parents recognized this when he was very young and arranged a marriage hoping to keep him from getting into further trouble. The wife chosen for him was the eldest daughter of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and her mother was Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel.  Other siblings were George (George I of Greece), Dagmar (later Empress of all the Russias via her marriage to Czar Alexander III, Thyra (Crown Princess of Hanover) and Prince Valdemar of Denmark.

Alexandra Caroline Mary Charlotte Louisa Julia of Denmark was born in Copenhagen on December 1, 1844 at 6:15 in the morning. Her rising symbol made her a good choice “fasting pilgrims outside the castle of the king” at 18 Scorpio 57 as she and Edward spent much of their lives apart — her in Sandringham and he in London.

On March 10, 1863 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Edward and Alexandra were married, her wearing a magnificent gown by Worth of Paris. They had six children including Prince Albert Victor.

While Queen Victoria chose the day, a month after her own to Albert, calendar wise, the chart was perfect for the bride. Notice the red arrow where her new Ascendant of 28 Cancer 44 is conjunct her natal Part of Fortune in the 8th house:P as her maidenhood ends, a new life as queen begins. Her Nodes surprisingly stay the same at Gemini 11 [HS a baptism the process of beginning something momentous, a sacred induction]. Her NMC is now opposite her TSun supporting again the major rite of passage she was undertaking as her TPart of Fortune is conjunct her natal Uranus in the 4th — her wishes have become true but alas (though oob) with a wrinkle — her husband will never be true (Mars as the T-Cross leg on the 7th house cusp). But Alexandra knew that.

Edwards peccadilloes

From the top left are Daisy Greville, Lilly Langtry, and Jennie Jerome. The bottom two portraits are of Agnes Keyser, and Alice Keppel.

Throughout their marriage, Edward had several well known mistresses —  the actress Daisy Greville, herself the descendant of two of England’s King’s paramours and for whom it is thought Daisy of The Great Gatsby was named ; Lily Langtry the actress, Agnes Keyser, the only unmarried woman during their affair, American Jennie Jerome the future mother of Winston Churchill and whom Alexandra was the most fond; and most famous of all Alice Keppel, the great grandmother of the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles. Despite her well known possessiveness, Queen Alexandra allowed Mrs. Keppel to visit King Edward VII on his deathbed.

The Queen was a bucket with a moon handle at 17 Leo 28, a castle-dweller, one who needs to be alone and undisturbed.

She had a scar (Saturn 03 Aquarius 17 in the 2nd, Taurus rules the neck) and wore high necked gowns or jeweled necklaces similar to her portrait above. On Edward’s coronation day she wore the gorgeous Dagmar necklace, especially made for the occasion (see the closeup below). She died at Sandringham House on November 20, 1925 from a heart attack and was buried in Windsor next to Edward, having outlived him by 15 years.

#28 Prince Alfred, son of Victoria and Albert of England

Prince Alfred was born in Windsor Castle on August 6, 1844 at 7:50 am. His biographical data is here; a pleasant but unimpressive man. His son is #29, Prince Alfred of Edinburgh (Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert) and his daughter Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria, born on 29 October 1875, is #646 as Queen of Roumania.

His chart shows a preponderance of sextiles and an absence of planets in common signs, exemplifying a savoir faire that others found pleasing, but it was his determination by retrogradation in the southern hemisphere that helped attract socially better mates for his children.

#195 Rectifying Prince Charles of Wales, Duke of Cornwall & Duke of Rothesay

On November 14, 1948, the Prince of Wales was born in Buckingham, sometime in the evening. Princess Elizabeth was just 22 & in labour for 30 hours during which time his father gallantly played squash with his private secretary in Buckingham’s indoor courts, until the baby’s head was crowned and then rushed to the spot. That was probably a good use of nervous energy as back then men were not allowed in the natarium.

When the princess woke up from her anaesthetic, gave Philip her a bouquet of red roses and carnations. He also declared that Charles resembled “a plum pudding.” (Charles’s birth was the first royal birth not attended by the British Home Secretary, who in earlier times was required to be present to witness and verify the births of royal children.)

At 10 PM a Royal guard announced “Yes it is a boy.” At 11:45 Queen Mary left the mother and child, jubilant. The actual time is unknown and it most probable that the guard made the announcement after the Princess awoke so she could enjoy the news.

The correct time for Prince Charles. giving him an ascendant of Gemini 27 and a part of fortune 20 Capricorn in the 8th house. The PoF has a semi sextile to its house ruler Mars on the 8th house cusp, showing how he will not come into his own until the Queen, Saturn in Virgo, reposes. He is a SPLAY temperament type. Venus in the 5th shows how he married Diana for children and wanted Harry to be a girl, so he would be like his parents and him and Anne.

Marriage Chart

The rectified Charles against his marriage to Diana. Her chart and details are here. Looking at his synastry, there is no doubt that this marriage would not last. Diana was too ethereal and naive while Charles wanted to dispel these fancies with his mature wisdom. Outside of their children, they had little in common, and probably argued about their upbringing as well. Her Moon is in his 12th house of imprisonment — she was not used to Royal protocol and requirements and chaffed under them. His Sun’s Ruler was near her midheaven so she was obviously meant for him, but jealous about his infidelity with Camilla Bowles Parker. That he required her to be chaste, faithful and secluded while had no such requirements for himself, was a major problem in this modern Royal marriage. He should have followed his father’s footsteps more closely in that regard and things would have ended up much better.

The Standard Prince of Wales chart

Currently accepted time

#27 A fool for love, Prince Alfonso

Alfonso was the eldest child of the then-reigning the Bourbon King Alfonso XIII and his wife, Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg and born on May 10, 1907 at 12:35 PM according to Marc Jones. He and his youngest brother Gonzalo were both hemophiliacs like their cousin Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia. Both boys kept in specially-tailored jackets to prevent injury from accidents.

The Spanish Civil War

King Alfonso was facing political problems in the country and hastened his own downfall by agreeing to a military dictatorship. He was in 1931 the monarch was deposed. The family moved into exile. There were plans for young Alfonso’s deposition but he renounced his rights to the then-defunct throne to marry a Cuban commoner, Edelmira Sampedro y Robato, in Ouchy on 21 June 1933. Alfonso took the courtesy title Count of Covadonga as were required by the regulations for the succession set by the Pragmatic Sanction of Charles III. The couple divorced 8 May 1937, with Edelmira keeping the title Countess of Covadonga.

The Prince is a deviated bowl. He has a gestalt mental chemistry.

The Prince then married Marta Esther Rocafort-Altuzarra in Havana, Cuba on 3 July 1937. That did not last either and they were divorced on 8 January 1938. He had no children by either of his wives.

Rectifying the Prince

We do not agree with the 12 noon birthtime. We have rectified it to 9:35 AM and 24.30 Cancer ascendant i.e. Cancer 25 — a dark martle is thrown suddenly around the right shoulder (keyword is destiny). This gives the Prince a preponderance in the 1st house and Cancer. Pluto discovered upon the Rise of the German Reich and the Spanish Second Republic is in his 12th house at 22.27 Gemini and near to his 01 Cancer Part of Fortune, of a flag furling and unfurling — blowing this way and that with the wind, however best suits it. A better symbol for an ascendant of someone self-interested and selfish who wants to get ahead, but for destiny it is weakened by their inconstancy in effort and changing times; and so it proved for the Prince.

He died after a car crash in Miami because he bled to death from his hemophilia and was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery there. His former wife, the Contessa of Covadonga, though asked, did not appear to pay her respects.

His natal chart with the transits of the approximate time of his car crash in Miami, FLA.

Prince Harry and son Archie

Harry is a Moon bucket in the 4th house that rules that house because of Cancer — his mother Princess Diana but also here in Taurus is in its exaltation — probably why he is a good looker. This aspect also shows a strong connection to his late Mum. His Sun is in the 8th House ruled by Mars square it in the 11th. There is a tendency like her for him to die unexpectedly.

Prince Harry’s official birth time was used for this chart. I thought of it today as for Father’s Day Harry released a photo of him and Archie. I was surprised that GB was celebrating the same day as us, Australia celebrates it in September

Harry has a Capricorn ascendant in the 11th house, showing his tendency to be attracted to dark complexion women who are in the public eye, and we know how that worked out. Another striking this is how the Galactic Center is between his Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius, highlighting his military travels around the world, but also gives some credence to him and his wife wanting to leave England and live elsewhere where he will get more notice. Right now he is under the shadow of his brother, the future King, and his Mars near the Galactic Center shows that does not settle well with him.

Dr. Gordon cites that the ascendant Capricorn 12 tends to choose self-exile because of their aspiring and ambitious natures. Jones writes about that degree that it is a “student of nature learning and lecturing.” His Midheaven at 18 Scorpio, ruled by Mars only a semisextile away, is a “woods rich with autumnal coloring,” a definite remark about his looks, rich in golds and oranges. Jones writes that this degree desires success in every area of his life dramatizing it in the consummation of self-interest.

His NN is in Taurus gives him a physically affectionate personality but encourages his Mars in the 11th being inconjunct and making him jealous and envious according to Dr. Koparkar. It also gave him a close relationship with an overly protective mother and he would expect the same of his wife and mother of his children. His South Node in the 10th makes him an extrovert that resists control by others and a tendency despite logic to feel that he is the center of all situations around him. Hence with his Mars/Galactic Center semi sextile next door, he needs a partner that gets a lot of attention so he can eclipse that and feel securer adds Haydn Paul.

We previously covered Meghan’s chart over here, and then their engagement here. His mother, the late Princess of Wales, was covered here. If you enjoyed this post give us a LIKE we could use the applause. Thanks.


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  • The chart is from Janus 5.1 that has seen a serious decline in ui friendliness.

#23 Pawn of Fate: Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia

Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna was christened Princess Alix of Hesse when she born in Darmstadt, Germany on the sixth of June 1872 at 3:45 AM. Marc Jones does not give a time, but the UK Astrological Association does from the research done by member Luc de Marre who obtained the data from state archives in Hesse.

birth chart of the Tsarina

The prelude

She was originally slated to marry Prince Albert Victor, but she was not popular at the British Court, and the “quiet” 4Mary of Teck (later Queen Mary) was chosen in her stead. Alix snubbed and outraged by this change in plans, was then chosen for Princes Nicholas of Russia, if of course he agreed. It was kismet from the first, the two were well matched and were married on November 26, 1894 after her conversion from Lutheranism to Russian Orthodoxy and rebaptised Alexandra Feodorovna.

The Mary of Teck rivalry was the first, though ominous, appearance of her Annie Oakley complex 2 or “anything you can do, I can do better, I can do anything better than you” — see Lilith opposing the Moon, Sun, North Node and Part of Fortune. This Lilith opposition to this massive stellium is striking and without the asteroid in the 8th House one would be hard pressed to see how the fatefulness of her chart. Look at the grid on the chart above — she has literally no aspects except for the hard conjunction that total 6 if we throw in Pluto.

This “preponderance by aspect” as Marc Jones refers to it in his Essential of Analysis 3 is found also in the chart of President Calvin Coolidge who has 8. Jones writes that “this heavy weighting in the chart, requires the native to make some immediate and perhaps exceptional impact to show either his naivete or sophistication to his fellow man”. For the Princess, this one-upmanship required her as marrying another would-be King of an equally large and important country in Europe.

The wedding

Above is the nativity of Alexandra Feodorovna to Tsar Nicholas II of All the Russias in St. Petersburg on November 26th 1984.

The most striking aspect is her Mars at 11 Gemini opposite the day’s Midheaven in Sagittarius on the 8th House cusp for it was true that she was leaving all her friends and family far behind. Mars is conjunct the yet to be found Pluto compounding what a harsh change in her life this was and conjunct Neptune how much of a prisoner she would feel she was in this strange cold land where no one knew English or German her two native languages.

Transiting Neptune in the 2nd is sextile her native Neptune in the 12th house that is also conjunct her transiting Mars in the 12th, reinforcing the prisoner of war (or marriage) feeling: for princesses weer not free spirits who could marry who they want much less pick where they would live but in Russia, equidistant from both Paris and London at 1660 miles away, this could never be a weekend jaunt to home. No, this was a permanent and remote place in Europe and the lack of planets in either her 4th hosue or her transits 4th house shows her lack of ties to her new homeland.

Children though do show up, which should be expected as a transit, but as the South Node at 28 Virgo. It becomes the Midheaven (her true purpose) in her Draconic Wheel while her North Node is now shifted over to Scorpio and lies on the cusp of her 8th House. Here is an interview with the Reverend Pamela Crane that may provide some additional insight since the books are all out of print and expensive.

(One bookstore in Stockholm has Pamela’s “Draconic Astrology” published by Aquarian Press for $23.00 or $238.00 Krona, but I suspect that is the lone copy — of course it is in English and having seen and perused Cassandra Butler’s copy, a thorough text.)

The South Node at 29 Virgo writes E. C. Matthews in his Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analysed, gets the keyword of Temporary Collecting, where “people frequently accumulate so many personal belongings that they are tied to one place in some form of restraint or imprisonment.” Jones in his Sabian Symbols, writes that 29 Virgo is the “a woman gaining secret knowledge,” that can be construed as her instruction into the ways of Russian Orthodoxy, a far different religion than Lutheranism, where the King and the Church like the Byzantine Empire of yore are united into one holy figure.

Draco Tsarina

The fin de siecle of an Empire

Draconic Charts are often called “Draco” charts. Above is the Tsarina’s Draco chart that is noticeable because everything from Gemini now becomes Pisces and her Ascendant through the North Node are in the last degrees of Pisces. Draco charts use aspects the same way normal geocentric charts do, and her we see asteroid Lilith at 03 Libra opposing her willful Sun and then by a translation of light that Annie Oakley aspect of wanting to be better a Russian than the Russians themselves in her appearance, demeanour and attitude. This ridiculous rivalry is karmic because it aspects the end of a cycle (Pisces in the 2nd) and as she is a proxy for the nation as their Empress, an end of the royal regime as well.